phd physics degrees awarded in canadian universities doctorats en



phd physics degrees awarded in canadian universities doctorats en
FOOTTIT, Claire, "The Use of Signal Phase in
Resonance Imaging", (Ian Cameron), October
BREWER, K., “Improved Functional Magnetic
Resonance Imaging at 4.0T”, (S. Beyea,
G. Stroink), May 2010 now NSERC Industrial
PDF with Immunovaccine Technologies Inc.,
Halifax, NS.
GLISTER, J., “Polarization Observables in Low
(A. Sarty, R. Dunlap), May 2010, now
Postdoctoral Fellow group at the TRIUMF
Isotope Separator and Accelerator ISOL
radioactive beam facility at the University of
British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.
LIAO, P., “Lithium Metal Fluoride Positive
Electrode Materials for Li-Ion batteries”,
(J. Dahn), October 2010, now Industrial
Postdoctoral Fellow at E-One Moli, Vancouver,
RYAN, G., “Modeling Holin Function During
Lambda Phage Infection of E. Coli”,
(A. Rutenberg), May 2010, now Postdoctoral
Research Associate at Lehigh University,
Bethlehem, PA, USA.
TAMBLYN, I., “On the Nature of Light Elements at
High Pressure”, (S. Bonev), May 2010, now
Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, USA.
VAZ, E., “Non-Markovian Quantum Dynamics of
Chare Carriers in Open Quantum Dots”,
(J. Kyriakidis), October 2010, now Postdoctoral Fellow at Dalhousie Univ., Halifax, NS.
BESNER, S., “Synthèse de nanoparticules plasmoniques par laser femtoseconde en milieu liquide pour des applications biomédicales”,
(M. Meunier), 2010 septembre, maintenant
boursier postdoctoral au Département de génie
physique, École Polytechnique de Montréal,
Montréal, Québec.
DIPAMA, J., “Optimisation multi-objectif des systèmes énergétiques”, (A. Teyssedou), 2010 mai,
maintenant chercheur à Génivar, division
nucléaire, Montréal, Québec.
LACROIX, C., “Propriétés magnétiques de nanoagrégats ferromagnétiques encastrés dans une
épicouche semi-conductrice”, (D. Ménard),
2010 mai, maintenant boursier postdoctoral au
Département de génie électrique, École
Polytechnique de Montréal, Montréal, Québec
LÉVESQUE, A., “Auto-organisation tridimensionnelle et propriétés optiques de multicouches de
boîtes quantiques d’InAs/InP”, (P. Desjardins),
2010 septembre, maintenant boursière postdoctoral au Département de génie physique, École
Polytechnique de Montréal, Montréal, Québec
University of Guelph
ALLEN, S., “Quantitative Kinetics and Angle
Scanning Surface Plasmon Resonance
Imaging”, (J.R. Dutcher and J. Lipkowski),
January 2010, now a consultant at eBiz
Professionals, in Guelph, Ontario.
MIRANDA, M., "Biophysical Characterization of a
New Group of Rhodopsins from Photosynthetic
Organisms", (L. Brown), April 2010, now a
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Federal University
of Ceara (UFC), Brasil.
POUND, A., "Motion of small bodies in general relativity: foundations and implementations of the
self-force", (E. Poisson), April 2010, now a
Postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Elisabeth Nicol in
the Department of Physics at the University of
Guelph, Ontario.
SHI, J., "Growth, Structural, and Electrical
Characterizations of Organic Thin Film on Sibased Substrates", (X.R. Qin), March 2010,
now a Manager in the Quantitative
Analytics/Risk Management Division of TD
Bank in Ontario.
SHI, L., “Solid State NMR Study of
Proteorhodopsin in the Lipid Environment:
Spectral Assignments and Structural Insights",
(L.S. Brown and V. Ladizhansky), December
2009, now a Postdoctoral Fellow at the
University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario.
University of Waterloo
BOHLOULI ZANJANI, P., “Enhancement of
Rydberg Atom Interactions Using DC and AC
Stark Shifts”, (J. D. D. Martin), April 2010.
Follow up information is currently unavailable.
MCGEE, S., “The Role of the Group Environment
in Galaxy Evolution”, (M. Balogh), July 2010,
now a Postdoctoral Fellow with Durham
University, United Kingdom.
