Description of tipi tent, dinner tent and the rental conditions



Description of tipi tent, dinner tent and the rental conditions
FRENCH LAW : « Arrêté du 22 octobre 2008
Relatif à l’information préalable du consommateur sur les caractéristiques des hébergements
locatifs en hôtellerie de plein air
NOR : ECEC0824829A
La ministre de l’économie, de l’industrie et de l’emploi,
Vu l’article L. 113-3 du code de la consommation ;
Vu les articles R. 111-31 à R. 111-36 du code de l’urbanisme ;
Vu l’arrêté du 16 mai 1967 relatif aux locations saisonnières en meublé ;
Vu l’arrêté du 3 décembre 1987 relatif à l’information du consommateur sur les prix ;
Le Conseil national de la consommation consulté,
Arrête :
Art. 1er. − Préalablement à la conclusion de toute location d’un hébergement en hôtellerie de plein air et sur
la base d’un support écrit, le loueur doit communiquer au preneur éventuel les informations contenues
dans l’état descriptif ci-dessous au présent arrêté, précisant la description des lieux loués, leur situation
dans la localité et les conditions de location.
Art. 2. − Par location saisonnière d’un hébergement en hôtellerie de plein air, on entend toute location
d’hébergement située dans un camping, notamment les habitations légères de loisirs et les résidences
mobiles de loisirs.
Art. 3. − Le directeur général de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes est
chargé de l’exécution du présent arrêté, qui sera publié au Journal officiel de la République française.
Fait à Paris, le 22 octobre 2008
Pour la ministre et par délégation,
Le chef de service,
Description of tipi tent, dinner tent and the rental conditions
1. Administrative details
Camping’s name and adresse: CAMPING DE L’AIGRETTE, 22 rue de la Fontaine Aubier, 60350 ATTICHY
Phone number:
Mail: [email protected]
Opening period:
- From 05 January 2015 to 03 January 2016 (Prospector tent and Mobil-Home),
- From 27 march 2015 to 04 October 2015 (tipis).
Arrival and post time: 03:00pm / 10:00 am
Rating: 3-star-Campsite
Class: Tourism for 51 pitches
Number and date of the ranking prefectoral decree: C60-040766-001 of 06 November 2012 delivered by
Atout France
SIRET number: 75084076100019
2. General details
Campsite localisation: « 22 novembre 2008 JOURNAL OFFICIEL DE LA RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE Texte 12 sur 132 »
Distance of the closer waterway: Municipal Pond « Mauvais Pas » (on the spot), Aisne River (to 500 m.)
Distance of the close city or village: City of Compiègne at 16 km and village of Attichy (on the spot)
Distance of the closer railway station: Compiègne (18 km)
Distance of the closer bus station: Attichy (500 m.)
Distance of the closer food store: Vival in Attichy (1 km.)
Local highlights: « la Villa des Avenues », the old flour mill, the farm garden of Morienval, the 16 th century
Inconvenience of neighbourhood: none
Useful information and local transportation
Contact details of local transportation : Oise Mobilité at 19 Rue Pierre JACOBY, 60000 BEAUVAIS,
Phone. : 0 810 60 00 60, website:
Communal equipment based on the Campsite:
- Washing machine : yes
- Ironing area : ironing board and flatiron (at your disposal on request)
- Phone box: on the public parking (30 m.)
- Swimming-pool: intercommunal and charged (150 m.)
- Children playground: non
- Other equipment and services: minigolf, table tennis, racket games (tennis, badminton), bowls,
sports ground, fishing, Wi-Fi, bike rental, postcard, wooden basket, soft drinks, ice cream, bread
sales, loading of phone, computer, laptop and freezing.
