cinemalliance afrojazz love is in the air theatre exhibition concert



cinemalliance afrojazz love is in the air theatre exhibition concert
Every Monday at 6pm, Free Entry
Films in English or with English subtitles
Fri. 5 Feb.
available for streaming in Kenya until 15 Feb. 2016
Alliance Française gardens
Tickets: 1000/-
13 - 28 fEB
The Afrojazz band ‘Ricky Na Marafiki’ led by the
soulful bass player Ricky Nanjero brings the monthly
afrojazz concerts to the Alliance Française gardens.
The Lover’s edition this month will feature performances by the songstress Prisca Ojwang’, the talented
Annah Kalahi, Le Band, the newest afrofusion outfit
Halisi the band and Ricky Na Marafiki.
The 6th edition of, an innovative concept that spotlights a trending generation
of French filmmakers, was launched on Sun. 17th Jan. at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The official selection
includes10 features films and 10 short films in competition.
Alliance Française will show a selection of these films during its Monday evening CinemAlliance programme
until 15th Feb. Audiences are invited to rate all the films and post their comments online. est un concept inédit qui a pour but de mettre en lumière la jeune génération
de cinéastes français et qui permet aux internautes du monde entier de partager leur amour du cinéma
français. Les cinéphiles du monde entier auront accès à tous les films que propose la 6ème édition du
festival du cinéma français en ligne. jusqu’au 15 février.
Mon. 1 Feb
An evening of shorts with Lightbox® Africa
‘H Recherche F’, ‘La fin du Dragon’ and ‘Au Sol’ from
MyFrenchFilm Festival followed by the Kenyan short ‘Is
this your daughter’
Janet and her brother Elvis leave the house for church
early Sunday morning. Oblivious to their intentions, their
parents innocently give them pocket money unaware of
their plans to attend a talent show at a nearby night club.
‘Caprice’ by Emmanuel Mouret, 2015, 1h40,
romantic comedy
Mon. 15 Fe
Mon. 8 Feb
An average guy meets a
beautiful actress and cannot
believe his luck. But a pesky
girl materializes to make his
life hell.
Mon. 29 Feb.
5 - 7 fEB.
an IKENIA ARTS production
Alliance Française auditorium, 1000/Fri. 6.30pm, Sat. & Sun. 3 & 6.30pm
Ikenia Arts promise to make the Njaa-nuary hangover disappear
with their latest comedy. Taking you through a journey of self
promises and resolutions, they will show you how to keep the
promise. Ukai Tumuhe. “Mburi ya Kuheo ndiroragwo magego”.
9 - 14 Feb.
a Heartstrings Entertainment production
Alliance Française auditorium, 599/Weekdays: 6.30pm, Weekend: 3 & 6.30pm
Following a successful run in January, the comedy is back for 8 more
show only. Whoever said that the best way to a man’s head is
through his stomach, forgot to mention that it is the ONLY way.
‘Heatwave’ by Raphaël
Jacoulot, 2015, 1h42,
In a peaceful village, the
inhabitants’ daily lives are
disturbed by Josef Bousou, a
troublemaker, until the day he
is found dead.
Moi University graduate in project management, Richard Njogu and University of Nairobi design
student Clavers Odhiambo come together in this exhibition that glorifies the color RED, using it as
a figurative, thematic and aesthetic component in their artworks.
Richard started painting in 2012. Art for him is about freedom and progression. He likes
experimenting with different media straddling realism and impressionism.
Clavers Odhiambo has been practicing professionally for two year and is based at the Dust Depot
artists’ studio. Clavers is primarily an oil painter preferring a realist painting style.
SUN. 28 fE
Not to be missed
7pm, Alliance Française gardens
Advance tickets: 800/at the gate: 1000/-
The Nile Project is an exceptional cross-cultural collaboration, its members hailing from all along the
great river that connects eleven countries and over 400 million people, from its sources beyond Lake
Victoria to its delta in Egypt. Through its innovative musical process that allows its artists to leverage
each other’s strengths, the project unearths unique sound representative of the Nile watershed as
a whole.
