Cast How the project came to be - Uni Paris



Cast How the project came to be - Uni Paris
Cast Qi Chen Bar Bar Bar Dancer
Missaoui Ramzi Border Control Officer /
Mr Mind-the-Gap
Xiao Deng Chorus /
Bar Bar Bar dancer
Laure Pretet Border Control Officer/
Dulioust Magali The Landlady
Aurélien Balteaux Igor Dimtri Kovac
Khadija El Attar Sofi Adira Al Tarifa
Ying Po Huang Pianist /
Bar Bar Bar Dancer
Oksana Bikineeva Nastia
Sergey Zakharenko The General /
Myriam Bakir General's Mother /
Sofia / Maryam
Abdessalam Boulahdid Gonzalo
Rihab Harrak Aunty Movarid
Hung Hoang Xuan Policeman
Djasser Taher Immigrant
Jie Zheng Molly /
Bar Bar Bar Dancer
Cybill Clerger Mrs Brown /
Douglas Silva Santana Alencar Fernando Mateluna
How the project came to be The Road to Freedom Land (a musical adaptation of The Exile Mateluna by O. Castro) was created specifically for the 2016/2017 English Theatre Group at Télécom ParisTech. During the first semester, students exchanged thoughts and experiences on the theme of immigration. These were later included in the play. Most of the songs in the play are taken from existing musicals. These songs were chosen by the students and teachers. Only three songs from the original play were kept and translated into English.
The English Theatre Club Télécom ParisTech
Bureau des Elèves Département Langues et Cultures present
The Road to Freedom Land
A musical creation
Adapted by: Anaï Castro Heyman
and Samih Souissi From the original play by: Oscar Castro ▪ Translated by: Susan Heyman Stage Direction: Anaï Castro Heyman
Musical Direction: Samih Souissi with
Ying Po Huang ▪ Myriam Bakir ▪ Qi Chen ▪ Xiao Deng ▪ Aurelien Balteaux ▪ Rihab Harrak
Cybill Clerger ▪ Zheng Jie ▪ Sergey Zakharenko ▪ Oksana Bikineeva Abdessalam Boulahdid ▪ Dulioust Magali ▪ Hung Hoang Xuan ▪ Ramzi Missaoui Laure Pretet ▪ Djasser Taher ▪ Douglas Silva Santana Alencar Choreography Musicians Language Coach Anaï Castro Heyman Ndeye Khady Ngom Marion Roudier Samih Souissi Ying Po Huang Sergey Zakharenko Pierre‐Emmanuel Wulfman Vera Dickman Costumes and Props Susan Heyman Stage Assistants Technical Crew Poster Marion Roudier Charlotte Seymour Jie Chen Oscar Lindell Qi Chen Special thanks to:
Bénédicte Deschamps ▪ Anita Vallejo ▪ Oscar Castro ▪ Samuel Lardillier ▪ Elie Awwad ▪ Languages and Cultures Department ▪ Bureau des Elèves ▪ Patrice LeGac and Security ▪ Marie Rey and The Telecom French Theatre Group ▪ Catherine Max Martineau ▪ Théâtre El Duende ▪ Théâtre Aleph The Road to Freedom Land The story Synopsis The Road to Freedom Land (an adaptation of The Exile Mateluna, play written by Oscar Castro in 1980) tells the story of three refugees, Fernando, Igor and Adira, arriving in Freedom Land to find themselves alone in a big unknown city with just a suitcase in hand. On their arrival, confronted with the labyrinths of the big city, they have to sort out their papers, look for accommodation, and speak a foreign language … but above all they try to overcome their fears, the uncertainties of exile and their own solitude. With humour and humanity, the play defends the values of tolerance and respect. We dedicate it to the thousands of refugees and migrants on the road today seeking a new life. Résumé The Road to Freedom Land (une adaptation de L’Éxilé Mateluna écrite par Oscar Castro en 1980) raconte l’histoire de trois réfugiés, Fernando, Igor et Adira, qui arrivent à Freedom Land et se retrouvent seuls avec leur valise dans cette ville, immense et inconnue. Confrontés aux labyrinthes de Freedom Land dès leur arrivée, ils essayent de réunir les papiers, de chercher un logement et de parler dans une langue qui n’est pas la leur … mais surtout ils essaient de faire face à leurs peurs, aux incertitudes de l’exil, et à leur solitude. Pleine d’humour et d’humanité, la pièce défend les valeurs comme la tolérance et le respect. Elle est dédiée aux milliers de réfugiés et migrants actuellement sur la route à la recherche d’une nouvelle vie. Songs Mateluna at the Airport from The Exile Mateluna, written and composed by Sergio Vezely The Papers from The Exile Mateluna, written and composed by Sergio Vezely It's De Lovely from Anything Goes, written and composed by Cole Porter Memory from Cats, written and composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Trevor Nunn Kick It Up a Notch from Starship, written and composed by Darren Criss Canons Aircraft from The Exile Mateluna, written and composed by Sergio Vezely Heal the World written and composed by Michael Jackson Knights of the Round Table from Spamalot, written and composed by Eric Idle and Neil Innes Ain't Got No written and composed by Nina Simone To Have a Home from A Very Potter Sequel, written and composed by Darren Criss 

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