How to add a device in BioStar



How to add a device in BioStar
Application Note
Product : BioStar Software
Application : How to add devices
By. Helen Cho
R&D / Suprema Inc.
<How to add a device in BioStar if it cannot be searched>
1. Checking IP config.
If your PC IP is and the Subnet Mask is, your device
should be set to 192.168.1.X and gateway should be same.
2. Ping test
Ping test should be succeeded.
3. Checking IP conflict.
Open ‘Command’. Type ‘arp –a’, then you can see the list of IP.
All the Suprema product’s physical address (MAC address) starts with 00-17-fc, and
the last four numbers is device ID.
If your device ID is 33784, then you can calculate it as below.
Type 33784 with Dec. mode and then click ‘Hex’.
The device ID’s Hex. Value is 83F8. So, the device’s physical address is 00-17-fc-xx83-F8.
You can find the IP address with 00-17-fc-xx-83-F8 if your device is connected on
the same network with server PC. Please check whether the physical address (Mac
address) is correct or not. If it is not correct, it causes from IP conflict. Then please
set another fixed IP to the device.
4. Firewall
Please add ‘BioStar Server Port’ like the picture below.
(Start -> Control Panel -> Windows firewall -> Exceptions)
Please check ‘BioStar’ and ‘BSServer’ and then press ‘Add Port’.
5. BEPL Search
BioEntry Plus (BEPL) and BioLite Net (BLN) can be searched via BEPL Search.
Connect BEPL to BioStar server PC directly and disconnect all the other LAN cable
and internet cable and turn off the wireless internet. Then only PC and BEPL are
connected to each other.
1. Press ‘Search’ button of the BEPL search Tool.
2. Choose the BEPL and press ‘Read Config’. Then the BEPL’s actual IP appears in
the bottom.
3. Change the IP to DHCP or static IP and press ‘write config’. Please make sure that
the port should not be the BioAdmin port if device is set to ‘use server’ mode. it
should be 1480.
4. Now try to find the BEPL in BioStar again.
If you still cannot find the BEPL, then please see the backside of BEPL. There are 2 dip
switch covered with film. Take off that file and turn on the second switch. It is for network
default. Then the BEPL’s IP is changed to and 1471 port. Please reboot
1. Set your PC IP to 192.168.0.x.
2. Open BEPL Search tool and press ‘Search’
3. Choose the BEPL and press ‘Read Config’ and then you can see the IP
at the bottom.
4. Set IP and Gateway and Subnet Mask, and then press ‘Write Config’. If you use
server mode, put the server PC IP and port 1480.
5. Change your PC IP to original one. And turn off the second dip switch of BEPL
6. Reboot BEPL.
7. Try to find the BEPL in BioStar.
If your device is set to DHCP, and the device couldn’t get an IP from the DHCP server,
default IP will be set to device. So, please set your PC IP to 169.254.10.X,
and then try to find the device.
If you cannot find a device via UDP search, please ask your company’s network
administrator whether UDP search is blocked.