May 25 to May 29, 2015



May 25 to May 29, 2015
Council Information Package
May 25 to May 29, 2015
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Planning Department
Notice of Public Open House - A Proposed Official Plan
Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment - 287
Bayshore Drive - Edgehill Park
Midland Seniors Council
Meeting held on May 21, 2015
Huronia Airport Commission
County of Simcoe
Meeting held on April 23, 2015
10-Year Affordable Housing and Homelessness
Prevention Strategy
Hof van Twente
Thank you letter re. gift of painting of the port of Midland
Request 2015-7
EDCNS is hosting a complimentary Prosperity Summit:
Celebrating Growth in North Simcoe
Clerk Fay to H. Freitag
Economic Development Corporation of North
Foundation for the Study of Processes of
Government of Canada - Forum for Young
Ms. J. Gagnon
County of Simcoe
Thank you letter re. retirement gift.
Paramedic Services Week shines light on essential lifesaving protocols and programs
Forum sessions and application for participation
287 Bayshore Drive - Edgehill Park
TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, and Section 8 of the Town’s
Official Plan - Public Involvement and Consultation the Town of Midland will hold a Public
Open House on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Council
Chambers of the Town Hall, 575 Dominion Avenue to consult with the public regarding a
proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment respecting a portion of
Edgehill Park at 287 Bayshore Drive.
The Council of the Town of Midland passed a Resolution to enter into a long term lease with
Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care and CHIGAMIK Community Health Centre for
approximately 1.1 hectares of the 4.2 hectare parcel of Town lands located at 287 Bayshore
Drive, known locally as Edgehill Park and legally described as Part Lot 108, Concession 2 and
being Lots 16 to 19, Registered Plan 166 and Lots 16 to 20, Registered Plan 349. The
attached Location Map shows the location of Edgehill Park and the location of the 1.1 hectares
of land proposed for the long term lease and land use change. Waypoint and CHIGAMIK are
proposing a new 3716 to 4645 square metre, two storey, Health Care Hub building on the
subject lands. The proposed Amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law are to
redesignate and rezone the 1.1 hectares of the property from OPEN SPACE in the Town’s
Official Plan and Open Space Zone - OS and Residential Zone – R3 in Zoning By-law 2004-90
to the EMPLOYMENT AREA and Institutional Zone – I in order to facilitate the long term lease
and development of the site.
Any person wishing further information or clarification with regard to the proposed
Amendments or to arrange to inspect the file should contact the Planning and Building
Services Department at (705)526-4275, extension 2215. If you are submitting letters, faxes,
emails, presentations or other communications with the Town concerning these amendments,
you should be aware that your name and the fact you communicated with the Town will
become part of the public record. The Town will also make your communication and any
personal information in it available to the public, unless you expressly request the Town to
remove it.
Any person may attend the Open House and make comments and suggestions respecting this
matter. This is an Open House format where you may speak directly with Staff and
representatives of Waypoint and Chigamik regarding the proposed amendments and the
proposed Health Care Hub building. No presentation is scheduled as part of the Open
House. A formal Public Meeting under the Planning Act will be scheduled and advertised at a
later date in order for the Town to obtain additional comments and input on the proposed
Amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law prior to a decision of Council. If you wish
to be notified of the decision of Council of the Town of Midland in respect of the proposed
Official Plan Amendment and/or proposed Zoning By-law Amendment you must make a
written request to the Clerk of the Town of Midland, 575 Dominion Avenue, Midland, Ontario,
L4R 1R2, or e-mail your request to [email protected] indicating the File No. OPA-02-15
and/or File No. ZBA-03-15.
Dated at the Town of Midland this 28th day of May, 2015.
Andrea D. Fay
THURSDAY May 21, 2015
10 – 11:30 am
North Simcoe Sports and Rec Centre
Elizabeth O’Connor
Douglas Campbell
John Kurvink
Margaret Hamelin
Lise Bogad
Frieda Baldwin
Barbara Barger
Richard Wackerlin
Jonathan Main
Chris Archer, Chigamik seniors’ program
Declarations of pecuniary interest: none reported
Minutes of April 16, 2015
Correction: Barb & Lise (not June) discussed suggestions re. Senior’s Month.
Moved by Lise seconded by Doug to adopt the minutes as corrected.
