June - Ville de Montréal Ouest



June - Ville de Montréal Ouest
Imagine a public park welcoming to bird lovers, cyclists and cross
country skiers, open and accessible
to all Montrealers and right on the
doorstep of MoWest. That is the
long-term vision Les Amis de
Meadowbrook has proposed for the
Meadowbrook golf course.
“Meadowbrook is the last intact
large green-space in the heart of the
Island of Montreal that could be
developed into a park,” said Les
Amis de Meadowbrook spokesman
Patrick Asch. “It is now time for
the City of Montreal to follow up
on the recommendations of the
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photo: Martin Vines
Meadowbrook could
be accessible to all
June 2013, Vol. 41, No. 5
photo © Les amis de Meadowbrook
Montreal West Viewspaper
Royal West Academy’s Environment Committee:
Park ’n Lot 2.0 project
Looking out of our window today
[April 26], it’s difficult to believe news
reports that describe today’s kids as
couch potatoes spending their life in a
virtual world separated from reality.
What we saw was a group of about 40
students working hard on their project to
transform a weed infested derelict
parking lot into a productive garden area.
As well as attracting a wider array of
birds than we have seen in the 25 years
that we have lived on Ainslie, it is also
pleasant to see young people relaxing in
this green space during their lunchtimes.
In addition to transforming the
parking lot, the group responsible is also
working hard to transform the relationship between the school and the community. Recognizing that even a well-intentioned project such as this can have negative aspects, they have proactively consulted the neighbours and worked with
us to minimize any potentially adverse
This project builds on the work of the
administration and staff of RWA, as well
as Commissioner Joseph Lalla and
others, to improve the relationship
between RWA and the community. I
would hope that our town actively supports this initiative, finding concrete
ways to contribute.
Martin and Elenie Vines
54 Ainslie
Reply from EMSB
Thank you for taking the time to
acknowledge the efforts of our amazing
students and staff. We have invested a
great deal in this project because we feel it
does help create positive links with our
community while offering our students a
wonderful hands-on education. I must
acknowledge the leadership of our teacher,
Xavier Desilets, for his tremendous work
with our students and his dedication to
the extended community we serve.
We look forward to building on our
success in the weeks and months ahead.
Tony Pita, EMSB
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Informerly Yours
Two new babies in Town
Heartfelt condolences are
extended by the board of directors
and volunteers of The Informer to
Jane Williams on the death of her
beloved husband Gilles Caron.
Help make a difference
Congratulations to local dentist
Anthony Seminar and his wife Michelle
Deschenes on the birth of their daughter
Charlotte Olivia Seminara! Charlotte
was born on May 11 weighing in at 7 lbs
14 ozs and 50 cm long!
Joining the new babies on Bedbrook
is Alexa Flynn Cervantes was also born
on May 11 just 12 hours before her
cousin! Michelle’s sister, Erica
Deschenes, and her husband David
Cervantes are Alexa’s parents.
So, 2 sisters living 2 doors apart had 2
girls on the same day (about 12 hour
apart). Pretty neat eh?
Congratulations to you all!
Long time MoWest resident and local
Montreal business man David Pinchuk,
is also a karate instructor with more than
30 years’ experience under his (black)
belt. A significant part of David’s week
includes volunteering as a martial arts
instructor for special needs kids at The
Friendship Circle.
The Friendship Circle is a non-profit
international organization providing
assistance and support to families and
their children with special needs. It is
supported mostly through financial donations and by more than 400 young volun-
Empty Bowls
have been filled
Fundraising gala: June 10
The Friendship Circle’s 12th annual
fundraising gala will be hosting its own
version of the popular TV show
America’s Got Talent on Monday, June
10 at the Congregation Shaar Hashomayim in Westmount. Friendship’s Got
Talent will showcase a myriad of terrific
performers by special needs children,
and will be honoring David for his positive influence on the wellbeing of the
children and the great success of the
martial-arts program.
If you would like to attend this gala
and/or offer your support to The
Friendship Circle, please visit
www.friendshipcircle.ca or email at
[email protected] or contact them
at 735-2255.
Many thanks to all the MoWesters
who came out for Empty Bowls 2013 in
April at the Unitarian Church of
Montreal and Congregation Dorshei
Emet. The joint events raised a total of
$16,835, all of which will be shared by
five beneficiaries: NDG Food Depot,
Multi Caf, St. Michael’s Mission,
Santropol Roulant and Dorshei Emet’s
Hanukkah Food Basket Fund.
Send your congratulations, condolences, good news
and whatever you want to crow about to:
[email protected] or call Heather at 489-7022.
10 Westminster North
Montreal West, Quebec
H4X 1Y9
The Informer’s role is to provide MWesters
with information about their Town and its
citizens in order to foster the small-town,
close-knit atmosphere that makes Montreal
West a special place in which to live.
ISSN: 084741X
teers that help out each day after school
and weekends.
Sensei Dave, as he is known, has created a specially tailored martial arts program that has had a tremendous “impact”
on the lives of the children and young
adults who participate in Friendship’s
karate program.
The weekly trainings instill confidence,
stimulate expression and improve coordination as each student masters a new skill
at his own individual pace.
The Informer Is published nine times a year (usually) on the second-to-last weekend the
month except June, July and December. Out-of-town subscriptions: $15 per year.
Typesetting by Informer staff, printing by King Press. Extra copies available at Town Hall
and both libraries. Funded, in part, by the Town of Montreal West.
Jeannette Brooker - Chair
Rick Lavell - Treasurer
Jane Williams - Secretary
Heather Baylis
Véronique Belzil-Boucher
René Boucher
Jeanne Ragbir
Heather Baylis 489-7022
Julia Ross [email protected]
Susan Reeves 312-3682
[email protected]
Rhonda Schwartz 482-0227
(camera-ready art):
1/6 page $45
1/12 page $25
Prof. card $125 per year
25-50 words $10
25 words or less $6
ISSUE EDITOR: Heather Baylis
Axel Brinck
Jeannette Booker
René Boucher
Lise McVey
Maryl Murphy
Jeanne Ragbir
Lydia Shuster
Rose Marie Smith
and those we omitted inadvertently
August 7
Canada Day
Meadowbrook could be accessible to all
Meadowbrook in spring. View from the window.
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2009 Montreal Agglomeration Council
commission on large installations and
agglomeration activities and add
Meadowbrook to the city’s network of
Meadowbrook is currently a
public golf course. The part of
the property that is in Côte
Saint-Luc has been zoned for
recreation, but owner Groupe
Pacifique has proposed a residential development for the
portion that is in the Lachine
Les Amis de Meadowbrook, in collaboration with the Conseil régional de
l’environnement de Montréal (CREMontréal) and landscape architecture
firm Catalyse urbaine, recently unveiled
a report that proposes converting the 57hectare space to a nature and heritage
park. The park could include wooded
Dentist • Dentiste
H4X 1Y8
areas, wetlands, gardens and an outdoor
theatre and highlight the area’s historic
heritage, including its uses by First
Nations people and its ties to the railway.
The property is adjacent to the
largest rail yard in Quebec and
access is currently limited to
one entrance. But new pedestrian and cycle paths could
easily open up access to
Meadowbrook and integrate it
with existing recreational networks. It is close to existing
bicycle paths, the Lachine Canal
and the MoWest train station.
The new park could be connected
through a greenway to a network of
parks, including the Saint-Jacques
escarpment, and a pedestrian infrastructure could make it accessible to the
densely populated areas of Lachine and
Photo: Rhonda Schwartz
Ideas for participation
If you are not already part of the
parade, here are some ideas for you
to join in on the fun!
Strollers: Decorate your stroller
and walk in the parade with us! Please
arrive by 3:30 pm at Davies Park.
Block/Street Challenge: Talk
with your neighbours and create a
theme/float/decorate someone’s
truck, car or walk! Please contact
one of the coordinators listed below
to submit your group. In turn, you
will be given an arrival time and
location for lining up for the parade.
Trucks, convertibles/old cars:
Those of you who own them, would
you consider driving them in the
parade? Please contact one of us.
Seamstresses: Looking for people
who could sew a costume or two.
Materials will be reimbursed. Please
contact one of below.
Your group is interested and you
have not yet been contacted? Please
let us know.
Participants are once again kindly
requested to refrain from spraying
water during the parade. This has
damaged vehicles and spooked
horses in the past, causing the loss of
long-time participants. Thank you in
advance for keeping the parade dry
and safe for all.
Ann MacKay and Vic Paré
Canada Day, Montreal West
[email protected]
[email protected]
Insurance Solutions
for Your Special Insurance Needs
Cars – classic and rare
Fine wine collection
Vault risks
Kidnap and ransom
High value jewellery
Museum loans / exhibitions
Fine arts
Long term storage
Pleasure craft including
yachts and mega yachts
Plus regular home and auto insurance
Please call Joanne Reid at 514 487 3770
141A Westminster
Denis de Chazal Insurance Brokers Inc.
Cabinet en assurance de dommages / Firm in damage insurance
16 Westminster North, Suite 301, Montréal West
Letters: responses to “Park going to the dogs”
Having read the “group”
letter of Robert Cairns in
the May issue, I thought it
only fair to have the dogs’
position published in rebuttal.
Firstly, Mr. Cairns states that a
“strong majority of dog owners” signed a
petition against having the dog park
in George Booth Park. Not having seen
this “150 strong petition”, I have to
wonder who exactly signed it, if signatures were limited to home owners [and
adults over 18] only, and exactly how
many “dog owners” of the 150 were in
fact signatories?
Secondly, as I have complied a long
list of all the actual dog owners who
bring their four-legged friends to
Hodgson Field, I feel confident in stating
that no one among the 65 + owners there
would have signed any such petition,
unless it was because they found George
Booth Park too small!
Thirdly, anyone who believes dog
owners are a minority in Montreal West
has no conception of all the dogs who
reside in our town, and we, their owners,
have as much right to have our dogs be
able to run free and play, as those people
who would see them confined to backyards only. We pay taxes too, so I am
less than impressed by an argument that
a defined dog park area would bring ruin
to the needs of the children of Montreal
West. Moreover, for these people to
claim that the needs of children take
precedence, why then have they failed
[for at least the 23 years I have been
here] to ask for, let alone think of, a
water fountain at Hodgson Field where
generations of children play soccer and
basketball in the summer?
No, it is we, the dog owners, who
have taken up the quest for an outdoor
water source to serve all our needs, not
just those of one particular group!
Lastly, the argument of “noise, filth
and congestion” applies equally to the
two-legged users of the parks. I know
this given that I make it a habit to pick
up as much “human” garbage left behind
in our parks as I can on my daily dog
walks through town.
So please, citizens against dog parks,
remember you are not alone in this town.
Maybe if you owned dogs, you’d smile
more and complain less! Because, “Until
you own a dog, a part of one’s soul
remains unawakened” – French novelist
Anatole France.
Linda Hammerschmid
on behalf of the dog owners
of Montreal West
There seems to be gross
misunderstanding of what a
dog run is. Dog runs are so
named so dogs can run =
exercise. Being an exercise facility, there
are basic minimum dimension requirements so that the dogs can actually exercise safely. The municipal trend over
North America is to consider dog runs as
an essential sport/recreational facility.
