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Dr. Nicola Schneider
september 2013
Nicola Maria SCHNEIDER
German, single.
Langues: German (mother tongue), english and french fluently.
Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Bordeaux, OASU, UMR5804
2 rue de l’observatoire, 33271 Floirac, phone +33 (0)557 776161
email: nicola.schn[email protected]
Education: HDR1 Université de Bordeaux, 23.5. 2011
1990-1995: Ph.D. in astrophysics at the University of Cologne.
Title: “Strukturanalyse des Rosette-Molekülwolkenkomples” (Advisor : Prof. J. Stutzki)
1988-1990: Diploma in Physics at the University of Cologne.
Title: “CO-Messungen in der Cygnus Region” (Advisor : Prof. G. Winnewisser)
1984-1988: University education in physics at the University of Cologne.
Professional Experience:
since 2012: Researcher LAB, OASU Bordeaux (France).
2006-2012: Researcher-engineer CEA Saclay (France).
1999-2005: Post-doc LAB Bordeaux (France).
1998-1999: Post-doc LAOG Grenoble (France).
1995-1998: Post-doc KOSMA University of Cologne.
Key words:
Interstellar medium, star-formation.
Ground-based, airborne and spatial (sub)mm/FIR astronomy.
Observations with single-dish anntennas and interferometers.
Exploitation of large instruments (Herschel, SOFIA, ..).
Technical expertises:
Construction of a continuum backend for KOSMA.
Comissioning, maintenance, and regular observations with KOSMA.
Software development for SPIRE/Herschel (ICC member).
Software development in Jython/Python, IDL.
Other expertises:
? Referee for A&A, ApJ, MNRAS and time allocation of JCMT.
? “Webmaster” of the I. Institute of Physics, Cologne, during 5 years.
? Regular successfull preparation of scientific proposals and funding.
cf. Glossary
Organisation and Public Outreach:
? Organisation of the KOSMA (observing schedule, USER’s Guide etc.) during 5 years.
? Supervision of students and guest observers at KOSMA.
? Public Outreach at KOSMA and LAB (guided tours, talks).
? Organisation of conferences (e.g., AG in Cologne, workshop in Rome).
Talks 2011 - 2013:
15.05. 2013
04.02. 2013
25.06. 2012
18.10. 2012
25.06. 2012
10.05. 2012
28.03. 2012
06.02. 2012
31.01. 2012
05.10. 2011
14.09. 2011
23.05. 2011
17.05. 2011
18.03. 2011
14.02. 2011
Rome, workshop Cygnus, ’invited review talk’
Leiden, workshop C+ , ’contributed talk’
KOSMA Cologne, SFB ’invited review talk’
ESA/ESAC Madrid, ’invited talk’
KOSMA Cologne, SFB ’invited review talk’
Institut für Theoretische Astrophysik Heidelberg ’invited talk’
ESO Munich ’informal discussion’
SOFIA community days Bonn ’invited talk’
ESO Munich ’review talk’
CCAT meeting Cologne ’invited talk’
FIR2011 conference London ’invited talk’
HDR Bordeaux
Cologne Université ’review talk’
LAM Marseille ’review talk’
GRAL Lyon ’review talk’
PI of program ’Pillars’ (Herschel open time).
PI of several observational programs with the JCMT, IRAM 30m, Plateau de Bure.
Co-I of Cygnus X Spitzer legacy program.
Co-I of several programs with Herschel (HOBYS, Gould Belt, Hi-GAL).
92 articles in journals, 17 first author.
Most significant recent publications:
Cluster-formation in the Rosette molecular cloud at the junctions of filaments
Schneider N., Csengeri T., Hennemann M., et al., 2012, A&A Letter, 540, L11.
Globules and pillars seen in the [CII] 158 µm line with SOFIA
Schneider N., Güsten R., Tremblin P., et al., 2012, A&A Letter 542, L18
The link between molecular cloud structure and turbulence
Schneider N., Motte F., Bontemps S., et al., 2011, A&A 529, 1 (cover page).
Dynamic star formation in the DR21 filament
Schneider N., Csengeri T., Bontemps S., et al., 2010, A&A 520, 49.
Potential of radiotelescopes for atmospheric line observations,
Schneider N., Urban J., Baron P., 2009, Planetary & Space Sciences, Vol. 57, 12, p.1419.
Between 1988 and 1998, I participated in the teaching acitivities of the KOSMA group at the
Cologne university. These included practical courses (baccelor and master level), lectures (astrophysics), and tutoring.
Between 2007 and 2010, I co-directed the Ph.D. thesis of Timea Csengeri at CEA Saclay (advisor
S. Bontemps) on high-angular resolution observations of massive stars in Cygnus X.
Between 2008 and 2011, I co-directed the Ph.D. theis of Quang Nguyen-Luong (advisor F. Motte)
on molecular cloud formation out of colliding flows.
Between 2009 and 2012, I co-directed the Ph.D. thesis of Pascal Tremblin (advisor E. Audit) on
numerical modelling and observations of pillars and globules.
A&A: Astronomy and Astrophysics (monthly journal for astrophysic)
AG: Astronomische Gesellschaft (German socity for astronomy)
APEX: Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (radiotelescope in Chili)
ApJ: Astrophysical Journal
CEA: Commisariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux énergies alternatives
FCRAO: Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory ((ex-radiotelescope in Boston)
HDR: Habilitation à diriger des recherches (equivalent ’Privatdozent’/professorship)
Hi-GAL: The Herschel infrared Galactic plane survey (https://hi-gal.ifsi-roma.inaf.it/higal)
HOBYS: Herschel Imaging survey of OB Young Stellar objects (http://starformation-herschel.iap.fr/hobys)
ICC: Instrument Control Center
IRAM: Institut de radioastronomie millimétrique
JCMT: James Clark Maxwell Telescope (radiotélescope à Hawaii)
KOSMA: Cologne Observatory for Submm-Astronomy (http://www.astro.uni-koeln.de/kosma)
LAB: Laboratoire d’astronomie de Bordeaux
LAOG: Laboratoire d’astrophysique de Grenoble
MNRAS: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
SOFIA: Stratospheric Observatory for Far-Infrared Astronomy (NASA/DLR airplane)

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