competition guide



competition guide
2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup
5th - 6th Sept. 2015
1. WELCOME & INTRODUCTION ................................................. 3
2. GENERAL INFORMATION: Santiago del Estero city .................... 5
3. REGISTRATION ................................................. .................. 7
4. TEAM BIBS ......................................................... ................ 9
5. ACCREDITATION ................................................................. 9
6. EVENT SCHEDULE ............................................................... 10
7. TEAM AREA / TENTS .......................................... ................. 13
8. UCI OFFICIALS ................................................................... 14
9. TRAVEL & ACCOMODATION INFORMATION ............................. 14
10. USEFUL INFORMATION .................................... .................. 17
ARGENTINA BMX CUP …………………………………………………………………………. 21
APPENDIX 1 – RENTAL TEAM TENT …......................................... 24
APPENDIX 2 – VENUE LAYOUT ................................................. 25
APPENDIX 3 – TRACK DESIGN .................................................. 26
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Welcome and Introduction
The Federation Argentina of BMX – FAB and the Government of Santiago del Estero has
the pleasure to invite you to the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup 2015 in one of the most
historical and older cities of Argentina.
We are so happy to organize our third edition in a row of this amazing event. Our small
team is working so hard in order to get the best conditions about the track, the venue, the
logistic and all that probably you need and more. We want to get a memorable event.
So, everybody knows that our last event was chosen as the best event in 2014. We would
like to get this opportunity in order to say Thank You Very Much to all the persons who
was involved in this election. All of you guys have made feel very proud of our work. Many
thanks again.
The track got some changes; Tom has worked in more than the 50% of the track. The path
has become more challenging but without losing the fluency, the quickness and funny
features of always. Without doubt we are going to get an amazing competition in
combination with the warmest and noise fans in the world. All the riders, knows that in
Argentina the crowd is amazing, with their energy from the grandstand create an
awesome atmosphere in the track. During a year the South American fans are waiting for
the BMX Race circus.
Also, we would like invite to all the BMX federations to participate with their challenger
riders to the special “Challenge Cup Race” that will be immediately after the Time Trial
Super Final on Saturday. We hope to meet in our track, the next future professional riders,
in an amazing race. The open challenger 15-16 boys class and 17 men and over class, plus
the not qualified men riders of the Supercross will get an extra race with a special prizes
Again, thank a lot for be a part of our great event. Argentina has a lot of nice, incredible
and amazing places waiting for your visit.
Our objective is to make your visit to our event as easy and as comfortable as possible.
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
We are waiting for you! Don´t hesitate to ask us about any doubt you have.
To that end, we have appointed Mr. Gerardo Villegas as our participant liaison for the
event; he will be the main point of contact between the teams and the organization
before, during and after the event.
You can reach him by e‐mail [email protected] or by telephone +54 9 261 2403893,
or by Facebook: SX Santiago del Estero.
We look forward to welcoming you, and wish all participants the best of luck.
Mr. Hector Ciappino
President of Federación Argentina de BMX
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
General Information
City of Santiago del Estero
The host city, Santiago del Estero, is located in the North Center of Argentina, on
National Highway RN9 on the river banks of the “Rio Dulce”.
It’s located about 1.000 km away from Argentina´s capital Buenos Aires. Another
important city in Argentina is Cordoba, which is located at south of Santiago del
Estero about 430 km far by National highway RN9 (south).
Cordoba has the International Airport, taking off and landing a lot of international
flight from neighboring countries.
In addition to this, also the Tucuman city is near Santiago del Estero, is about
160km far by National Highway RN9 (north) Santiago del Estero is the older city in
Argentina and is the Capital of the province with the same name.
It offers a great amount of tourist, historic and religious attractions. Whether
through the Riverside Avenue next to “Rio Dulce” or getting to know the historical
building, the city offers fantastic recreations attractive. It´s because the days are
full of sun, but the nights are also full of attractions; there are a lot of pubs,
international and regional food, the traditional “peñas” (regional food and local
music “folklore”), high level casino, festival and culture events, which give life to
the nights of the city.