MOUSSA, O., “On Single-Crystal Solid-State
Processing”, (R. Laflamme), April 2010, now a
Postdoctoral Fellow with the Institute for
Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo,
Waterloo, Ontario.
PASERIN, V., “High Rate, Large Area Laser-assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Nickel from
Nickel Carbonyl”, (W. W. Duley), April 2009
(late addition – inadvertently omitted from
2009 report), now Section Head, Carbony
Refining & Technology (Company) Vale Inco
Technical Services Limited, Mississauga,
PREMONT-SCHWARZ, I., “Emergence and
Phenomenology in Quantum Gravity”,
(F. Markopoulou and L. Smolin), April 2010,
now a Junior Scientist with Max-PlanckInstitut für Gravitationsphysik, Germany.
Phenomenology”, (N. Afshordi and L. Smolin),
September 2010, now a NASA Postdoctoral
Fellow, Goddard Space Center, NASA/ORAU,
Maryland, USA.
QUILLIAM, J., “Disorder, Geometric Frustration
and the Dipolar Interaction in Rare-Earth
Magnets”, (J. Kycia), June 2010.
TAHERI-ARAGHI, S., “Membrane-Disrupting
Activity of Antimicrobial Peptides and
the Electrostatic Bending of Membranes”,
(B.-Y. Ha), April 2010, now a Postdoctoral
Fellow with the Department of Applied
Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Ontario.
ZAIDI, A., “Femtosecond Laser Induced Polyyne
Formation”, (J. Sanderson), September 2010,
now a Postdoctoral Researcher with
Dr. W.W. Duley in the Department of Physics
and Astronomy at the University of Waterloo,
Waterloo, Ontario.
ZHOU, D., “Optical Fiber Sensors for Temperature
and Strain Measurement”, (W.-K. Liu and
L. Wei), November 2010, now a Vision 2000
Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of
Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario.
JOHNSTON, S. S., “Electron-Phonon Coupling in
Quasi-Two-Dimensional Correlated Systems”,
(T. Devereaux), June 2010, now a Postdoctoral
Fellow with IFW (Leibniz Institute for Solid
State and Materials Research), Dresden,
LU, T., “Galaxy Transformations in the Last 5
Billion Years”, (M. Balogh), August 2010, now
a Postdoctoral Research Assistant with Dr.
Marcella Carollo at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology Zurich), Switzerland.
DURISIC, N., “Can We Understand, Control and
Use Blinking of Quantum Dots in Biological
Surroundings?” (P. Grutter), June 2010.
BENNETT, S., “Charge and Momentum in
(A. Clerk), September 2010.
LA PHYSIQUE AU CANADA / Vol. 67, No. 1 ( jan. à mars 2011 ) C 41
FOSTNER, S. P., “Ultra High Vacuum Fabrication
of Metallic Contacts for Molecular Devices on
an Insulating Surface”, (P. Grutter), September
FRASER, D., “Image Guided Radiation Therapy
Applications for Head and Neck, Prostate and
Breast Cancers, Using 3D Ultrasound Imaging
and Monte Carlo Dose Calculations”,
(F. Verhaegen), June 2010.
GODIN, A., “Deciphering Synaptic Receptor
Distributions, Clustering and Stoichiometry
Using Spatial Intensity Distribution Analysis
(SpIDA)”, (P. Wiseman), November 2010.
GUENETTE, R., “VERITAS Observations of
Galactic Compact Objects”, (K. Ragan), August
HAGEDORN, T., “Atomic Contacts Characterized
by Force and Current”, (P. Grutter), November
HOI, L., “Cosmological Inflation and the Primordial
Power Spectrum”, (J. Cline), March 2010.
JI, T., “Inelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy
Molecular Electronic Devices from First
Principles”, (H. Guo), October 2010.
LIVINGSTONE, M., “Timing Young Pulsars:
Challenges to Standard Pulsar Spin-down
Models”, (V. Kaspi), September 2010.
MIA, M., “From String Theory to N QCD”,
(C. Gale), November 2010.
MONTIEL, D., “Phase Retrieval from X-Ray
Intensity Measurements”, (M. Grant), June
PAYETTE, C., “Transport in Weakly Coupled
Vertical Double Quantum Dots: Single-Particle
Energy Level Spectroscopy and Hyperfine
Interaction Effects”, (M. Hilke), November
POULIOT, D., “Models of Binary Fluid Phase
Separation in the Internal Regime”, (M. Grant),
May 2010.
