Neue Zündkerzen für den Aftermarket



Neue Zündkerzen für den Aftermarket
New Spark Plugs for the Aftermarket
Ratingen, 19.05.2011 - NGK Spark Plug Europe is supplying the trade and workshops
with two new spark plugs. The ZKBR7A-HTU is used as original equipment inside many
BMW cars from 2006 and on, whereas the LKR7B-9 is an optimal choice for the secondgeneration Smart fortwo, which hit the market four years ago.
NGK developed the ZKBR7A-HTU spark plug (Order No. 91785) for BMW’s series
production. The semi-surface spark plug with three ground electrodes and a 14-mm bi-hex nut is
the perfect choice for BMW’s four and six-cylinder direct injection engines N43 and N53.
Under partial load, these engines burn a lean mixture. Under full load, the engines revert to a
stoichiometric mixture. To guarantee a reliable ignition, the spark plug comes with a projected
spark position - the electrodes extend far into the combustion chamber. Additionally, an
improved insulator design safeguards optimal combustion. Finally, the semi-surface design
prevents the accumulation of carbon deposits, which are often associated with direct injection
engines, and guarantees reliable ignition by removing carbon deposits at the insulator tip even at
temperature levels below the spark plug’s self-cleaning temperature. The ZKBR7A-HTU is
therefore the spark plug of choice for around 40 car applications, e.g. the BMW 116, the 320i
and 530i or the BMW 630 CI.
The second spark plug now available to the Aftermarket is the LKR7B-9 and carries the Order
No. 5847. With this, NGK is supplying trade and workshops with the ideal spark plug for
second-generation Smart fortwo models. Installed inside the three-cylinder engines of the Smart
fortwo (1.0 litre, 45 and 52 kW), Smart fortwo Turbo (1.0 litre, 62 kW) and Smart fortwo
Brabus (1.0 litre, 72 kW), it supports highest ignition reliability and engine efficiency. The
LKR7B-9 features a far-reaching, 26.5-mm thread with a diameter of 12 mm. This allows for
the design of larger cooling ducts within the engine. In addition to this, a hexagon with AF16
eases installation despite the small engine compartment.
Detailed information about the ZKBR7A-HTU and LKR7B-9 can be found in NGK’s Service
Information which is available at NGK distributors and can also be downloaded as PDF files
from NGK Pro at
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