In order to organize sport events we have to say that this year are organized in
April of 2014 one of the most important sport event in South America, the Moto GP
in the new car track in “Termas de Rio Hondo” city, next to Santiago del Estero
only 70km away.
For more information on Santiago del Estero´s events and attractions visit
Sport Center of Santiago del Estero
The Sports Center of Santiago del Estero is located at east of the city center in a
riding bike distance from the city center. With a size of 40 hectares, the Sport
Center offers spaces for different sport activities. Soccer, Basketball, Baseball,
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Rugby, Athletics, etc.. and obviously the BMX with one of the most important BMX
club in Argentina.
From the 5 years ago the Sport Center of Santiago del Estero have received a big
inversión in order to renovate and create a new and modern sports facilities.
In this way the BMX club A.SA.BI “Asociacion Santiagueña de Bicicross” got an
great economic support from the government of the province, in order to building
one of the most important facilities of BMX in South America because not only you
can find a great SX track, also under the two starts hill gates, there are important
infrastructure like offices, bathrooms, gym, hostel, storages, etc.. All the spaces
beside the track with the nice green grass creating a beautiful view of all the
The entrance to the Sport Center is found at Pastor Mujica Street on 250m from
the corner to Alsina Avenue.
The coordinate are: 27°47'13"S / 64°14'40"W
The center has ample parking and is close to the hotels, restaurants and other
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
You can enter through the UCI website clicking as follows:
 Web services (on the homepage at the bottom, 2nd last link), then:
 UCI World Cups
 “Riders registration”
Access: personal login and password of each National Federation.
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
All riders must enter through their national federation; no individual entries will be
accepted. Only Junior and Elite riders can participate at the UCI BMX Supercross
World Cup. Registration deadlines are indicated in the General Race Parameters
The name of the hotel where the Elite riders will overnight must be given
during the online registration.
Entry Payments
The entry fee for the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup is €125 for online
Unfortunately we cannot receive a prepayment option by wire transfer or by
credit card or another online option. The only way is pay by cash with Euros
(or equivalent in American Dollar) on site.
All riders/teams must attend the rider confirmation on the first practice day
between 9.00 and 11.30 presenting their license and picking up their race
numbers. Riders not being confirmed before the indicated deadline did not
complete the registration procedure and will not be able to compete at the event.
Late registration is only possible through the National federation and until the rider
confirmation on site, the first training day between 9.00 and 11.30. The entry fee
for a late registration is € 250 and should be paid immediately on site. Late entries
are entries handled after the online registration deadline and before the riders’
confirmation deadline. Once passed the riders’ confirmation deadline no more late
entries will be accepted.
Riders that were registered through the online system but that are unable to
participate will need to pay their entry fee to the organizer.
Exchange rate: as per UCI financial obligations:
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Team BIBs
Team BIB’s will be provided for National teams (1 per
nation) by the Secretary during the riders confirmation.
This takes place on the first practice days between 9.00
and 11.30 at the registration room
Teams will be asked to pay €100 deposit.
The team BIB’s give access to allocated places
explained by the PCP during the team managers
The BIB’s need to be returned to the Secretary at the end of
the competition in exchange for the deposit fee.
All rainbow passes are delivered to the teams during the first event. If additional
sporting passes are necessary the request needs to be send before the event to
[email protected]
For the request, please indicate the reason, the name and the contact details of the
person for whom they are requested. Rainbow Passes will be distributed during riders’
confirmation in the registration room.