SARFEHNIA, A., “Water Alorimetry – Based
Radiation Dosimetry in Iridium – 192
Proton Therapy”,
(E. Podgorsak), May 2010.
SERGEEV, M., “Measurement of Oligomerization
States of Membrane Proteins via Spatial
Fluorescence Intensity Fluctuation Analysis”,
(P. Wiseman), November 2010.
ZHANG, X., “Mesoscopic Models of Block
Copolymer Rheology”, (J. Vinals), November
ZHOU, C., “Inclusive KOS KOS Resonance
Production in Electron-Proton Collisions at
HERA”, (F. Corriveau), November 2010.
ACZEL, Adam, “Studies of Bose-Einstein
Condensates in Magnetic Insulators”, (Graeme
Luke), September 24, 2010, now a Postdoctoral
Fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
CARVALHO, Jessica, “Studies of molecular weight
blends and interface effects on polymer crystallisaton & block copolymer ordering“, (Kari
Dalnoki-Veress), December 3, 2010.
COLBERT, Marie-Josée, “Mechanics of lipid vesicles and living cells” (Kari Dalnoki-Veress)
January 15, 2010.
CLANCY, Patrick, “X-ray and Neutron Scattering
Studies of Unconventional Spin-Peierls
Systems “(Bruce Gaulin), December 3, 2010,
now a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of
HARAVIFARD, Sara, “Mass Transfer in Binary
Hydrodynamics” (Bruce Gaulin) January 25,
2010, now a Postdoctoral Fellow at the X-ray
Science Division Argonne National Laboratory,
University of Chicago, USA
LAJOIE, Charles-Philippe, “Mass Transfer in
Binary Systems Using Smoothed Particle
Hydrodynamics” (Alison Sills), February 12,
NAKAMURA, Issei, “Statistical Mechanics of
Macromolecular Complexation” (An-Chang
Shi), March 9, 2010, now a Postdoctoral Fellow
at the California Institute of Technology, USA
NIDAL, Abu-Libeh,
“A Study Of Domain
Dynamics In Perpendicularly-Magnetized
Ultrathin Iron Film” (David Venus), December
11, 2009.
RAN, Wenqi, “Codon Usage Bias, Trna
Modification And Translational Selection In
Bacteria”, (Paul Higgs), July 23, 2010, now a
Postdoctoral Fellow at National Center for
Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in Bethesda
Maryland, USA.
RUFF, Jacob, “Competing interactions in rare-earth
pyrochlore magnets: Insights from x-rays and
neutrons”, (Bruce Gaulin), April 23, 2010, now
a Director's Fellow at Argonne National
Laboratory near Chicago, IL, USA.
SHEN, Sijing, “The Enrichment of the Intergalactic
Medium” (James Wadsley), September 16,
2010, now a Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Santa
Cruz, CA, USA.
WONG, F.H.C., “pH & Temperature Measurements
in Biological Systems Utilizing the
Environmental Sensitivity of Proton Transfer in
Fluorophores” (Cecile Fradin), March 10, 2010,
Medical Physics Residence – Juravinski Cancer
Centre, Hamilton, Ontario
ZHOU, Jiajia, “Phase Behavior of Diblock
Copolymer/Homopolymer Blends “ (An-Chang
Shi), December 3, 2010, now a Postdoctoral
Fellow at the University of Mainz in Germany.
HAN, Xuemei, “Ultrasonic Study of the Critical
Behavior of the Antiferromagnet CsNiCl3”,
(G. Quirion), October 2010.
POLOMSKA, Anna, AElastic Properties of Porous
Silicon [email protected], (T. Andrews), May
2010, now a Post Doctoral Fellow at the
Department of Physics and Physical
Oceanography, Memorial University, St.
John’s, NL.
SARKER, Muzaddid, AStructures and Interaction
of Lung Surfactant Protein B(SP-B) [email protected],
(V. Booth), October 2010, now a joint Post
Doctoral Fellow at the Department of
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and the
CANADA / VOL. 67, NO. 1 ( Jan.-Mar. 2011 )
Department of Microbiology & Immunology at
Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS.
PUGLIELLI, D., “A Bayesian/Markov Chain Monte
Carlo Approach to Galaxy Modelling:
NGC6503”, (L.M. Widrow), May 2010.
