pour la création d`un concept Hôtel



pour la création d`un concept Hôtel
Mr David-André Azoulay
Directeur Général du Groupe
George V
22 avenue George V
75008 Paris, France
[email protected]
pour la création d’un concept
Le Renoma Hotel
A boutique-hôtel featuring a maximum of hundred rooms
fully decorated an designed by Maurice Renoma.
It will be run by George V and one of the greatest international
chefs according to the for star tradition and will surely be
the place to be.
© Maurice Renoma
It will be located in the city centres and trendy districts of
the major motropolises (paris, London, Miami, New Yok,
Dubaï, St Martin).
The Team
Groupe George V is a specialist in developing high
value international projects.
With headquarters in London, with representative
offices in Paris and Singapore, the Group operates in
several areas.
1. Residential, commercial and hotel use Real estate
in France and abroad, exclusive concept : My Little
Village France.
2. Renewable Energies : biogas, hydro, wind.
3. international development of French brands.
David André AZOULAY,
Général Director
[email protected]
[email protected]
HEC Montréal graduate, he has a multidisciplinary experience as
part of an international career during the 30 last years. He has
always held positions of high risposabilities.
He has experience and extensive knowledge of project management
and markets related to renewable energy and real estate.
Operations Director
[email protected]
Graduate form the Luxembourg and Technical Institute, Rushmore
Senior Technician in the energy sector
4. Innovative concepts : Epicerie de France, France
5. Exclusive concept of charging stations for electric
cars, EBF, France and Europe.
6. Finance : search for funding and fundraising.
7. Trading of basic commodities and raw food.
Groupe George V
Paris office
22, av. George V
75008 PARIS - France
# 33 (0)1 40 70 07 48
# 33 (0)6 20 33 20 15
Siège social Londres 29
Welbeck ST
W1G8DA London – UK
Bureau Singapour
8 Cross Street #11-00
UK PWC Building
Singapore 04842
GROUPE GEORGE V develops several concepts of
My Little France Village, concept
-Epicerie de France: to gather in a unique gourmet boutique
abroad a set of quality French brands.
-My little village France: to build a French style Quarter
in luxury property complexes abroad comprising offices,
residential, hotel and shops gathering French luxury
-EBF: company for installation and operation of charging
stations for electric vehicles.
-FMI : special materials and equipments for firefighters,
police and army.
-France Home : linen and indoor towels.
-Label « Merci la France » to promote French quality
products abroad.
-George V Aircraft : sale of private and business aircrafts,
new or used, design and customized decoration by large
signatures of French fashion and design.geor
My Little France Village exclusive concept has been developed
by GROUPE GEORGE V who registered its name.
It consists of building a French-style village around a realestate project.
The village constitutes a French-style living environment. It
has services peculiar to the European way of life and allows
enjoying a French lifestyle experience.
The required surface area is around 45 000 m2..
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
-The hotel part consists of a five-star
hotel, including at least 90 rooms and
-The catering part is provided by 2
gourmet restaurants, one on the ground
floor and the other panoramic one at the
top of the building.
-Both restaurants offer top French Chef
Alain Ducasse’s cuisine.
-The hotel also features an international
business club
“Arriving in this paradisiacal place, I was all at once
reminded of La Bastide des Moustiers in Provence in
France, and I wanted to create a haven of peace and
serenity for theMalaysians so close to Kuala Lumpur,
in collaborationwith the world’s greatest chef, Alain
Dato Jeff Yap
Jelebu is one of the vastest districts in the Malaysian
state of Negeri Sembilan, and this is where you will
soon find nesting in lush vegetation, the future Jelebu
Peak’s Luxury Resort.
A boutique hotel with 80 to 90 rooms and a restaurant
run by Alain Ducasse will be built in the heart of this
paradise, enhancedwith villas and bungalows. This
project is to be carried outwith the needs of each
and every client verymuch inmind.
There will be golf, but also cooking courses in a
school created by Alain Ducasse, strolls in the
vegetable garden to gather the vegetables of the
day that our guests will later discover in their plates
at the next meal. Also, a restful setting for
relaxing by the various different pools, in the Jacuzzi
or at the SPA.
