Educational resume



Educational resume
frédéric lecloux
photographer, vu’ agency
Artist’s statement
Ranipauwa, Nepal, 2014 (photo C. Motret)
Frédéric Lecloux
Born in 1972 in Brussels, Belgium.
Resides in Nyons, Drôme, France.
Belgian and French nationalities.
Self-taught photographer distributed by VU’ Agency in Paris since 2003.
Workshop teacher at:
the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Arles since 2010, in Kathmandu since 2010,
and with Photographes du Monde in Nepal, Brussels and Ostend since 2013.
Involved from the very beginning in the e-ku project.
Trainer in multimedia creation
at the Maison du Geste et de l’Image in Paris since 2012.
Frédéric Lecloux’s work is published by Le Bec en l’air in Marseilles.
His latest books include L’Usure du Monde (2008) and Brumes à venir (2012).
Consciously or not, each important series originates from the question
of loss, addressed in a documentary way (the loss of hope in the war)
or in an intimate way (the loss of the other, of literature, of identity,
of photography itself), or one being the pretext to the other (the loss
of the homeland and of childhood, of certainties and of travelling…).
On the routes of Nicolas Bouvier, in a profoundly mutating Nepal,
facing the enigma of parenthood or in a reminiscence of Belgium,
photography is no longer about telling the World as it is seen.
Henceforth summonsed to relieve from the loss, photography becomes
a poetic solution to inhabit the World, and an alibi to draw a universe
that be more acceptable than the real one.
Main series
Explanation, peace, oblivion (2013-ongoing)
Le Bord de l’éclipse (2002-ongoing)
Everyday Epiphanies (1994-2013)
Brumes à venir (2008-2012)
L’Usure du Monde (2004-2005)
Katmandou 2058 (2001-2003)
Teaching skills
Teaching of photography workshops focused not only on shooting but also on
reflection about photography as the language of one’s relationship to the
World. Duration from two days to several weeks.
Support to personal projects utilising photography.
Teaching of image reading classes.
Introduction and/or support to realization, editing and export of multimedia
work involving text, sound and still or moving pictures.
Practice of digital and film photography workflow: capture, post-treatment, raw
development, retouching and export for screen, projector or print.
Image reading and critical analysis. Aesthetic history of the still image.
Teaching experience
Photography workshop teacher: practice and reflection
Each workshop is a laboratory where the participants are brought to change their
relationship to photography. The driving force of this change consists in putting the photographer in front of this simple question: why? Why do you take
photographs? Why are you taking this particular picture? What do you intend
to tell through photography? What are the motives that push you to do so?
It is then about going beyond the quest for beautiful pictures that one reproduces
endlessly without taking any pleasure in it any more, and searching for
meaning instead. Going beyond the pursuit of perfection and making way
for doubt and mistake instead. Going beyond the search for the Truth and
building a personal truth instead. And finally, learning how to pass on this
truth to readers in such a way that they can work their own way in it.
Questioning the reality, finding one’s own distance to it, looking for the proximity
of the feelings, digging under the surface, exploring that intimate and poetic
space, a space conductive to meeting the other or oneself… Following each
one of these tracks, participants gradually approach new ways of perceiving
that very camera they place between them and the reality. An object that
eventually ceases to be an obstacle for meaning to arise, but becomes a tool
for understanding the World and for expressing one’s feelings and thoughts
about the World.
In practice, the workshop begins by a discussion around the photographers’
portfolios. This is an opportunity to understand and measure their
expectations, in order to meet them through the best attention possible,
according to each one’s specific needs, path and sensitivity. The working time
is then shared between individual shooting and collective editing sessions,
where everyone can learn from the other’s experience.
At the end of the workshop, each participant will have realised a personal
photographic series that bear witness to their achievements.
Shooting, critical analysis of images, individual and collective discussions,
editing, building of a series, narration, development of a personal projet.
Photographes du Monde, France, 2013-ongoing
Workshops Nepal: A thread between two worlds
15 days, 4 or 5 participants, November 2013 and 2014.
Nepal: Kathmandu, a valley open to the World
12 days, 4 to 6 participants, April 2015.
Brussels: Dealing with the surface
2 days, 4 to 8 participants, regularly since September 2014.