ComputedTomography-Based Gel Dosimitry”,
(L.J. Schreiner), October 2010. Now a
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cancer Centre of
Southeastern Ontario.
Electrodynamics of Underdoped Yttrium
Barium Cuprate”, (D.M. Broun), August 2010,
now postdoctoral researcher in Simon Fraser
University, Burnaby, BC.
KEYVANLOO, Amirmohamad, AInvestigating
Characteristics of Sphingomyelin/Cholesterol
Membrane, Using 2H NMR”, (J. Thewalt),
August 2010, now he is in a Master's program
in medical physics, as a transition to a residency program to become a board certified medical
LIU, Zhiyi, AMeasurement of Single Top Quark
Production in Tau+jets Channel Using Boosted
Decision Trees”, (D. O'Neil), December 2009,
now Research Associate at Advanced Applied
Physics Solutions Inc., Vancouver, BC.
YANG, Albion, AOptical Hyperpolarization and
Detection of Electron and Nuclear Spins of
Phosphorus Donors in Highly Enriched 28Si”,
(M. Thewalt), July 2010, now postdoctoral
researcher in Simon Fraser Univerisity,
Burnaby, BC.
ZHOU, Xiaoqing, AMicrowave flux flow impedance measurements on unconventional superconductors”, (D.M. Broun), November 2009,
now postdoctoral researcher in McGill university, Montreal, Quebec.
BOUCHARD, H., AÉtude des facteurs de perturbation de chambres d’ionisation sous conditions
non standard”, (G. Beaudoin, J.-F. Carrier,
J. Seuntjens), Septembre 2010. Chargé d’enseignement de clinique au CHUM – Hôpital
Notre-Dame, Montréal, P.Q.
BROSSEAU, C.-N., “Dynamique de recombinaison
dans les puits quantiques InGaN/GaN”,
(R. Leonelli), Mai 2010. Physicien professionnel, Département de physique, Université de
Montréal, Montréal, P.Q.
BRUNET, J.-F., “Rôle des facteurs physico-chimiques du micro-environnement intestinal et des
boucles inter-hélicales du Domaine I dans l’activité de la toxine insecticide Cry9Ca du bacille
de Thuringe”, (R. Laprade), Septembre 2010.
Professeur de physique au Collège Ahuntsic,
Montréal, P.Q.
BUCSA, I.G., “L’étude de l’InP et du GaP suite à
l’implantation ionique de Mn et à un recuit thermique”, (R.W. Cochrane, S. Roorda), Mai
2010. Maintenant boursier postdoctoral à
l’École Polytechnique de Montréal, Montréal,
DAIGLE, O., “Spectro-imagerie optique à faible
flux et comparaison de la cinématique Ha et HI
d’un échantillon de galaxies proches”,
(C. Carignan, P. Amram), Septembre 2010.
Nüvü Caméras, Montréal P.Q.
GILBERT, G., “Développement et validation de
méthodes visant une utilisation optimale d’antennes réceptrices en imagerie par résonance
magnétiqu”, (G. Beaudoin, G. Soulez), Janvier
2010. Physicien au CHUM – Hôpital NotreDame, Montréal, P.Q.
LAVIGNE, J.-F., “Imagerie à haut contraste et caractérisation d’exoplanètes par la spectroscopie
intégrale de champ”, (R. Doyon, J.-P. Véran),
Janvier 2010. Institut National d’Optique,
Québec, P.Q.
MAHFOUDH, A., “Étude des mécanismes d’inactivation des microorganismes suite à un traitement à l’ozone”, (M. Moisan), Mai 2010.
NEBIA, F. R., “Étude des transitions de phases dans
le modèle de Higgs abélien en (2+1) dimensions et l’effet du terme de Chern-Simon”,
(R. MacKenzie, M. B. Paranjape), Mai 2010.
Professeure de physique au Cégep du VieuxMontréal, Montréal, P.Q.
PESANT, S., “Étude, par principes premiers, des
effets de la corrélation entre électrons sur les
propriétés électroniques et magnétiques de
polymères pontés et des supraconducteurs à
haute température critique”, (M. Côté), Juillet
2010. Epsilon RTO Inc., Montréal, P.Q.
SAUSSAC, J. “Élaboration d’un simulateur de
gravure par plasma de haute densité basé sur
une approche cellulaire pour l’étude de profils
dans divers matériaux”, (J. Margot, M. Chaker),
Janvier 2010. École des Mines de Nantes,
Nantes, France.
