GES September Newsletter



GES September Newsletter
École Élémentaire GRAVELBOURG Elementary School
P.O. Box 930
Gravelbourg, SK
S0H 1X0
Principal – Mr. Jody Lehmann
V.P./ Directrice Adjointe– Mme Gingell Munteanu
Phone: 648-3277 Fax : 648-2269
September/septembre 2015
Coming Events
à venir…
Sept. 29—Terry Fox Walk
Oct.7-Oniva filming
Oct. 9—No School
Oct. 12—Thanksgiving Day
No School
Oct. 19—No School
Oct. 20—23—Education
Oct. 27—Picture Re-takes
Oct. 30—No school
2015-2016 Staff
Principal: Mr. J. Lehmann
Mme R. Gingell Munteanu
Support Staff
Administrative Assistant::
Mrs. C. Baron
Pre-k– Mme E. Boisvert
Educational Assistants:
Mme J. Brisebois
Kindergarten—2AMrs. K. Goepen- Bourgeois
Maternelle– Mme B. Basel Bedford
1B –Mme L. Bonneau Chevrier
September 29
Hat Day $2
September 30
Formal Day $2
October 1st
Hawaiian Day $2
October 2nd
Pyjama Day $2
Mrs. R. Brisebois
Mrs. M. Bissonnette
Mrs. N. Quigley
3/4A– Mrs. N. Fournier
Library Associate - Mrs. D. Bailey
Facility Operators:
Mr. J. Phipps
Mrs. S. Michaud
4/5B– Mme G. Pouteaux
Mr. R. Loiselle
6/7A– Mrs. S. Podevin
School Division Handymen:
Mr. B. Pagan
2B– Mme N. Chevrier
Terry Fox
Mrs. L. Mann
3B– Mlle J.Lécuyer
6/7B– Mme R. Gingell Munteanu
Student Support Teacher –
Mrs. M. Anderson
Mr. D. Newton
South Facilities Supervisor:
Mr. A. Martin
On behalf of all the staff at GES I want to welcome you to the 2015 -16 school
year at GES. We are excited to see all the students back in our classes and eager to get back to work. We hope all students will have a great year and enjoy
their time at GES. We want to welcome those students that are new to
GEs. We hope you will have a great first year with us. We also want to welcome a new staff member, Mme N. Fournier, to our school.
This is a special year at GES as this will be the last year for us all in this very special building. We will be spending some time this year honouring this building
as we prepare to move into the new school. We have had many changes already this summer with our playground having been dug up three times! Hopefully that is the last of our disruptions to our school year.
We have many exciting clubs and activities that we encourage our students to participate in. They help to build
school spirit and give all students the opportunity to get to know the staff and each other better.
We look forward to a great year of learning together.
Mr. Jody Lehmann
Gravelbourg High/Elementary Schools
2015-2016 Gravelbourg Elementary School Goals
Our learning goals are:
By June 2015, 80% of students in grades 1 to 7 will comprehend what the read at grade level.
Our 2015-2016 Student Wellness Goal:
By June 2016, 80% of GES students will be engaged in school clubs- as
determined by the TTFM survey data.
Thank you to the Gravelbourg Elementary School Community Council (SCC)
Our SCC members have had a busy start to the school year.
SCC members joined teachers in August to review the Tell Them From Me (TTFM) student survey results as well
as our school reading results. The SCC, along with teachers, developed a Student Wellness goal based on the
survey results. SCC members and teachers then collaborated to identify ways the SCC can support students and
staff in order to achieve our reading and wellness goals.
SCC members were also on hand on the first day of school. SCC members prepared coffee, juice and muffins for
students, parents and staff. It was a wonderful way to start the new year. Thank you for all you do!
Learning Improvement Teams and School Goals
SCC members and teachers met in August to review reading and survey data. The data drove our decision to
continue to work on improving reading and providing clubs and activities for our students.
This years Student Learning Goal:
By June 2016:
-80% of all students in grades 1 to 7 at GES will comprehend at grade level what they read in English as measured by Fountas and Pinnell (grades 1-4), and the Basic Reading Inventory (grades 5-7)
-80% of French Immersion students in grades 1 to 7 at GES will comprehend at grade level what they read in
French as measured by GB+.
This years Student Wellness Goal:
By June 2016, 80% of GES students will be engaged in extra-curricular- as determined by year end club attendance reports.
