Tahe Outdoors buys Europe`s biggest paddle



Tahe Outdoors buys Europe`s biggest paddle
Estonie : Le constructeur de kayaks Tahe Kayaks rachète
l’équipementier nautique français Egalis
Date : 16/09/2013
Source : www.postimees.ee
Contact : Bureau UBIFRANCE d'Helsinki
Le constructeur de kayak Tahe Kayak a acquis pour 4 M EUR la firme française Egalis spécialisée dans les
équipements pour bateaux. Tahe Kayak souhaitait acquérir une unité de production en Europe de l’ouest après 2 autres
transactions majeures : le suédois Zegul en 2009 et la marque Trapper en 2010. Les productions de leurs produits
avaient été délocalisées en Estonie.
La compagnie compte investir près de 500 000 EUR dans Egalis, car elle lui facilite l’accès aux marchés nordaméricains, ukrainien et russe.
Tahe Outdoors buys Europe’s biggest paddle
manufacturer Egalis
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Press release
17 September 2013
The Estonian-owned manufacturer of water sports equipment Tahe Outdoors has bought Europe’s
biggest producer of paddles, Egalis. The purchase of the French factory makes the company the biggest
manufacturer of water sports equipment in Europe. The transaction was financed in part through a
secured investment loan from KredEx.
Janek Pohla, one of the owners of Tahe Outdoors, says that the purchase of the French factory fulf ils one of the
long-term goals of the company, which is to establish a separate production and logistics centre close to its
customer base in Central Europe so as to better serve clients. “The 4000 m2 of contemporary production space
and technology at the factory will make our operations more innovative and signif icantly more efficient, especially
in terms of the British, German and French markets,” he explained.
In addition to the favourable logistical location of the factory, the company is now able to offer water sports
enthusiasts an ‘all-in-one’ service. “Whereas before we’ve only been involved in the production of kayaks, canoes
and water sports clothing, now our clients will be able to get the right kind of paddles from us as well,” said Pohla.
Tahe Outdoors is the market leader in canoes, kayaks and accessories in Scandinavia. The purchase of the
Egalis factory now makes it the biggest manufacturer of paddles in Europe and the biggest manufacturer of water
sports equipment generally in the region.
Previously known as Tahe Kayaks, Tahe Outdoors is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of premium-class water
sports equipment. It was founded in 1989 by two professional paddlers, with its first Tahe Marine kayak being
constructed in cooperation with the Finnish Canoeing and Rowing Federation. Brothers Marek and Janek Pohla
bought Tahe Kayak in 2007 and, through product innovation, have since expanded the company by more than
Today, Tahe Outdoors develops eight international brands: Tahe Marine, Zegul, Trapper, Beluga, Riot, Boreal
Design and Seaward. It owns three factories and employs 90 people. Its products are represented in 35 countries.
The company’s water sports equipment has been recognised and awarded around the world.
Egalis is a renowned French brand which has been connected to the field of water sports for more than 50 years.
It is currently the European market leader in paddles. Founded in 1962, it began producing and marketing
wooden paddles before making the transition to plastic and aluminium production in the 1980s. Today its range of
paddles has become the most popular in Europe.

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