When dogs have the opportunity to
interact and play with others in a safe
place as dog runs, they are happier,
healthier and quieter.
The health benefits of pet ownership
are many. Many seniors feel more secure
with the companionship of a dog. This
lifestyle increases daily exercise as well
as a connection to the neighborhood and
community, reducing social isolation.
Pet therapy has been successful in supporting the kinetic needs of those with
Alzheimer, autism spectrum disorders and
mental health patients. We have our own
Foundation Place Coco. Children are more
social and compassionate and learn valuable life lessons through pet ownership.
The presence of dog owners makes
towns safer because dogs are walked 2-4
times a day, 365 days per year. Westmount
has harnessed this reality and created a
partnership with their public security,
having free volunteer neighborhood patrol.
Just about every municipality on the
Island has at least one. Our neighbors
Côte Saint-Luc, Hampstead and Pointe
Claire each have one, Lachine and
Dorval each have two, NDG has four and
Westmount has three fenced, 4 unfenced
and Summit woods.
The two main issues are odor and
noise. We have a competent team of
public workers that can empty garbage
cans regularly and public security officers who can lock a gate at designated
curfew times. Thus there should be neither smell nor noise late in the evening.
The benefits outweigh the perceived
problems. Our Town has 14 parks. With
the cooperation of Council, public works
and public security there is no valid
reason for this Town not to create a
single successful dog run.
Anyone wishing to see what a successful dog run looks like should visit the
newly landscaped run in Hampstead
corner Queen Mary and Fleet or the run
in King George Park in Westmount.
With all the wars, terrorism and social
instability in the world do we really need
to “fiercely fight” (to use Mr. Cairns
words) our neighbors? May I suggest that
those so opposed befriend one of your
neighbors and walk with him and his
dog, visit the neighborhood, smell the
flowers, live in the moment and perhaps
you may find that you are more relaxed.
You may add some years to your life. Pet
owners statistically live longer!
Louise Chenevert, B.Ed. McGill,
Former member of the Montreal West
Dog Owners’ Group and
Chinook’s companion
Parading dogs!
We’re looking for interested dog owners to walk in this year's
Canada Day Parade with their well-behaved, child friendly dogs.
For more information: [email protected]
Laris Thompson, named to
the Quebec Freestyle Moguls Ski Team
This was the call Laris Thompson
received Wednesday night May 8, from
the Head Coach of the Team. A call I’m
sure Laris will not forget.
Let me tell you how Laris, a 16-yearold MoWest resident, grade 11 student at
Royal West Academy who spent his elementary school years at Edinburgh
School and made it to this point. He
began skiing at the age of 3 at Ski Morin
Heights. For most of his skiing life, he
has called Mont Tremblant home.
Having just completed his 4th year on
the Val St. Come Moguls team, this past
year was his best. Winning medals at 5 of
6 Provincial competitions (3 Gold, 1
Silver and a Bronze).
On the National scene, Laris finished
8th in the Canadian Series at Mt. Ste.
Anne and participated in his 1st competition out west at Apex Mountain in BC.
This was a particular challenge for him,
as he had to get used to the technique of
skiing with the snow load that out West
can serve.
Finally, internationally, a NorAm
competition was held at Val St-Côme,
with athletes from Canada, USA,
The annual children’s edition of the
MoWest Artists’ Showcase is on view at
the Town Hall for the summer. As usual,
the Town’s young artists have created
some colourful and inventive work, so
don’t miss it. The exhibit will continue
until early September.
Meanwhile, adult artists, photographers, potters and other creators are
invited to prepare for the fall edition of
the Artists’ Showcase. The theme
Nature’s Miracles can cover a broad
range of subject matter inspired by the
textures of leaves, the bright colours of
bird plumage or the gleam of sunlight on
All amateur and professional artists
who reside in Montreal West are encouraged to participate. Looking further
down the road, the tentative theme for
next winter’s showcase is Urban Edge.
The deadline for submissions for the
fall show is September 16.
To find out more, or to get an application form, go to the MoWest website
under “culture” or pick up a sheet at the
Town Hall office. You may also contact
Elizabeth Ulin at [email protected], 486-1081, for details.
Australia and Japan. Laris finished 26th
out of 75 competitors.
It takes a lot of work and time, to train
and keep in shape by training on the
trampoline at Acrosport Barani in Laval.
Weekly training through the winter, on
the slopes at Mont Saint Sauveur with
the Acroski Laurentides team and offseason on the trampoline with the team,
in St. Jerome. Water ramps in the
summer in St. Hippolyte and Quebec
City. Last but not least, finding time to
work out at the gym, on his arms and
chest and legs and core.
Looking ahead to this summer and
what Laris is particularly excited about,
is spending 18 days training on the
slopes in France, preparing for
Provincial, National and NorAm competitions awaiting him, next winter.
In closing, as Laris mentioned during
our interview, all this could not be possible, without the support of his parents,
Kristine and Steve.
Laris, the hard work has paid off.
Good luck!
from Jon (Rusty) Wiersma
N.D.G. & Montreal West
Real Estate Agency
Agence immobilière
Park ’n Lot 2.0
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And your invitation to participate
The Royal West Academy’s Environment Committee is calling on your help.
The Park ’n Lot 2.0 project is very near
its fundraising objective and needs you to
pitch in if you can.
The latest fundraising effort is a
“crowdfunding” campaign on the recognized fundraising site Indiegogo. It
allows us to present the project to the
public and to gather pledges from friends
and strangers alike. The EC has put
together a funny video to catch your
attention but the project is very well
explained on the site as well. See it here:
There are three ways to help us with
what is left to do with this project:
1. Make a pledge of any amount you
can. $5 takes away $5 worth of
asphalt and replaces it with $5
worth of plants and trees.
2. Share this campaign with your
friends by email, on Facebook,
Twitter or word of mouth. Follow
the Park ’n Lot project on FB or
Twitter and “like” the pages.
3. Come and help us implement the
project by coming by every
Monday and Thursday from 3 pm
to 5 pm.
This project is the biggest greening
effort the school has seen in a long time.
It seeks to remove the asphalt from the
vacant parking lot located on Ainslie
Road to turn it into a garden and a public
green space for students and community
to enjoy.
Collaboration with
Action communiterre
Real Estate Brokers . Courtiers immobiliers
office: 514 483-5800
Realized in collaboration with Action
communiterre, a community organization
dedicated to urban agriculture, food security, social mix and health, this project
emerges from the work of very dedicated
and hard working students. This project
has received nothing but praise from
neighbours and gardeners from the community for its beautifying effect on the
street and its community feeling.
Any question: follow us on FB,
Twitter (@parknlotproject) or write to us.
Happy Earth week at RWA!
The RWA Environment committee
and Mr. Desilets
Stephen Coull, Jason Demers, Anita Wick, Kathleen Coull and Belinda Herder
Stephen Coull:
Passionate philanthropist
by Maurice Krystal
If you are walking north on West minster, just past Mini-Coût, you see
two storefront establishments that don’t
seem to be stores. There are no products
in the windows and the blinds in one
of them make it a little difficult to see
what’s on the other side of the glass.
The sign says R.C. Coull Inc. and soon
you realize this is an office. Its twin
brother, All Financial Services, written
up in The Informer about a year ago,
used to be the long established premises
of Hall’s Florist.
R.C. Coull Inc. was incorporated as a
company by Reginald Chester Coull on
December 23, 1954, the same day his
son, Stephen, was born. The office was
previously located on Monkland Ave.
and when rent dramatically increased,
Stephen moved the company to
Westminster in 1998. His initial intent
was to rent, but the owner of the building
was keen to sell so Stephen seized the
opportunity. The family had previously
moved from the West Island to MoWest
six years earlier.
R.C. Coull Inc. is a property damage
insurance brokerage, specializing in
home, commercial and auto insurance.
There are five people on staff; unlike large
insurance companies, you can actually
talk to the same person every time you
place a call. Stephen’s wife, Kathleen,
also a fellow Gaspésienne, was trained as
a nurse and worked for many years at St.
Mary’s hospital. She joined the firm in
1993 when the Queen Elizabeth Hospital
closed and a long time employee succumbed to cancer. Rounding out the office
are Jason Demers who has been with the
company for 11 years and studied
International Business at Concordia;
Belinda Herder who has experience
working in automobile insurance since
1978 and has been a broker for the last 10
years; and Anita Wick, the receptionist
for the past six years.
Stephen has a Bachelor of Commerce
degree from Concordia and everyone is
licensed by the AMF (Autorité des
marchés financiers), the body mandated
by the government of Quebec to regulate
the province’s financial markets.
Stephen is passionate about philanthropic causes. He supports many local
fundraisers in MoWest. His family came
from New Carlisle in the Gaspé area and
they visit the family home by the water
whenever they can. The region is world
famous for its Atlantic salmon rivers and,
not surprisingly, Stephen is an avid fly
fisherman. Stephen is a past director,
event organizer and Roll of Honour
recipient of the Atlantic Salmon
Federation; an organization dedicated to
preserving Atlantic salmon with 20,000
members worldwide.
Stephen has always been an ardent
supporter of the Shriners’ Hospital for
Children. Shriners is a philanthropy dedicated to orthopedic research and treatment of children. They are most recognizable by their red fez and fun-loving
parades. The only Canadian hospital,
here in Montreal, specializes in orthopedics and in 2015, when the new facility
opens next to the Glen Yards super hospital; it will be the largest in the Shriners’
network of 21 hospitals in North America
and Mexico. Stephen served on the hospital board for nine years.
Stephen and Kathleen have four children who grew up in our town. Stephanie
is a teacher at the Sacred Heart School of
Montreal, the high school she and both of
her sisters attended. Madelyn is a student
in psychology, Matthew is in civil engineering at Concordia and Allison is a student in commerce at Marionopolis.
Stephanie and Allison have kept alive
their mother’s Irish heritage by excelling
in Irish dance, bringing home bronze
from the World Irish Dance
Championships last Easter.
Their father is also very sports
minded. Growing up in Verdun, Stephen
played football for Verdun High School
and was on a City of Montreal championship volleyball team. In the board
room of R.C. Coull Inc, there are signed
and framed sweaters of hockey and football heroes creating a warm welcoming
atmosphere. The team at R.C. Coull
invites you to drop by for a no obligation
quote or simply to say hello!
68 Westminster Av. North
Tel: 481-1134
Fax: 481-1136
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.rccoull.com
Rotary Club
Our summer kick off
event takes place 6:30
pm: Saturday June 1 at
the Arena. Tickets are
$75/each and can be purchased through any Rotarian or through
me at 486-5373 or by e-mail at
[email protected] . There will be
partial tax receipts issued at a later date
based on profit for all tickets purchased.
Children 16 and under are half price, 10
and under are free. It is an all you can eat
lobster affair with many extras. There
will be a cash bar along with a silent auction, open auction and raffle.