PSSD teachers continue to participate in Learning Improvement Teams (LITs). LITs work together, inspiring and
empowering fellow teachers to improve the teaching and student learning happening in our school. This year’s
focus is Reading Comprehension.
Improving Reading—Team 1: Mme Bonneau, Mme Lécuyer, Mme Natalie, Mrs. Goepen-Bourgeois, Mrs. Fournier
Current focus: pre-reading skills: letter sounds, French phonemes, sight words & consonant/vowel
Improving Reading—Team 2: Mrs. Podevin, Mme Anderson, Mme Pouteaux, Mme Gingell
Current focus: building vocabulary through prefix, suffix and root word study
French Immersion Pre-K Team: Mme Boisvert (& Mrs. Yates-Berardi -Palliser Heights School)
Current focus: communication skills—greetings
This year all Kindergarten to grade 7 GES students are participating in a home reading program in support of our
school reading goal. Students are encouraged to make reading a part of their daily home routine.
Our next early dismissal will be on Monday, October 19.
Renovation Update
The school addition/renovation project continues at GHS/GES. This summer saw the excavation of water, sewer and natural gas lines
that ran to GES so they could be moved west of the daycare in preparation for pilings at the new school site. At GHS the West and
Southwest doors have been temporarily closed while construction goes on immediately outside those exits. As such a temporarily, fire
rated escape has been built in the back of the stage. This has temporarily limited the size of the GHS stage are. A new water line has
been brought into GHS that will provide enough capacity to service the entire new school building. Daily progress is being made on this
project. We will continue to give you updates on its progress throughout the year
Terry Fox School Run
As the National Terry Fox School Run takes place the last week of September, we will take a few moments on Tuesday, September
29th to honor Terry Fox and his remarkable efforts to raise money for cancer research. We will be collecting donations for this worthy
cause throughout the week.
Running Club
Julien, Courtney & Jolie ran in the Cross Country Running race in Moose Jaw on September
23rd. They placed in the top 10 against many grade 7 students from all over the Prairie South
School Division. This was a very different kind of race for our runners as they have been trained to
do long distance on fairly even paths where this race was a fast run of 2km on rugged terrain. It
was a great experience for them!
Mme Natalie
Christmas Turkey Lunch
For the past two years, SCC members and community volunteers have worked together to provide a Turkey Lunch, free of charge, to
all GES and GHS students and staff. It has been a great success! Due to the success, the SCCs from GES and GHS have started preparing
for this year’s Christmas Lunch. We are looking for volunteers to help with the preparation and serving of the noon meal. If you are
unable to volunteer your time but are interested in making a financial donation or donation vegetables or other supplies, please contact Mrs. Kristen McCurdy at 1-306-472-3129 or at [email protected]
Your donations are greatly appreciated.
Welcome back everyone! Thank you to those parents that volunteered their time to help us this coming year. Remember, if you are able to lend a hand, please contact Sheryl Cooper – 648-2807 (cell – 648-8150). WE REQUIRE 2 MORE
OCT 6 –
BOOK MAKING (9 A.M. – 12 P.M.)
OCT 15 -
BOOK MAKING (7 P.M. – 9 P.M.)
OCT 22 -
The GIFT CARD FUNDRAISER was a great success last year and will be, we hope, bigger and better this year. PLEASE
Gerry Stonechild
Elder Gerry Stonechild visited Gravelbourg this month to raise First Nations awareness. He spoke about First Nations
history, and treaties. He also shared personal reflections about his Residential School experience. Students in grades
4-12 attended his informative presentation.
Après un été chaud, ensoleillé et parfois pluvieux, la routine a repris son cours à l’école! Mon séjour en France de cinq semaines m’a
permis de refaire le plein d’énergie, afin d’être toute prête pour la rentrée!
Cette année, le fonctionnement de la prématernelle a quelque peu changé! La plupart des élèves ont 4 ans et ils viennent 4 matinées
par semaine. J’ai donc le plaisir de les voir chaque jour! Nos apprentissages, à travers les jeux, sont donc plus réguliers. Mes chers petits
élèves sont plein de vie et très enthousiastes! Leur sourire du matin illumine notre journée!
Le beau temps m’a inspiré à choisir le thème de la mer, des poissons et des coquillages en particulier! Nous avons même un nouveau
petit ami dans la classe, Sam le petit poisson rouge! Et notre aide de la journée n’oublie jamais de lui donner à manger!
