Wedding brochure edition 2014



Wedding brochure edition 2014
A wonderful place
for a unique moment
Here are the many things we can do for you:
You just need to make your mind…
2014 Edition & prices
Hôtel Restaurant du Parc
Rue des Bourgades, 84 800 Fontaine de Vaucluse - -
First things first, thank you for showing interest in our hotel restaurant.
We are really pleased to be welcoming you in our beautiful place.
Please know that we would do anything to offer you the best services so you would only have to
worry about enjoying this special moment!
As we all know, getting married is one of the biggest events in a lifetime and you might not have
enough free time to plan and take care of everything. We are here to take charge of every little
thing regarding this unique day or only a part of it if you wish.
Our hotel is a very well groomed three-star-building. It was totally renovated and has 12 rooms.
Even if situated in the heart of this wonderful little town Fontaine de Vaucluse, our hotel could
however be qualified as calm because of its location in a 6000m² parc run along by a calm and clear
river: La Sorgue. You might enjoy the contrast between the charm and authenticity of a typical
south of France little town and the serenity of our establishment.
The genial weather of our region allows to take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible
specially of our long terrace along the Sorgue where you could have your cocktail hour.
Be sure that under the shadow of the big sycamore trees, willow trees, cedar trees and chestnut
trees your guests will really appreciate this moment spent with you.
The park could also be a very useful location for the photographer who will immortalize this
special event very well because of the river and the perfect view on the Monts du Vaucluse.
Our big 60 places parking lot will allow your guests to park easily and safely inside the property.
Of course the cars won’t be visible from the building, for a more relaxing and prettiest view.
Inside, the modern decoration and the classy furniture contribute to create a cozy ambiance.
We can welcome you all year long but please note that the prices will depend on the season :
Low season : from November 1st to March 30th 2014 (except on Christmas and New Year’s
Middle season:
from April 1st to July 6th then from august 19th to October 31st 2014
High season: from July 7th to august 18th 2014
The prices announced on this document are only for the middle season. Please add 20% for the high
season and substrate 20% for the low season.
Hôtel Restaurant du Parc
Rue des Bourgades, 84 800 Fontaine de Vaucluse - -
We own a 180m² air conditioned reception hall.
All in length the hall offers large windows opened on the garden as well as a wonderful glass
corridor along the river.
Two layouts are possible :
- Banquet type, tables in length : for 160 people maximum
- Round tables type, round tables of 10 people : for 120 people maximum
If you wish to host more guests we can build a reception tent outside (60m²) which could allow
you to invite 180 persons for a round table type layout.
For events like yours the whole hotel and restaurant will be booked for you. Only you, your guests
and the hotel restaurant’ staff will be allowed to be in our property.
Getting private access to the hotel restaurant means:
- To the 12 rooms
- To the reception hall
- To the bar
- To the glass corridor
To the terrace
To the 600m² outdoors
To the 60 places parking lot
For their Honeymoon the newly-weds will be in the « Suite de Luxe » : a living room, a big
bedroom with a view on the park and the river and a bathroom with a shower and a jaccuzi.
A second suite can host 4 more people and 2 triple rooms plus 8 double rooms can host about 22
other families and friends.
The whole hotel can welcome 28 persons.
From Friday 3pm to Sunday 4pm (2 nights) :
From Saturday 3pm to Sunday 4pm (1 night) :
5 000 €
3 800 €
Please note that a diner followed by a party necessarily means the booking for the 12 rooms.
Hôtel Restaurant du Parc
Rue des Bourgades, 84 800 Fontaine de Vaucluse - -
Lead by his famous Chef, known in numerous big restaurants in France, our Brigade will do
anything to satisfy you.
 The Cocktail Party in the garden along the river
3 settings are proposed to you :
- Setting 1 : Amuse-bouches (Kir + soft + amuse-bouches x4)
- Setting 2 : Glass cups (Sangria + soft + amuse-bouches x4 + glass cups x3)
- Setting 3 : Tapas (Champagne glass pool + soft + glass cups x3 et tapas x4)
 The Meal : Lunch or diner (exc drinks)
3 menus are proposed to you : See Menus below
- Prince Menu :
- Royal Menu :
- Imperial Menu :
5 € / persons
10 € / persons
15 € / persons
No other catering accepted.
50 € / persons
75 € / persons
100 € / persons
To help you to pick up the Menu that fits you the most a tasting can be planned. Adaptations to
the menus can be made to match your wishes.
- Children menu :
20 € / persons
Our prices includes the staff plus the whole furniture and laundry services : plates, forks, knives,
towels, chairs..
 Sunday brunch :
A self-service buffet
Paëlla in the garden
Roasted lamb (on a stake) in the garden
22 € / persons
25 € / persons
34 € / persons
 Friday night arrivals
Formule : diner + breakfast
Diner (Daily menu)
Continental breakfast
30 € / persons
18 € / persons
14 € / persons
Hôtel Restaurant du Parc
Rue des Bourgades, 84 800 Fontaine de Vaucluse - -
The wine:
Our restaurant activity allows us to have a very enriched cellar. Côte du Luberon, Côte du
Ventoux, Côte du Rhône, Côte de Provence or even Bandol, we will find together the best
wines to go along with your meal and will fit your taste.