LE BOUF, D., “Reconstruction de la surface de
Fermi dans l'état normal d'un supraconducteur à
haute Tc : une étude du transport électrique en
champ magnétique intense”, (L. Taillefer), 2009
décembre, maintenant stagiaire postdoctoral au
Laboratoire national des champs magnétiques
intenses au CNRS, Toulouse, France.
DUPUY, E., “Croissance et spectroscopie de boîtes
quantiques diluées d'InAs/InP(001) pour des
micromètre”, (D. Morris, M. Gendry), 2010
juin, maintenant stagiaire postdoctoral au CEA
de Grenoble, France.
BAKRIM, H., “Étude des transitions de Peierls dans
les systèmes unidimensionnels et quasi-unidimensionnels”, (C. Bourbonnais), 2010 septembre, maintenant stagiaire postdoctoral au
Département de physique, Université de
Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, QC.
CHARPENTIER, S., “Exploration du diagramme de
phase de Pr2-xCexCuO4-delta à l'aide de l'effet
Hall et de l'effet de proximité”, (P. Fournier),
2010 décembre, maintenant stagiaire postdoctorale au Département de physique, Université
de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, QC.
CHUPIN, S., “Comportement local et performance
électrique d’une pile à combustible à membrane: vers un outil de diagnostic”, (Kodjo
Agbossou / Sophie Didierjean), décembre 2009,
présentement chercheur postdoctoral au CEA à
Tours (France).
ANDROZ, Guillaume, “Étude d'un laser à fibre de
ZBLAN dopée au thulium émettant dans le
proche infrarouge”, (Vallée / Sheng) 2010 mai.
BARRIAULT, Léo, “Étude de la transition entre le
gaz atomique et le gaz moléculaire dans deux
cirrus du North Celestial Loop”, (G. Joncas)
2010 juillet.
CHEN, YanPing, “From physics to application of
filamentation in air”, (S.L. Chin / Francis
Théberg) 2010 avril.
GAGNON-MOISAN, Francis, “Effets d'isospin et
noyaux chauds”, (R. Roy, directeur et
M.-France Rivet, directrice) 2010 avril.
HOSSEINIZADEH, Ahmad, “Excited States in
U(1)2+1 Lattice Gauge Theory and Level
Spacing Statistics in Classical chaos”,
(H. Kröger) 2010 juin.
KAMALI, Youself, “Filament-induced nonlinear
fluorescence spectroscopy of trace gaseous pollutants in air”, (S.L. Chin) 2010 juin.
LAPRISE, Jean-François, “Matrices aléatoires et
billards classiques : Universalité dans les
mesures statistiques sur les trajectoires”,
(H. Kröger) 2010 mai.
LAVOIE, Jean-Philippe, “Production or pure ion
beams by laser ionization and a fast release
RFQ”, (R. Roy / P. Bricault) 2010 mars.
SEDDIKI, Omar, “Dépôt d’un film mince
métallique sur un liquide par le procédé d’évaporation sous vide : une nouvelle méthode pour
réaliser le miroir liquide lunaire”, (E.F. Borra)
2010 avril.
SOULEY, Falama, “Simulation numérique du transport spatial et temporel des concentrations de
CO2 et de CH4 atmosphériques et comparaisons avec les observations”, (D. Roy) 2010
VALLÉE, Alexandre, “Construction dynamique de
fragments par minimisation de l'énergie libre
lors de collisions d'ions lourds”, (R. Roy), 2010
BAKHORJI, Aiman M., “Laboratory measurements
of static and dynamic elastic properties in carbonate”, (Dr. Schmitt), June 2010, now a
Geophysicst in Saudi Aramco, Dharan, Saudi
BALDWIN, Lesley, “Magnetic resonance imaging
based radiotherapy treatment planning:
Problems, solutions, and applications”,
(G. Fallone), November 2010, now with the
Association of Medical Physicist, Cross Cancer
Institute, Edmonton, AB.
BERTRAND, Edward (Ted), “Magnetotelluric
imaging beneath the Taiwan orogen: An arccontinent collision”, (M Unsworth), June 2010,
now a Magnetotelluric Scientist, GNS Science,
New Zealand.