Mission Sourires D’Afrique
Our Montreal Westward Rotary Club
has had the chance these past two years
to team up with Dr. Louise CaouetteLaberge and her team of doctors and
volunteers. We were introduced to the
Mission Sourires d’Afrique concept by
MoWest resident, mission volunteer and
Rotarian Geoff Adams. Geoff has been
involved with Louise et al. for over
seven years. Geoff joined Rotary a year
and a half ago realizing that by teaming
Rotary with his mission project we could
more than double our results.
Dr. Laberge visited us as our guest
speaker for the second time on Thursday,
May 9. Her passion and pride for this
project is overwhelming. Mission
Sourires d’Afrique is a Quebec-based
organization that provides much needed
medical services to predominantly
French speaking, under privileged
African countries. Mission Sourires
d’Afrique has grown over the years and
now represents a team of more than
40 passionate and dedicated volunteers:
Rotary President Simon Allotey, Dr. Louise Caouette-Laberge and Dr. Nii Quao
surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, respiratory therapists and nurses
from a variety of Montreal medical institutions such as Sainte-Justine UHC,
Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital and
the Children’s.
Additional team members include
volunteers from the business community.
Everyone contributes to the overall
fundraising efforts in order to finance
each mission consisting of approximately
20 volunteers. Dr. Louise CaouetteLaberge, MD, FRCSC, is the founder of
Mission Sourires d’Afrique and is chief
of plastic surgery at Sainte-Justine UHC
and a professor at Université of
Montréal. She has taught pediatric plastic
surgery at Sainte-Justine UHC for more
than 30 years and is the author of several
scientific publications related to reconstructive surgery for children. She has
volunteered for more than 25 surgical
missions in several developing countries,
as both a surgeon and a visiting professor. In 2006, Dr. Laberge received the
Canadian Medical Association’s May
Cohen Award for Women Mentors. Since
2007, she has directed the medical team
offering specialized care in Africa.
Paul Harris Fellowship Awards
Over the past 18 months, our club has
honoured three community members
(Janet King, Ann MacKay and Joan
Foster) with the Paul Harris Fellowship
for exemplary community service. Paul
Harris was the founder of Rotary and the
fellowship is named in his honour. To
continue this award, we invite you to
submit names of other community members along with a brief resume of their
exemplary community service to me by
e-mail at [email protected]
The Montreal Westward Rotary Club
is welcoming one time and regular visitors and is always looking to embrace
new members.
Our club meets at noon every
Thursday at the Town Hall for lunch. We
often have very interesting guest
speakers. Come check us out some time.
For further information, please contact
Doug Yeats at [email protected]
or by phone 486-5373.
from Doug Yeats
Allow me to introduce
Nouvelle Lune Restaurant
by Heather Baylis
Catherine Gardner
Real estate broker
Courtier immobilier
Groupe Sutton
Centre-Ouest Inc.
[email protected]
There is another restaurant to add to
the wide variety of cuisines available in
MoWest: an Indo-Sri Lankan restaurant
called Nouvelle Lune that opened a year
ago, but, until now, was missed in The
Informer’s review of new businesses.
Finally the spot light is on Nouvelle
Lune a family-run (mainly dad, mom and
son), family-oriented restaurant that specializes not only in mouth-watering IndoSri Lankan dishes (personal favourites:
butter chicken, chana masala, and
samosas), but also traditional North
American fare like baby back ribs, grilled
salmon, steak and bison! There’s sure to
be something to tempt even the pickiest
(most selective?) eater in the family
because there are also sandwiches, wraps
and burgers with fries.
If you don’t go during the rush times,
you might get the chance to meet Saman
Withanage, the chef. Saman was initiated into the culinary trade at age 16 by
his father and then went on to culinary
school for a diploma. For 17 years
Saman worked in a three-star hotel in
Colombo, Ceylon where to ensure
everyone thoroughly understood and
appreciated all aspects of restaurant operation, staff rotated from cooking, to
waiting table, to dishwashing, to maitre
d’. Saman even spent several years
working in New York City. Saman
believes in healthy food and uses only
fresh herbs. And, dressings are homemade… from scratch!
Saman’s wife, Vajira Kuruwita, will
be helping out as Maitre d’ starting later
this summer.
Indika, Saman and Lanka
Son, Lanka, an MBA graduate of the
University of California, Irvine
(Woodbury), is currently giving his parents
a hand by waiting table and bartending.
In a rush? You can order take-out
meals or Saman will cater for private
parties at your home or in the restaurant
which holds approximately 50 people.
There are seasonal sporting evenings
(hockey play offs and Super Bowl) and a
happy hour (Wednesday to Friday, 4-8
pm). Future plans include North
American style breakfast.
And, if you’re an art lover, you will be
impressed by the colourful paintings by
cousin Indika Wijerrathne, that adorn
the walls. Indika, who also helps out in
the restaurant, is planning on having a
vernissage some time this summer. Not
to be missed!
45 Westmminster North
Phone: 481-7731
Hours: Monday to Friday: 11 am - 10 pm
Saturday: noon - 8 pm
Sunday: look for the “open” sign
(514) 481-5665
MON to FRI: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
SATURDAY: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
214A Promenade Ronald Drive
Elizabeth Ballantyne School
Du français à l’école Elizabeth Ballantyne
« Jean de La Fontaine, pour vous
servir » a répliqué M. de La Fontaine,
parlant à M. Brown, directeur de l’école
Elizabeth Ballantyne.
Ne vous laissez pas impressionner, il
ne s’agit que d’une réplique de la pièce
de théâtre présentée par des élèves
d’Elizabeth Ballantyne, pour la semaine
dédiée au français.
Au programme de cette semaine figurait, cette année, plusieurs activités, dont
un bingo des mots, un concours d’épellation, une chasse aux trésors à travers l’école, du théâtre et une activité autour de
la culture québécoise. Cette dernière
activité fut un après-midi très animé au
cours duquel les élèves ont chanté, dansé
et joué de la cuillère comme on le faisait
autrefois dans les salons québécois.
Jouant une pièce intitulée « Nous vous
écoutons M. Jean de La Fontaine », les
élèves du 3e cycle se sont appliqués à
faire revivre ce poète français à travers
ses fables.
Dans la pièce, M. de La Fontaine
avait pour mission d’inspirer le directeur
de l’école Elizabeth Ballantyne, soucieux
de trouver des conseils appropriés à offrir
aux finissants de 6e année. Au cours de
la pièce, les animaux des fables, le corbeau et le renard, le lièvre et la tortue, la
cigale et la fourmi, étaient tous présents
pour encadrer le laboureur et ses enfants.
Ils ont rivalisé d’astuces pour mettre les
élèves en garde contre les paroles flatteuses et la perte de temps, ou encore
pour leur rappeler les bienfaits d’une
bonne planification et leur démontrer que
le travail est un trésor.
Ces conseils, déclamés dans une dic-
tion parfaite, ont fait honneur à M. de La
Fontaine. Sur le modèle des tragédies
grecques, un chœur reprenait, à répétition, la morale de chacune des fables et à
la manière du théâtre pluridisciplinaire,
différents arts de scène, une interprétation musicale, une chanson et des danses
s’intercalaient harmonieusement entre les
D’un grand chef iroquois, M. Brown a
aussi reçu des messages empreints de la
sagesse des Premières Nations. Ces messages rappelaient les obligations des êtres
humains envers la Terre, dont la garde
nous a été confiée.
Pour conclure, les finissants, riches
des conseils reçus, ont illustré le modèle
de vie qu’ils ont décidé de choisir en
lisant le poème « Si » de Rudyard
Kipling et ils ont chanté l’hymne
« Enfants de tous pays », une chanson
très inspirante d’Enrico Macias.
Voilà comment se vit le français à l’école Elizabeth Ballantyne, une langue
d’apprentissage qui bouge et qui joint
l’utile à l’agréable.
Guerda Douyon
(Tuteur de français à EBS)
Dr. Mark Santaguida, O.D.
docteur en optométrie / optometrist
• examen de la vue • eye exams
• lunettes
• glasses
• verres de contact • contact lenses
• consultation laser • laser consultation
514 481- 4791
43a av. Westminster Ave. N. Mtl West,QC H4X 1Y8
Although it seemed to take forever for
the snow to leave the soccer fields,
spring finally arrived and soccer season
is under way. We would like to thank all
of our soccer registrants for their
patience and understanding as we
launched both online registration AND
online payment for soccer. Although
there were a few start-up glitches, the
reports from our members suggest that
doing both of these things online was a
great success. For managing our programs, the online system provides immediate access to member contact information and helps us keep our members
updated on all of the program dates and
schedules. Please go to our web site
mwcrasports.ca for more information.
Coaching clinic
Our soccer committee organized a
coaching clinic for our soccer coaches
this year. All of the coaches met at
Hodgson Field and spent the better part
of a Saturday morning learning drills and
doing drills. The reports were that many
of the coaches even broke a sweat!
Following the drills session, Ronny
Varga from Action Sports Physio and
reAct, did a presentation for the coaches
on concussion prevention, treatment, and
follow up. The CRA is committed to
educating all of our coaches so that they
will be better able to identify when a
child has suffered a concussion and be
aware of the necessary steps to bring
them back to play.
In addition to soccer, MoWest baseball, our (in)famous Mud Hens, are at it
for another season. This year has been a
big year for baseball in MoWest with
three full squads for the first time ever.
You can catch a home game at the baseball field in Percival Park, just behind
Elizabeth Ballantyne School. Come
cheer on our intrepid baseball players!
Any ideas for new programs?
The CRA is always interested in
hearing your ideas for any new programs
you might want to see us offer. Please
contact our Program Manager, Chris
Rasytinis, at [email protected] and
let him know of any suggestions you
might have.
We hope that everyone has a great
summer and look forward to seeing you
in the fall.
Civic Recreation Association
De belles réalisations enjolivent notre printemps
École des Amis-du-monde
madame Laïla Héloua, auteure.
Voilà une autre belle réalisation de
notre nouvelle école.
Pour apprendre dans le plaisir. Pour
apprendre à se dépasser.
De l’énergie à revendre!
Quel beau printemps à l’École des
Amis-du-Monde! Les occasions d’apprendre en s’amusant se multiplient, pour
le plus grand bénéfice de nos jeunes.
Les saveurs d’ailleurs,
les produits d’ici
Madame Lina Fortin, notre directrice,
décrit ce projet si apprécié par les enfants.
« Le 16 mai, les élèves de la maternelle et de la 4e année ont présenté les
réalisations du projet L’épicerie d’aujourd’hui. L’Exposition a pris la forme d’un
grand marché public. Les éducateurs du
service de garde associés aux titulaires
ont réalisé avec eux de belles présentations artistiques, scientifiques et littéraires. Dans le cadre du chantier
« Vivre en français à la CSMB » et pour
illustrer la diversité culturelle du Québec
d’aujourd’hui, nos élèves ont écrit de
petits contes à la manière de madame
Laïla Héloua, auteure de littérature
jeunesse. Ces contes figuraient parmi les
pièces de résistance de cet événement
haut en couleurs.
Le montage de l’exposition a été coordonné par madame Loredana Nimara.
