enjoy gold



enjoy gold
enjoy gold
Precious combinations of premium ingredients for exclusive Spa treatments & skincare
Facial Scrub
Body Scrub
Precious Powder
Energizing and freshening jelly scrub gives
the skin an absolute pureness feeling
Shimmering scrub glides smoothly
on skin’s surface to gently exfoliate
Sweetly scented mineral loose powder made off
iridescent pigments gives the skin a shiny finish
Massage Honey
Precious moisturizing care for an instant
lifting effect - long lasting result
Innovative honey-like gel turning into
three different textures during the massage
Powerful mineral active ingredients
and sensual amber fragrance
23 carats gold
LA Crème d’Or
This high quality cream gives you
the benefits of Gold
Shimmering Dry Oil
Moisturize and illuminate
your skin with shiny reflections
pure gold
Gold leaves for Mask
A divinely rich and exclusive treatment,
ideal for a Spa cabin treatment
enjoy gold
is a premium luxury offer for
Spa treatments & skincare.
As a collection jewel,
each product of
enjoy gold range
has been minitiously
formulated and designed
to bring out the shine
of this precious metal.
enjoy gold is a
complete range that can
be used either as Spa
treatments, skincare or as
customized range for retail.
P remium &
Lessonia found the perfect combination
between gold shine and three skin loving
ingredients to guarantee the finest quality:
offer dedicated to spa
treatments & skincare
Composition: AHA (acids) enzymes - Vitamin B - Minerals
Benefits: Skin renewing - Energising - Anti-ageing
Composition:Vitamins A & D - Minerals - Fatty acids
Benefits: Regenerating - Nourishing - Instant lifting effect
Composition: Vitamin B - Essential amino-acids - Calcium
Benefits: Anti-ageing - Lightening - Skin tone enhancer
P rivate L abel O nly
enjoy customizing
your brand spa
treatments & skincare
This range, conceived to be customized,
gains value with clients personal packaging.
To go further, Lessonia takes at clients
disposal its laboratory expertise,
for a full-customized product.
The amount of gold contained
in the products can be adjusted.
enjoy gold répond à la
demande actuelle de produits de luxe
haute qualité, y compris concernant
les soins professionnels de Spa.
Cette gamme, conçue pour être
personnalisée, prend toute sa valeur
dans le packaging client.
Pour aller plus loin, Lessonia met à
disposition l’expertise de son laboratoire,
pour des fabrications sur mesure.
La teneur en or des produits
peut être ajustée.
Croas ar Neizic - 29800 Saint Thonan - France
Tél. 33 (0)2 98 07 23 65 - Fax 33 (0)2 98 07 23 66 - info @ lessonia.com - www.lessonia.com
Graphic design : Magali Sannier - www.altodesign.net
enjoy gold
answered to the demand
for high quality luxury cosmetics,
including for the professional
Spa treatments.