Administrative Policy and Procedures on the Protection of Copyright



Administrative Policy and Procedures on the Protection of Copyright
Administrative Policy and
Procedures on the
Protection of Copyright
Department responsible: Secretary General
Effective date: September 30, 2004
Approved by: Director General
Council of Commissioners / Policy References:
Resolution #2004-077
ƒ Copyright Act (R.S. 1985, c. C-42)
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The Board recognizes the importance to protect an author’s work and gives a high priority to the
application of the Canadian Copyright Act “the Act”. This Act makes it illegal to duplicate
materials without authorization of the holder of the copyright, except for certain exempted
purposes set for educational institutions in the Federal law or in other agreements. In order to
provide the education sector with more latitude and authorize school boards to use to a certain
extent, material protected by the Copyright Act, the ministère de l’Éducation du Québec (MEQ)
signed several agreements with different Collective Societies.
This Administrative Policy is a summary for information purposes only and should not be
considered legal advice.
1) General provisions
1.1. This Administrative Policy is to set the rules pertaining to the copyright
protection rules to be observed in using material and tools for educational
purposes within the schools or at the administrative center.
Works covered
by copyright
1.2. The works covered by copyright consist of all original literary, dramatic,
musical and artistic works such as books, writings, encyclopedias, photographs,
films, dictionaries, melody, lyrics, paintings, drawings, sculptures, works of
artistic craftsmanship, engravings, architectural works of art, maps, plans,
charts, records, cassettes, tapes, sound recordings, television programs and
electronic resources such as computer software, on-line programs, CD-ROM,
laser disks and computer programs stored on any media. The Act does not
protect ideas but only the illustration, representation or materialization of these
September 2004
SG-02 / Administrative Policy - Protection of Copyright
An author or creator acquires copyright automatically when he creates an
original work or other subject-matter. There is no obligation to register a work
with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office to have a protection although this
might help to prove the ownership of a copyright.
1.3. Generally, the Copyright protection lasts for 50 years after the creator’s
death, even when these rights were sold to another owner after the creation.
1.4. In the event of litigation resulting from copyright violation, the Board may
refuse to assume responsibility for actions of an employee or student who has
contravened to this Administrative Policy.
2) Definitions
2.1. In this Administrative Policy, the following expressions mean:
a) COPIBEC: the organization responsible for reproduction rights of literary
work in Quebec;
b) copyright: the legal protection of a creator's original work;
c) copyright infringement: publishing, adapting, exhibiting, translating,
editing, performing in public, communicating by telecommunication,
copying or converting to another medium without permission of the
d) dubbed off-air: making a copy of any television program during
e) SOCAN: the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of
3) The Rule
Copyright Act
3.1. Employees or students shall not, without the permission of copyright
holders, duplicate, translate, publish, expose, perform, adapt or convert works
such as: print materials, computer software programs, video or audio materials
that are protected by copyright, nor shall schools store or use duplicated
materials that are in violation of copyright laws, unless otherwise provided as
further explained in this Administrative Policy.
Fair dealing
3.2. The Copyright Act contains provisions concerning “fair dealing” for private
study, research, criticism or review. Reproduction of a work for those purposes
does not infringe copyright. Since the Act does not define the principle of fair
dealing, the courts have retained the following criteria:
a) was a large part of the work reproduced?
b) was the work used for private study, research, criticism or review?
c) what impact will the use of the copy have on the potential sales of the
It is therefore possible to reproduce part of a book for personal use in
accordance with the principle of fair dealing. However, the excerpt cannot be a
September 2004
SG-02 / Administrative Policy - Protection of Copyright
large part of the work and only one copy is allowed. This exception is quite
limited in its application and does not provide enough latitude to be applicable in
the classroom.
Exceptions applicable to educational institutions
The Copyright Act and the MEQ agreements provide for a few exceptions for educational
institutions where a work may be used without the specific authorization of its author but such
uses, however, remain very restricted.
4) Print Resources /exceptions
Basic exception
Copyright Act /
art 29.4
4.1. Teachers may, for pedagogical purposes and on the premises of the
institution, make a manual reproduction of a work onto a dry-erase board, flip
chart or other similar surface. They may also project an image of that copy
using an overhead projector or similar device.