“In 1994, I was motor-cycling through Provence and
quite by chance I came upon an old house standing
among lavender and olive trees… I made it my house,
my home, before deciding to open it up to others. It has
always held a special place in my heart, and still does
Alain Ducasse
Every day of their stay, our guests will enjoy
memorable lunches and suppers served in the main
hall. Should they wish, dinner could even be organised
in the gardens or in one of the 40 bungalows in the
The whole concept will be designed solely around
our guests’ pleasure; a concierge service will be
available to meet your every need.
In the main hall we intend to set up boutiques for
sport and luxury goods, but also with French produce,
wine and cigar cellars.
The Jelebu Peak Luxury Resort will fast become the
official place of rendez-vous for gourmets.
The team
Maurice Renoma, precursor to the French “ye-ye” fashion,
dressed the illustrious male jet-setters of the 70’s like
Mick Jagger, Serge Gainsbourg and Elton John. Maurice
Renoma’s creations for men made him an emblematic
figure in fashion and in the Parisian glitterati.
Since the 60’s his creativity has remained at the cutting-edge
of fashion and his creations have retained their innovative
and subversive spirit.
Maurice Renoma runs two establishments in Paris, one
entirely dedicated to clothes and accessories and the other,
the Renoma Café Gallery, is a restaurant dedicated to
photography and design containing prototypes and furniture
from his own collection. Following his beginnings in fashion,
Maurice Renoma developed his passion for photography
and created the concept of “modography” that combined
fashion with so-called instinctive photographs. His book
“Mythologies” presented surrealist-inspired portraits in
which he substituted the faces of models with animal
heads, vegetables or even objects. He called this
The effects of the Renoma brand can be felt all over the
world thanks to a wide range of accessories widely available
all over Asia, in Japan, in China, in Korea and in Malaysia.
Maurice Renoma
Directeur Général, photographe, designer, styliste.
[email protected]
# 33 (0)1 44 05 38 38
Stéphanie Renoma
Directrice Générale, créatrice de mode.
[email protected]
# 33 (0)1 44 05 38 33
Sau yin Choi
Responsable photo.
[email protected]
# 33 (0)1 44 05 38 32
Ann’Sophie Guilloux
Designer, scénographe, décoratrice, designer graphique.
[email protected]
# 33 (0)1 44 05 38 23
Margo Bourcier et Anne-Sophie Rivière
Relations presse et communication.
[email protected]
# 33 (0)1 44 05 38 18
Bureau Paris
113 avenue Victor Hugo
75116 PARIS - France
# 33 (0)1 44 05 38 38
Boutique Renoma Project
129 bis rue de la Pompe
75116 Paris
# 33 (0)1 44 05 38 25
Renoma Café Gallery
45, rue Pierre Charron
32, avenue George V
75008 Paris
# 33 (0)1 47 20 46 19
RenomaCafé Gallery
Lot 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
# 603-21 43 99 19
Boutique Renoma Komplex Stéfanie Renoma
118 Rue Longchamp
75116 Paris
# 33 (0)1 44 05 38 33
Daring to bring into being fashion for men, making men’s wear
an instrument of seduction and self-expression. This, in a few
words, is the contribution of Maurice Renoma to the history
of fashion, the inspiration that propelled him from his
father’s humble tailor shop to the legendary Renoma Project
Designboutique at rue de la Pompe – now replicated thousands
boutiques around the world and still remaining a Mecca for
international celebrities and fashion victims.
© Maurice Renoma
Maurice Renoma began his artistic carreer by breathing new
life into men’s wear at the beginning of the sixties, shattering
the prevailing conventions of men’s clothing and freeing
men from austere conservatism and its dated codes.
Conceiving fashion as an art form, Renoma expressed through
clothing an original vision, unfettered by aesthetic prejudice,
daring to experiment with new fabrics, bold colors, and
sculptural cuts highlighting the contours of the body.
At the beginning of the 1990’s, Maurice Renoma
developed a passion for another medium :
the photographed image became the focus of his work,
and the beginning of another story.
The title of his first published collection of photographs
“ Maurice Renoma : modographe” (“fashionographer”),
highlights his debt to fashion for the immediacy of his
vision – the same attention to detail and composition
for which is clothing creations had become celebrated
was now canalized to create another kind of image. The
human body was the center of his first period, marked by
a focus on characters - often taken out of their context
and situated in an almost cinematic setting – and images
permeated with sensuality, exploring the details of a
garment on the body, capturing the charm of a distracted
glance or an ultimate ritual.