Chigamik Health Link Program
Chris Archer introduced a 1 year Ministry of Health project, with the potential of an
extension. It’s an identification process of the highest users (top 5 percent) of health
services, which uses upward of 65% of the health care spent. In this area, the top 1
percent use 25% of the resources. Suggestions may be to keep these individuals out
of emerg services by offering a “system navigator” (i.e. someone to help them
navigate the system once the goals of the patient are understood). To date, they
have 11 patients interviewed locally. Learning has been huge so far. A care plan will
be developed with the patient and health care providers.
Doug Campbell enquired whether the outcomes from the process from other
geographical areas can be applied in our area. Chris responded that they would like
to identify the top users first, understand their needs, and then look at other areas
for “best practices” to assist them.
Chris is looking for a way to have a conversation about the program and whether the
questionnaire for the June lunch could incorporate something about Health Link.
Report from Councillor Jonathan Main
Councillor Main’s report was e-mailed to all, prior to the meeting. Councillor Main
forwarded Richard's earlier email about declaring June as “Seniors Appreciation
month” to council members and the mayor agreed to decree it as such. Jonathan is
not sure how the announcement will be made, but council will certainly make the
announcement and celebrate all the great things our Seniors do for our community.
Jonathan will follow up with the Mayor about the specifics.
Councillor Main plans to attend the Seniors Lunch in June.
Request from Accessibility Committee
May 28 workshops on Independent Living: morning session is for individuals, the
evening one is for businesses.
June Seniors Month
Seniors Month Banner requires some clips and sewing and should be ready end of
day today. Cost: TBD (but less than $500)
Elizabeth contacted Mayor MacKay about recognition of Seniors Month which may
include an announcement at a council meeting, messages on the 3 electronic
message boards, publication in the Town of Midland News page in the Midland Mirror.
June 23 Seniors Lunch
Time: noon – 2:30 PM
Theme: Midland, an Age Friendly Community?
Menu: wraps, salad, coffee, tea, cookies prepared by Askennonia
Confirmed speakers (5-10 minutes each):
 Wes Crown: about the Midland Bay Landing and the Downtown
Improvement Plan and how age friendly initiatives are considered.
 Susan MacDonald, Executive Director of Community Reach about their
services and the gaps that exist in the community.
 Jill Tettmann, CEO of the LHIN, about how the LHIN is preparing for the
aging community.
11:30 AM - Door open
12 noon - Lunch
12:45 PM: guest speakers
1:30 PM: questionnaire
Askennonia quoted $750 for lunches for 100. Food will be sponsored by Jill Tettmann
CEO of the LHIN.
We will print 150 tickets, to be provided at no charge at the NSRCC. If after week 2,
we need more tickets, we will print more tickets. People should call to register or
pick up tickets. Lunch is for Midland residents, but others are welcome too. Elizabeth
agreed to order the tickets.
Flyers: Elizabeth to send out sample from last year. Margaret knows a volunteer who
may be willing to make a 2015 flyer. Flyers will be posted at YMCA, Askennonia,
NSRCC, Library, churches, local stores, etc.
E-mail lists: use of Askennonia’s and North Simcoe Fundraisers Network e-mail lists.
Lise to check with Barb if she still has an e-mail list from last year’s attendants.
Age friendly questionnaire: draft questions provided by Richard were discussed and
reworded as needed. Questionnaires will be put at tables at the beginning of the
Greeters: Lise, Doug, Frieda (all to wear badges)
MC’ing: Richard Wackerlin
Thank speakers: Judy
Finances: John to track expenses and check with the Town of Midland treasurer of
how to pay the expenses.
Next meeting date: (tentatively - TBC) June 18, 2015, at 10 AM at the NSSRC
Motion to adjourn by .Doug at 11:20 AM.
Minutes of the April Regular Meeting
April 23, 2015 7:00P.M.
At the Huronia Airport Administration Building
In Attendance:
Terry Gibbons
Roy Ellis
George MacDonald
Dan LaRose
Adam Rigden
Don Copper
John E. Smith, Airport Manager
Eric Duffy, Minute Taker
Jackie Maurice
Gibb Wishart
Motion: Moved by Commissioner Copper and seconded by Commissioner MacDonald that
the agenda be accepted as amended
Motion: Moved by Commissioner Rigden and seconded by Commissioner Ellis that the
minutes for the March meeting be accepted
-Email from Alex Kolodziej,
-Doug Taylor, Tiny Township,
-Martin Sirois, Environment Canada
-Karen Desroches, Town of Midland
-TD Commercial Banking Center
-Huronia Land Conservancy
-Marc Villeneuve, Town Of Midland
-Roy Ellis and Sharon Vegh
-Dean Ruffilli-Melanie Drouin, Transport Canada
Concerning Forest Assessment
Regarding Inquiry
Ozone Protection Programs
IASR Training
Request for Financial Statements
Land Owner Permission Request
Airport Budget request
Buttonville Airport Strategies
New Building Canada Fund
Proposed Amendments
Minutes of the April Regular Meeting
April 23, 2015 7:00P.M.