Elle a préparé plusieurs kiosques avec les
membres du personnel et les élèves
engagés dans ce projet. Les saveurs
d’ailleurs et les produits d’ici reflète
l’évolution de l’épicerie québécoise et la
richesse du partage des cultures.
Nous avons reçu la visite de plusieurs
personnes impliquées dans le développement du « Vivre ensemble en français à la
CSMB » notamment, madame Aïda
Kamar, présidente de Vision diversité,
quelques commissaires de la CSMB, et
Madame Valentina et monsieur
Michel ont organisé une journée sportive
afin que les élèves récoltent des cubes
d’énergie pour le Défi Pierre Lavoie. La
joie de vivre était au rendez-vous! L’aide
du personnel de l’école et des parents a
été grandement appréciée. Merci également à John Patrick Marilley (groupe
103) pour son superbe dessin sur le
thème de l’activité physique.
L’entrée des artistesQ
De beaux spectacles de fin d’année
étaient à l’affiche en mai. Les enfants ont
joué leurs pièces de théâtre et chanté dans
la chorale avec grande fierté. Les familles
ont beaucoup apprécié ces divertissements. Félicitations et merci à madame
Line, spécialiste d’art dramatique et à
madame Isabelle, spécialiste de musique,
pour ces réalisations dignes de mention.
Voici l’appréciation de quelques élèves :
« J’ai vraiment aimé faire le spectacle et
regarder les autres pièces. J'ai aimé me
déguiser en lapin. J'aimerais beaucoup en
faire d’autres parce que c'est très amusant! »
Esmée (groupe 402)
« J’ai aimé regarder les spectacles
parce qu’ils sont très drôles. Ma pièce
préférée était Les anniversaires de la
Princesse Narcissette ».
Saydie (groupe 202)
« J’ai joué dans La grande aventure
de la grenouille philosophique. J’ai eu le
rôle de la plus intelligente des
grenouilles, mais elle était la plus sourde
aussi! »
Hannah (groupe 402)
« J’ai adoré chanter dans un chœur à
deux voix. Quel beau défi ! »
Auréliane (groupe 401)
Edinburgh School
On April 30, 5000 elementary students and 2500 highschool kids from all over
Montreal gathered on Mount
Royal to participate in the
Halo Road Race. We are proud
to congratulate all our 111
Edinburgh students who chose
to run and did very well. A
special mention goes to Clara
Messier-Lavallee (Grade 3) –
3rd pace, Alexia Marcotte
(Grade 4) – 4th place, Louis
Messier-Lavallee (Grade 5) –
2nd place and Katia Marcotte
(Grade 6) – 2nd place! Welldone everyone!
And of course, Edinburgh’s
success in sports would have
been impossible without Jim
Reimer. Several students
asked me if I could write about
their favourite teacher, so Jim
and I sat down for a little chat.
Originally from BC, Jim
swam with Vancouver Dol phins until the age of 16. I
guess it’s no big surprise to
find out that in high school,
he became first in wresting in
Vancouver, then first in BC.
But did you know he tried for
1972 Olympics!?
Right from the start, it was
always his dream to become a
phys ed teacher, but, at the
time, there were no positions
open and for three years he
went to study forest engineering. But... he missed
hockey, skiing, baseball, so
with one year left, he quit,
applied to McGill and transferred to Montreal.
When he came to Edin -
Grade 6ers and excellent runners, Melika White, Katya Marcotte,
Abigail Delaney and Darcy Sabourin waiting to run the Halo Race.
burgh back in 1996, gym was
mainly soccer. He brought in
touch football and ultimate
frisbee and he
says he’s proud of
it. He loves to
make up new
games and the
kids love to play
them: three-pin
pinball, Dentist
Tag, Skunk Tag,
four-corner soccer.
Another favourite
is Capture the
Flag. “But I didn’t Jim Reimer
make this one up,” he smiles.
This is Jim’s 16th year in
Edinburgh (where he has
worked with four principals!). “It’s a privilege to
teach them,” he says. “Watch
them as they grow from
Kindergarten to Grade 6. See
how they improve their
sportsmanship, how they
learn to get along.”
Well, the privilege is all ours. As
my daughter is
graduating this
year, I would like
to tell Jim a big
thank you – for
the races and the
skunk tags and for
all the fun and
Girls’ Club
And now, let’s talk about
something completely different. How many of you
know that at Edinburgh we
have a Girls’ Club?! The idea
belongs to Mme Stephanie
Bliksman, our behaviour specialist. The program runs for
2-3 months and is open to girls
from Grades 3-4. First, the
girls get to fill in a questionnaire. Then a group is formed
of eight girls who meet once a
week for lunch and chit-chat.
They’d talk about friendship
and relationship issues: fighting with a friend, liking a boy
.... They also get some “homework” to think about. What I
am good at and not so good?
What is a good friend, a bad
one? What qualities do you
look for in a friend?
At their meetings, they do
role-playing and talk about
common problems they might
face at school. Grade 4 girls
do a skit which turns into a
video project that they later
show to the whole class. The
first project was called
Excluded: a new girl comes to
school and everyone is gossiping about her. Now the
group is working on this scenario: a group of girls who
had a fight are going on a talk
show. Sounds almost like a
theatre production, doesn’t it?
It’s a good thing that Mme
Stephanie brings together girls
who were not necessarily
friends before. This way they
get to know the kids they
would not normally talk to.
And it’s amazing how many
things they all of a sudden
find in common! “They are
still learning,” Mme Stephanie
says. “But now they recognize
when to reach out for help and
when to help others.”
by Julia Ross
Edinburgh PSA
(After School Program)
Are you a dynamic, outdoorsy
and creative person who would
love to spend your afternoons
(Monday to Friday from 2-6 pm)
working in our busy afterschool
program? If you are nurturing,
bilingual, motivated and a team
playerN then we would love to
hear from you! Previous work
experience or an early childhood
education diploma is preferable.
Please email us a copy of your
cv and a letter of intent to
[email protected]
MW Scout Group
near Boston, also features a
destroyer, a submarine and
PT boats as well!
Many of us Scouts are
now looking forward to
summer camp at Tamaracouta
Scout Reserve, which will
have a Harry Potter theme
this year.
I think I can speak for all
the Scouts when I say we’ve
had a fantastic year. Thanks to
all our leaders and volunteers,
who make it all possible!
Well, another successful
and fun Cub year has come to
a close. There was an
advancement ceremony for
the six Cubs who have had
fun and worked hard for the
past three years and are ready
to head off to Scouts. We will
miss them, but wish them
well in their continued adventures with Scouts. We know
there will be many opportunities to see them at future
MoWest Scouting activities.
At the same ceremony we
welcomed five Beavers who
are eager to start Cubs in the
fall. We invited them to join
in our last meeting of the year
so they can get a taste of the
fun in store for them at Cubs.
Many Cubs and their parents came out to the year-end
banquet at the Town Hall.
Many thanks to Rainbow
(Karen Johnstone) and all
the organizers for a really fun
evening. We had face
painting by Kailin from the
Community Centre and one
of our Cubs was even called
up on stage as a magician’s
assistant and he did a great
job! As usual, the salads and
desserts were great!
One of our Cub leaders,
Raksha (Nickie Garand),
announced she is retiring
from Scouting and received a
special acknowledgement for
her close to 20 years of service! She’ll be available as a
resource leader so we’ll see
her from time to time. Thanks
Raksha! See you around.
Stay tuned to future issues
of The Informer for pictures
and stories from our trip to
Battleship Cove!
by Darzee
(Lee-Ann Simpson)
The Scout Group ended
the scouting year with a ton
of exciting activities. April
and May were jam packed
by Isaac Million-Lovett,
3rd-year Scout
with excursions and special
meetings. At the end of April,
most of us participated in the
urban scavenger hunt which
included walking around
downtown Montreal’s tourist
areas, trying to find the
answers to questions like
“How many bananas could fit
from one end to the other of
the narrowest part of the St.
Lawrence River?”
During our weekly meetings, we’ve had visits from
both Eco-quartier and
MoWest Security, which were
very informative. For
instance, from Security
Officer Cliff we learned about
some of the outrageous laws
on the books for the Town of
Montreal West! At another
meeting, we raced our “Scout
Trucks,” and Jonathan
Halliday’s cub-car transport
truck won the Grand Prize.
Our spring camp took place
on Victoria Day weekend at
Lake Lovering Scout Reserve
in Memphramagog. We
LARPed the weekend away,
battling with foam swords we
had made in one of our meetings. (LARP stands for Live
Action Role Playing, by the
way.) We staged our battles at
an old fort we’d found in the
woods on an earlier trip and a
good time was had by all,
playing and hiking in the
We ended the month with
a bang (!) exploring the battleship USS Massachusetts
where we spent the night in
the crew quarters and roamed
freely on the battleship.
Battleship Cove, which is
Thanks to those who came
out and supported the
Venturer fundraiser BBQ at
Loblaw. Another great
weekend and many thanks to
Paul Shubin of Loblaw for
his help.
The Venturers attended a
sports’ night competition with
the Granny Grunt Group from
Greenfield Park. Soccer and
various versions of dodge ball
were on the agenda. Let me
just say, our guys have talent!
Coming up this spring and
summer: a rowing outing with
the Dawson Rowing Club,
hiking Mt. Washington and a
mini putt tournament (Rusty’s
favourite) to name a few.
by Jon (Rusty) Wiersma
Garden Sale
Thank you to all who
helped. Our top sales winners
for the Garden Sale were
honoured: in first place was
Ryan Cuthbert and very close
behind in second was Tayne
Ashenden-Henrie. Cub of
the Year was Leo Clark.
Congratulations to you all for
a super year.
Registration for the
2013/2014 year will begin in
the middle of August. Preprepared forms will be delivered to existing members.
New youth can get information and forms by contacting
Karen Johnstone at 4831152 or by e-mail: [email protected]
Girl Guides of Canada / Guides du Canada
April and May saw the MW
Guiding units wrapping up their
activities for the year.
A Spark, two Guides and a
Pathfinder all volunteered at the
Empty Bowls fundraiser at the
Unitarian Church of Montreal
on Saturday, April 13. Then they
went directly to help serve tea
(another fundraiser) at St.
Philip’s, where they were joined
by another Guide friend. These
girls did a fantastic job!
The Guiding year finished
with a fun weekend by combining an amazing Space Camp at Camp
Jackson Dodds with the provincially
organized Festi-Guides event.
Jackson Dodds Space Camp
The weather was fantastic, clear and
cool, perfect camping weather! The
Sparks and first year Brownies slept in a
multi-purpose building while the second
year Brownies joined the Guides tenting
on the Gypsy Village site. Apart from
trying to stay awake too long, they all
had a very good camping experience. All
the girls, even the 5-year-olds, hiked for
2 ½ hours round Lake Tamaracouta, after
having cooked their own rocket hot dogs
over fires at the Falls.