© Maurice Renoma
Ultimately, it is life itself, the uprising normaliy of
experiences, that became the main subjects of Maurice
Renoma’s photography. His camera became a constant
companion in all his travels across the continents. He
pursued the life of the streets, recognizing and capturing
its energy through people, postures, clothing codes.
Renoma distilled the poetry of settings ranging from the
urban jungle of Tokyo to the rural serenity of Normandy,
capturing the beauty of the moment in a veritable
declaration of love to the present.
© Maurice Renoma
Maurice Renoma Furniture
After having diverted clothing and fashion accessories, Maurice
Renoma creates a new highlight by revisiting traditional
In accordance with his deep commitment to mix styles, concepts
and media, the “modographer” uses his favourite one, image,
to create his own line of furniture. Sofas, armchairs, chairs and
Tam Tam stools are thus thrust into Maurice Renoma’s burlesque
© Maurice Renoma
As a hint from this lover of custom-made product, each part
of armchairs or sofas is personalisable, with a wide range of
photographs - by Maurice Renoma of course.
«Plexi» collection
Faithful to his creative spirit, Maurice Renoma offers to convert
our family heritage furniture into cult objects. He hit upon the
idea of sublimating these objects while protecting them. He
imagined a tailor-made showcase made of Plexiglas which
gives them a second life and turns them into objets d’art
although they keep their furniture function.
© Maurice Renoma
Thanks to a patented concept, everyone can now order a
tailor-made Plexiglas casing for a chair, an armchair… An
optional inside lighting can complete the setup.
Through this process, Maurice Renoma has one goal : To give
a new meaning to the “transgenerational” link.
Mythologies candles.
a scented portrait gallery
Maurice Renoma
A scented portrait gallery of objets, Mythologie des Bois
for the ram, Mythologie de l’Absinthe for the monkey and
Mythologie de l’Immortelle for the ostrich, are the first
three Renoma candles produced by Manufacture des
Maurice Renoma, the world-famous fashion designer, is
a man of movement.
Whether dress design, designer furniture or accessories,
Renoma is everywhere, creating a revolution in the
photographic codes of today.
“Mythologies” is a fabulous collection of half-human halfbeast black and white photographs that are both avantgarde and full of warm tender humour.
Animals dressed in suits and ties - ram, ostrich and
monkey – fire the imagination with bizarre metaphors of
our ancestors with their often austere faces.
The Renoma Café Gallery in Paris’ Golden Triangle is
both atypical andexperimental. Scenography inspired by
street art. Exhibition of photos, sale of accessories and
clothing, music. A typically New York scene.
Renoma Luggage Line
Maurice Renoma revamps travelling accessories and
draws his inspiration from his photo exhibitions.
This unique collection of luggage features 3 themes:
-Street Art offbeat design
-Punk nonconformism
-Mythologies mythic portrait gallery
La vaisselle Renoma
It has been specially designed for an intensive use.
Declined in a deep grey hue, it brings an “off-beat chic”
touch to the tables that are willing to be unconventional.
The whole set can go to the dishwasher and is remarkable
for its solidity. This collection is thus compatible with a
professional use in hotels or restaurants.
Renoma Accessories
Eyewear and Watches
A world famous brand, Renoma wins recognition on
all continents thanks to its wide range of accessories:
including shoes, ties, belts, leather good and watches…
It is very present on the menswear market, particularly in
Japan, China and Korea.
Since the 1960’s, Renoma’s creativity has been on the
cutting edge of trends even if it means shaking eyes and
minds. Indeed, half a century has passed and the same
innovative and subversive spirit breathes over Renoma
creations !
In addition to ready-to-wear, photography and home
decoration, the avant-garde designers zoom in on our
faces and design our eyes. The fruit of their work, a
sunglasses and spectacles collection was born out of a
Parisian Chic fashion concept.
Maurice Renoma
Maurice Renoma presents – for the first time since the
opening of his mythic store in 1963 – the “SOUPLEX”
(basement), atypical and protean premises.
The original core that used to be dedicated to the
creation of the brand’s flagship products, it now hosts
for its opening a new scenography about the Marilyn
Monroe theme: the photographs and original works
reflect designer Maurice Renoma’s personality.