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Event Schedule
Thursday 3rd Sep
19:00 - 19:30
Team Manager Meeting
Friday 4th Sep
09:00 - 11:30
Rid Rider confirmation & transponder handout
13:00 - 14:25
Elite Men Practice - Group A
14:30 - 15:55
Elite Men Practice - Group B
16:00 - 17:25
Elite Women Practice - Group C
17:30 - 18:55
“ARGENTINA BMX CUP” (Boys 15/16 and Men 17 and over) Practice
Saturday 5th Sep
09:00 - 09:55
Elite Men Practice - Group A
10:00 - 10:55
Elite Men Practice - Group B
11:00 - 11:55
Elite Women Practice - Group C
13:00 - 15:25
Elite Men Qualifications (3 rounds)
Elite Women Qualifications (3 rounds)
15:30 – 15:40
15:45 – 15:55
Warm up Elite Women Time Trials
Warm up Elite Men Time Trials
16:00 - 16:20
Elite Women Time Trials Superfinal
16:20 - 16:50
Elite Men Time trials Superfinal
16:50 - 17:00
Awards ceremony
17:10 – 17:50
18:00 – 19:40
“ARGENTINA BMX CUP” (Boys 15/16, Men 17 + Unqualified Riders):
Moto, Semis. Finals
19:45 – 20:00
Awards ceremony “ARGENTINA BMX CUP”
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Sunday 6th Sep
11:00 - 11:45
Autograph session
12:00 - 12:25
Warm up Elite Men
12:30 - 12:55
Warm up Elite Women
13:00 - 13:05
Riders Introduction
13:05 - 14:45
Elite Men 1/8 Finals 1st round
Elite Women Quarterfinal 1st round
Elite Men 1/8 Finals 2nd round
Elite Women Quarterfinals 2nd round
Elite Men 1/8 3rd round
Elite Women Quarterfinals 3rd round
15:45 - 16:05
Elite Men Quarterfinals
16:10 - 16:15
Elite Women Semifinals
16:20 - 16:25
Elite Men Semifinal
16:30 - 16:40
Elite Women Final
16:40 - 16:50
Elite Men final
16:50 - 17:00
Awards ceremony
Event schedule subject to changes
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Team Manager Meeting
The Team Manager meeting will take place in the main salon of the Sport Center
of Santiago del Estero a few meters distance from the track:
Date: Thursday 3rd September
Meeting time: 07:00 – 07:30 PM
Location: Main Salon of conferences in the Sport Center
Welcome dinner: Immediately after the Team Manager meeting, the Local
Organizer Committee invites to the UCI officials, GSX staff, all the Team
Managers and his assistants to the welcome special BBQ dinner. This will be an
opportunity to enjoy our iconic food that is the famous Argentina meat and share a
nice and friendly moment with all the persons involved in the BMX Race Circus.
The dinner will be in the Team Area, specially prepared for it, under the big central
tent. A few meters distance from the Team Manager Meeting. All free of charge.
Only we need your confirmation in advance by mail to [email protected]
before the Tuesday 1st September 2015, in order to know how many persons we
will have on the dinner.
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Team Area / Tents
All teams can have a 4 x 4 meter tent (13,1’ x 13,1’) at their disposal in the Team
The Team Area are so close to the track and they have an own separated space
with under security care.
A tent in the Team Area can be rented by teams for USD 400 during the three day
of Supercross, from the Friday 4th Set at 11:00hs AM to the Sunday 6th Set at
8:00hs PM.
Also it is possible to rent more than one tent; they will be connected to create one
large space.
Each tent includes a table, 4 chairs and power electricity. Power will be until 30
minutes after the end of competition of each day. Also includes a special parking
space next to the Team Area.
To book one or more tents, please contact to the organization by completing the
form of the Appendix 1 and returning it to this e-mail address:
[email protected]
Please reserve your tent before of the 25th of August 2015.
Only are allowed to remain in the Team Area, the riders and persons who have an
hire tent. For the teams or riders who don´t have a team tent reservation, the
organization will locate in other space out of the team area
Payments must be made upon arrival; in cash only by American dollar or Euros
before number plates are distributed. Please note that bookings are nonrefundable and cannot be cancelled.
Due to the terrain’s layout it is not possible to bring tents of your own.
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
UCI Officials
UCI Technical Delegate
President of the Commissaires’ panel (PCP)
Assistant PCP
3rd commissaire
Doping Control Officer (DCO)
MAGER Maximillian (SIN)
MA Loyal (CAN)
1. Travel & Accommodation information
How to get to Santiago del Estero:
Santiago del Estero has a domestic airport with one daily flight from and to
Buenos Aires.
