October 2013 Dear Customer We would like to take



October 2013 Dear Customer We would like to take
October 2013
Dear Customer
We would like to take the opportunity to give you a review of the past events and to share with you
Alvarion’s plans for the future.
On July 15 2013, the Tel Aviv Court appointed Alvarion with a receiver, meaning the court took control
of Alvarion in order to try and revive the company.
On September 4th, the Tel Aviv court approved the acquisition of Alvarion by Valley Telecom, and on
September 17 2013, Valley Telecom officially became the new owner of Alvarion.
The rights of holding were transferred to a new established company - Alvarion Telecom UK.
Alvarion Telecom UK is owned by myself, Jorge Pinievsky & by Mr. Peter Wilkinson, A well known and
established businessman in the UK.
Both Mr. Wilkinson and I have been in the telecom industry for a long time and we believe in Alvarion
and intend to put it back on track as a leading company in the telecommunications industry.
The new Alvarion has all the rights for the brand name and the products, but does not carry the debts
and financial commitments or loans that Alvarion Ltd had. This makes Alvarion a very attractive
company with good products and a great reputation, with a great team and a bright future and without
all the heavy financial commitments it had before.
I would like to confirm to you that Alvarion is committed to its line of business and will continue to
develop and support it’s WBSn, Extreme, VL, ULTRA & BNB lines of product. Our business remains
strong, with sales to some of the largest operators in the world who continue to deploy our solutions.
More so, we are committed to continue supporting our existing customers and as such have developed
and will continue to develop cutting-edge products and technology that are tailored for this market.
With the introduction of new products, we are strengthening our long term competitive position in the
wireless broadband market that will enable us to provide even better services to our customers.
I would like to thank you for the trust in Alvarion and for the support you had shown to Alvarion during
this difficult period and I am sure that this will benefit us all.
We believe Alvarion has a promising future, one that will encompass growth in new markets, and loyalty
in our traditional markets.
I would be a happy to speak to you to address any additional questions or concerns you may still have
regarding these matters.
Jorge Pinievsky
President and Owner
Alvarion Ltd.
15 Hamelacha Street
Rosh Haayin, Israel
Tel.: 972-3-645-6262
Fax: 972-3-645-6222