Comme à Ostende
3 days, 4 to 8 participants, 1st departure in October 2015.
Outcome In Nepal, public screening of the outcome at the end
of the workshop, followed by questions and answers.
[] [/bruxelles] [/ostende]
Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles, France, 2010-ongoing
Workshops Photographic narrative, the result of personal choices (2010, 2011) Photography, a language to tell how we see the world (2012-ongoing)
Once a year, 5 to 6 days, 8 to 12 participants.
Outcome Exhibition of the outcome at the end of the workshop.
A film by France 3 during the 2012 workshop on [], Kathmandu, Nepal, 2010-ongoing
Workshops Photographing the Everyday
Once or twice a year, 4 to 6 days, 8 to 12 participants.
Outcome Public screening of the outcome at the end of the workshop.
Occasional workshops based on the same teaching scheme
Leica Store, Lille.
Watch the outcome of most workshops online on []
Workshops and lectures focused on the relation between text and image
Multimedia creation workshops
Maison de la Francité, Brussels, 2013
Workshop Écrire, photographier, interférer, with writer Milady Renoir
Maison du Geste et de l’Image, Paris, France, 2012-ongoing
Workshop Le dire pour le voir
4 days for 7 participants.
Two artists working with text and image in their daily practice
meet and question the possible interferences between these two
languages. A workshop follows, open to participants eager to make
their own experience of this dialogue.
Each participant brings a camera, a pen, paper, papers (magazines,
newspapers, books…) and one’s appetite for creation.
The relationship between text and images in the photography book, 2014-ongoing
An illustrated lecture presented with Fabienne Pavia, director of Le
Framework This workshop is designed for fine arts teachers of the regional
Bec en l’air publisher, and/or writer Arno Bertina.
2 h. 30, for an audience of teachers and photography/literature enthusiasts.
History of the use of photography in the text books, and of the
evolution of the relationship between both. Introduction to
important such books. Presentation of the editorial policy of Le Bec
en l’air publisher, which is focused on the dialogue between image
and text. Presentation of the workflow for the publication of a book
and of the polyphonic work between the publishers and the authors
during which are made the numerous choices that will lead to its
final form. What is a photographic writing? Introduction to image
reading. Basic principles of narration and rhythm. Propositions of
exercises on these subjects. Questions and answers.
Past events in France
This lecture has already been delivered several times, including
during the Hors Limites literature festival in Montreuil, on the
occasion of the contest Écris-moi une image in Rouen, and at the
National Seminar of the Rencontres d’Arles (all in 2014), as well as
at the José Cabanis Library in Toulouse in 2015.
3 to 4 days for 8 to 12 fine arts teachers.
education authority of Paris.
Introduction to the philosophy of a video editing software and to
visual narrative tools, aimed at providing the participants with the
necessary skills to organize multimedia creation classes with their
own students, utilizing the audio and visual material that they are
capturing with their cameras and smartphones.
Still and moving picture shooting, critical analysis of an image,
individual and group discussions, editing, narration exercises,
introduction to a video editing software and to the use of codecs,
notions of author rights in the context of Internet, creation of a
soundtrack, export of the film to the appropriate format.
Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple
QuickTime, Audacity, Mpeg Streamclip.
[], Kathmandu, Nepal, 2014
Workshop Intro to video editing for photographers
3 days for 4 photographers willing to work with multimedia tools.
Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.
Le 104, Paris, 2010
Workshops De l’idée à la narration, élaborer un petit univers autonome de 17 sec.
3 days, by module of 2 hours, for 10 participants.
During the Paris en toutes lettres literature festival, each afternoon
from 2 to 6, two e-ku labs were given to introduce participants to the
e-ku format, a short multimedia work of 17 seconds.
Final Cut Pro, Mpeg Streamclip.
Image reading classes
Supervising of internship
Primary schools, Drôme, France, 2010
Introduction to image reading
Internship From May to September, supervising of a student from the École
by module of 2 h. 30 with children of 4th and 5th grade (CM1 and CM2).
Lead the pupils to question an image and to find out by themselves
the ideas it conveys beyond its mere appearance.
