Scope and Sequence for Printing and Cursive Writing K



Scope and Sequence for Printing and Cursive Writing K
Scope and Sequence for Printing and Cursive Writing K-6
What are your end of year grade expectations for printing or writing?
-Able to print words on a line following a model.
-Printing most uppercase letters and most numbers 1-10 with some
number reversals.
-Able to write their first name with upper and lower case letters.
Grade One:
-Uses appropriate spacing between words in a sentence.
-Starts printing from the top.
-Dans une phrase il y a plus de letters minuscules que de majuscules
-Avec assistance, la première lettre du premier mot de la phrase est une
lettre majuscule.
-Core; strength; proper grip; sitting / slant copy independently.
Grade Two:
-Core strength proper grip.
-Start letters at top.
-Proper slants of paper.
-No reversals. (fin 2e année)
-Upper and lower case letters in a word and at the beginning of a sentence.
-Letter size appropriate.
-Mastery of lower and upper letters in Printing.
Grade Three: -Proper grip.
-Start at top.
-Begun cursive writing in January.
-Review printing in Fall (workbooks will be given to Grade 3 teacher from
Grade 2 teacher in June).
-Mastery of lower case cursive writing.
-Agenda in cursive writing.
Grade Four:
-All can form the lower case letters in cursive.
-Mastering uppercase letters in cursive writing.
Grade Five:
-By Christmas, students have finished practicing and beginning to apply it
to every day use.