Nous avons déjà laissé nos empreintes de main un peu partout! Pour créer le grand soleil de la classe, un soleil individuel pour décorer
notre cahier d’art, un poisson dans son bocal, et nos deux mains multicolores pour décorer notre dossier de travail.
Nous avons aussi appris à créer un drôle de bonhomme, en utilisant différentes formes représentant son corps! Puis, nous l’avons dessiné! Nous avons aussi tracé plusieurs formes. Oh la la! On ne chôme pas en prématernelle!
After a hot, sunny and sometimes rainy summer, we are back to our routines at school! My five week stay in France allowed me to boost my
energy in order to be ready for my return to school.
This year, the way the PreK is functioning has changed! Most of the students are 4 years old and they come 4 mornings a week. I have the
pleasure to see them every day! Therefore, our learnings, through the play are more regular. My dear little students are full of life and very
enthusiastic! Their morning smile lights up our day!
The beautiful weather inspired me to choose the ocean theme (in particular the shellfish and the fish). We have even a new little friend in
the classroom, Sam the little red fish! Our helper of the day never forgets to feed him!
We already put our handprints everywhere! We used our handprints to create a big class sun, an individual sun to decorate our art book, a
fish in his bowl and our two rainbow hands to decorate our work binder.
We also learned how to create a funny man, using different shapes for his body! Then, we drew it! We also traced several shapes. Oh la la!
We keep busy, we are not out of work in PreK!
Mme Boisvert
Nous avons passé ce premier mois à apprendre les routines de la classe, les procédures d’urgence et les comportements sécuritaires
en classe et au jeu.
Nous sommes allés en promenades autour de l’école, afin de noter ce que nous voyons dans la nature en
début d’automne. Nous sommes aussi allés observer des panneaux et signaux importants dans les environs de l’école. Enfin, nous avons participé à la marche Terry Fox en faisant plusieurs fois le tour de la
piste de notre école. Merci à tous ceux qui ont fait un don pour cette si bonne cause!
Parents, n’oubliez pas de vérifier le calendrier régulièrement puisqu’il y aura de l’école certains vendredis tout au cours de l’année pour la maternelle!
The first month of school was spent learning the classroom routines, emergency procedures, safe behaviours
at play and in class as well as daily habits to grow healthy.
We went on walks around the school to look at nature as summer turned into fall and we also looked at important signs for us to know
about, in and around the school. Finally, we took part in the Terry Fox Walk, by going around the school track several times. Thank you to
those who donated money for this worthy cause!
Parents, please remember to check the Kindergarten/Maternelle calendar regularly, since there will be classes on a few Fridays throughout the year!
Mme Basel Bedford
Grade 1B
J’aimerais souhaiter la bienvenue à tous mes nouveaux amis de la première année! Le thème de ce mois était «Qu’est-ce que c’est être
en première année ? Ce thème comprend: mon sac d'école, mon école et ce qu'il y a à l’intérieur. Nous faisons la révision des couleurs
et des sons des lettres de l’alphabet. Nous apprenons aussi la nouvelle routine et les règles de la classe.
Nos thèmes pour l'année seront:
Qui suis-je?
Pourquoi est-ce que je porte ce que je porte?
Pourquoi les saisons?
Pourquoi avons-nous des sens?
Est-ce que je mange bien?
Où sont les animaux?
Pourquoi les s fêtes et anniversaires sont importants? Comment les célébrons-nous?
I would like to welcome all of my new grade one students! It’s going to be a busy and exciting year! Our theme this month was “What is
it being in grade one?” We have been reviewing the colours and some of the letters of the alphabet. We are also learning the new routine and classroom rules.
Our themes for the year will be:
Who am I?
Why I wear what I wear?
Why the seasons?
Why do we have senses?
Do I eat well?
Where are the animals?
Why are birthdays and celebrations important? How do we celebrate?
Mme Bonneau Chevrier
Grade 2B
Les livres de Robert Munsch nous ont aidé à démarrer l’année scolaire. Par ses livres comiques, nous apprenons au
sujet des régularités, des recettes, des problèmes et des solutions, des personnages, des auteurs et des illustrateurs. En
plus de ce thème, nous discutons des animaux. Avec le temps, nous allons étudier des cycles de vie, des habitats et des
adaptations. En mathématiques, nous finissons les régularités et les régularités croissantes. Nous commençons les
nombres de 0-100. Bientôt le mois d’octobre arrivera, avec cela viendront l’Action de Grâces, l’automne et l’Halloween.