The Champagne:
Thanks to our suppliers we can heighten all your wishes and provide you some Champagne to
your likings and tastes.
We do accept you to come with your own champagne therefore please know that we will apply
a 7€ tax on each bottle opened.
The soft drinks:
Count a 4€/person package for the soft drinks.
Hôtel Restaurant du Parc
Rue des Bourgades, 84 800 Fontaine de Vaucluse - -
We work with many providers so we can take care of everything and propose you an allinclusive service.
For your day to be even more perfect and complete we can also have you:
A florist
A decorator
A photographer
A movie production society to shoot a video of the event
A outdoor tent builder
A harness if you wish to come by horse-drawn carriage
A pianist
A magician
Acrobats / jugglers
A disc-jockey
Baby-sitters to look after your children
Much to the kids pleasure we can build inflatable play-grounds in the garden.
Due to the high risk of fires in our beautiful region we unfortunately can’t provide you any
fireworks, nor pyrotechnics.
For the rest, if you have any idea or wish feel free to tell us about it and we will see if we can
find you the right person to make it come true.
Please note that you can pick whatever pleases you from all of these services. The final costs
will vary regarding your choices.
Hôtel Restaurant du Parc
Rue des Bourgades, 84 800 Fontaine de Vaucluse - -
To discover our hotel restaurant and discuss your plans with us please come visit us!
Feel free to contact us at 04 90 15 65 20 and plan an appointment.
You could then meet the different people who will do everything to provide you a perfect day
as the Director, the Chef and Chief of staff.
Rue des Bourgades
84 800 Fontaine de Vaucluse
Tel : 04 90 15 65 20
Email address :
[email protected]
Website :
How to come :
 D900 follow l’Isle Sur La Sorgue  Fontaine de Vaucluse
- By car:
A7, exit Avignon Sud
- By train:
Gare TGV Avignon – 40 mn
- By plane:
Aéroport de Marseille – 60 mn
Hôtel Restaurant du Parc
Rue des Bourgades, 84 800 Fontaine de Vaucluse - -
Hôtel Restaurant du Parc
Rue des Bourgades, 84 800 Fontaine de Vaucluse - -
Prince Menu
Appetizers :
Parfait de foie gras truffé
Terrine de poissons tricolore et son trio de sauces
Trilogie provençale :
Caviar d’aubergine - Flan de courgette - Tartare de tomate et fromage de chèvre
Main Course :
Poularde étuvée au Cognac et sa crème d’écrevisse
Onglet de veau aux girolles
Carré d’agneau rôti à la provençale
Cheeses :
Assortiment de trois fromages de chèvre
Desserts :
Pièce montée traditionnelle
(3 parfums aux choix pour la garniture des choux)
Hôtel Restaurant du Parc
Rue des Bourgades, 84 800 Fontaine de Vaucluse - -
Royal Menu
Appetizers :
Terrine de lapin aux pistaches
accompagnée de sa compotée d’oignon et son chutney de figues
Déclinaison autour du saumon :
Fumé - Au sel - En tartare - En rillettes - Poché en chaud froid
Panaché de truite fumée et magret fumé
sur sa salade mêlée
Main Course :
Tournedos de canard aux cèpes
Râble de lapin farci aux figues en croute de pignons
Médaillon de Lotte à l’anis
Cheeses :
Assortiment de 5 fromages et salade verte
Desserts :
Pièce montée « croque en bouche »
(3 parfums aux choix pour la garniture des choux)
Hôtel Restaurant du Parc
Rue des Bourgades, 84 800 Fontaine de Vaucluse - -
Impérial Menu
Appetizers :
Boudin de Saint-Jacques aux truffes
et sa sauce mousseline au champagne
Cassolette de langoustine amoureuse
Salade du « Parc »
Filet de truite au sel, écrevisses et truffe
sur salade mêlée, tomates, haricots verts et champignons de Paris
Main Course:
Fish :
Feuillantine de Turbotin à la mousse de Homard sauce champagne
Langouste thermidor
Meat :
Escalope de foie gras mi cuit, beurre au Bergerac et ail confit
Selle d’agneau en croûte farcie de pignons et pistaches
Cheeses :
Assortiment de fromages chauds
Desserts :
Pièce montée aux Macarons
Accompagnée de deux entremets base chocolat et mousse de fruit
Hôtel Restaurant du Parc
Rue des Bourgades, 84 800 Fontaine de Vaucluse - -
Children’s Menu
Appetizers :
Jeu de billes rouges et blanches
(salade de tomates cerise et billes de mozzarella)
L’assiette du petit charcutier
(jambon blanc, saucisse sèche et mousse de foie)
L’assiette du Moussaillon
(thon, crevettes, et rillettes de saumon)
Main Course :
La pyramide de bœuf
(steak haché en forme de pyramide accompagné de frites maison)
Le filet du petit pêcheur
(filet de poisson blanc du jour accompagné de riz)
Le volcan tagliatelle à l’éruption de saumon
Assiette de fromages
Desserts :
Dessert du mariage
Hôtel Restaurant du Parc
Rue des Bourgades, 84 800 Fontaine de Vaucluse - -

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