March Monthly Letter - Svenska Skolan i Genève



March Monthly Letter - Svenska Skolan i Genève
March Monthly Letter
Each week the children are doing ten spellings, they are doing really well at this, it helps them to revise their letter sounds
that they have already learnt. It helps to identify the sounds in the words.
The words of the week have been all, we, can and are.
The children have been learning more about sentence structure and how to build a sentence. For example:- how to place
the prepositional phrase in the correct order to create a logical sentence.
They have also combined each pair of sentences with a word to join the two sentences together for example:- the words for,
and, but, or, so and yet.
I have made maths books for the children, they can work at their own speed through them.
The children are still enjoying circus school, the last date is 18th March. This last visit the children were allowed to go on all
the circus apparatus.
They have made their own newspaper story about the pyramids and Tutankhamun they were able to do some research in
books and on the computer.
In maths they have been working on numbers using double and half.
We made an oreo, biscuit cake, which the children really enjoyed.
The children have been playing various games in the park, like hunt the treasure, blind man's buff, and across the river.
The children have been learning about mummification and they have been able to mummify an orange. We will keep
checking on this process as the weeks go by, it will take several weeks for the orange to mummify.
We are also working on building the pyramids from sugar cubes together with the sphinx once its dry it will be painted.
Toujours en voyage dans au coeur de l’Egypte ancienne , les petits explorateurs que nous sommes, ont orienté leurs
recherches, ce mois ci, vers les magnifiques sanctuaires que sont les pyramides.
-L’occasion de nous interesser, en géometrie, aux différents solides.
-L’occasion de nous familiariser avec des terminologies mathématiques spécifiques aux solides.
-L’occasion de réaliser par équipe une maquette des pyramides de Gizeh
-L’occasion de nous interroger sur la conception d’un patron de pyramide en papier.
Nous avons prolongé nos recherches en collectant des informations concernant les momies. L’occasion pour nous d’
étudier les différents organes présents dans les vases canopes.
Dautre part, nous avons fait une petite excursion au musée d’Art et d’Histoire. Nous y avons découvert une collection
magnifique d’objets de l’Egypte antique. Un vrai plaisir de voir des sarcophages grandeur nature et de décoder de vrai
Enfin, nous avons à deux reprises accompagné les élèves de Teddy à la blibliothèque pour partager notre savoir et leur
faire profiter de nos talents de lecteurs confirmés !
Bonnes vacances et joyeuses Pâques

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