BRYCE, Robert M., “Viscoelastic Instability in
Electro-Osmotically Pumped Elongational
Microflows”, (M. Freeman), June 2010.
DANG, Long Dinh, “Superfluidity near localization:
Supersolid and superglass”, (M. Boninsegni),
November 2010.
EISSA, Amir M, “Investigation of Gradient Echo
MRI for blood vessel imaging and susceptibility-weighted imaging in the human brain”,
(A. Wilman / F Fenrich), June 2010, now a MRI
Postdoctoral Fellow., University of Alberta.
HOWARD, Chris, “A search for HEP neutrinos with
the Sudbury Neutrino Observator”. (A. Hallin),
November 2010, now a Postdoctoral Fellow at
the University of North Carolina.
KAPLAN, Sam, “Regularized wave equation
migration for imaging and data reconstruction”.
(M. Sacchi), November 2010, now Research
Geophysicist, ConocoPhilips, Houston.
LAMEY, Michael, “Radio Frequency Noise Studies
for Linac-MRI System”, (G Fallone), June
2010, now a Medical Physics Resident,
Princess Margaret Hosp, Toronto.
LAROCQUE, Matthew, “ADC and T2 response to
radiotherapy in a human tumour xenograft
model”, (G. Fallone / A. Syme (Oncology)),
November 2010, now with the Association of
Medical Physicist, Cross Cancer Inst,
NASERI, Neda, “Relativistic self-focusing, magnetic field generation and particle acceleration in
underdense plasmas”, (W. Rozmus), November
2010, now a Postdoctoral Fellow at the
University of Alberta.
OKELER, Ahmet, “Subduction related crustal and
mantle deformations and their implications for
plate dynamics”, (J. Gu), November 2010.
RIVEST, Ryan C., “Image registration in adaptive
radiation therapy”, (G Fallone / T Riauka), June
SAMARBAKHSH, Abdorreza, “Mechanical
Properties of Bio- and Nano-Filaments”,
(J. Tuszynski), November 2010, now a
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cross Cancer
Institute, Edmonton.
ST. AUBIN, Joel, “Three dimensional simulation
and magnetic decoupling of the linac in a
linac-MR system”, (G. Fallone / S. Steciw
(Oncology)), November 2010, now Associate
Physicist, Tom Baker Cancer Institute, Calgary.
ABDOLRAHIMI, Shohreh, “Higher-dimensional
gravitational objects with external fields”,
(D. Page), November 2010.
LA PHYSIQUE AU CANADA / Vol. 67, No. 1 ( jan. à mars 2011 ) C 43
USANOVA, Maria, “Generation of electromagnetic
ion cyclotron (EMIC) waves in compressed
dayside magnetosphere”, (I. Mann / R. Sydora),
November 2010, now a Postdoctoral Fellow at
the University of Alberta.
ZHENG, Zhen, “Nonlocal Transport Model for
Two-Component Plasmas”, (W. Rozmus /
C. Capjack (ECE)), November 2010.
BOBOWSKI, J., “Precision electrodynamics of
unconventional superconductors: microwave
spectroscopy and penetration depth”, (Walter
Hardy), October 2010.
BRODEUR, M., “First direct mass measurement of
the two and four neutron halos 6He and 8He
using the TITAN Penning trap mass spectrometer”, (Jens Dilling), April 2010.
BUENO, J., “A direct measurement of rho mu xi
from muon decay”, (Michael Hasinoff), April
CAMERON, C., “Asteroseismic tuning of the magnetic star HR 1217: Understanding magnetism
and stellar structure through MOST spacebased
photometry”, (Jaymie Matthews), August 2010.
GENDRE, M., “Space densities of AGN and the FR
dichotomy”, (Mark Halpern), August 2010.
HE, J., “Holographic condensed matter theories and
gravitational instability”, (Moshe Rozali),
October 2010
HOSSAIN, M. A. (Suman) , “Metal-Insulation
Transition, Orbital Symmetries and Gaps in
Correlated Oxides: An Impurity Control
Approach”, (Andrea Damascelli), December
with Physics and Astronomy, University of
Calgary, Calgary.
Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy of Van Der
Waals Clusters of Nitrous Oxide and Carbon
Dioxide", (N. Moazzen Ahmadi), November
2010, now at Natural Resources Canada,
Devon, Alberta.
