November 2010 - December 2011



November 2010 - December 2011
University of Illinois Library
Africana Collections and Services, Room 325
International and Area Studies Library
African Studies
Acquisitions List November 2010 – December 2011
004.67096 D492 Development of Local Internet Traffic in West and Central Africa and
Beyond: Synthesis of an E-Discussion. Dakar: Panos Institute West Africa, 2005.
070.4 Sa575h Sane, Ibrahima, and Johan Deflander. Heeding the Voiceless: a Guide to Use
Oral Testimonies for Radio Documentaries. Dakar, Senegal: Panos Institute West Africa,
079.6 Se524i2003 Information Regulation in Conflict Situations: the Case of West Africa:
Proceedings of the Seminar on Information Regulation in Conflict Situations in West
Africa. Dakar Ponty: Panos Institute West Africa, 2005.
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Uganda. Kampala, Uganda: National Environment Management Authority, 2007.
200.963385 W63c Wiafe, Eric Oduro. Christianity and African Traditional Religion's
Approach to Issues of Life and Death. Accra, Ghana: Reokey Commercials, 2008.
203.80963374 G159c Ganusah, Rebecca Yawa. Christ Meets the Ewe-Dome of Ghana: a
Theological and Ethical Reflection on the Rites of Birth and Initiation into Womanhood.
Ecclesial studies. Vol. 5. Legon-Accra, Ghana: Legon Theological Studies Project in
collaboration with Asempa Publishers, 2008.
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Muslims in Uganda. Kampala: Fountain Publishers, 2006.
302.23 K848o Kotoudi, Idimama. Les Organes de Régulation des Média en Afrique de
l'Ouest: État des Lieux et Perspectives. Dakar, Senegal: Institut Panos Afrique de
l'Ouest, 2006.
303.62096762 L567 Njau, Rita, Michael O'maera, and Zacharia Chiliswa. Lest We Forget:
Insights into the Kenya's Post Election Violence. Hakimani publication series. Nairobi:
Jesuit Hakimani Centre, 2009.
303.660706761 H88 Human Rights and Peace Education in Uganda - Education Sector: A
Situational Analysis. Kampala: Education Unit, 2006.
303.690963 D368c Dejene Gemechu. Conflict and Conflict Resolution among Waliso Oromo
of Eastern Macha: the Case of the Guma. Social anthropology dissertation series. Vol.
15. Addis Ababa: Dept. of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Addis Ababa University,
304.6096762 Ic7 ICPD+10, Where are We Now?: Kenya's Progress in Implementing the
International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action-- 19942004. Nairobi, Kenya: National Council for Population and Development, Ministry of
Planning and National Development, 2004.
304.8096891 C44z Chimanikire, Donald P. Zimbabwe Migration. Trade & Development
Studies Centre Issue. Vol. 30. Causeway, Harare: Trades Centre, 2005.
305.235096 Y841 Young People's Perception Survey: a Summary of Findings in Malawi,
Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Lilongwe, Malawi: British Council, 2004.
305.409667 R299 Kambonga, Rosemary. A Report on Research on Wealthy Women in the
Bawku West District of the Upper East Region. Ghana: s.n., 2006.
305.4096897 M989b2005 White, Seodi Venekai-Rudo, Tinyade Kachika, Maggie Chipasula,
and N. Ngwira. Beyond inequalities 2005: Women in Malawi: a Profile of Women in
Malawi. Limbe, Malawi; Harare, Zimbabwe: Women and Law in Southern Africa,
Research and Education Trust; Southern African Research and Documentation Centre,
Women in Development Southern Africa Awareness, 2005.
305.4097 K849c Koulibaly, Isaïe Biton. Comment Aimer une Femme Africaine. Collection
kuma. Abidjan: Classiques Ivoiriens: Koralivre, 2006.
305.420963 Y26
b b
ḥeg b l mu
sé oč m hb r. Yasétoč Mānifésto.
ḥeg b l mu
sé oč m hbar, 2004.
305.4209667 Ar282i Ardayfio-Schandorf, Elizabeth. It Rains in Everybody's Household:
Engendering Women's Condition in Consensual Unions. Legon, Accra, Ghana: Women in
Law and Development in Africa WILDAF, 2006.
