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léa tirabasso - Trois C-L
© Bohumil Kostohryz
E-mail: [email protected]
Homepage: www.leatirabasso.com
Choreographer & dancer
LÉA TIRABASSO holds a BA in History of Art and Literature and
trained as a dancer at The Place, London Contemporary Dance
School, where she graduated with a Certificate of Higher Eduction
in 2009. Since, she worked with José Vidal & Company (UK), James
Finnemore (UK) , Clod Ensemble (UK), Jean-Guillaume Weis (LU),
Bernard Baumgarten (LU), Seke Chimutengwende (UK), Seven Sisters
Group (UK). From 2011 to 2013 she was part of the Tanztheater
Kassel (DE) under the direction of Johannes Wieland. There, she
worked with Johannes Wieland, Stephanie Thiersch, Michael
Langeneckert and Chris Haring/Liquid Loft whose piece Lego Love
was performed during Impulstanz2013.
TOYS (2017)
TOYS is the morning with a
hangover. It is the game, the
absolute, the disguise of tragedy
behind the constant of celebration.
It is the collapse of euphoria when
bodies bask, when souls become lost
and save one another. If “waiting
is the essential aspect of our human
condition” (“The Theatre of the
Absurd”, Martin Esslin), then does
forgetting become our salvation?
Are pleasures becoming tricks into
which we lose ourselves to forget the
She also performed in music videos (The Kooks, Cash+David, Buridane
amongst others) and choreographed the video Don’t you find by
Jamie T. She directed and produced the dance-videos Sacre and
N87HP Priory Road, screened in Germany, England, Luxembourg,
India and France.
She is currently a collaborator on Mode and Motion, an online
publication exploring the synergy between dance and fashion.
Her work is without compromise, absurd and tragi-comic.
love me tender (2016)
© Léa Tirabasso
Choreographer & dancer
love me tender is a secret history of
two loving souls.
“The theatre of the Absurd and the aesthetic of dance-theatre
partly inspire my work, both choreographically and dramaturgically.
The starting point is often the human condition in its most bizarre
Pop culture is at the centre of the works , each piece attempts to
build bridges between performance and philosophy and to discover
how movement can emerge from other art forms, creating new
material for dance through a collaborative process”.
- Léa Tirabasso -
Léa Tirabasso’s work was described “Poignant; often very funny;
visually and aurally appealing” (Graham Watts), “definitely challenging
conformist views of what dance can or cannot include” (Peter
It unravels the hidden sides of their
minds and the depths of their bitter
and yet oh so sweet fantasies.
© Léa Tirabasso
“Love is only the species will for
survival”, Arthur Schopenhauer
Age: All audience | Duration: 40-50 min.
Choreography: Léa Tirabasso | Performance: Joss
Carter, James Finnemore, Georges Maikel Pires
Monteiro, Elsa Petit, Rosie Terry Toogood | Dramaturgy:
Guillaume Pigé | Light Design: Krischan Kriesten,
Andres Velasquez | Musical Composition: Martin
Durov | Project Manager: Mathis Junet
Support: Arts Council England (UK), Ballet de Lorraine
(FR), CDC Grenoble (FR), Dance-City Newcastle (UK),
Grand Studio Bruxelles (BE), JoJo - Oulu Dance Centre
(FIN), Mierscher Kulturhaus (LU), Oeuvre Nationale de
Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte | stART-up (LU), The
Place London (UK), TripSpace (Uk), TROIS C-L - Centre de
Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (LU)
Age: All audience | Duration: 25 min.
Choregraphy: Léa Tirabasso | Performance: Joachim
Maudet, Rosie Terry Toogood | Dramaturgy: Guillaume
Pigé | Light Design: Andres Velasquez | Music: J.S. Bach
“Brandenburg Concerto No 1 – Adagio”, Tony Santagata
“Quant’e’ bello lu primm’ammore”, Goat “Goatma”, The
Platters “Only You”
Support: FOCUNA - Fonds Culturel National (LU), Oeuvre
Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte |
stART-up (LU), Ministère de la Culture (LU), The Place
London (UK), TripSpace (UK), Ville de Luxembourg (LU)
Creation financed by the programme “Les Émergences”
of the TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique