ER (This is all the verb endings



ER (This is all the verb endings
Homework week 01.11.16 - Due : 01/19/16 for Purple Day and 01/18/16 for Grey Day
Nom: ________________________________ Période: ____________ Date: __________________________________
A) Answer the following questions in complete sentences.
B) List of all the verbs ending in –ER (This is all the verb endings in –ER that we’ve learned)
Match with the corresponding letter.
____ Ecouter
____ Arriver
____ Poser des questions
____ Lever la main
____ Passer la journée
____ Passer un examen
____ Jouer aux jeux video
____ Regarder
____ Chanter
____ Danser
____ Déjeuner
____ Manger
____ Parler
____ Travailler
____ Etudier
____ Aimer
____ Détester
____ Rentrer a la maison
____ Habiter
____ Acheter
____ Quitter
A) To Buy
B) To Raise hand
C) To watch
D) To eat
E) To arrive
F) To speak
G) To like
H) To listen
I) To sing
J) To play games
K) To have lunch
M) To ask question
N) To study
O) To live
P) To leave
Q) To hate
R) To spend the day
S) To take an exam
T) To danse
U) To work
V) To go home
C) LE VERBE AVOIR (TO HAVE)- complete with the correct form of AVOIR.
C) Identify each room of the apartment.
D) Adjective possessives: Read the text and fill in with: Mon/Ma/Mes. Ton/Ta/Tes. Son/Sa/Ses. Notre/Nos.
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