305.8 In276 Indigenous Peoples’ Rights to Adequate Housing: a Global Overview. United
Nations Housing Rights Programme. No. 7. Nairobi: United Nations Human Settelments
Programme UN-HABITAT: Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 2005.
305.80096 Et389 Githiori, John. Ethnoveterinary Practice: Perspectives and Experiences
from Eastern Africa. Nairobi: Community-Based Livestock Initiatives Programme, 2004.
305.90652 K849c Koulibaly, Isaïe Biton. Comment Aimer un Homme Africain. Colection
kuma. Abidjan: Classiques Ivoiriens, 2006.
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Printing and Publishing Corporation, 2006.
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Uganda: Uganda
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Secondary Education in Kenya. KIPPRA Discussion Paper . No. 63. Nairobi: Kenya
Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis, 2006.
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of Education: With Reference to Africa. Nairobi: Nairobi University Press, 2007.
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Language Policy in the Kenyan Education System. Addis Ababa: OSSREA, 2009.
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Speeches. Kampala: Sest Holdings Ltd., 2009.
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République Démocratique du Congo. Kinshasa: Editions CEDI, 2006.
320.5409629 W83p Wol, Dhieu Mathok Diing. Politics of Ethnic Discrimination in Sudan: a
Justification for the Secession of South Sudan. Kampala: Netmedia Publishers, 2009.
320.549096 B514t B n m
m n ʻEnqu Śel se. Ṭequr 'Almāz: YaBiniyām Yamāna ʻEnqu
Śelāsé pān'Afrikānizem. Addis Ababa: s.n., 2003.
320.96 C362 Changement Politique et Social: Éléments pour la Pensée et l'Action. Dakar:
Réseau Enda Graf Sahel, 2005.
320.96 G74622 Wanyande, Peter, Mary Omosa, and Chweya Ludeki. Governance and
Transition Politics in Kenya. Nairobi: University of Nairobi Press, 2007.
320.96 H7252 Home Truths: Cultures, Leadership, and Development from an African
Perspective. Nairobi: British Council, 2007.
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Parti de l'Union pour la République, 2005.
320.96 N731i Nongogo, Andrew, Yvonne Chibiya, Mary-Jane Ncube, N. Kututwa, and F. G.
Chiweshe. Independence of anti-Corruption Agencies: a Study of Six Institutions in
Southern Africa. Harare: Human Rights Trust of Southern Africa, 2006.
320.96 Se568d Diouf, N'Doffene Diouf. Senghor et Diouf: 40 Ans Après ... Derrière le
Mythe, la Réalité d'un Héritage. Greensboro, NC: De Buur Books, 2006.
320.963 D471d Dessalegn Rahmato, and Meheret Ayenew. Democratic Assistance to PostConflict Ethiopia: Impact and Limitations. FSS monograph series. No. 3. Addis Ababa:
Forum for Social Studies, 2004.
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Dakar, Sénégal: Nouvelles Editions africaines du Sénégal, 2003.
320.967 C868 Kivilu, Sabakinu, and Pierre Akele Adau. La Crise dans la Sous-Région des
Pays des Grands lacs Africains: Etat de la Question et Perspectives de Paix: Actes du
Premier Symposium International de l'Université de Kinshasa. Kinshasa: Presses de
l'Université de Kinshasa, 2009.
320.96762 T343 Omosa, Mary. Theory and Practice of Governance in Kenya: Towards Civic
Engagement. Nairobi: University of Nairobi Press, 2006.
320.967804 M588 Migogoro na Ujenzi wa Demokrasia Tanzania. Vitabu vya programu ya
REDET. na. 10. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: REDET, Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam, 2004.
323 C698q2006 Maugenest, Denis, and Theodore Holo. Quelle Contribution de l'Afrique de
l'Ouest à la Tradition Universelle des Droits de l'Homme?: Colloque d'Abidjan (13, 14 et
15 mars 2006). Abidjan: Éditions du CERAP, c2006.
323 M857p Motsete, Ruth Ketlhapile. Pinches of Oppression: a Compilation of Controversial,
Radical, Revolutionary, and Creative Works of a Visionary. Gaborone: s.n., 2005.
