Le The Wilvy 2016-8



Le The Wilvy 2016-8
Vol. 4, Issue 9
August 20, 2016
Kait’s Fortune Telling
Le Gouche À L’Envers
Cancer: Although a special time is
coming to an end, you will be
surprised by all the good that comes
from good bye!
Par: Florence et Charlotte
Le dimanche matin nous sommes partis pour notre premier
Mastigouche. Quand nous sommes arrivés au Parc National de
la Mauricie, nous avons commencé notre aventure sur le lac
Wapizagonke! Après avoir monté les tentes et mangé un petit
collation, nous sommes partis pour les chutes. Les chutes ont
été une experience incroyable surtout pour Éloïse qui tombait
à chaque deux secondes. Nous sommes retournés au terrain de
camping pour manger nos fajitas, mais notre brûleur ne
fonctionnait pas. Par chance, grâce à la générosité de notre
voisin, nous avons finalement pu mangé! Charlotte a fait
preuve d’autant d’intelligence qu’un enfant de 5 ans en
échappant tout son fajitas sur les seuls pantalons qu’elle avait
apporté. Pour compléter cette drôle d’aventure, nous avons
souper de bacon et des oeufs et pour déjeuner, nous avons
mangé des macaronis au fromage et des s’mores! Bref, nous
avons eu du plaisir à profusion! De plus, toutes les filles se sont
donnés des personnages alterego québécois!
Leo: La fortune vous suit…une souris
Virgo: You may need to put in extra
work this week to gain the trust of
ones around you. It will be worth it.
Libra: Il y a une grenouille dans ton
future. Si tu embrasse la grenouille,
une surprise t’attendra.
Scorpio: If you’re feeling down this
week, remember Saturn has something
special in store for you!
Sagittarius: Tu devrais parler à
Capricorn: If you are feeling
overwhelmed this week, remember to
take time to yourself, you may discover
something new about yourself in the
Charlotte John
Aquarius: Si tu veux l’amour, trouvesla.
Pisces: Ne sois pas gêné, car ton future
sera bon.
Anne-Marie Joe
Aries: Mange un légume.
Taurus: There is many things to look
forward to in your future. Keep an
open mind.
Éloïse - Kevin
Gemini: Don’t let the fear of striking
out keep you from playing the game!
Take the risks that will present
themselves this week.
Marion - Dave
Florence - Steve
The Great Wilvaken Canoe-Sailing Adventure 2016
On Thursday the entire camp set off in boats and headed down to the end
of lake Lovering. With seven sailboats and many canoes, including one
voyager the camp was able to all attend the grand voyage. On the grand
voyage, despite some of the boats not making it all the way to the end of
the lake, everyone had a fantastic time and had the opportunity to
develop their canoeing or sailing skills. Although some heavy clouds
were approaching, we managed to make it back without getting
soaked. By the time we reached Wilvaken again, the sun was shining
and everyone was able to attend the ski show.
Editors In Chief: Kait & Alicia & Laurence
Vol. 4, Issue 9
August 20, 2016
Les mots de la semaine!
A Horse Show to Remember!
In Wilvaken’s horseshow history, never before have we seen such an
exquisite performance! This year, Perrine, Aurianne and Gab strayed
from the traditional horse jump/obstacle course and instead
choreographed an intricate routine on horseback for eight advanced
riders to perform. The routine included slaloms, pinwheels, synchronized
trotting and much more, all flawlessly executed with grace and precision.
The horse show was enjoyed by all and we would like to congratulate the
barn staff and the riders who worked very hard to put on such a
magnificent show! What a great way to end a summer!
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
Editors In Chief: Kait & Alicia & Laurence