Back to school fun is being had through a Robert Munsch unit. We are learning about patterning, recipes, problems and
solutions, characters, authors, and illustrators through this funny author’s books. In addition to that theme, we are talking
about animals. With time, we will be diving into their life cycles, habitats and adaptations. In Math, we have finished a unit
about patterning and increasing patterns. We are now starting our unit on numbers from 0-100. Thanksgiving, fall and
Halloween themes will be starting as soon as the monthly calendar is flipped over to October.
Mme Natalie
Grade 3B
Le début de l’année a été très excitant jusqu’à présent! J’ai hâte de travailler avec les élèves d’une façon plus individualisée, ainsi
qu’avec les parents, pour assurer une année scolaire remplie de succès. Présentement, nous travaillons sur une variété de choses,
incluant la prédiction, la valeur de position, la représentation et la décomposition des nombres. De plus, nous travaillons sur les
différentes type de forces (musculaire, friction, gravité et magnétique) et les ressources naturelles.
The beginning of the school year has been an exciting one! I look forward to working more in depth with each student individually as
well as with the parents to make this a successful year. Currently, we are working on a variety of things including predicting, representing numbers, working on place value and decomposing number. We are also working on difference types of forces (muscular, friction,
gravity and magnetic) and natural resources.
6AB: The beginning of the school year has been an exciting one! I look forward to working more in depth with each student individually as well as with the parents to make this a successful year. We are currently working on prediction while we are reading texts of our
individual reading levels.
Mlle Lécuyer
Grade 4/5B
Les règles et routines de la classe sont bien établies. Les élèves ont fixé leurs buts pour cette étape. En math., les élèves étudient la
valeur de position des nombres, l’estimation et comment arrondir. En français, le verbe avec le pronom ``Je`` a été étudié. On
identifie le mot de base, le préfixe et le suffixe dans les mots. Nous avons fait plusieurs leçons sur la compréhension de lecture. En
sc. hum, les élèves font beaucoup de travail avec les cartes (continents, océans et hémisphères). Terry Fox est une vedette qu’on
étudie à fond. On étudie la matière, en sciences. Le soccer et le volleyball sont les sports sur lesquels nous nous concentrons maintenant. Comme vous pouvez voir, on s’est mis au travail dès le début!
Classroom rules and routines have been well established. Students have set their goals for this term. In math, students have just completed their unit on place value and estimating. In French grammar, students are able to use the correct endings for verbs using the
pronoun “Je”. Don’t forget the trick for remembering! They are also working on finding the base word, prefix and suffix. Students had
several lessons on reading comprehension and the strategies involved to better understand what is read. Matter is the theme being
learned in science. In social studies, students are studying maps and in particular continents, hemispheres and oceans. Terry Fox is a
Canadian hero that we are also learning about. Soccer and volleyball are the sports we are concentrating on at this time. As you can see we
wasted no time in getting to work!
Mme Pouteaux
Grades 6/7B
Le groupe d’élèves et leur nouveau local font une bonne paire! Les élèves ont rapidement appris les routines, ce qui nous a permis d’embarquer plus tôt dans l’étude des concepts. En mathématiques, nous avons appris comment lire et écrire les grands nombres, comment identifier
la valeur de position, la forme développée et comment soustraire les nombres décimaux. Les élèves ont un examen le 29 septembre. Nous
avons étudié les noms, les déterminants et les verbes au passé composé pendant nos classes de français. Nous sommes aussi en train d’apprendre les préfixes, les suffixes et les racines des mots afin d’améliorer notre vocabulaire et notre lecture. Nous discutons des élections fédérales et de l’immigration lors de nos classes de sciences humaines. Presque toutes nos périodes d’éducation physique ont été dédiées à l’amélioration de nos touches, nos manchettes et nos services, lors de joutes de ballon-volant. Nous nous sommes aussi préparés pour la compétition de football ‘’Pass, Punt and Kick ‘’ grâce à l’aide de M. Lehmann. Mes élèves ont fait preuve de beaucoup d’imagination et de créativité
lors de nos classes de musique. Ils ont composé des chansons et présenté des œuvres musicales.
C’était un beau début d’année.