MEQ Agreement with COPIBEC
exception / Scope
of the agreement
4.2. COPIBEC, acting on behalf of authors and publishers, has concluded an
agreement with the Ministère de l'Éducation du Québec concerning the
reproduction of literary works in Quebec pre-school, elementary and secondary
educational institutions.
According to this Agreement, users in school boards have been issued a
comprehensive license to reproduce excerpts from a wide range of copyrighted
works from Canada and other countries. The list of works not included in this
agreement is shown in Annex A.
The MEQ pays royalties to rights holders for the reproduction of their works.
Copying limit
4.3 Users in school boards are however required to respect the copying limits
specified in the MEQ-COPIBEC Agreement which are:
a) the lesser of 25 pages or 10% of the work copied;
b) an entire section in a compilation;
c) an entire chapter in a book, provided that it does not exceed 20% of the
total work.
Works excluded
from the
4.4. The MEQ-COPIBEC Agreement prohibits the reproduction of unpublished
works, of sheet music, as well as the reproduction of separate photographs and
illustrations and does not apply to works appearing on the COPIBEC exclusion
list (see Annex A).
4.5. The MEQ/COPIBEC Agreement sets different obligations for users entitled
to reproduce a work according to its provisions:
a) users shall indicate on each reproduction the author’s and editor’s
names, the publishing date and location and the number of pages
b) the CSB has to appoint a person responsible for the application of the
MEQ/COPIBEC Agreement and transmit this information to COPIBEC;
September 2004
SG-02 / Administrative Policy - Protection of Copyright
c) users who need to reproduce a work beyond the limits authorized by the
Agreement may obtain a special authorization from COPIBEC.
Additional fees will be charged to the users to get such authorization;
d) a warning shall be affixed to each photocopier as set in Section 30.3 of
the Copyright Act (see Annex B);
e) COPIBEC – or its representative – may have access, upon request, to
reproductions done by users to ensure that provisions of the Agreement
are respected.
Procedure 4A)
For further information, contact:
1290, St-Denis street, 7th floor, Montreal (Qc) H2X 3J7
1-800-717-2022 or (514) 288-1664
5) Video and Broadcast Resources / exceptions
Rule /
video and
5.1. television programs may only be dubbed off-air with permission from the
copyright owner (see exceptions in sections 5.2 and 5.3).
News reporting,
5.2 Subject to Section 29.9 of the Copyright Act, it is possible for a school to
reproduce (on video, DVD, etc.) a single copy, destined to students for
pedagogical purposes, of television or radio broadcast of news reporting,
providing it is not a documentary. This right to reproduce is valid for one year
from the date of reproduction, following which, royalties must be paid out or the
reproduction must be destroyed.
5.3. A television or radio documentary emission may be reproduced in a single
copy destined to students for pedagogical purposes, but this reproduction must
be destroyed within 30 days if royalties are not paid out.
5.4. It is mandatory to record information related to reproduction, destruction
and public performance of any copyright work, and the school must label copies
of such work or materials so reproduced.
Only video programs and feature film rentals with public performance rights may
be shown in schools or at Board functions. Videos purchased or rented from
video stores cannot be used. Only those bought with such license may be
viewed which is often the case with the National Film Board or National
Geographic documentaries.
MEQ Agreement with SOCAN
6) Music Resources / exceptions
Rule /
musical work
September 2004
6.1. A musical work may be performed by students and teachers in the course
of teaching without obtaining permission from the copyright owner. These acts
must be done on the premises of the institution for pedagogical purposes and
not for profit.
SG-02 / Administrative Policy - Protection of Copyright
exception /
6.2. SOCAN grants to schools a license covering the playing of any work from
the world repertoire or the performance of such work by students, without
requiring an authorization or paying royalties. The Agreement applies to
activities such as non-profit concerts, school radio, school proms held in the
educational institution, etc.
Procedure 6A)
For further information, contact:
600 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Suite. 500
Montréal QC H3A 3J2
1-800-797-6226 or (514) 844-8377
7) Software and Electronic Resources / No exception
Rule /
7.1. In general, the laws and principles of copyright applicable to digital media
are no different from those applicable to works in traditional formats.
Under the Copyright Act, reproduction of any work or a substantial part of it
would infringe on copyright unless the owner has granted permission to copy
the work. Copying information on the web or sending an item to someone else
is therefore an infringement of copyright.