Since the 1960’s, Renoma store attracted celebrities
from the cultural, fashion, political and business
Among the greatest are: Andy Warhol, Dali, Brigitte
Bardot, Picasso, Bob Dylan, Nino Ferrer, Jerry Lewis,
Jacques Dutronc, Serge Gainsbourg, Armani, Versace,
Yves Saint Laurent, Cacharel, François Mitterrand, Valéry
Giscard d’Estaing, Vincent Bolloré, Olivier Dassault…
Renoma keeps on breaking new ground by opening
these new mysterious premises dedicated to
contemporary art.
You will find attached herewith a few photos of the
“Souplex” (basement).
Les Blazers Renoma
In order to celebrate the “nomadic spirit” of its new class
R, and to give back to city dwellers the taste for escape,
Mercedes-Benz asked Maurice Renoma to create a
huge installation of his creative world, constant invitation
to venture off the beaten track, always surrounded by
friends, urban and glamorous, but also adventurous and
cosmopolitan, in the vanguard of trends.
The exhibition NOMAdic dREam is an invitation to travel,
to escape, through the idea of movement translating not
only a physical shifting, but an attitude into the world, a
way of being in our time. This Artistic Nomad Camp, as
popped out of the class R’ trunk, is presented exclusively
at “Centre d’Art et d’Essai Mercedes-Benz Center”.
It is also the first full retrospective of Maurice Renoma
protean works, from the 60’s until nowadays, already one
of the longest and richest career of a living French designer,
with a pre-view presentation of 32 works, stemmed from
the mythical Renoma Blazer, customized by Maurice
artist best friends : 32 of the biggest international names
of painting.
A hint of rock n’roll, a dash of Bohemian style, a touch
of glam and a certain amount of casual chic: that is
Stéfanie Renoma’s recipe.
Raised in the creative tracks of her father, Maurice
Renoma – a French designer who played a large part
in the heyday of the arty avant-garde since the 1970’s
-, Stéfanie grew up off the beaten tracks of traditional
education. Early “on the road”, she met at a very young
age people at the cutting edge of the artistic circles
of the time: Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Marc Maniatis,
Peter Klasen, César. No wonder that she developed an
offbeat sense of the world … and of style.`
This jean fan, a pioneer in this field, offers the quintessence
of what the indigo planet has in store. Never satisfied,
constantly in a creative frenzy, she introduces today –
with her eponym brand, Stéfanie Renoma - freshness in
traditional approaches to style and trade.
Against the flow of fashion dictates, when extreme
trendiness looks like standard, she decided to create
a line of revisited basic items with “anti-fashion”
overtones, thus imposing a certain vision of functional
chic, sustained by physical and web relays: a resolutely
modern and tridimensional project.
life is beautiful
french realisation
Maurice Renoma offers you a new menu, a new team
led by Alfred Bernardin and a new scenography.
An atypical and offbeat place located in the famous
“Golden Triangle” area in Paris, Renoma Café Gallery
never ceases to show its nomadic and experimental
spirit. At 32 avenue George V, there is a terrace, but
the entrance is on rue Pierre Charron (n°45). The white
walls, covered with a mix of paint and metro-style
tiles, welcome the photos of the current exhibition:
“The Beat Generation : From Kerouac to James
Dean”. Its pure atmosphere – almost clinical – is
simultaneously offset by warm materials, wood,
as well as a combination of design/ second-hand
© Adelap
If Renoma Café Gallery has 2 addresses, it also has 2
bars : one for cocktails, the other for books. Last but
not least, “The Shop”, located under the dome, gives
you a foretaste of Renoma Fashion and an idea of
designer Maurice Renoma’s frame of mind: humour
and detachment from any aesthetic prejudices.
© Adelap
A Malaysian achievement
Kuala Lumpur
On 24th October 2012, Maurice Renoma opened
his second Renoma Café Gallery in Kuala Lumpur,
Renoma Style is atypical, timeless and Renoma Café
Gallery- as a concept and as a place -is stamped
with the brand’s philosophy.
Renoma Café Gallery is a hybrid: a photo gallery,
design objects, clothing, and even a restaurant mix
Either in Paris or Kuala Lumpur, Renoma spirit is still
Dossier Presse
Groupe George V
Mr David-André Azoulay
Directeur Général du Groupe George V
22 avenue George V
75008 Paris, France
[email protected]
[email protected]
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