Some of the leaders had tweeted and
sent Facebook messages to Commander
Hadfield in advance, letting him know
we were camping at the Scouts Canada
property near Mille-Îsles. They also
shared with him that the girls were going
to be learning about him and other
Canadian astronauts, as well as some
constellations. On Saturday night, after a
fantastic campfire, the girls were star
gazing and spotted the International
Space Station (ISS). Much to everyone's
amazement, the ISS was changing
colours! The ISS “winked” us! We were
all were fascinated with the idea of
enlarging our horizons.
On Sunday morning, we packed up
and boarded a school bus to go to FestiGuides, a provincially organized event in
a nature park in Longueuil. Under a
blazing sun, we joined several hundred
other girls in science experiments, news
of international trips, a look at earlier
camping days and making water drinkable, before being joined by parents who
took weary happy Girl Guides home.
First aid
The Guides completed a First Aid
badge, including bandaging some
Brownie volunteers and packed up supplies for Auberge Transition. Brownies
made their own miniature first aid kits (in
pill boxes), with Band-Aids and safety
pins, a needle and thread, etc. Former
Brownies remember this task fondly and
some are still prepared to handle emergencies! The girls also know what to do
with a nosebleed, or what to do when a
younger brother puts his tongue on a cold
fence post in the winter and have done
skits on how to handle bullies or
cheating. The Guiding program aims to
help girls to become confident and courageous citizens of the world.
Cookies have sold well, another life
skill that starts with planning, teamwork,
selling skills, handling money. Thanks to
our many regular customers. This
fundraising subsidizes our camping and
other program opportunities. The mint
cookies will be available in September.
Summer camp
There is summer camp at Wa-thik-ane
and a District camping weekend August
23-25 before regular meetings start again
in early September.
Registration and volunteers
Registration, on-line via girlguides.ca
is open for all returning and new members. We need women to help at different
levels: occasional or regular assistance at
meetings, at camps, or behind the scenes
from home (paperwork, bookkeeping,
crafty ideas and so on). Please call
Christine at 483-3303 or Janet at 4816523 to see where your talents could fit
in to the program.
from Janet King
Simply the Best Burger
58 Westminster Ave N.
Talk of the Town
• Thank you
News from the Pews
MW United
MW Presbyterian
What makes May special?
As I sit here writing these words,
nature once again has us in her icy
grasp, but I refuse to turn on the furnace!
By this time tomorrow we are promised
a return to planting weather. In the
meantime, I hope the frost warnings pass
us by.
...the brick one
Love to see the Musical Wednesday
arrive each year. The church and the NDG
Seniors’ Council make every effort to
bring in people who normally can’t get to
cultural events due to mobility issues, etc.
So here was a super program: a violin,
cello and piano trio, who donated their
talent; an accessible setting; a great tea
and all in aid of the Extra Miles Program.
Our community in so many forms,
making a difference in so many ways.
June is upon us
16 Westminster N. #315
Tel: 487-4577
Fax: 487-8376
Why choose just anyone,
when you can move with
Since 1932
When personal service seems like history,
you’ll be pleased with Meldrum’s genuine
concern. We’ll make a helpful house call
...right away.
Our Sunday school has its seasonal
closing on June 2. The children will be
honoured in the 10 am service with lunch
to follow – Hot Dog! After that day, children who attend church may sit with their
families. Once again it has been a great
year with much learning and many highlights – not the least of which was the
May 12 service done entirely by the
young people. Remember the rainbow?
Thanks, Brenda Murray.
Can summer be far behind?
Our church remains open for worship
at 10 am through to and including July
28. We welcome any and all who may be
looking for a place to worship while they
visit the area or while their home church
is on vacation. During our summer services, the congregation will be asked to
suggest some favorite hymns to be sung
right then at designated times in the service. So this could be your chance to
make sure one of yours gets aired!
August – we’re gone fishin’.
Worship services resume at MWUC
on Sunday, September 8. Sunday school
and nursery services begin September 15.
Brenda Murray and Rev. Janet Bisset
will be back in the offices after Labour
Day. You can reach us at 482-3210 or
mwuc.org. May summer nourish your
soul and speak to your spirit. Travel well,
come home safe.
from Susan Upham
Many thanks to all who supported our
Card Party and Treasure, Book and Bake
Sale – both of which were very successful.
Our visit to the cabane à sucre was
great fun. What a wonderful way for
members of the congregation to get to
know each other on an informal basis.
The bus ride out to St. Eustache was
fairly subdued, but on the way back there
was laughter and chatter and music.
Ordinations and Baptisms
April 28 was a busy Sunday. Theo
Anyam, Howard Davidson and Rose
Ngo Oum were ordained as Elders of
MWPC. As well, there were two
Baptisms: Evan Nji Anyam, son of
Theo Anyam and Estella Bhi and
Othniel Ayafor, son of Wilson Ayafor
and Brenda Siriwah.
New Communicants
On Sunday, May 12 six new
Communicant members became part of
our church family. Six others were welcomed as friends and adherents. Space
restrictions prevent listing all your
names. We apologize.
Interim Moderator
We welcomed Rev. Joel Coppieters,
minister at Côte-des-Neiges Presbyterian
Church, as our new Interim Moderator.
Rev. Rod Ferguson will remain as
Stated Supply for the time being.
A conversational French course is
being planned and will start in
September. Interested community members are welcome to attend. More information at a later date.
Proud member of
Looking back
Stephen Coull B. Comm.
Courtier en Assurances de Dommages
Broker in Damage Insurance
68 Westminster Ave. N.
MW Presbyterian Church will remain
open all summer. Our weekly Sunday
service is held at 10:30 am and is followed by a social hour. All are welcome.
We hope you all have a wonderful
summer with family and friends.
from Janet Dimock
News from the Pews
St. Philip’s
St. Ignatius Parish
The sun shone on our annual community yard sale. A good time was had by
all. And we raised over $650 for the
NDG Food Depot.
The sunshine has also been good for
our masonry contractor’s repointing and
repairing the stonework. As of press
time, work has proceeded well and
should be completed by the first week of
Our Book and Bake Sale, despite a
rainy day which seems to keep customers
away, was also a success.
On Sunday, June 9, we will move into
summer with our annual parish picnic, on
the lawn immediately following the 10
am Eucharist. All are invited to join us.
On the following Sunday, June 16, we
will have a celebration of First Holy
Communion for some of our children.
If you haven’t noticed, more young
families are moving into Montreal West
and surroundings neighbourhoods.
Several new families have joined St.
Philip’s, and we now have a critical mass
of children to resume a full Sunday
School (for the past several years, our
Sunday school has been a bit informal,
depending on who shows up). Over the
summer we will be training teachers and
‘teachers aides’. Look for an exciting
launch in September.
Little Hearts Playgroup is a new parent/
child activity for parents with preschool
children from 0 to 5 years of age.
Parents come together with their children to play, socialize, have fun and learn
about God. Through stories, pictures,
songs, arts and crafts, children are introduced to the loving presence of Jesus
with themes that touch their daily lives:
friendship, nature, family.
Parents are helped to awaken their
children’s faith with simple tools.
We provide a place where families can
meet other families to share, find support
and make friends.
If you are a new mom and are looking
for a place to meet other mothers with
similar needs and interests, then this
activity is for you. For more information
contact Martha Dorotik at 487-2605 or
e-mail mdmartha [email protected]
Toy drive: we are looking for toys for
3- and 4-year-olds. If you have children
that have outgrown their toys: tricycles,
cars, kitchens, building blocks, we would
be very grateful if you could donate them
to use in our playgroup. You can drop
them off at the St. Ignatius Parish office.
Coming this September
in your neighbourhood:
Little Hearts Playgroup
Alexandre Kelemen, B.A. Econ.
Financial Security Advisor
1800 McGill College, Suite 1100
Office: 514-931-4242 ext. 2323
Cell: 514-572-9470
[email protected]
A division of London Life Insurance Company
Palmtop / laptop specialists since 1986
Wireless Pentium-M notebooks
Virus removal and repairs
37 Westminster Ave. N.
Richard Eckerlin We environmentally recycle old and
broken laptop/notebook computers.
45 Westminster South
Monday - Thursday
10 - 12, 2 - 4, 7 - 9
Adichie, C.
Atkinson, Kate
Life after Life
Baldacci, David
The Hit
Berg, Elizabeth
Tapestry of Fortunes
Cornwell, Bernard
Hosseini, Khaled
And the Mountains Echoed
LeCarre, John
The Delicate Truth
Oates, Joyce Carol
The Accursed
Roberts, Nora
Whiskey Beach
Rutherford, Edward
Strout, Elizabeth
The Burgess Boys
Wolitzer, Meg
The Interestings
Adler-Olsen, Jassi A Conspiracy of Faith
Box, C.J.
Breaking Point
Connolly, John
The Wrath of Angels
Cotterill, Colin
The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die
French, Nicci
Tuesday’s Gone
Gardner, Lisa
Touch & Go
Hart, Erin
The Book of Killowen
Leon, Donna
The Golden Egg
Pattison, Eliot
Mandarin Gate
Abraham, Carolyn The Juggler’s Children
Barnard, Neal Power Foods for the Brain
Duguid, Naomi Burma: Rivers of Flavor
Frred, Josh
He Who Laughs, Lasts
Gianturco, Paola
Grandmother Power
Orr, Stephen
Tomorrow’s Garden
Rathbone, Andy Windows 7 for Dummies
Richardson, Fern
Small Place Container Gardens
Roach, Mary
Spoto, Donald
The Redgraves
Dexter – season 7
Call the Midwife – season 2
Django Unchained
A Royal Affair Silver
Linings Playbook
Bomb Girls
Musicanto Choir
Thank you to all members of the community who saw the children from The
Musicanto Choir on May 14 at the MW
United Church. The children were
amazing and we were so proud of them!
The show was a benefit concert in
support for Muscular Dystrophy Canada.
Thank You to everyone who gave so generously.
If you have a child who is between the
ages of 9 to 16, we hope they will consider joining our team next September.
Information about our choir and our team
can be found at www.musicanto.ca.
Details regarding practices and registration will be posted on the website in
Enjoy the summer!
Heather Miller
Administrator, Musicanto
Dr. Michael J. Wexel
Chiropractor / Chiropracticien
Tel: 773-7246
E-mail: [email protected]
TEL: 514 806-3056
FAX: 514 484-4467
Email: [email protected]
18 Westminster N., Suite 110
Montreal West, QC H4X 1Y8
The MW Horticultural Society will
hold its annual Garden Tour again in
June. As usual, there will be approximately ten private gardens open to visitors from 1-4 pm. The gardens are within
walking distance of each other, making
for a pleasant afternoon ambling from
one property to another and getting ideas
from the gardens or just absorbing the
experience. Details will be sent to
MWHS members.
The next meeting of the horticultural
society will be Monday, September 15,
with a total of three meetings planned for
fall 2013, culminating in Dawn and
Bob’s Christmas arrangements evening
in December.
Membership, which runs from
January to December, is still only $15
and includes six meetings plus the annual
garden tour. The meetings are informal
with a guest speaker presentation on
some aspect of gardening. These talks
usually include luscious photo presentations and sometimes demonstrations, at
the end of which people have the opportunity to ask questions of the speaker
while indulging themselves in delicious
home-baked goodies and decaf coffee.
