CURRICULUM VITAE Laure Guillou - Station Biologique de Roscoff



CURRICULUM VITAE Laure Guillou - Station Biologique de Roscoff
Laure Guillou
01/03/1969 in Paris (France)
Present Position: Senior Scientist (DR2) at the CNRS, France
Present Address: Station Biologique de Roscoff, Place George Teissier, 29680, Roscoff, France
Email: [email protected]
Web of the DIPO team: DIPO
Habilitation à diriger les recherches (06/02/2009). Université de Pierre et Marie Curie.
Permanent position at the CNRS since 2002.
Post-doctoral position (2000-2002). Marie Curie European grant. Institut Sciences del Mar,
CSIC ICM, Barcelona, Spain.
Post-doctoral position (1999-2000). Ifremer, Brest, France
PhD (1999). University of Paris 6.
LANGUAGES French, Spanish, English
International award in the call Phytoplanktonic diversity and Ecology (Daniel Jouvance) in
Award of excellence from the CNRS (2010-2014).
COORDINATION of projects
2014-2019. Coordination of the ANR HAPAR project (French call). 520 KE. The paradox of
being a specialist for a parasite of marine blooming dinoflagellates.
2010-2013. Coordination of the ANR PARALEX project (French call). AO « The Sixth
extinction ». 700 KE. Role of pathogens in the resilience of confined coastal ecosystems
contaminated by invasive toxic microalgae
2010-2014. Coordination of the Genoscope project « Comparative and functional genomics
of an eukaryotic parasite, Amoebophrya sp. (Syndiniales), able to specifically infect toxic and
non-toxic dinoflagellates”.
2010-2011. Coordination of an EC2CO project (French call, Microbien). 53 KE
2006-2008. Coordination of an EC2CO project (French call, PNEC). 57 KE
2005-2007. Coordination of a project financed by the GIS Génomique Marine (French call).
70 KE.
PhD Students
Manon Viprey (2004-2008). University of Paris 6
Aurélie Chambouvet (2005-2009). University of Paris 6
Anne-Laure Sauvadet (2008-2010). University of Paris 6
Catharina Alves-de-Souza (2009-2011). University of Paris 6 and University Austral of Chile.
Frédéric Lepelletier (2010-2013). University of Paris 6
Aliou Dia (2010-2013). University of Paris 6
Khadidja Klouch (started in 2013). University of Paris 6
Gordon Research Conference ‘Marine Microbes’ (13 to 18 of July 2008, Italy, Lucca). Chair : PedrósAlió C., Co-chair: L. Guillou.
Monitoring Editor for Protist (since 2011)
PUBLICATIONS SCI selected publications
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In press
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