Cuisine en vidéo – faites des recettes simples… (Cooking with



Cuisine en vidéo – faites des recettes simples… (Cooking with
AP French Summer Assignment 2015-2016
Except for rising AP French [AP students- your REQUIRED assignment is listed at the bottom of this
document], there is no required summer assignment this year. However, we are providing some
websites for you to play with and to explore. You may know and enjoy some others as well! Choose the
sites dealing with topics that YOU are interested in….music? cooking? interest stories about people?
current events? Have fun while you maintain your level of French and even PROGRESS, learning new
words and phrases. All the sites offer different levels of difficulty! Come to school the first day in
September and impress your French teacher with what you learned about French language and culture
over the summer!
Please note that when the school year begins in September we will hit the year running! Expect to
work the first week of class and have an assessment on basic skills for your level during the first 10-14
days. We will begin reviewing the first day of class!
Cuisine en vidéo – faites des recettes simples… (Cooking with videos….make
easy recipes). Marmiton - (French cooking website, includes videos of recipes)
For Cuisine en video - Click on « recettes » at the top left. You will see “les
recettes en vidéo du jour ». Beneath that heading you will see 4 drop
down menus. The third is for level of difficulty. Select the level you want.
You will see different recipes and videos on how to make them. Play with
this site and find recipes you and your family will love! Click on Recettes at
the top, then find “tableau de conversion” in the left margin, to translate
the metric system into the US measurement system. … Bon appétit!
For Marmiton – Once on the homepage, click on “Vidéos” at the top. Then “Recettes en video” on the
banner under Vidéos. You will have a wide choice of recipe videos to watch! ou
Écoutez des chansons! (listen to songs!)
The first choice in the list is “choisissez une chanson”. When your cursor is there, you are given a choice
of difficulty levels (débutant, moyen, avancé). Then, you have a choice of
artists (an alphabetical list). Once you select the singer you’d like to listen to,
you will choose one of his/her songs. Once you have selected the song, you will
then listen to the song and fill in the blanks with drop down menus to complete
the text of the song! What better way to improve your French listening skills
while you discover French music and sing along!!
(please note: When accessing this site, sometimes it does not load immediately and you must click the
refresh icon to bring up the options)
Apprendre le français avec des interviews de francophones….
(Learn French with interviews given by native Francophone speakers like you on different topics)
Discover different people, their regions and what they like…interviews with
average French speakers. This site includes the audio/video of the person
Once you access the site, go to the selections
on the left margin: “par quoi allez-vous
commencer?” (you may have to scroll down
to see these choices) You will see the
selections DOCUMENTS AUDIO [followed by different levels of difficulty
– A1(easiest)-B2(intermediate/advanced)]. Start with an easier level at
first. Once it loads that set of choices, you may select the interview that
interests you either by person or by theme. You can then listen to the person speak and answer some
multiple choice questions about the conversation. The full transcript of the audio text is available at the
2015-16 Français AP - Venez en septembre avec :
 une recette à partager avec nous du site marmiton ou cuisine en video. Faites
une vidéo de vous-même en train de la faire. (Points bonus si vous la préparer
pour la classe en septembre!)
 une chanson par Francis Cabrel que vous avez mémorisée. Pourquoi vous cette
chanson? Quel est le message de la chanson? Que savez-vous de Jacques
Cabrel? Mémorisez la chanson pour la réciter (ou chanter si vous voulez!) en septembre quand
vous reviendrez à l’école.
(Je suggère que vous écoutiez 2-3 entretiens aussi (niveau B1 ou B2) pendant l’été pour ne pas perdre

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