For membership and garden tour
information (a $15 package), please contact Susan Sladen at 489-4696.
Fundraiser travelogue
for IODE
Bob and Janet King hosted a travelogue fundraiser for HMS Victory
Chapter IODE at thef the Town Hall.
Thanks to Marian and Public Works for
setting up chairs and loaning us the projector and screen.
We served mate, Argentinean tea, and
baked goods. The audience saw and
heard about our trip through Buenos
Aires, the Iguazu Falls (ten times the size
of Niagara Falls) and the life with the
gauchos at Los Potreros (one of the items
on Bob’s bucket list) where he rode
through beautiful scenery for ten hours
over two days. My favourite was a burrowing owl that flies and eats by day and
shares a burrow with a rodent who is
The barbecued meat was, of course, a
highlight in Argentina as were the wines.
We saw Spanish architecture in the land
of the Incas in Chile and Peru and
Ecuador, with amazing stonework in
Macchu Picchu. In the 15th century,
without mortar, the Sun Gate on the Inca
Trail was oriented to the sunrise at the
summer solstice.
“Don’t step on the iguanas” was the
theme of the next adventure, as we traveled to the Galapagos Islands on a 90passenger ship. Under the very hot equatorial sun, we visited many birds,
including the blue-footed boobies and
brown noddies and also sealions and
very old tortoises;
For our last adventure, we were
driven 2 ½ hours from Coca, Equador, in
a fast, motorized canoe up the River
Napa, a half-mile wide tributary of the
Amazon, to an eco-lodge, La Selva, on
Lake Gazacocha. Between tours by
canoe or on foot in the jungle, we listened to a talk about the fact that
exploring and drillling in the jungle
means the destruction of the jungle’s
inhabitants’ habitat and way of life… but
the government needs money.
The travelogue was a very successful
IODE activities
Services of the chapter carry on with
deliveries of knitting and sewing supplies
to the Northern Quebec Module and support to our adopted class in Henry
Gordon Academy in Cartwright,
Labrador. Travel toiletries and other
items are welcome in the front porch of
131 Wolseley to support these works. We
provided scholarships to two Royal West
graduating students.
Anyone interested in helping is welcome.
from Janet King
Hours / Heures
Monday - Thursday / lundi - jeudi :
9 h 00 - 12 h 00; 13 h 30 - 18 h 00
Friday / vendredi :
9 h 00 - 12 h 00; 13 h 30 - 17 h 00
Saturday / samedi : 13 h 00 - 16 h 00
Please note that on Tuesday June 25,
we will be switching over to our summer
hours. The library will be open MondayThursday from 10-12:30 and from 2:305. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the
library will also be open from 6:30-8:30
pm. The library will be closed on June 24
and July 1.
Summer is almost here, and at the
library we are busy getting ready for our
always popular Summer Reading
Asian Adventure
For a nominal fee children aged 3 and
up are invited to join in our Asian
Adventure where children read books
and answer questions for stickers and
prizes. Children aged 4th grade and up
will love our race along the Great Wall of
China, where they can earn prizes and
gift certificates.
Groupe Sutton
Centre-Ouest Inc.
[email protected]
Mary Wilson
Courtier immobilier résidentiel
Asian Adventure is a drop in program
that runs during all library hours from
June 25 until the end of August.
Registration starts on June 25, but children are welcome to register at any point
throughout the summer.
Bedtime stories
Children aged three and up are invited
to join us Thursday evenings when we
will once again be offering our Bedtime
Stories. This is a drop-in story time, so
no registration is required. Pajamas and
Teddies are welcome! Bedtime Stories
will run from 7-7:30 pm on July 4 and
ending August 15.
Lego Club
Do your kids love to build? Bring
them to the library for a drop in Lego
Club, where children can let their imaginations run wild! For $2 per child they
are invited to stay in the library from 7-8
pm and explore our Lego collection. This
program is offered on Tuesday evenings
starting July 2 and ending August 13.
For more information on everything
going on in the library check our website
at www.mwcl.ca or come in and get our
summer brochure, available in early
Finally, the library has many issues of
National Geographic to donate. If you or
anyone you know is interested, feel free
to come in and help yourself.
Have a great summer!
Visit us on the web
52 Westminster Avenue N.
Montreal West, Quebec
H4X 1Z2
Tel: (514) 484-7131
Fax: (514) 484-3745
E-mail: [email protected]
Dr. Michael J. Wexel
Chiropractor / Chiropracticien
Tel: 773-7246
E-mail: [email protected]
18 Westminster N., Suite 110
Montreal West, QC H4X 1Y8
Environmentally yours
Choosing a
tree contractor
Whether fruit, ornamental or shade, trees
are a vital part of any
urban garden. Proper maintenance is
essential to keep trees healthy and safe.
In fact, one of the most important gardening decisions you will make is
choosing the right tree contractor.
After the 1998 ice storm, tree service
companies popped up like weeds, sometimes making it difficult to know if the
company you have selected is qualified
and uses the best practices for the health
of the tree. Ideally, a tree contractor
should be a member of the SIAQ (Société
Internationale d’Arboriculture du
Québec). A reputable company will
employ certified arborists or forestry
engineers or workers with a Vocational
Diploma (DEP) in Arboriculture/Pruning.
Look out for impostors; verify the company’s membership through the organizations’ websites.
You can save your tree (and a lot of
headaches) by watching out for contractors who:
• Suggest topping a tree (indiscriminately cutting all the branches of a
tree back to a specific height leaving
only “sticks” or tree skeleton). This is
an extremely harmful practice that
will result in a shortened lifespan of
the tree.
• Quote a price without seeing the tree
in person.
• Are quick to suggest the removal of a
tree without considering other options.
• “Diagnose” a pest problem and then
suggest large-scale spraying or some
other expensive “treatment”.
A reputable tree service company will
Consultation in
and the ideal colour
palette for your home
Design d’intérieur
44 Easton Ave.
Montreal West
Michael Brooker
BMI Kontrols
Weigh what you want
Change your thinking... Change your weight
Individual courses
Group courses at Vanier College
Tel.: (514) 481-8583
Fax: (514) 481-5428
72 Street
[email protected]
Montreal West, QC H4X 1H9
Google Michael Brooker Montreal West
expect you to ask for a written estimate
or contract, which includes provisions for
incidental property damage (Some homeowners may be ok with a couple dents in
the grass, while others may not). For tree
pruning, request that pruning specifications be included in the estimate. Over
pruning is very harmful to trees and, for
some companies, more branches cut
equals more money. When pruning, the
company should remove the least amount
of live tissue possible in order to achieve
the desired objective of the homeowner.
Make sure your objective is clear (i.e.,
more light, clearance from house, concerns about branch failure). Ask if they
use spurs when pruning. While common,
it is NOT an acceptable pruning practice.
Climbing spurs leave open wounds in the
trunk of the tree.
Finally, remember that YOU are the
owner of the home and the tree. Do not
let a contractor bully you into doing
something to your tree that you are not
comfortable with or that does not meet
your objectives. And do not be afraid to
ask for a second opinion. Enjoy your gardens!
from Julie Tasker-Brown,
Chair, Tree Committee
With nany thanks to Chris Robinson
JANE F. LEE, B.Sc., D.D.S.
Chirurgien Dentiste - Dental Surgeon
H4X 1Y8
Vôtre en environnement
Le choix d’un entrepreneur
en arboriculture
Qu’il s’agisse d’un
arbre fruitier, ornemental ou d’ombrage chacun
d’entre eux représente une partie essentielle de tout jardin de ville qui se respecte. Pour être sécuritaire et en santé, les
arbres doivent être entretenus. Le choix
du bon entrepreneur pour vos arbres est
l’une des plus importantes décisions que
vous aurez à prendre pour votre jardin.
Après la tempête de verglas de 1998, les
entreprises arboricoles ont poussée
comme des champignons rendant parfois
difficile le choix d’une entreprise ayant
les qualifications requises et faisant appel
aux meilleures pratiques pour la santé de
l’arbre. Idéalement, un entrepreneur en
arboriculture devrait faire partie de la
SIAQ (Société Internationale d’Arboriculture du Québec). Une entreprise digne
de confiance embauchera des arboristes
certifiés, ou des ingénieurs forestiers, ou
des travailleurs détenant un diplôme d’études professionnelles (DEP) en arboriculture/émondage. Méfiez-vous des
imposteurs, assurez-vous que l’entreprise
fasse bien partie des organismes professionnels en vérifiant leurs sites Web.
Vous pouvez sauver votre arbre (et
éviter les maux de tête) en évitant les
entrepreneurs qui:
• Suggèrent d’étêter l’arbre (en coupant
toutes les branches d’un arbre jusqu’à
une hauteur donnée, laissant juste des
bouts de branches ou le squelette de
l’arbre). Ceci est très nuisible et
réduira la durée de vie de votre arbre.
• Vous font un prix sans avoir euxmêmes vu l’arbre.
• Suggèrent rapidement l’élimination
d’un arbre sans examiner d’autres
• Posent un « diagnostic » de problème
de parasites puis suggèrent un
arrosage massif ou un autre « traitement » dispendieux.
Une entreprise d’arboriculture digne
de confiance s’attendra à ce que vous
demandiez un estimé ou un contrat écrit
comportant des dispositions sur les dommages éventuels à la propriété (certains
propriétaire pourraient ne pas s’offusquer
de quelques accrocs au gazon alors que
d’autres pourraient mal les prendre).
Demander que les spécifications d’émondage soient incluses dans l’estimé.
Un émondage excessif peut être très
nuisible pour les arbres et certaines entreprises augmentent leur prix en fonction
de la quantité de branches coupées. Lors
de l’émondage, l’entreprise doit enlever
le moins possible de matière vivante
pour réaliser l’objectif du propriétaire.
Assurez-vous que vos objectifs soient
clairs (c'est-à-dire : davantage de
lumière, dégagement d’un espace autour
de la maison, inquiétude sur la solidité
d’une branche). Demander s’ils utilisent
des étriers à griffes pour l’émondage.
Même si l’approche est répandue elle ne
fait PAS partie des pratiques d’émondage
acceptables. Les griffes laissent des
blessures ouvertes dans le tronc.
Enfin, rappelez-vous que le propriétaire de la maison et de l’arbre c’est
VOUS. Ne laissez pas l’entrepreneur
vous bousculer pour faire des choses à
votre arbre avec lesquelles vous ne seriez
pas à l’aise ou qui ne répondraient pas à
vos objectifs. Et ne craignez pas d’aller
chercher une deuxième opinion. Profitezbien de vos jardins!
Julie Tasker-Brown,
présidente, Comité de l’arbre
Avec tous mes remerciements à
Chris Robinson
Baking up fresh to order
gourmet cupcakes and specialty cakes.
We deliver our products directly to you!
CakePops - Dessert Tables
Candy Bars
Themed "Decorate Your Own Cupcakes" birthday parties.