FOSTER, J., "On the Methodology of Complex
Netword Analysis", (M. Paczuski), June 2010,
BEWER, B., “Development of an X-Ray Prism for
a Combined Diffraction Enhanced Imaging and
Fluorescence Imaging System.” (Dean
Chapman), October 2010. Current employment
GILLIES, R., “Transionospheric Modelling for
ePop and SuperDARN”, (Glenn Hussey),
December 2010. Now a research assistant,
ISAS, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon,
BELCHEV, Borislav, "Deformation Quantization
for Contact Interactions and Dissipation",
(M. Walton), March 2010, currently a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Lethbridge.
QUEREL, Richard, "Atmospheric Water Vapour
above the Chillean Andies", (D. Naylor),
October 2010, currently a European Southern
Observatory Award post-doctoral fellow at the
University of Santiago, Chile.
COPPENS, A., "Parity Violating Asymmetries in the
GO Experiment: Pion Photoproduction on the
Delta Resonance", (S. A. Page), October 2010.
EDLER, K., "Spherical Harmonic Inductive
Detection Coils", (D. Hoult), October 2010.
MUNDIM, B., “A numerical study of boson star
binaries”, (Matthew Choptuik), February 2010.
JIANG, W., "Magnetic and Transport Properties of
Colossal Magnetoresistance Manganites and
Magnetic Semiconductors", (G. Williams),
October 2010
SONG, J., “Fluctuation driven phenomena in ultracold spinor Bose gas”, (Fei Zhou), April 2010.
WARREN, M., “Aging and memory in amorphous
solids”, (Joerg Rottler), January 2010.
WHITWICK, M., “Surface Evolution during
Gallium Arsenide Homoepitaxy with Molecular
Beam Epitaxy”, (Thomas Tiedje), December
AFSHARI, M., "High Resolution
Spectroscopy of Slit-Jet Cooled van
OSC Cluster", (N. Moazzen
November 2010, now a sessional
der Waals
WUNDERLE, K., “Fermionic Fields with Mass
Dimension One as Supersymmetric Extension
of the O’Raifeartaigh Model” (Rainer Dick),
November 2010. Currently not working.
WURTZ, W., “The Photodisintegration of Lithium
Isotopes”, (Tom Steele), August 2010. Now at
the Canadian Light Source, University of
Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.
HEIN, J., "Electron Scattering From Laser-Excited
Ba-138 and Yb-174", (P.W. Zetner), May 2010.
SLOBODOV, S., “Dimensional reduction and
spacetime pathologies”, (Kristin Schleich),
December 2010.
BABCOCK, K., “Effects of Physiologic Change
due to Respiratory Motion on Radiotherapy
Treatment Accuracy within the Lung”,
(Narinder Sidhu), December 2009. Now
employed at the Canadian Light Source,
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.
RIZUN, P., "On the Estimation of Angular
Orientation With Microelectromechanical
Systems", (G. Sutherland), November 2010,
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... Continued from page 24 (Status of CLS)
The operation of the Canadian Light Source
is supported by the Natural Sciences and
Engineering Research Council of Canada,
the National Research Council Canada,
the Canadian Institutes of Health Research,
the Province of Saskatchewan, Western
Economic Diversification Canada, and the
University of Saskatchewan.
Le CCRS accueille des utilisateurs sur 12 lignes de lumière, avec plus de 1000 visiteurs annuellement produisant plus de 100 publications par an dans les revues scientifiques à comité de lecture. Déjà, plus de 10 nouvelles lignes de lumière financées
sont en phase de construction ou de conception, alors que le CCRS continue de croître
afin d’atteindre son plein potentiel. Les installations permettent la recherche en
physique de haut niveau dans différents domaines. Les nouveaux utilisateurs sont
encouragés à explorer les possibilités d’intégrer les expériences synchrotroniques au
sein de leur programme de recherche.
L’exploitation du Centre canadien de rayonnement synchrotron est appuyée par le
Conseil de recherches en sciences naturelles et en génie, le Conseil national de
recherches du Canada, les Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada, la province de la
Saskatchewan, Diversification de l'économie de l'Ouest Canada et l’Université de la
G.M. Bancroft “The Canadian Light Source – History and scientific prospects” Can. J. Chem. 82 1028-1042 (2004).
LA PHYSIQUE AU CANADA / Vol. 67, No. 1 ( jan. à mars 2011 ) C 45

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