7.2. Electronic resources such as computer software, CD-ROM's, on-line
programs, electronic bulletin boards, freeware, shareware, and computer
programs stored on any media may only be used according to conditions
specified on the site or jurisdictional license. There is no exception in any
agreement to provide the right to employees or students to copy works founds
on the internet as it is the case in the MEQ-COPIBEC Agreement for books, etc.
Shareware /
Public Domain software and shareware are protected by copyright, but can be
copied without obtaining permission from, or making a payment to, the copyright
7.3. One back-up copy, adaptation or translation of a computer program is
permitted by law and does not require special permission from the copyright
owner. This is done for safety purposes only and not to use both copies at the
same time.
8) Work Produced by CSB
Work produced
by employees or
8.1. The copyright in works written as part of an employee's job or consultant’s
mandate or using work related data belongs to the Cree School Board unless
otherwise provided in a specific agreement.
8.2. Any person who wishes to use a CSB-copyrighted work, must obtain an
official authorization from the School Board in this respect.
September 2004
SG-02 / Administrative Policy - Protection of Copyright
Symbol to affix
8.3. The symbol © followed by the name “Cree School Board” with the year of
the first publication of the work should be affixed on each copy of a work
produced by the CSB.
9) Application of this Administrative Policy
9.1. The present Administrative Policy replaces all other Administrative Policies
of the Board pertaining to this subject, while respecting the Council of
Commissioners Policies where applicable. If such Policies are adopted by the
Council, the provisions of these Policies will be integrated into this
Administrative Policy for the benefit of the reader.
9.2. The Secretary General is the person responsible for the application of this
Administrative Policy.
September 2004
SG-02 / Administrative Policy - Protection of Copyright
Annex A
List of works not covered under the
COPIBEC agreement
The following works are not covered by the agreement related to the payment of royalties by the
MEQ, and such royalties must therefore be paid directly from CSB budget:
a) Works published outside Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark,
France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Norway, the
Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the
United States
b) Unpublished works
c) Separate photographs and illustrations
d) Works which contain a formal notice prohibiting reproduction and specifying that
authorization cannot be granted under any licence from any reproduction rights
e) Material sold specifically for reproduction and for which a reproduction fee has already
been paid (e.g. reproducible sheets)
g) Apparatus Maintenance Guide
h) Print music
Exercise books or manuals
Annex A / List of excluded works
(As of May 2004)
Abby Communications
Académie Impact (Éditions)
AD BooK Co Inc
Advertising Trade
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American Federation of
All titles of Théâtre pour tous
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American Medical
All non-American titles
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Annex A / List of excluded works
Annex B
Warning to be affixed to each photocopier
as provided in Section 30.3 of the Copyright Act
Works protected by copyright may be copied on
this photocopier only if authorized by:
L’utilisation de cette photocopieuse pour reproduire des œuvres protégées par
un droit d’auteur est permise seulement si la reproduction est autorisée par:
a) the Copyright Act for the purpose of fair dealing or under specific exceptions set out
in the Act; / la Loi sur le droit d’auteur en matière d’utilisation équitable ou d’une
exception expresse en vertu de la Loi;
Or / ou
b) the license agreement between the ministère de l’Éducation and COPIBEC
authorizing employees to reproduce / l’entente préalable entre le ministère de
l’Éducation et COPIBEC permettant au personnel de reproduire:
i) the lesser of 25 pages or 10% of the work copied /
le moindre de 25 pages ou 10% de l’œuvre;
ii) an entire section in a compilation /
la totalité d’un article dans une compilation;
iii) an entire chapter in a book, provided that it does not exceed 20% of the
total work /
la totalité d’un chapitre d’un livre, en autant qu’il ne dépasse pas 20% de
l’œuvre totale.
For details of authorized copying, please consult the Principal /
Veuillez consulter la directrice ou le directeur d’école pour tout détail au sujet de
l’autorisation de reproduction.
The Copyright Act provides for civil and criminal
remedies for infringement of copyright /
La Loi sur le droit d’auteur prévoit des recours civils et criminels
en cas de violation du droit d’auteur.
Section 30.3 of the Copyright Act
Article 30.0 de la Loi sur le droit d’auteur
Annex B- / Warning-sample