Corporate Events - Fundraisers - Daycares
Les Cupcakes Emmagination
Montreal West
Charity Golf Tournament
Attention MoWest golfers: The
Montreal West Charity Golf Tournament
is quickly approaching! We are hitting
the links at Kanawaki Golf Club on
Monday, September 23 at 1 pm. With last
year’s inaugural event proving to be a
huge success, we are going even bigger
and better this time around!
This magnificent gathering will benefit great local causes: The Little Red
Play House/Coco’s Place, the Children’s
Library, Meals-on-Wheels and our organizing committee is still reaching out to
more MoWest do-gooders in need of
your support.
This is a great community event that
brings neighbours and friends together
for an afternoon of pleasant socialization.
Look up and down your block and see if
you can put together two couples or four
friends to come and join the day.
The entry fee for participants is $250
– including golf, cart, dinner and prizes!
Local and corporate
sponsors needed
Aside from golfers of all levels, we
are looking for support from generous
local and corporate sponsors. For $250
you can sponsor a hole, getting your
company’s name and banner on the tee
box. We are also looking for donations to
our prize pool, in the form of services or
products to entice future customers! All
contributors will be further recognized
during the tournament festivities and in
any additional marketing material.
For more information about registering as a participant, or becoming one
of our valued sponsors, please e-mail
us at [email protected]
We look forward to seeing you on the
first hole!
Town Council Report: April
by Carol Foster
A vigorous discussion
among some residents concerning a dog run experiment
set up in a small local park preceded the April meeting of Council and
the room filled quickly until there was
standing room only as the meeting began.
Mayor Masella effectively reduced
the tension in the room by opening his
remarks with the announcement that an
experimental dog run will no longer be
held in George Booth Park but, he added,
solutions will continue to be sought. This
news was greeted by applause. The
Mayor went on to report that information
concerning the installation of smart
meters is currently available on the
Town’s website and Hydro-Québec, after
meeting with Council, has offered to set
up a booth in the Town to answer any
questions if requested. The Mayor has
met with AMT officials concerning possible noise abatement at the yards but the
noise is expected to continue.
The report from the Town Clerk’s
Office included news that the audited
financial report showed an accumulated
surplus of $800,000. Several large grants
have been received for the work on
Sheraton and Radcliffe in 2013 and on
Brock South and Brynmor in 2014.
Under the Public Works item on the
agenda, the Mayor explained that the
Town is about to issue contracts covering
the work to be done on Sheraton and
Radcliffe. Considering the controversy
currently swirling around the awarding of
construction contracts, the Town is continuing to follow very closely the provincial
rules while “holding our nose” and going
forward. Walking away from sizable
grants to assist in this work would be folly.
Donna Nicholson
Councillor Tasker-Brown reminded
residents of the current parking restrictions for street cleaning and added that
the four-hour parking regulation is still
being reviewed. She pointed out that
Commander Bissonnette was in attendance to answer questions concerning the
recent mugging incidents in the Town.
She also cautioned residents to cooperate with the Public Security Office
and get facts before sending emails all
around Town. Tasker-Brown emphasized
that both sides have been listened to and
understood in the debates about the dogrun experiment. Cooperation is essential
as a solution must be found.
According to Councillor Ulin all new
Council resolutions can now be found on
the Town’s website. The issue of mould
in the arena continues to be monitored
but all recent reports are reassuring. A
Hazardous Waste Day, the popular Free
for All Day and the $10 Tree Give Away
are all scheduled. Councillor Ulin supported the need for cooperation in finding
a solution for space for both the fourlegged and the two-legged residents.
Councillor Mazzone explained that
the accumulated budget surplus comes
from a variety of sources including
larger-than-expected government grants,
income from healthy recreational programs, contributions from Pharmaprix
and the CRA as well as arrears in taxes.
The Town’s debt has been reduced by 12
percent over the past year and credit is
due to very efficient management.
Question period
Question period began with a resident
living on Brock North expressing appreciation for the new street and sidewalks. But
he was disappointed by the “ugly” new
35 years ++
Let my Experience Work for You
Serving the Montreal West area
in the buying and selling of homes.
For an informal rendez-vous,
please call.
street lights which give inferior light and
shine directly into bedrooms. The Mayor
explained that the move to the new LED
lights is because they are considered to be
more efficient and easier to maintain;
however, he appreciated the feedback.
More appreciation, this time for the
traffic-calming measures appearing in the
Town, came from a resident of
Westminster North. He felt that additional pedestrian crosswalk signage is
desirable at the foot of the hump bridge.
A Campbell resident who paid for a
permit for repairs to his driveway after a
water-main break was told he needed a
second permit for the same work as he
had delayed starting it over the winter.
He was surprised to learn a permit is
valid only for a period of six months.
The reports of muggings as well as
incidents of vandalism and theft
prompted real concerns about adequate
security presently in the Town by the
police and the PSOs. Commander
Bissonnette responded that police surveillance in the Town had increased following the muggings but they are now
engaged in the investigative process. The
Mayor suggested that Council could look
at the possibility of increasing the number
of security officers. Tasker-Brown added
that crime is actually down in the Town.
As expected, more discussion concerning the dog-run issue punctuated
question period. Opinions remained
divided even among several Councillors
but one resident from Bedbrook offered a
mollifying compromise. On behalf of the
residents living around George Booth
Park, he thanked Council for its decision
to cease the experiment in that area. He
went on to suggest that rather than
focusing on one spot, maximizing the
number of spots used would spread out
the activity and help everyone get along.
Councillor Tasker-Brown summed up
the situation several times by quietly
reviewing the problems and the possible
solutions. As open spaces are limited
within the Town, there is no ideal spot
where no one will be affected. This
means that, as a community, both compromises and sharing are required in
order to accommodate all residents.
Communication will play an essential
role in a compromise solution. Exactly
where and during what hours dogs will
be permitted to run off leash will be
made very clear so that both dog owners
and residents understand what is to be
shared. This clarification will also enable
the PSOs to enforce the regulations.
The meeting, which turned out to be
much more peaceful than might have
been expected, was adjourned.
Réunions ordinaires du Conseil : avril
par Carol Foster
traduction par René Boucher
Une discussion animée entre
quelques résidants à propos d’une
expérience d’aire d’exercice pour chiens
dans un petit parc a précédé la réunion
d’avril du conseil municipal et la salle
s’est rapidement remplie jusqu’à ce qu’il
ne reste que des places debout à l’ouverture de la séance.
Le maire Masella a efficacement apaisé
les tensions dans l’assistance en ouvrant ses
remarques par l’annonce de l’annulation de
l’expérience au parc George Booth; il a par
ailleurs ajouté que la recherche de solutions
se poursuit. Des applaudissements ont
accueilli cette nouvelle. Le maire a poursuivi en indiquant que des renseignements
sur l’installation des compteurs intelligents
sont offerts sur le site Web de la Ville et
qu’Hydro-Québec, après une rencontre
avec la Ville, avait offert d’installer un
stand pour répondre aux questions, si on le
lui demandait. Le maire a rencontré des
représentants de l’AMT concernant la
réduction du bruit au site d’entretien, mais
on doit s’attendre à ce que le bruit continue.
Du Greffe, on a appris que les rapports
financiers vérifiés affichaient un surplus
accumulé de 800 000 $. On a reçu
plusieurs grosses subventions pour les
travaux sur Sheraton et Radcliffe en 2013
et sur Brock Sud et Brynmor en 2014.
Au chapitre des Travaux publics, le
maire a expliqué que la Ville est sur le
point de passer des contrats pour les
travaux à effectuer sur Sheraton et
Radcliffe. Compte tenu de la controverse
entourant l’octroi des contrats de construction, la Ville continue à respecter
scrupuleusement les règlements provinciaux en vigueur tout en « se pinçant le
nez » et allant de l’avant. Passer outre à
d’importants subsides reliés à ces
ouvrages serait pure folie.
La conseillère Tasker-Brown a rappelé aux résidants les restrictions au stationnement pour le nettoyage des rues et
a ajouté que le règlement restreignant le
stationnement à quatre heures est toujours en révision. Elle a noté la présence
du Commandant Bissonnette et indiqué
qu’il était prêt à répondre aux questions
sur les attaques récentes dans la ville.
Elle a aussi incité les citoyens à collaborer avec la Sécurité publique et vérifier
les faits avant de distribuer des courriels
à gauche et à droite. Elle a insisté sur le
fait que, dans le débat sur l’expérience du
parc canin, partisans et opposants avaient
été entendus. Elle a réitéré que la colaboration est essentielle puisqu’il faut
trouver une solution.
Selon la conseillère Ulin, toutes les
nouvelles résolutions du Conseil se
retrouvent maintenant sur le site Web de
la ville. L’aréna demeure sous surveillance quant aux moisissures, mais tous
les récents rapports sont rassurants. Une
collecte de déchets dangereux, la populaire journée Bon débarras et les Arbres à
10 $ sont tous à l’agenda. Madame Ulin
est favorable à la collaboration pour en
arriver à une solution aux espaces accessibles aux résidants de la Ville, tant
quadrupèdes que bipèdes.
Le conseiller Mazzone a expliqué
que le surplus budgétaire accumulé
provient de sources variées, dont des
subventions gouvernementales plus
généreuses que prévu, des revenus des
programmes de loisirs en bonne santé,
des contributions de Pharmaprix et de
l’ARC ainsi que d’arrérages de taxes. Au
cours de la dernière année, la dette de la
Ville a fondu de 12 pour cent, grâce à
une gestion très efficace.
de questions
Un résidant de Brock Nord a ouvert la
période de questions par des remerciements pour les nouveaux trottoirs et la
chaussée. Par contre, il s’est dit déçu des
nouveaux lampadaires « laids » qui
éclairent moins bien et brillent directement dans les chambres à coucher. Le
maire a expliqué que le passage à l’éclairage à DEL se justifie par l’efficacité
énergétique et la plus grande facilité
d’entretien; ceci étant dit, il prend note
du commentaire.
Un résidant de Westminster Nord
avait aussi des remerciements, concernant cette fois les mesures d’apaisement
de la circulation qui apparaissent dans la
ville. Il croit que de l’affichage additionnel est requis au passage pour piétons
au pied du pont en dos d’âne.
Un résidant de Campbell qui a
acquitté le coût d’un permis pour
effectuer des réparations à son allée
d’autos par suite du bris d’une conduite
d’eau a appris qu’il devait payer pour un
second permis pour le même travail
parce qu’il avait retardé le début des
travaux pendant l’hiver. Il a appris avec
surprise qu’un permis n’est valable que
pour six mois.
Les rapports d’attaques de même que
les actes de vandalisme et les vols ont
suscité de réelles préoccupations quant à
la sécurité qu’offrent les policiers et les
agents de la Sécurité publique dans la
ville. Le commandant Bissonnette a
répondu que la surveillance policière s’é-
tait accrue par suite des attaques et que
maintenant on en était à l’étape de l’enquête. Le maire a suggéré que le Conseil
pourrait étudier la possibilité d’augmenter le nombre d’agents. Madame
Tasker-Brown a ajouté que la criminalité
était effectivement en baisse à M-O.