At the Huronia Airport Administration Building
Financial Reports:
Motion: Moved by Commissioner Gibbons and seconded by Commissioner LaRose that the
accounts for April 2015 be paid as per the attached invoices
1 Telizon
2 Hydro One
3 Hydro One
4 Desjardins Card Services
5 TD Visa Credit Card
6 Receiver General
7 Wsib
8 Central Ontario Analytical Lab
9 TD Investment Services
direct debit
direct debit
direct debit
direct debit
direct debit
direct debit
Direct debit
Direct debit
Manager’s Report:
-Fuel tank system update
-Traffic and Fuel stats presented as attached
-No new news from NAV Canada concerning the GPS approach
-Terminal flooring – new quotes will be solicited
-Terminal Landscaping – new grass to be planted in the spring
-No new news on maintenance hangar heating-waiting for furnace
-Snow removal equipment – Roy to talk to Shawn concerning plow
-Wings over Wasaga air show July 3&4 postponed, John to check if Snowbirds could do a fly by
-Shannon Reiger –airport food service- planned to commence May 16/17 weekend
-Natural Gas Update
- Wildlife Management, Stewart set traps for Coyotes
-Information regarding proposed new Transport Canada regulations circulated
-Personnel Admin position filled, Karen gone
-Updated Commissioners List
-3Minutes of the April Regular Meeting
April 23, 2015 7:00P.M.
At the Huronia Airport Administration Building
Funding Update:
-Funding update given by Commissioner Ellis
-Mayors of Midland, Penetanguishene, Tiny, and Tay put together an application package for funding
-Funding requested for runway repair, 9000 square ft commercial hangar, and a bank of tee hangars
-will put in another application and manage process
Commissioners Reports:
-Midland Deputation given on April 27
-Runway repairs approved by Midland, Penetanguishene and Tiny pending
-Late September would be preferred time undergo runway repairs
-John Smith and Commissioner Copper going to Tiny Twp presentation April 27
- Etho Solar Meeting, 250 KW on ground system proposal, 80% co-op, 20% Airport Commission,
$280,000.00 cost for Airport.
Next Meeting:
-May 21, 2015
Motion to adjourn at 7:42 p.m.
Secretary Treasurer
What is Forum for Young Canadians?
How much does Forum cost?
Forum is an amazing experience to develop
leadership skills, learn about democracy, how
government works and how STUDENTS can make
a difference.
Transportation costs are provided by Exchanges
Canada, a youth exchange program funded by the
Department of Canadian Heritage.
Hundreds of high school and Cégep students meet
for a week on Parliament Hill!
The Forum experience will include:
* Access like no other to the House of Commons
and Senate of Canada;
* Meeting Speakers of both Houses of Parliament,
MPs, Senators and other political leaders and
decision-makers; and
* Taking on the role of national politicians during
simulations such as Question Period, National
Election and an International Trade.
Students come to Forum to forge new friendships
with other young Canadians from across the
country while learning about the social, cultural
and political issues that shape our country today!
Who can Participate?
High School and Cegep students aged 15-19 who:
The students are supported in seeking sponsors and
engaging in fundraising activities within their community to cover the remaining program costs of 895
$, which include accommodations, program resources and meals for the week.
Foundation for the Study of Processes of
Government in Canada Forum for Young Canadians
81 Metcalfe Street, Suite 800
Ottawa, ON K1P 6K7
Tel. : 613-233-4086 / Fax: 613-233-2351
Email: [email protected]
Check the Forum Website ( or contact our office (613-233-4086) for current fees and
how students can be eligible for a bursary.
When and Where is Forum Held?
Three sessions of Forum are held every February and
* February 21st to 26th 2016;
* February 28th to March 4th 2016;
* March 13th to 18th 2016.
All sessions are held in Ottawa, Ontario, and most
Forum activities take place on or near Parliament
* Succeed in class ;
* Is involved in extra-curricular and/or community
* Has an interest in leadership or in national current
Students can apply now at !
Like us on Facebook: Forum for Young
Canadians/Forum pour Jeunes Canadiens
- Follow us on Twitter and Instagram:
Forum4YC Be a voice!