Firstly, one of the possibilities in order to get to Santiago del Estero from other
countries is to arrive to Buenos Aires on an international flight, and then you
must change of airport, from the international to the domestic airport, call it
Aeroparque, in order to get a domestic flight to Santiago del Estero. One and
half hours later you will be landing at Santiago del Estero´s airport that is
located only 7km away from the venue.
Moreover, another possibility is to get a flight from Buenos Aires to Tucuman ´s
airport. Tucuman city is 90 minutes by car from Santiago del Estero depend on
the traffic. The rote isn´t a highway, therefore drive carefully. Tucuman has 3
regular flights from and to Buenos Aires each day. Tucumán also has all the
services needed to get to Santiago del Estero, like Rent a Car agency or many
Buses Company.
Other possibilities are to come to Argentina from other important cities of
South America like is Santiago in Chile or Sao Pablo in Brazil on direct flight to
Cordoba is an important city in Argentina and it has an international airport
where you can rent a car or van because it has all the car rent company. It´s
around 4 hours car driving from Santiago del Estero, or you can get the Bus
service too. The Buses depart from the bus stations in Cordoba´s downtown,
where you can find a lot of bus companies which cover this distance.
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Shuttle service between the airports in Buenos Aires
In Buenos Aires city, the International Airport, called Ezeiza or Ministro
Pistarini and the domestic airport, called Aeroparque or Jorge Newbery, are
located separated a distance around of 1 hour drive or more depending traffic
We strongly recommend to make a reservation the Shuttle Service to the
Argentine Travel Agency “Hub Travel” who can offer to all the teams the
appropriate size of vehicle for each different groups depending the quantity of
persons and baggages
Each teams or riders can make the reservation in advance before start the trip
from each country to this mail address: [email protected]
And the important detail that is they accept the payment by credit card or wire
transfer in advance before you leave your house. For both transfers of the
round trip.
Company: Hub Travel (Travel Agency)
Address: Av. Carlos Pellegrini 989 – 2° Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
e-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]
Tel: +54 (11) 5219 1414
Also, if somebody cannot get seats in the domestic flight to go or return to
Santiago del Estero, before to buy a flight to Tucuman (nearest city) a sk to
Hub Travel because they can get seats to the SDE flight.
The official hotel of the event is the Plaza 3 Apart, located less than 4 minute
(~1km) drive from the track at 778 Buenos Aires Street, Santiago del Estero.
This hotel offers comfortable 70 departments with two bedrooms, 2 suites, Car
Parking, Spa, Bar, Shop.
Web page: ; E-mail: [email protected]
You can find large number of hotels in Santiago del Estero
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
If some teams need our help to make a reserve to some hotel in Santiago del
[email protected]
We can make a connection between the teams and the hotels. Obviously we
recommend start the arrangement with several weeks in advance.
You can find many hotels in the following list:
-Hotel Carlos V: Avellaneda Nº 203 Telf. (0385) 424-0303 (4*) e-mail: [email protected]
-Hotel Libertador: Catamarca Nº 47 Telf. (0385) 4219252/8730 (3*) / e-mail: [email protected]
-Nuevo Hotel Santiago: Buenos Aires Nº 60 Telf. (0385) 421-4949 (3*)
e-mail: [email protected]
-Hotel Centro: 9 de Julio Nº 131 Telf. (0385) 421-9502 (3*) / e-mail: [email protected]
-Nuevo Hotel Bristol: Av. Moreno Nº 677Telf. (0385) 421-8387/88 (3*) / e-mail: [email protected]
-Palace Hotel I: Tucumán Nº 19Telf. (0385) 421-2700 (3*)
-SavoyHotel: Tucumán Nº 39 Telf. (0385) 421-1234 (3*) / e-mail: [email protected]
-Hotel Ciudad: Sáenz Peña Nº 395 (s) Telf. (0385) 421-6395 (3*) / e-mail: [email protected]
- Hotel Solano:
Sarmiento 141 Teléf. (0385) 4283535 (3*) / e-mail: [email protected]
-Grand Hotel Coventry: Chacabuco Nº 325Telf. (0385) 421-2746 (2*)
-Hotel Confort: Irigoyen y Ameghino Telf. (0385) 421-7188 (2*)
[email protected]
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Car or Van Hire
For rent a Car or Van in Santiago del Estero, we recommend the company in
Santiago del Estero:
WAGNER SRL. The e-mail address is: [email protected]
In the same way, if some teams need our help in order to make a reserve for a Car
or Van hire, please, write to our liaison person to this e-mail address:
[email protected]
Again, is much better, to make the reserve several weeks in advance.