Our new classmates and new classroom have made for a wonderful start of the school year! Students were quick to learn routines; that allowed us
to get a head start on learning. In math we have covered several outcomes such as being able to read and write large numbers, identify place value,
write numbers in expanded notation and follow the order of operations. We have just started working on decimal numbers. Students have an
exam on September29th. In French we have worked on “les determinants”, nouns and identifying verb tenses. Students completed a creative
writing piece as well as a Fakebook assignment. Our reading focus is to build vocabulary by learning prefixes, suffixes and root words. Elections and
immigration have been hot topics during Sciences Humaines. Recently European leaders were asked to establish criteria for the acceptance of immigrants. Students were given the same task and were able to generate several common criteria regarding health, wealth, safety, etc. Students
have been learning about the many levels of government. We have been keeping an eye on Federal election candidates and promises. Mr. Lehmann
dropped by our phys-ed class to review the football skills involved in punting, kicking and passing. We have spent many classes indoors playing
volleyball due to the wet school grounds. In music class students have been creating lyrics and playing musical pieces. They are a talented and musical group of students. It has been a wonderful start!
Mme Gingell
Grades K—2A
We have had a great start to the year. We are working on setting our routines and getting to know each other.
We have been learning all about ourselves, our families, things we like and helping each other. In math we have
been looking for patterns and creating them. We have also been studying the weather and looking at how our
season is changing from summer to fall. In Phys. Ed. we have been learning new games and working on our soccer skills.
Mrs. Goepen-Bourgeois
Grade 3/4/A
I would like to thank the students, the teachers and staff members of GES, and Gravelbourg community for the warm welcome I have
received. I feel like a member of this big family already. My philosophy of education is simple; learning is fun, differentiated, and based
on my students’ success and always community oriented. In Social Studies, thanks to Mr. Costley, grade 3 and 4 had the chance to visit
the Town Hall and learn more about the decision making process for our community. We also had the honour of welcoming Mr. Yogi
Huyghebaert, MLA for Wood River Constituency, with whom students discussed the same matter for communities in Saskatchewan. A
big thank you to these two gentlemen and I wish us all a great 2015-2016 school year.
Mme Fournier
Grades 5/6/7A
Welcome to 5/6/7A. In Science we are learning about Interactions within Ecosystems. In Social Studies the students are reviewing Canada and learning about Terry Fox. In Mathematics the Grade 7s are working on order of operations and the grade 6s are working on
addition and subtraction. In Phys Ed the students are playing volleyball and cooperative games, and in Health they are learning about
the zones of regulation.
Mrs. Podevin
Jr. Girls Volleyball
This year the team consists of the following GES players: Chantel H. , Emily M., Sydney P., Courtney B., Jolie M., Zoee A. Isabelle B. and Tarah T
from GHS complete the team. This year the team is coached by Mrs. Roxanne Brisebois. The teacher supervisor is Mme Gingell.
The team hosted their home tournament on Sat. Sept. 19. They started off with a loss but went on to win two of their four games. The girls
have since played league games against Mankota, Lafleche and Assiniboia Composite High School. The girls are an exciting team to watch as
they display excellent sportsmanship and work hard as a team. Their next game will be in October.
Mme Gingell
Absences and Lates
Parents, be sure to call the school (648-3277), to send a note or to email your child’s teacher to let us know if your child will be late or
Labels for Education
Thank you to everyone for saving and sending in Campbell Labels to our school. We have been collecting them for
quite some time and have been able purchase a number of great items for our school. Thank you again and keep those
labels coming!
Mrs. Baron
NEWSLETTERS ON THE NET – Our monthly newsletter can be viewed online
on our school webpage - We will
also send newsletters via parent email to those who sign up to receive the newsletter
in this manner. If you would like to receive your newsletter via home email address,
please contact Mrs. Baron at [email protected] and indicate the
email address you would like it sent to. Pr inted newsletter s will be available for
those who do not have access to a computer. PRINTED NEWSLETTERS WILL NO
Please contact Mme Gingell or Mrs. Baron with any questions or concerns.
We have both
students and staff
that are
EXTREMELY allergic
to both.
New Traffic rules at GES/GHS and safe GES student drop-off:
Prairie South School Division has changed the route for Traffic coming onto school
property in the GHS parking lot and to access GES.
Please be advised that effective immediately, the North entrance to the school grounds is
for exit purposes only. If you are wanting to access the school grounds you must go to
the south entrance then take the curve in front of GES to access the GHS parking lot, the
front door of GES and the Chinook Library.