323.096 Af839 Abbas, Hakima. Africa's Long Road to Rights: Reflections on the 20th
Anniversary of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights = Long Trajet de
l'Afrique vers les Droits: Réflexions lors du 20ème Anniversaire de la Commission
Africaine des Droits de l'Homme et des Peuples. Nairobi: Fahamu, 2007.
323.352096881 C437 Ruppel, Oliver Christian. Children's Rights in Namibia. Windhoek:
Macmillan Education Namibia, 2009.
324.2092 K237c Kedem, Kosi. The Chance of a Lifetime. Accra: Governance and Electoral
Systems Agency, 2008.
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Travail sur les Élections 2005. Limete-Kinshasa: Editions L'Epiphanie, 2005.
324.96625 B919b Bilan de la Couverture Médiatique de la Campagne pour les Élections
Municipales du 23 Avril 2006. Burkina Faso: Burkina Faso Conseil supérieur de la
communication, 2006.
324.96625 B919c Couverture Médiatique de l'Élection Présidentielle du 13 Novembre 2005.
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Csc, 2005.
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May 2003 by-Elections. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: National Organisation for Legal
Culture, 2006.
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Lusaka: Projects Dept. of the Zimbabwe African People's Union, 1979.
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à l'Acte d'Engagement de Goma: Enjeux et Défis du Processus de Paix en RDC. Kinshasa:
Éditions CEPAS/RODHECIC, 2008.
330.109667 At72I Otoo, Kwabenda Nyarko, Clara Osei-Boateng, and Prince Asafu-Adjaye.
The Labour Market in Ghana: a Descriptive Analysis of the Labour Market Component of
the Ghana Living Standards Survey (V). No. 2009/01. Accra, Ghana: Labour Research
and Policy Institute of Ghana Trades Union Congress, 2009.
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Trade & Development Studies Centre Issue. No. 35. Harare: Trade and Development
Studies Centre, 2006.
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Indicators for the Media. Harare, Zimbabwe: Human Rights Trust of Southern Africa,
330.963 Am17m
Ambo, Alemayehu. Molto 'Eyāla.
b b
s.n., 2004.
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Developments on Health, Agricultural Resources and Socio-Economic Activities in the
Volta Basin. Accra: Volta Basin Research Project, University of Ghana, 2008.
330.96762 K422a Annual Progress Report, 2004/2005: Economic Recovery Strategy.
Nairobi: Monitoring & Evaluation Directorate, Ministry of Planning and National
Development, Govt. of Kenya, 2006.
330.96762 K422t Third Annual Progress Report, 2005/2006: the Economic Recovery
Strategy for Wealth, and Employment Creation, 2003-2007. Nairobi: Monitoring &
Evaluation Directorate, Ministry of Planning and National Development, Govt. of Kenya,
331.88 G341p Policies of the Ghana Trades Union Congress: Adopted at the 7th Quadrennial
Delegates Congress Held at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology,
Kumasi, 2004-2008. Accra: s.n., 2004.
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Technical publication series. No. 72. Legon, Ghana: Institute of Statistical, Social &
Economic Research, University of Ghana, Legon, 2007.
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Ghana. Technical publication. No. 73. Legon, Ghana: Institute of Statistical, Social &
Economic Research, University of Ghana, Legon, 2007.
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au Sahel: Expérimentation de la Communication Participative pour le Développement au
Burkina Faso et au Tchad. Ouagadougou: PUO, 2007.
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of Poverty: the Renaissance of the African Cooperative Movement. Dar es Salaam: ILO,
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Poverty, Development, and Millennium Development Goals: an African Perspective.
Trade & Development Studies Centre Issue. No. 33. Harare: Trade and Development
Studies Centre, 2006.
338.10963 T255y1997 Tenkir Bonger. Yazāréytu 'Ity pyā 'Edgatenā emāt:
Wadét? 'Endét?. 2n e .
s b b s.n., 2004.
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Report of the National Seminar on the Implementation of the Right to Adequate Food in
Uganda. Kampala: Uganda Human Rights Commission, 2003.
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Environment Programme, 2004.
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892.87 H331m H lu G / egz
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b b
b b
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s.n., 2004.
bḥér. Mantā Malkoč: 'Enā éločem 'Aċāċer leb Waladoč.
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l m
q f
fr q
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