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Intermediate Spoken French - [email protected]
Olin College of Engineering
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2007 AHS Capstone Projects
AHS Capstone Projects
Intermediate Spoken French
Bryn Hollen
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, [email protected]
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AHS Course Capstone:
Intermediate Spoken French
Bryn Holle
December 17, 2
Concentration  Capstone
• Concentration
• French Language, Literature and Cultures
• 201 and 202
• Capstone
• Intermediate Spoken French
Course Structure and Accomplishments
• Structure:
• Immersion
• Discussion based
• Assignments
• Class:
• Read articles
• Subjects: Health, School, Work, Stress, Social Classes
• Viewed Films: Une Affaire des Femmes, Les Invasions
• Prepared and presented four dialogues with partner
Course Structure and Accomplishments
• Individual
• Language Practice: Plaisir Des Sons, Le français
par le dialogue
• Viewed 6 films and wrote papers for each
• Est/ Ouest, Les Choristes
• Wrote 10 phrases with new vocabulary words each
• Memorized poems
Take Home Messages
• Attitude:
• When in class
• Leave self-consciousness at the door
• Do not be afraid to make mistakes
• Outside of Class
• Make speaking French a habit
• CD’s, Movies, Restaurants
• Practice with friends
• Continue French studies at Wellesley
• Travel
• Work
• Studies
• Volunteering
• Practice
• Live the language

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