Utilisation of a framework of questions to analyse an image (what
am I seeing? What am I understanding?), creation of very short
narratives with pictures cut out from magazines, critical analysis
of advertising pictures, drawing of the missing part of an image,
analysis of the signs in an image, comparison of images that show
similar subjects in different cultural contexts, introduction to the
various aspects of the professional photography sector.
Practices, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2011
Workshop Image reading
2 days for 20 photographers.
Introduce emerging Nepali photographers to conceptual tools for
understanding the meaning of and what is at stake in an image.
Utilisation of a comprehensive framework of questions to produce
a critical analysis of an image (what am I seeing? What am I
Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques in Montpellier.
Final stage of the Brumes à venir project. The intern had the
opportunity to follow a reportage in Belgium, to help with the
digitalization and post-treatment of the original slides, and to
witness the printing of the book at the Sepec (Bourg-en-Bresse).
Commissioned books
À la recherche de la Belgique
Texts and photographs.
10 portraits.
Brumes à venir, Le Bec en l’air, 2012
Nouveaux regards : identités, parcours, mémoire, Le Bec en l’air, 2013
Peintures, recettes maison, Le Bec en l’air, 2010
L’Usure du Monde, Le Bec en l’air, 2008
550 photographs for a technical book by Marie Vanesse.
Hommage à Nicolas Bouvier
Texts and photographs, with a foreword by Mrs Eliane Bouvier
and a postface by Christian Caujolle.
Collective books
Feuilleton Nr 6, janvier 2013
Travel narrative.
“Qui l’encre, qui le texte ?”
An unpublished text with a portfolio of the Brumes à venir series.
Katmandou 2058, La Renaissance du Livre, 2003
Nicolas Bouvier, espace et écriture, Zoé, 2010
Photographs, text by Gérard Toffin (cnrs).
Text, edited by Hervé Guyader, papers from the eponymous conference, Brest, 2008.
Books in collaboration
Writings about photography
Lentement vers l’Asie, Glénat, 2006
Étonnamment étonnée, Le Bec en l’air, 2013
Une description de la Friche la Belle de Mai avec de délicats morceaux de fction dedans
50 photographs with a text by Arno Bertina.
Texts about general issues in contemporary photography.
L’image du Monde
25 photographs for a text by Joy Sorman.
A bimestrial column in Trek Magazine (France), since August 2014.
Le simulacre du printemps, Le Bec en l’air, collection Collatéral, 2008
Écrire sur l’image
24 photographs with a text by Ingrid Thobois.
Reading notes about books published by le Bec en l’air.
Lit National, Le Bec en l’air, Collatéral collection, 2013
Conscientious photography Magazine
Translation of Jörg M. Colberg’s articles about photography from English to French.
Multimedia work
Ni vitesse ni bruit, 2015
A 5 minutes multimedia work created on the invitation of l’Élysée Museum in Lausanne
for “La Nuit des images” in June 2015, revisiting twenty years of personal work.
Soundtrack by musician Stijn Norga and Foley artist Céline Bernard.
Le Bord de l’éclipse, 2015
An 8 minutes film about the series Le Bord de l’éclipse, realised by Natacha Cyrulnik.
Everyday Eiphanies, 2013
Rebuilding walls, rebuilding lives, 2011
Assistant to director Ljubiša Danilović for a 21 minutes documentary photographic film
commissioned by Abbé Pierre Foundation.
Main exhibitions
Everyday Epiphanies, Festival Photo Kathmandu (Nepal).
Le Bord de l’éclipse, projection, Les nuits photographiques, Paris (France).
La Nuit des images, projection, Musée de l’Élysée, Lausanne (Switzerland).
Brumes à venir, Marthe, Leica Store, Lille (France).
A 5 minutes 50 seconds multimedia work created with the video departement of VU’ Agency,
revisiting the series Everyday Epiphanies.
The e-ku project, 2011
E-ku, projections, Les Nuits Photographiques, Paris (France).
Brumes à venir, Transphotographiques, Lille (France).
L’Usure du Monde, Rencontres photographiques, Lorient (France).