2. Other useful information (addresses etc...)
For more information about the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, please contact
the following persons:
 Sport & Technical Aspects:
o Mr Kevin Mac Cuish , BMX coordinator, [email protected]
 GSX Race Director:
o Johan Lindstrom, GSX Events, [email protected]
 Local Organizing Committee:
o Hector Ciappino, Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB,
[email protected]
 Team Liaison Contact:
o Gerardo Villegas, Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB,
[email protected]
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Entry fee – prize money
The Registration Office is located near the track, in the main salon of the Sport
Center of Santiago del Estero.
Opening hours Registration Office:
Friday 4th Sept: 9:00 – 11:30 riders confirmation
Sunday 6th Sept: 17:00 – 18:00 collecting prize money immediately after
award ceremony.
Entry fees should be disbursed in cash (Euros or equivalent in American Dollar no
in Argentine pesos) unfortunately we cannot accept payment by credit card or wire
transfer on line. We are going to collect the total entry fees and the team tent
booked during the Rider Confirmation
Prize money will be paid in cash (Euros or equivalent in American Dollar not in
Argentine pesos).
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Prize money
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Previous training sessions
The Santiago del Estero track will be available for practice sessions until Friday
28th August. The price for the permission of use the track is USD 30 cash for each
rider for three hours. The ASABI BMX club is the owner of the track. They are
going to collect the money of the booked training sessions. (only USD cash). The
Pro Gate start system wil be working in the following times every days: Morning
from 9:00hs to 12:00hs Evening from 17:00 to 20:00hs
Team lunch packages
Our organization would like to offer to the athletes and teams the possibility to feed
their athletes during the breaks, in special on Saturday between Practices and the
Qualifications Motos. We can offer:
 Pasta: spaghetti (red or white sauce)
 Ham and cheese sandwich
 Meat or Chicken sandwich.
Each one for USD 5,00 (cash) include one bottle of water.
Please, order to us in advance through to [email protected] or make the order
in the Team Manager meeting.
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Argentina BMX Cup
We would like invite to all challenger men riders with 15 years old and over to
participate in the special “Argentina BMX Cup” race, which will be immediately
after the Time Trial Super Final on Saturday. The next future professional riders
can feel the World Cup atmosphere inside of the event, sharing the team area with
the pro riders and participating in an amazing race at the evening on Sunday 5th
The Argentina BMX Cup comprises of three additional events scheduled to take
place on the Saturday evening, which are open for rider entries.
Permitted riders from any countries always with the 2015 UCI license.
Three classes:
A) 15/16 Men: 5 Meters Challenger Start Ramp
B) 17 Men and over: 5 Meters Challenger Start Ramp
C) Non-qualified UCI Supercross riders registered in the SDE SX: There is an
opportunity for all riders who do not qualified from the UCI Supercross Motos
Qualifications to get a race with prize money: 8 Meters SX Start Ramp
Argentina BMX Cup: Registration
A) 15/16 Men, 17 Men and over. The registration should be made by e-mail to
[email protected] , until Wednesday 2nd September at 12:00.
B) Non-qualified UCI Supercross riders the registration will be on the Team
Area under the main tent on Saturday 5th September after Qualifications (3
rounds), during the Super Final Time Trial until 17:30.