Also, we want to remind you that students should not be dropped off in the staff parking
lot. This is dangerous, as the morning is a very busy time in that parking lot. Please
drop students on 1st Ave and have them walk on the sidewalks to GES.
Thank you for your attention to these two safety issues
Mr. Jody Lehmann
Bags for a Cause from the Coop.
From September 13-November 7th, for each reusable bags used Southland Coop will
donate 5 cents to Gravelbourg and District Swim Club Inc.
Parenting Your Anxious Child – Sessions
There will be a “Parenting Your Anxious Child” sessions held in Moose Jaw.
The 5 week program is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which teaches parents to understand ways to
communicate and support their anxious child.
Each week builds on the next so attendance is essential.
Monday evenings 6:30-8:30 pm September 14,21,28, October 5 , 19
Location 679 Hall St NW No Childcare Provided.
Parents can register by calling the Mental and Addictions Intake 306-691-6464.
A Project of Samaritans Purse.
Let us take the true meaning of Christmas to children around the world.
This project involves filling shoeboxes with gifts for impoverished children. The boxes will be
sent to a collection center in Calgary and from there they are shipped around the world to be
distributed by International Partners. The boxes are to arrive at their destination before Christmas to bring love, joy, hope and the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Members of the Church of Christ and Woodrow Gospel Chapel welcome participation from the
community of Gravelbourg and surrounding area. Shoe boxes and brochures with suggested
items to purchase are available for anyone who maybe interested.
This project can be done as a group, family or as an individual. Single items will be gratefully
accepted as a donation towards a box.
National Collection week is November 16th to 23rd
Gravelbourg collection week will be November 9th to 15th.
Filled shoe boxes can be returned to Gravelbourg Elementary/ High School
or directly to me Gillian Third 306-648-3683.
Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):
We are pleased to be transporting your child to and from school this year. We would like to take this opportunity to emphasize that the safe operation of school buses is paramount for Prairie South School Division. We are very proud of the
safety record of our school buses and the professionalism of our transportation team. All personnel involved in the transportation of your children take the safety of the children that ride school buses very seriously. We are writing to ask your
help to ensure the safety of children travelling to and from school.
Our top priority is student safety. Students are expected to behave in a responsible manner at the bus stop, during loading
and unloading, and while riding the bus. Students are responsible to the bus driver and principal for their behaviour.
The safe operation of school buses also depends on proper conduct by the students that ride those buses. When children
disobey the rules, they make the bus unsafe for every other student on that bus. Bus drivers must not be distracted from
safe driving by children’s behaviour. Students must show respect for bus drivers and follow their instructions. Student
conduct on school buses is to be consistent with that expected of the student in the classroom.
The most serious effect of student misbehaviour is its impact on the bus driver. Driving demands the driver’s full attention
and absolute concentration. Anything that diverts attention or breaks concentration, however momentary, can have dangerous, even fatal, consequences. Consider this: When the driver looks in the rear-view mirror to identify and correct student misbehaviour, who is driving the bus?
Parents share with their students the responsibility for student behaviour on our school buses. You can help us ensure the
safety of all riders by teaching your children the importance of following school bus safety rules at all times. It is all about a
safe ride for students to and from school every day.
Make sure your child understands that breaking the rules doesn’t just jeopardize his/her safety, but everyone else’s on the
Also, remember as a parent or guardian, you are responsible for your child’s welfare and supervision while at the bus stop,
prior to boarding the bus and after leaving the bus in the afternoon to return home.
Many factors can affect school bus schedules, including: traffic disruption; weather and/or road conditions; road construction and repair; unruly or unsafe behaviour by students that requires the driver to stop and correct; etc. As a result it is impossible for buses to be on time all of the time. In the event that the bus has not arrived at the scheduled time, wait at the
stop with your child for about ten minutes. If the bus hasn’t arrived, call your local transportation office: Assiniboia – 306642-4112 and Moose Jaw – 306-694-8750. We will be able to tell you approximately what time the bus is expected to arrive.
You may, however, have to make other arrangements to get your child to school.
Because of the possible delays during extreme weather, please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately and that
he or she has a plan in place, as well as somewhere to go, if the bus does not arrive. In the case of bus cancellations due to
bad weather, messages will be broadcast on radio. Day-to-day information on late buses is also available at
We encourage you to remind your children about school safety throughout the school year. We are deeply committed to
the safety of your children as well as all our community’s children.
Thank you!
Your Child’s Transportation Department
“Help Us Protect Your Children As They Travel To and From School