3. Description of this accommodation
Illustrated plan of this accommodation to scale 1/92 and its dinner tent to scale 1/82
Illustration of the dinner-tent
Kitchen area
Illustration of the accommodation
3.1Type of accommodation
Type of accommodation: Tipi Tent
Age of accommodation (0 to 7 years old, 7 to 12 years old, more than 12 years old): bought new in 2012
Area of accommodation (without patio): 19, 5 m2
Maximum capacity (number of people): 5
Accommodation accessible for disabled people: no
Pets allowed inside: no
Heating system: brazier (Mexican wood-burner)
Kitchen area: 2 electric hotplates
3.2 Inside description
This area features 1 bed for 2 persons (140*190) and 3 beds for 1 person (90*190) with mattress, mattress
protector, pillows, bed linen (duvet and sheets), 2 carpets in jute fibres, a brazier which is conceived to give
a sweet heat and not a heating system and which is installed at the halfway of Tipi (Wooden is an extra
charge), 1 bedside table and one lantern, 1 doormat and 3 gratings.
The dinner-tent is common for the 4 Tipis and features 3 tables with 6 benches which each one can
welcome 8 persons, 8 electric lantern, 1 movement detector. There are a dresser whit 8 compartments for
dishes (2 compartments per Tipi) for 5 people: plates, cutlery, glasses, bowls, salad bowl, stove, dish, stew
pot, tin-opener, corkscrew / bottle-opener, ladle, colander, spatula, set of table mats and a freezer for every
Tipi-tent and a special area with a micro-wave, electric stove, a press-coffee and a kettle. There are also
common utensils for cleaning-up: bin, broom, short-handled-brush, dustpan, basin and sponge.
4. Prices and method for rental
The rental is available from 03:00 p.m. Customer could leave the rental before 10:00 a.m. Booking Fee and
cancellation insurance: None. A private parking place is booked for each Tipi-tent.
Various restrictions: no shoes and pets inside the Tipi-tent. It is forbidden to smoke inside the Tipi-tent and
the dinner-tent. No extra accommodation. The brazier is conceived to give a sweet heat and not a heating
A deposit of 25% is necessary to confirm the booking. A copy of ID card will be kept at the office with a
security deposit of 300.00€ which will be returned after your stay. The « Tourism Tax » is an extra cost:
0.40€ / night / person (18 years old and more).
Low season
Low season
To 27/03
until 26/06
To 27/06
until 31/08
To 31/08
until 04/10
Week of 4 nights whose 1 night gifted
Week of 7 nights whose 3 nights gifted
Additional guest (from third guest)
(free for kids to 0 until 2 years old)
Wooden basket
Breakfast (1)
Price in € for 2 persons
(Beginning of stay: 03:00 pm / end of stay: 10:00 am)
Tourism tax: + 0,40 € / person + 18 years old
Price for one person : breakfast gifted for the first night
The included funds are the welcome gift and the breakfast (for the first night only) The breakfast included 1
bowl of hot drink (coffee, tea or milk), 1 orange juice, 1 little bread, 1 pastry per person and with sugar,
powder chocolate, butter and marmalade. For 1 extra bread or pastry it costs 01.00€.
5. Functioning rules
Upon your arrival at the campsite
Customer should fill in administrative formalities and pay in advance their stay.
A description of rental and their C&T are available at the campsite’s office.
Upon your arrival at the Tipi-tent
We advise you to make your own inventory when you will install there thanks to the Inventory Sheet. Any
comments regarding this must be announced at the office. Any dispute after your departure cannot be
During your stay
Every dysfunction should be pointed out at the office. It is forbidden to enter inside the Tipi-tent with shoes
and to smoke inside the Tipi and the Dinner-tent. No pets inside. The brazier is conceived to give a sweet
heat and not a heating system.
Your departure
An inventory will be made with a responsible to the Campsite. Any missing or damaged things will be
charged (main furniture). You should return the Tipi tent in the same condition it was given to you. If this is
not the case, the campsite will imply an additional tax of 50.00 € for the cleaning-up. The customer should
clean before his departure.
Every stay which is begun is due. Each booking implies a deposit of 25 %, if the cancellation happens more
than 30 days before the arrival date, the deposit is charged.
If the cancellation is made less than 30 days before the arrival date, the total price of your stay will be
taken. A security deposit of 300.00€ for each rental will be demanded upon your arrival. It will be returned
you at the end of your stay depending on the inventory and after we have made together an assessment.