Comme prévu, la discussion sur le
parc canin a refait surface. Au sein
même du Conseil, les opinions diffèrent,
mais un résidant de Bedbrook a suggéré
un compromis. Au nom des habitants du
secteur du parc George Booth, il a
remercié le Conseil d’avoir annulé
l’essai dans ce secteur. Il a ensuite proposé qu’au lieu de concentrer sur un
endroit, utiliser de multiples emplacements répartirait l’activité et aiderait à
l’entente générale.
La conseillère Tasker-Brown a résumé
la situation à plusieurs reprises pendant
la soirée en révisant calmement les difficultés et les avenues de solution. Puisque
les espaces ouverts dans la ville sont limités, il n’existe aucun endroit idéal où
personne ne serait touché. Par conséquent, à titre de communauté, compromis et partage sont de rigueur pour
satisfaire l’ensemble des citoyens.
La communication jouera un rôle primordial dans toute solution de compromis. Précisément où et à quels
moments on permettra aux chiens de
courir sans laisse sera clairement indiqué
de sorte que tant les propriétaires de
chiens que les autres résidants comprennent ce qui doit être partagé. Cette clarté
permettra aussi aux agents de la Sécurité
publique de faire respecter le règlement.
On a clos la réunion qui, somme toute,
fut nettement plus paisible que ce à quoi
l'on aurait pu s’attendre, deux heures
après son ouverture.
Theopiste (Theo)
bur.: (514) 483-5800
fax: (514) 483-2699
mobile: (514) 898-3821
[email protected]
Groupe Sutton – Centre-Ouest Inc.
5800, avenue Monkland
Montreal, QC, H4A 1G1
Community Centre
Please note the Town will be conducting work in the following children’s
playground areas over the coming
weeks: Dave Reid, Rugby and Davies
Parks. The work has been initiated to
replace the old, dilapidated equipment
and ensure the Town conforms to the
Quebec safety code.
In an attempt to minimize the impact
on users and residents in the area, the
work will result in the temporary closure
of the each park for a short duration.
We appreciate your patience during
the renovation period.
tel. 514.866.4666
fax 514.866.4667
3 Soup’s On: speaker Bruno
Stenson: Revolution! “The
Rebellions” of 1837-1838
19 Trip to Upper Canada Village
and Upper Canada Playhouse:
Whose Wives Are They
27 Diners’ Club: lunch cruise
(AML- Cavalier Maxim)
5 International
Botanical Gardens
11 Trip to Brockville Arts Centre:
Abbamania & Night Fever
15 Trip to Festival des ARTS,
Georgeville-Fitch Bay
24 Trip to Hudson Theatre:
On a First Name Basis
2 Summer Tea Party
8 Trip to Upper Canada
Playhouse: No Sex, Please,
We’re British
13 Diners’ Club: Philinos
21 Trip to Theatre La Dame de
Coeur: La prophétie des
Charlevoix getaway:
September 11 - 13
Outdoor workout
Workout using the TRX Suspension
Trainer. The TRX Suspension Trainer is
the original, best-in-class workout
system that leverages gravity and your
body weight to perform hundreds of
exercises. You’re in control of how much
you want to challenge yourself on each
exercise… because you can simply
adjust your body position to add or
decrease resistance.
The TRX Suspension Trainer delivers
a fast, effective total-body workout; helps
build a rock-solid core; increases muscular endurance and benefits people of all
fitness levels. By utilizing your own body
weight, the TRX Suspension Trainer provides greater performance and functionality than large exercise machines.
Date: Starting July 3 for 6 weeks
(Meet at Hodgson Field)
Days: Wednesdays (rain or shine)
Time: 6:30 am
Cost: $90 (residents)
Maximum of 8-10 participants.
Register at the Community Centre at
Tuesday Bridge stops for
the summer and will start
again on September 24! New
players are always welcome.
Give us a call 484-6186.
For more information on
senior activities and special
events or any suggestions for
speakers or entertainment,
please call Marian Scully:
NOVA Foot Clinics
June 12 & 26,
July 10 & 24,
Aug 14 & 28
Fees for services:
$40 for the first visit and
$35 for subsequent visits
by appointment only
Summer programs
Registration for the half-day kids
summer programs is ongoing. Programs
for ages 2-10! Consult the website for
pricing details or call 484-6186 for more
information. Some great animators are
already signed up for the summer and are
looking forward to having a great
summer with the kids!
A few spaces
There are still a few
spaces available in the summer community centre programs. Choose between 1
to 5 days a week depending on the program. Programs offered are
Tiny Tots (2-3 ½ years): 9 am - noon
Little Buddies (3-5 ½ years): 9 am -1 pm
Les Amis (5-7 years): 9 am - 1 pm
Kidz Klub (7-9 years): 9 am - 1 pm
Summerfest (5-7 years): 1-4 pm
Kidz Klub (7-9 years): 1-4 pm
Creative Adventures (3-5 years):1-4 pm
For additional information, please call
Fall registration
Registration for the fall programs
will be held on the following days at
the Community Centre from 8:30 am 4:30 pm:
August 19: residents only
August 20: MW/CSL and Hampstead
August 21: for all
Space is limited, so please register
early to take advantage of early bird
Community Centre
The Pool is open for
swimming as of June 1
and we look forward to
seeing you around the pool this summer
and having you participate in our programs. Private lessons will be organized
through the management team. The pool
is available for parties. Give us a call for
dates and detailed information.
The pool office opens May 27 from 58 pm, 489-6472. Until then registration is
ongoing at the John A. Simms
Community Centre during business
hours Monday – Friday. 8:30 am -12.15
pm and 1:15-4:30 pm.
Be sure to check out all the programs
we are offering at our Facebook page at
Shave to Raise
Pool fundraiser
Join the Pool staff in raising money,
making donations, and/or shaving your
head for a good cause. The 7th Annual
Pool’s Shave to Raise will take place on in
late July, exact date to be determined, but
check facebook.com/montrealwestpool
for details.
In the past six summers we have
raised over $100,000 for the Montreal
Children’s Hospital and the Andy Collins
for Kids Foundation. Pledge forms will
be available at the pool. Donations will
be accepted at the pool as well. All
pledges $20 and over are tax deductible.
For those with longer hair, you can cut
10 inches of your hair and send it to
Locks of Love! Come out and support
this great cause.
Dr. Michael J. Wexel
Low Back Pain
Muscle Pain
Numbness & Tingling
Nutritional Counseling
Neck Pain
Headaches & Migraines
Sports Related Injuries
Wellness & Preventative Care
18 Westminster N., Suite 110
Call For An Appointment Today So You Can Feel Better Tomorrow.
MWAC – Swim Team
The first practice of the season will be
Monday June 3 and that week is a free
trial week if you would like to come and
get a taste and see if it’s for you! Sign up
for this fun and athletic program to keep
the kids busy and fit all summer long!
Email [email protected] for any
questions or info! Uniform and towels
are also available to order!
Day Camp
We have just finished up the planning
of all the activities for this summer and it
promises to be action-packed!
Registration is ongoing. We are looking
forward to an exciting summer with you!
Check out our web site for more information montreal-west.ca or “like” us on
Facebook for daily updates in the
summer at facebook.com/campmw! We
all still have some openings for our
Tennis Stream in certain weeks as well,
beginners welcome!
Summer Fun Week
The Community Centre offers a weeklong Summer Fun Week program before
school starts fromAugust19-23. Outings
and lots of activities are planned for the
week. Space is limited, so register early!
For additional information, please call
Green waste
The weekly green waste collection will
continue, on Fridays, until the end of
Accepted green waste: garden and landscape waste, dead leaves.
New: small branches of conifers (cedar,
fir, pine, spruce, etc.) no more than 1 m
long and 5 cm in diameter, tied in bundles
are now accepted in the green waste collection. Starting in December, these
branches will be allowed in the garbage
Excluded green waste: table waste,
soil and stone, pet litter and waste, as well
as conifer branches longer than 1 m or
whose diameter exceeds 5 cm and
branches of deciduous trees (maple, oak,
poplar, etc.).
Containers: The only accepted containers are paper bags, unwaxed cardboard
boxes or any other reusable rigid container.
Plastic bags of any type will no longer be
Canada Day Parade
The Canada Day festivities are a mere
few weeks away now! Sunday, July 1 is
the day that MoWest and neighbouring
friends will be celebrating! We hope you
will be able to join all of us:
Tue 4
Wed 5
Sun 9
Tue 11
Tue 18
Sun 23
Wed 26
July 1
Sun 7
Tue 16
Tue 23
3 pm
Bike Decorating Contest. Come to
Davies Park with your bike decorated to
win prizes and then participate in the
Please call the Editor: Heather at 489-7022
e-mail: [email protected]
Next deadline: August 7
Parade line up
Celtic Night. Davies Park. 6 pm.
EBS annual picnic. Inflatable rides, games, music, BBQ,
cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, free face painting and
more! Everyone is welcome. Strathearn Park. 5-7:30 pm.
Parish picnic on the lawn. St. Philip’s Church. 11:30 am.
Art in the Park. Davies Park. 6 pm.
Russian Night. Davies Park. 6 pm.
La Fête nationale. Davies Park. 6 pm.
Music by Mil, Les Bons diables traditionnal dancers, inflatables, games, crafts, balloon sculptures, face-painting, BBQ,
bonfire and more!
Town Council Meeting. Town Hall. 8 pm.
Parade participants start lining-up:
Ainslie/Westminister South. Line-up
times will be e-mailed to confirmed participants (except the bicycles and
strollers; please see below).
4 pm
Parade begins.
Route: Ainslie to Westminister. north
on Westminister, over the hump, left on
Westover, then left on Hudson, left on
Radcliffe and back south on
Westminister. Turning right onto
Parkside Strathearn Park for the festivities all evening and night!
Canada Day Celebrations!
MW United open July.
Caribbean Night. Davies Park. 6 pm.
Mardi Gras. Davies Park. 6 pm.
Sun 4 MW United closed August.
Tue 6 Multicultural Night. Le Conseil des arts de Montréal en
tournée and the Town of Montreal West present the musical
group Ayrad, Moroccan-inspired music and winner of the
2012 Diversity Award. Davies Park. 6 pm.
Wed 14 Corn Roast, Camp Variety Show and Outdoor Movie (at
dusk). Davies Park. 6 pm.
Mon 26 Town Council meeting. Town Hall. 8 pm.
Sun 1 Summer’s End Festival. Hodgson Field and pool. Noon.
Sun 8 Worship services resume. MW United. 10 am.
Sun 15 Fall Festival and welcome new residents. Davies Park. Noon.
This is
WANTED TO RENT: We are having a
family wedding this summer and are
looking to rent a 4-bedroom house for 1
week in the MoWest area, to accommodate family arriving from Ireland. The
dates are July 24 to 31 and there are four
adults and four children. Please call 4817923.
for your pets while you’re away. Please
call the Pointet Pet Care Girls at 4845918 or email [email protected]
years) required for a foster family.
Articles must be in good condition.
Donations or modestly priced items welcomed. E-mail [email protected] or
call 487-7118.

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