Be part of it!
* Demonstrated or has potential leadership;
Qu’est-ce que le Forum pour Jeunes Canadiens?
Combien coûte le Forum?
Forum est une expérience formidable pour développer
des qualités de leader, pour apprendre sur la
démocratie, comment fonctionne le Gouvernement et
comment LES étudiants peuvent faire une différence.
Les frais de transports sont défrayés par Exchanges Canada, un programme jeunesse d’échange fondé par le
Département du Patrimoine Canadien.
L’expérience à Forum inclura:
* S’asseoir dans la Chambre des Communes et au
* Rencontrer les Présidents des deux Chambres du
Parlement, députés, sénateurs et autres décideurs;
* Prendre un rôle de personnalité politique pendant
des simulations telles qu’une Période de Question, des
Élections Nationales et de commerce international.
Les étudiants participent à Forum pour forger de
nouvelles amitiés avec d’autres jeunes Canadiens de
partout au Pays tout en apprenant plus sur les enjeux
sociaux, culturels et politiques qui façonnent notre
pays d’aujourd’hui!
Qui peut participer?
Les étudiants du secondaire et du Cégep entre 15 et 19
ans, avec:
* Un bon rendement scolaire;
* Des qualités de leader ou le potentiel de le devenir;
* Des activités extra-scolaires ou de l’implication dans
sa communauté;
* Un intérêt pour le leadership ou l’actualité
Les étudiants peuvent appliquer en ligne
Aimez notre page sur Facebook: Forum for
Young Canadians/Forum pour Jeunes
Suivez nous sur Twitter et Instagram:
Les étudiants sont supporté dans leur recherche de commanditaires et l’organisation de levée de fonds dans leur
communauté pour couvrir les frais de participations de
895$, ce qui inclue l’hébergement, les ressources pendant le programme et les repas pour la semaine.
81 rue Metcalfe, Suite 800
Ottawa, ON K1P 6K7
Tél. : 613-233-4086 / Fax: 613-233-2351
courriel: [email protected]
Visitez notre site internet ( ou contactez
le bureau du Forum (613-233-4086) pour le montant
exact et comment comment les étudiants peuvent être
éligible pour une bourse.
Quand et Où a lieu Forum?
Trois sessions du Forum ont lieu chaque hiver en février
et en mars:
* Du 21 au 26 février 2016;
* Du 28 février au 4 Mars 2016;
* Du 13 au 18 Mars 2016.
Toutes les sessions ont lieu à Ottawa, Ontario et la majorité des activités du Forum ont lieu sur ou à proximité
de la Colline Parlementaire.
Les étudiants peuvent appliquer dès maintenant à !
Prends ta place!
Prends y part!
Des centaines d’étudiants du secondaire et du Cégep
se rencontrent pour une semaine sur la Colline
Fondation pour l’étude des processus de
Gouvernement au Canada Forum pour jeunes Canadiens
form — Formulaire
2015 - 2016
Please rank sessions by order of preference in the appropriate box below.
Prière d’indiquer votre préférence dans les cases correspondantes
2016 Sessions / Sessions 2016
Deadline / Date limite*
February 21-26 / 21 au 26 février
January 23 / 23 Janvier
February 28-March 4 / 28 février au 8 mars
February 1 / 7 février
March 13-18 / 13 au 18 mars
February 14 / 14 février
Please note that dates are subject to
change. Depending on the availabilities, we
might accept applications after the deadline
Notez que les dates sont sujet à
changement Dépendant de la disponibilité,
il se peut que nous acceptions des
applications après la limite
Part 1—General information / Partie 1—Renseignement généraux
Surname / Nom
First Name / Prénom
Address / Adresse
City / Ville
Prov.– Terr.
Telephone / Téléphone
Code Postal Code
Cell phone / cellulaire
Email / courriel
Parent or tutor email / email du parent ou tuteur
Spoken Language(s) /
Langue(s) maîtrisé(es)
Other, Please specify / Autre Veuillez spécifier
Date of Birth /
Date de naissance : DD/JJ ___________ MMM ________________YY/AA __________ Age
Sex / Sexe
Country of Birth
1 ‐ Are you a Canadian citizen?
Êtes‐vous un citoyen canadien?
2 ‐ Are you a landed immigrant?
Êtes‐vous un immigrant reçu?
3 ‐ Are you aboriginal?
Êtes‐vous autochtones?