Argentina BMX Cup: Entry Fees and Prize Money
The Entry fee is USD 20 with prize money for the top 8 positions of each class
UCI Supercross riders
15 and 16 Men / 17 Men and over
USD (American Dollar)
USD (American Dollar)
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
The riders who maintain the qualifications of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup
in Santiago del Estero finishing in the top 64 in the Qualifications Motos on
Saturday and subsequently should participate in the race of the next day (on
Sunday), are not permitted to enter in the “Argentina BMX Cup”
Entrance Ticket
The track of Santiago del Estero is equipped with comfortable grandstands that
can accommodate four thousand spectators located to the right side of the first
straight and to the right side of the final straight line.
All persons, public in general, parents and non-competing riders who are not
registered must pay the entrance ticket.
UCI BMX Supercross: the price ticket per person is $ 150 (Argentina´s pesos) for
the three days of the event from 4th to 6th September.
If you want to watch the "UCI BMX Supercross Santiago del Estero Argentina" in a
premium seating in the raised terrace cover with a nice tents located at the right
side of the last straight, with the best view of all the track without interference, is
possible. You can see the Appendix 4 "Venue Layout" in order to check the place
for the VIP location inside the venue. The package includes a light buffet, access
to a private bar and a souvenir program. And the most important information, the
price is $ 500 it´s around USD 40 for the three days of the event from 4 th to 6th
For further information or to reserve a place please email to
[email protected]
Expo Area
At the site may find kiosks and shops to buy merchandising of the UCI BMX
Supercross, as well as food and drink stalls.
Expo area which will be open to spectators, participants and the general public
and could be presents a great opportunity to showcase your brand.
Areas are available in tents of 4 x 4m by U$S 300 or two tent 8 x 4m by U$S500.
Remember is for 3 days of the event!! From 4th to 6th Sept. .
Anyone interested in reserving an area should to send the email to
[email protected]
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
All media persons planning to attend the event must be accredited in order to gain
access to the venue. To apply for media accreditations please send the email to
[email protected] . Passes will be available to collect from the press
office in the venue.
Social Media & Website
You can follow us by Facebook page: SX Santiago del Estero.
It will be updated with news and information before and throughout the event.
The official website for the 2015 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Santiago del
Estero is
It will be continually updated in the run up to the event and throughout the course
of the competition.
The track was built by Elite Trax Inc and Tom Ritzenthaler on 2011. This year Tom
Ritz made an extraordinary work rebuilding and redesigning the jumps and turns in
around 70 % of the track.
The iconic Double Start Ramps were built out of concrete. One of them is 6m high
for the challenger classes and the other one, the tallest with 8m high for the
Supercross class, all in accordance with de UCI rules. The concrete surface
provides to the riders a very fast surface with a better grip than the other start
ramps made of wood.
Both starting ramps are equipped, with the latest "Pro Gate" start gate system.
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
The 2015 UCI BMX Supercross at Santiago del Estero, Argentina is organized by:
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Vélez Sarsfield 579 – Saldan 5149 Córdoba - Argentina
Email: [email protected]
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Appendix 1: Rental Team Tent
Tent dimension 4 x 4 meters (13,1’ x 13,1’)
Table and 4 chairs included
Tents are connectable in order to create a big space for bigger teams.
Payment should be made to the Local Organizer FAB upon arrival only by
cash in American Dollar or Equivalent in Euros before number plates are
 Once booked, the tents can’t be cancelled
 USD 400,- (American Dollar) each tent
Due to the lay-out of the Supercross terrain, the organization will not
allow teams to bring their own tents.
Team …………………………………………..
How many Tents? …………………….. (Number of tents) during three days of the UCI
BMX Supercross, from 4 to 6 September 2015
How many persons? ……………………………..
Contact ……………………………………………………………………………… male/female
Telephone number………….………….…………………..…………………. (during event)
In case of emergency:
Name hotel ……………………………………………….…………………….. (during event)
City ………………………………………………………………………………..……………..
Please return this form no later than August 25th
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
E-mail: [email protected]
Appendix 2:
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB
Appendix 3:
Federación Argentina de BMX – FAB

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