November 2010 - Strathearn Heights Apartments!



November 2010 - Strathearn Heights Apartments!
November 2010
Please note the Office will be CLOSED on
Thursday, November 11th for Remembrance Day
And we need YOUR help to update our profile page!
Would you like your unique decorating style featured on the most used, worldwide
social networking site?
Could you use $50.00 in cold, hard cash?
Strathearn Heights is currently updating our facebook page, along with our website, and we are in need of one each of our four suite styles to be photographed
and featured on both our website and facebook! Pictures speak 1,000 words and furnished suites
photograph much better than vacant suites. Therefore, we are looking for modernly decorated, tidy
suites to be featured as our showcase suites on our Strathearn Heights web site.
If you would like your suite to be considered as a featured suite, please let the office know by
Friday, November 12th 2010. Our manager will then view all suites entered and pick the winners, who
will receive $50.00 cash. Photo shoots will commence the following week.
Here is your opportunity to show the world your home décor!
Parlez-vous Francais?
Est-ce que le Français est votre langue maternelle ou la langue dans laquelle vous vous sentez la plus confortable?
Nous, à Strathearn Heights, sommes fière d’avoir tant de locataires qui ne parle pas l’anglais et somme heureux
que nous pouvons leurs être en aides grâce à nos travailleurs à temps partielle qui savent parler d’autres langues.
Il est important, par contre, que vous, nos locataires français comprennent les meilleures façons de communiquer
avec notre administration, afin que nous puissions mieux vous servir.
Nos travailleurs à temps plein, de 8h00 à 16h00 NE PARLE PAS le Français. Pourtant, 2 de nos travailleurs à temps
partielle parle le Français couramment. Conséquemment, si vous désiré un service en Français, s’il vous plait,
rendez nous visite ou donnez nous un coup de fil entre 15h00 à 19h00 du lundi au jeudi, ou bien de 12h00 à
16h00 le samedi. Demandez pour Élise ou Felix. Une autre alternative que vous avez, si vous ne pouvez pas nous
parler en personne, est de nous envoyer un message électronique à travers notre site web
( ) ou bien simplement de nous laisser une note à l’office. Élise ou Felix pourrons par
après nous traduire ce que vous nous avez écrit. De sorte, nous pourrons par la suite agir face à vos demandes et
vous répondre en Français.
 Could You Use an Extra $100.00?
 Do you LOVE living at Strathearn Heights and wished your friends lived here, TOO?
When a current Strathearn Heights tenant refers a new tenant who is approved and signs a 6-month lease
BOTH our existing tenant & our newly referred tenant receive a $100.00 credit on their account.
To make the referral incentive easy for you we’ve created a Refer a Friend Poster which you can put up on
the wall at work, in the office break or lunch room, wherever!
So stop by the front desk and pick up our
“Refer a Friend Poster”
And help spread the word about how great it is to live at Strathearn Heights, and make a few extra $$ in the process
Important TIPS to Keep
YOUR Suite
Every room has a radiator and most radiators have a knob on the front of it, near the vent. In order
for the radiators to work at their maximum capacity, they need to be turned fully to the right (in a clock-wise
direction). At times these knobs may be a little stiff and giving them a turn to the left first then all the way to
the right will ensure the dampers have been opened fully.
Please make sure not to turn these knobs too hard or too long as the knob will come off and the
damper will remain shut!
Today’s fashion for window coverings is long, full- length (top of window to floor) curtains. Although
these window dressings may be elegant and provide a warm ambiance, they make your suite cold.
Strathearn Heights is heated by warm air emanating from the radiators which are located immediately
beneath each window. When drapes cover the radiator, the room will not get any heat! All the heat from
the radiator will go out the window rather than into the suite.
Ensure your curtains do NOT cover your radiator. . . You may find shorter window
dressings less decorative but your suite or room WILL be warmer!
Similar to full-length window coverings preventing the heated air from entering into the room, large
pieces of furniture, wall units and dressers in front of the radiator will also result in cold rooms.
Ensure no furniture or clutter is placed in front of radiators.
As Strathearn Heights does not have forced air heating or exhaust fans, daily air exchange is required
to eliminate excess humidity and mould within the suites. However a balance between how wide and how
long these windows are opened is an important factor. Areas such as the bathroom and kitchen are key
producers of humidity and must be vented immediately after showers or cooking for a short period of time.
Opening the window for a longer period of time is possible (except in extremely cold weather days)
by opening the outside right window ¼ of an inch and opening the inside right window (only) ¼ of an inch.
Have you got leaky taps? Is your drain clogged?
Do you need the landlord to make some
repairs and you need to call in a work order?
When there is a need for one of our staff to enter your suite to make repairs or conduct an
inspection, please note that the tenant does NOT need to be present. However, if you wish, you do have the
right to be present when the landlord or our staff enters your suite.
If for some reason you feel it is imperative that you be present in your suite when the landlord or our staff enter
your suite, please keep in mind that our maintenance staff work only during business hours and therefore we
need access to complete this work between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Please also
remember that as per the Landlord & Tenant Act the tenant cannot deny the landlord access to their suite to
make respective repairs with 24-hours notice.
For those tenants that have varied schedules or work shift-work and would like service work to be done at a
specific time on a specific day, we require you to provide us with the following:
1. Advise the office staff with at least 2 suitable dates and times in which the work can be done that
does not disturb you or meets your needs;
2. Provide a phone number so that our Maintenance staff may call you to make an appointment.
Should you wish to book an appointment for a specific maintenance duty at a specific time, please know that we
may not be able to always accommodate your specific request. Staff may be away on vacation or involved in
previously scheduled work with specific deadlines and alternative dates & times must be identified. When
requesting a work order, always be sure to leave a follow up name and phone number that you can be reached
during the day, and our maintenance staff will call you directly to make arrangements.
Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.