Following Nile Project’s 4th musical encounter in Aswan at the beginning of February, 15 Nile project
musicians from 8 Nile Basin countries set sail for Kenya to share with Kenyan audiences powerful
pan-Nile music that crosses geographic and linguistic barrier. Connecting traditional instruments,
the polyrhythmic styles of Lake Victoria and the pointed melodies of the Ethiopian highlands with the
rich modal traditions of Egypt and Sudan, the musicians promise an unforgettable musical experience.
an adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s play
18 - 21 Feb a STRATHMORE
DRAMA SOCIETY production
Mon. 22 Feb.
‘On my way’ by Emmanuelle
Bercot, 2013, 1h56, drama
Facing a failed relationship and
a struggling restaurant, a woman
hits the road for a trip with her
‘What remains of madness’
by Joris Lachaise, 2014,
1h40, documentary
A mini masterpiece, the film
takes us to a psychiatric institution in the Senegal in the company
of film maker Khady Sylla. Through her experience of mental
illness, the films explores the recent history of Senegal and the
decolonization of psychiatry.
Alliance Française auditorium, 600/Fri. 6pm, Sat. & Sun. 3 & 6pm
Robert is preparing to expose a financial scandal in government
but it may lead to a damaging secret from his past being
revealed. Will his idealistic wife be able to stomach the slightest
flaw in his character?
25 - 28 Feb
a Festival of Creative Arts production
Alliance Française auditorium, 700/Thu. 6pm, Fri. 6 & 8pm, Sat. 3, 6 & 8pm, Sun. 3 & 6pm
An Indo-Kenya comedy by celebrated Indian author and director
Shubha Khote and Kenyan author and producer Abuto Eliud.
Artistic consultant Katarzyna Kuzmicz-Meszaros, a professional
artistic director from Poland.
A diplomat’s wife has overheard what she thinks is a murder
plot by her husband and his “lover”. She in turn plots to murder
both her ‘cheating’ husband and his “lover.”
Musicians include: Claude Ciza (Burundi), Ahmed Omar (Eritrea), Endalekachew Niguse, Roza Kifle,
Dawit Seyoum Estifanos (Ethiopia), Mohamed Kamal, Adel Mekha, Saleeb Lowza, Nader El Shaer
(Egypt), Rapasa Nyatrapasa, Kasiva Mutua (Kenya), Sophie Nzayisenga (Rwanda), Asia Madani
(Sudan), Msafiri Zawose (Tansania) and Michael Bazibu (Uganda).
The Nile Project was founded by Egyptian ethnomusicologist Mina Girgis and Ethoipian American
singer Meklit Haderoin response to the deepening water conflict in the Nile Basin.
Alliance Française
February 2016
15 Musicians, 8 Nile Basin Countries
The Alliance Française and the Lycée Denis Diderot (the French School) launch the ‘Prix Littéraire
Kitabu 2016’. Library users, members and interested persons are invited to read five French
novels, between February and May, from a selection of books from young adult literature that
have been chosen by the French school. Readers will be invited to discuss and vote for the
‘2016 Kitabu Prize’ winner in month of May.
Registration open in the Multimedia Library, Alliance Française - [email protected]
V. 10 & 24 FTEHEQUE
L’Alliance Française de Nairobi présentera une série
des Ateliers Philo, proposée et animée par Hervé
Nicolle - ancien élève de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure. A
travers des lectures de textes, des projections de films,
des commentaires d’oeuvres picturales ou musicales,
il s’agira de débattre deux fois par mois des problèmes
qui nous concernent tous, avec rigueur et méthode.
Sun. 28 February, 7pm
L’Atelier Philo est ouvert à tous, destiné à un public
francophone et ne nécessite aucune connaissance
en philosophie.
La première notion abordée: LE NOMADISME.
Interroger la figure du nomade et les pensées du
nomadisme pour ne pas les réduire au ‘nostalgisme’
ou au ‘tourisme’.
Le nomade est-il un original, un asocial, incapable de
trouver sa place? Un idiot utile? Ou la dernière figure
de l’altérité dans un monde uniforme ?
Alliance Française gardens
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