Arkia Israeli Airlines Ltd.



Arkia Israeli Airlines Ltd.
Arkia Israeli Airlines Ltd.
BdiCode ranking 2012
Line of Business
Tourism and Aviation
Established 1950
Avi Nakash
Chairman and co-owner
Gadi Tepper
Arkia is the largest tourism and aviation company in Israel. The
company offers a host of tourism services, both directly and indirectly
via its subsidiaries. Amongst its activities, Arkia offers regular flights
to attractive destinations in Israel and overseas, and charter flights
to a wide range of overseas destinations. In addition, Arkia offers its
clients flights to destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean basin, as
well as luxurious vacation packages to various local and international
destinations. The company also markets hotel accommodation in Israel
and abroad, organized tours, ski vacations, organized tours to Petra and
fly-and-drive vacation packages overseas.
Six years ago, the Nakash brothers acquired 70% of Arkia's shares, leaving
30% in the hands of company employees. Arkia employs a workforce of
about 600 employees.
Arkia is the main domestic carier and as such oparates flights between HaifaEilat, Sde dov-Eilat and Ben Gurion-Eilat. In 2008 Arkia began operating
regular flights to Paris and Barcelona, joining a list of destinations to which
Arkia operates regular flights including: Larnaka, Amman, Tibilisi, Greek
islands, Stockholm and Dublin. The company also operates a range of
charter flights to popular destinations, including Vienna, the Greek islands,
Crete, Amsterdam and Croatia.
Arkia International
Arkia International, a subsidiary company, markets flights and vacation
packages including hotels and car hire to central cities in Europe: London,
Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, Verona,
Geneva, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Ljubljana, Prague, Budapest,
Aftia and more. In addition, the company markets vacation packages in
the Mediterranean basin: Rhodes, Crete, Zakynthos, Antalya, Marmaris,
Samos and Cyprus. The company recently began marketing organized tours
to Morocco and Sri Lanka.
AM Aircraft Maintenance and Aviation Service
AM Aircraft Maintenance, a subsidiary of Arkia, provides maintenance to
Arkia aircraft, the Ministry of Defense and to modern executive aircraft. The
company joined the network of authorized service suppliers of Bombardier
and Dassault, a network that includes 45 branches worldwide. Bombardier,
a giant Canadian transportation company, is the world's third largest aircraft
manufacturer. The French company Dassault is the leading European
manufacturer of military planes and executive aircraft. AM provides unique
warranty maintenance service on behalf of the manufacturers. AM employs
90 workers, who work at the Sde Dov and Ben Gurion airports.
Arkia focuses on giving professional and courteous service to approximately
one million clients annually.
Arkia gives top priority to matters concerning the environment, and has
taken a number of measures to significantly reduce pollution caused by
flights, including engine cleaning, reduction in fuel consumption, prevention
of land population and treatment of toxic materials, recycling of plastics
and maximum noise control near populated areas. Arkia is the first airline
in Israel to be approved for the EU's CO2 emissions monitoring program.
The Aircraft Fleet
Arkia is equipped with a modern aircraft fleet which is fully compatible
with the latest European and American standards:
• Embraer 195, a green aircraft with 122 leather seats, it flies on Arkia's
short-haul flights to Europe and its domestic flights to Eilat.
• Two Boeing 757-300 aircraft seating 265 passengers, used for long-haul
• Five ATR72 aircraft seating 72 passengers on spacious leather seats,
used for domestic and short-haul European flights and additionally for
business flights and special touring packages in Israel and abroad.
• The umbrella organization of international airlines, IATA, accredited Arkia
its highest quality standard: IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit). Arkia
received this accreditation after meeting IATA's demanding requirements
for operations, safety and work procedures.
ADDRESS Dov Hoz Airport, P.O.B. 39301, Tel Aviv 61392 TEL 972-3-6902221 FAX 972-3-6902206 WEBSITE

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