If yes, please specify / Si oui, veuillez préciser
4 ‐ Are you a visible minority?
Faites‐vous partie d’une minorité visible?
If yes, please specify / Si oui, veuillez préciser
5 ‐ Are you a person with a disability?
Avez‐vous un handicap?
If yes, please specify / Si oui, veuillez préciser
Where did you hear about Forum?
Où as-tu entendu parler de Forum?
School information / Renseignements sur l’école
Name of school / Nom de l’école ou CÉGEP
Street address / adresse
City / Ville
Telephone / Téléphone (
Prov.– Terr.
School contact / Contact à l’école
Contact Telephone / Téléphone du contact
Contact E‐mail / Courriel du contact
Code Postal Code
Fax number / numéro de fax
Forum has five basic rules of conduct / Il y a cinq règles de base au Forum:
Appropriate and respectful behaviour is required from students at all times;
Les étudiants doivent se comporter de manière convenable et respectueuse en tout temps;
The use, possession or concealment of alcohol or non‐prescribed medications, including illegal drugs, is strictly forbidden;
L’utilisation, la possession et la dissimulation d'alcool, de drogue ou de médicaments vendus sans ordonnance, y compris la
drogue illicite, sont strictement interdites, et ce, en tout temps;
The highest level of respect will be demanded at all times during Forum. No types of harassment ‐ physical, verbal, racial,
sexual or otherwise ‐ will be tolerated. No exclusive or sexual relations will be allowed;
Tout au long du Forum, les étudiants doivent faire preuve du plus grand respect dans le cadre de leurs relations interpersonnelles. Le harcèlement n'est toléré sous aucune forme (physique, verbal, racial, sexuel, ou autre). Les relations sexuelles
sont interdites;
Students must be in their own rooms by curfew; and
Les étudiants doivent être dans leur chambre à l'heure du couvre-feu; et
Students must attend all sessions and remain with Forum staff at all times.
Les étudiants doivent participer à tous les ateliers et doivent rester avec l’équipe du Forum en tout temps.
I understand the information and conditions outlined on this form
Je comprends l’information et les conditions énoncées sur le présent formulaire
I declare that the information I have given to be correct and I wish to be considered for the FORUM FOR YOUNG CANADIANS.
Je me porte garant(e) de la véracité des renseignements que j'ai fournis et souhaite poser ma candidature pour le FORUM POUR
I have obtained the permission to attend Forum if I am selected, from my parent/guardian and from a representative of my school
(principal, guidance counselor, teacher). Their signatures will be required on your Admission Form if you are selected.
J’ai obtenu la permission de mon père/ma mère/mon tuteur et d’un représentant officiel de mon école (directeur, conseiller en orientation ou enseignant) de participer au Forum si je suis choisi(e). Ils devront signer votre formulaire d’inscription si vous êtes choisi(e).
I have enclosed a letter stating why I would like to attend Forum for Young Canadians.
J’ai rédigé une lettre exposant les raisons pour lesquelles j’aimerais participer au Forum pour jeunes canadiens
I have enclosed my resume.
J’ai inclus en pièce jointe, mon CV.
Student’s signature
Signature de l’étudiant
Forum for Young Canadians is a stimulating experience. It is also very demanding, physically and intellectually. It requires whole‐
hearted participation and a real commitment to the program.
Selected students are responsible for paying or raising the funds necessary to cover the costs of attending FORUM FOR
The program fee to attend Forum 2015‐2016 will be confirmed in autumn 2015. Please consult our website for details. The
fee covers program costs, accommodation, meals and transportation costs.
Many bursaries are available. See our website for details.
Forum pour jeunes Canadiens est une expérience enrichissante, mais aussi très exigeante, tant physiquement qu’intellectuelle‐
ment. Le programme nécessite une participation inconditionnelle et un engagement réel.
Il incombe aux étudiants dont la candidature est retenue de se procurer eux‐mêmes les fonds nécessaires pour couvrir les
frais de participation au Forum.
Les frais de participation au Forum 2015‐2016 seront confirmés à l’automne 2015. Veuillez consulter notre site web pour
cette information. Ces frais comprennent les coûts relatifs au programme, l’hébergement, les repas et le transport
Plusieurs bourses sont disponibles. Consultez notre site web pour plus de détails.