Based upon the classic haiku, a Japanese short poem of 17 moras aiming at evoking rather than
describing an emotion, the e-ku is a 17 seconds multimedia work that can combines text, sound
and image.
personal e-kus []
commissioned e-kus []
Roman-Feuilleton, 2013
A 15 minutes multimedia work presenting the outcome of an artists-in-residence program on
the occasion of the event Marseille-Provence 2013, European capital for culture.
Le Printemps des Poètes, 2012-2014
Commissioned by La poste Foundation, creation of a yearly 30 seconds mutlimedia work for
the literature festival Le Printemps des Poètes.
Everyday Epiphanies, a retrospective, Alliance Française, Kathmandu (Nepal).
L’Usure du Monde, Festival Photo Phnom Penh (Cambodge), Joinville (France).
L’Usure du Monde, French cultural centres in Islamabad, Lahore &
Karachi (Pakistan), Kabul (Afghanistan), Tehran (Iran), Belgrade & Niš (Serbia),
Skoplje (Macedonia).
Katmandou 2058, Fnac Galleries (France and Belgium).
Katmandou 2058, Le Botanique, Brussels (Belgium).
Created in Marseilles in December 2013 on the invitation of la Friche la Belle de mai,
In the shade of a doubt is a 40 minutes dialog between an analog slideshow
by Frédéric Lecloux and a live soundtrack by Foley artist Céline Bernard.
Géo, Photo Nouvelles, Réponses Photo, Le Monde Diplomatique, L’Alpe,
Le Figaro, La Croix, Philosophie Magazine, Ulysse (France).
Leica Fotografie International, Lettre International (Germany).
Nepali Times, Republica, ECS (Nepal).
D (Italie).
Awards and grants
In the shade of a doubt
Photography, a pretext to address the road
A lecture about photography as a language of the relationship to the other and to the road,
around l’Usure du Monde and Everyday Epiphanies series.
Workshop Re-enacting the Silk Road III - “Silk Road Representations: Travels, Texts & Images”,
University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), 2013
Népal : le Vide et le plein, documentary photography grant,
Centre National des Arts Plastiques (France).
Le Bord de l’éclipse, finalist, Leica Oskar Barnack award.
Brumes à venir, finalist, Scam award (France).
L’Usure du Monde
A lecture about the relationship between travel and photography
around l’Usure du Monde series.
Conference Nicolas Bouvier, espace et écriture,
Faculté Victor Segalen, Brest (France), 2008
épiphanies du Quotidien, finalist, Académie des Beaux-Arts award (France).
Katmandou 2058, finalist, Scam award (France).
Katmandou 2058, finalist, Leica Oskar Barnack award.
Népal Intime
Associated curator and author of the text of the exhibition Népal Intime, introducing the young
Nepali photography at the Alliance Française Foundation in Paris in October 2012.
Fnac (Niepce Museum, Chalon-sur-Saone), Leica France, private collections.
General skills
English and Dutch.
Good knowledge
German and Nepali.
Russian and Farsi.
Fluent in the following OS
Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows.
Fluent in the following softwares
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe
Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Indesign, Apple Final Cut
Pro and Pro X, Mpeg Streamclip, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice
Good knowledge of the following softwares
Adobe After Effects, Avid Pro Tools.
Creation and back-end administration of multilingual complex
websites with Wordpress, including Woocommerce and WPML
Good knowledge of the following languages
html, css, php.
Fluent in the following Content Manager System
Driving licence catergory B.
Previous experience
2001-2009 Database administration, analyst and assistant to the developer
of the website, Les Pilles (Drôme, France).
2000-2001 Legal case files administration in French and Dutch at the Alliance
Nationale des Mutualités Chrétienne, Schaerbeek (Belgium).
Freelance writer and photographer.
1995-1997 Educator, Singelijn school, Brussels (Belgium).
1992-1998 Bookseller, Libris and Fnac bookstores, Brussels (Belgium).
Boomerang Formation, Final Cut Pro, Aix-en-Provence (France).
Institut Supérieur de Traducteurs et Interprètes, translation in German
and English, Brussels (Belgium).
1984-1990 Athénée Adolphe Max, secondary school education,
latin and mathematics section, Brussels (Belgium).
frédéric lecloux
Les Blaches
26110 Nyons, France
0(0 33) 6 46 68 52 99
[email protected]

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