AUCHAN enhances the independance of partially sighted and blind



AUCHAN enhances the independance of partially sighted and blind
AUCHAN enhances the independance of
partially sighted and blind people
One of the major problems of blind persons is to distinguish products in cupboards. What products are
dangerous? How can we recognize the various types of fruit juices or detergents?
6. Clients / Consommateurs
Relations client et consommateur
The satisfaction of all its customers' needs is central to Auchan's business plan. Regularly listening to them,
Commerce / Distribution
products in their homes more easily. This particular offer meets the needs of 20,000* blind people who read
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Entreprise de plus de 500 salariés
Auchan has decided to facilitate the autonomy of visually impaired individuals by enabling them to identify
Braille in France today and voted overwhelmingly (75%)** for Braille marking on products.
* Source: Ministry of Employment & Solidarity (April 2003)
** Investigation conducted by AUCHAN between July and October 2000 with 500 partially sighted people in
Lyon, Rennes, Bordeaux and Paris
In Portugal, France and Spain, AUCHAN branded products are labelled in Braille: more than 2,000 in France, 800
in Portugal and 550 in Spain.
This approach, which was initiated in 1999 on a true partnership basis with the association called "Donne-moi tes
Yeux", and manufacturers and producers has enabled everyone to innovate in its own area of expertise to get
round problems related to the manufacturing process and identify the various techniques (embossing, screen
printing,etc.) used to insert Braille on materials such as labels, cardboard cases, plastic cups, stickers on bags or
Chiffre d'affaires
16.2 milliards € TTC (2014)
At the same time, AUCHAN continues its efforts to develop appropriate facilities for this public in retail outlets with
notably a person who has been trained well to help and meet the expectations of people with disabilities.
60 570 (2014)
AUCHAN's means for putting in place dedicated to running the partnership of the brand initiated by the DMTY
59170 CROIX (59)
Internal and External Communications: Mailings for supplier's awareness, for manufactures to produce quality
Braille. Raising awareness in stores in association with the club "Rik & Rok". Mention in Auchan's annual
Entreprise Partenaire du World Forum
for a Responsible Economy 2016
responsibility report.
In partnership with the DMTY association, Auchan performs regular in-store quality controls. Employees with sight
impairment verify compliance, in particular using tactile means (quality of product spacing, size, product
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designation, spelling) on the products. Corrections are introduced, as needed, depending on the observed
Best practice awarded in 2004 by Réseau Alliances and updated in 2014.
Contribution à la performance de l'entreprise
> AUCHAN , as the first distributor in Europe which initiated this approach, is developing loyalty with a new
category of customers and engages its teams in a valuing project.
Bénéfices sociaux, environnementaux et/ou de gouvernance
> Blind people are more independent at home and feel that their difference is considered.
> Package suppliers involved in this project play an educational part with other manufacturers.
> The public is made more aware of the problem of partial vision.
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> Best practice awarded in 2004 by
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