Forum for Young Canadians / Forum pour jeunes Canadiens
800 – 81, rue Metcalfe Street, Ottawa ON K1P 6K7
Tel: 613.233.4086
Fax: 613.233.2351
 [email protected]
County of Simcoe, Office of the Warden and CAO
1110 Highway 26, Midhurst, Ontario L0L 1X0
Paramedic Services Week shines light on
essential life-saving protocols and programs
Midhurst/May 29, 2015 – There could not have been a more fitting theme for this year’s National
Paramedic Services Week—Paramedics: Expanding Care.
Continually looking for ways to enhance services, educate residents, and save lives, the County of
Simcoe Paramedic Services has introduced a number of new protocols over the past several years,
including Advanced Care Paramedics (ACP), the Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) Program, annual
Save-A-Life CPR, and Prehospital STEMI.
Developed in 2007, the Prehospital STEMI protocol allows Paramedics in Simcoe County to identify,
treat, and transport patients with suspected STEMI (ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction),
commonly known as a heart attack, directly to the cardiac catheterization laboratory at Southlake
Regional Health Centre in Newmarket for treatment, bypassing the closest hospital.
“Time is muscle,” said Director and Chief Andrew Robert. “The best way to take advantage of the lifesaving cardiac treatment is call paramedics as soon as you feel you may be having a heart attack.”
While working closely and tirelessly with Southlake Regional Health Centre to ensure the life-saving
protocol continues to be successful, the County has made it a priority to help bring the program closer
to home.
Due to travel time restrictions associated with the STEMI protocol, a northern portion of the County of
Simcoe has been effectively excluded from this gold standard of care. Until now. RVH received
approval this month from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to develop a $25 million advanced
cardiac centre to help service the more than 3,600 heart patients annually who must travel outside the
region for life-saving cardiac care.
In 2014, 72 patients met the STEMI bypass criteria and were transported to Southlake Regional Health
Centre. With both SRHC and RVH available to receive such patients, it is estimated a total of 93
patients would have received this standard of care.
The County of Simcoe is fortunate to have an exceptional level of care with our highly trained Primary
Care Paramedics (PCPs). Advanced Care Paramedics (ACPs), in addition to holding qualifications as a
PCP, are certified to deliver additional, potentially life-saving procedures, including intubation (inserting
a tube into the windpipe, past the vocal cords, to assist with breathing), administration of specialized
cardiac, pain, and other medications, as well as fluids introduced into the blood stream through
intravenous access, and advanced electrical therapy such as external cardiac pacing.
“ACPs have had a profound effect on our communities,” said Warden Gerry Marshall. “Not only do they
provide enhanced patient assessment, treatment, and transportation, they are an excellent addition to
our very skilled primary care paramedics.”
County Council approved the ACP implementation project in spring 2010, and within three years,
Paramedic Services went from zero trained ACPs in Simcoe County to 52.
The County of Simcoe Paramedic Services Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) Program was developed
in 2005 and, in conjunction with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, has co-ordinated the placement of
more than 625 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and continues to grow.
AEDs can now be found in all Public, Catholic, and participating French schools throughout Simcoe
County, as well as most arenas, community centres, sports facilities, municipal buildings, and many
other public places and private businesses.
Research shows that CPR and defibrillator use prior to the arrival of emergency responders can
increase a person’s chance of survival by as much as 75 per cent. Sudden cardiac arrest kills 40,000
Canadian each year according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation—that is one cardiac arrest death
every 13 minutes.
To date, the PAD program has saved 12 saves within Simcoe County. These saves are attributed to
the quick administration of CPR and AED use by community members.
During Paramedic Services Week, County of Simcoe Paramedics hosted a series of public events
aimed at educating residents about emergency services. These events included displays featuring
ambulance tours, equipment demonstrations, CPR challenges and PAD demonstrations.
In partnership with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, County Paramedics are hosting a Save-A-Life
CPR Training in Barrie on May 30. Registered participants receive a Level “A” CPR Certification Card.
Registration is free, however, Paramedics will be collecting food donations on site for a local food bank.
To register for this CPR training event, please visit
Save-A-Life CPR Training
East Bayfield Community Centre (Purple Arena)
80 Livingstone Street East, Barrie, Ontario
May 30 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
The County of Simcoe is composed of 16 member municipalities and provides crucial public services to
County residents in addition to providing paramedic and social services to the separated cities of Barrie
and Orillia. Visit our website at
- 30 Allan Greenwood
Director, Corporate Communications
705-726-9300 ext. 1230
705-794-9301 (mobile)
[email protected]
Joe Mercer
Communications Co-ordinator
705-726-9300 ext. 1035
705-790-9559 (mobile)
[email protected]