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The Inlet News
February, 2013
Volume 13, Issue 2
The Coast Guard Cutter Robert Yered was commissioned
Feb. 15, 2013 at Coast Guard Base Miami Beach, Fla.
The cutter Robert Yered is the fourth Sentinel-class Fast Response Cutter to be commissioned and is capable of conducting
missions such as ports, waterways and coastal security, fishery patrols, drug and illegal migrant law enforcement, search and rescue, and national-defense operations. U.S. Coast Guard video by Petty Officer 3rd Class Sabrina Laberdesque.
Rear Adm. William D. Baumgartner, commander of the Seventh Coast Guard District, spoke of Robert Yered's heroism during
the commissioning ceremony for the Coast Guard Cutter Robert Yered at Coast Guard Base Miami Beach, Fla., Feb.15, 2013. The
cutter Robert Yered is the fourth commissioned Sentinel-class Fast Response Cutters named after Coast Guard enlisted heroes.
U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jon-Paul Rios.
Lori Geddis, sponsor of the Coast Guard Cutter Robert Yered, received a gift from Chris B. Bollinger, executive vice president
of new construction at Bollinger Shipyards, during the cutter Robert Yered's commissioning ceremony at Coast Guard Base Miami Beach, Fla., Feb. 15, 2013. Geddis is the daughter of Robert Yered, who passed away in 2009 at the age of 69. U.S. Coast
Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jon-Paul Rios.
George J. Yered Sr., father of Robert Yered, handed the long glass to Chief Petty Officer Stephen A. Kelly during the commissioning ceremony for the Coast Guard Cutter Robert Yered at Coast Guard Base Miami Beach, Fla., Feb. 15, 2013. The passing of
the glass traditionally symbolizes the officer of the deck's authority in passing the first watch. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty
Officer 3rd Class Jon-Paul Rios.
The crewmembers of the Coast Guard Cutter Yered manned the rail of the cutter for the first time and saluted during its commissioning ceremony, symbolizing they have officially manned their stations Feb. 15, 2013. The cutter Robert Yered is capable of
conducting missions such as ports, waterways and coastal security, fishery patrols, drug and illegal migrant law enforcement,
search and rescue, and national-defense operations. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jon-Paul Rios.
Photos from USCG
V OL U M E 1 3 , I SS U E 2
I am glad to report to you our progress. All our
accounts are balanced. The Flotilla is solvent. We
have completed our financial audit and all is in good order.
We voted to approve our Annual Budget at the February meeting. I would like to commend FSO-FN Dave McCullough for
all his hard work and attention to detail.
I would like to announce that all the Flotilla Staff Officer
positions are filled. With all these spots filled, we can now
start to move forward. I would like to thank the members who
have chosen to serve the Flotilla as FSOs.
We are starting to make progress in “growing” the Flotilla.
Last year we added one new Coxswain and one Boat Crew
member. Thanks to all hands who supported the training and
This year we are ensuring members achieve at least the
minimum number of boat hours, Vessel Exams, Dealer Visits
and Instructor hours. We also have three members striking for
Boat Crew and two members striking for Coxswain. We also
look to add one and possibly two vessels as operational facilities.
We have conducted Vessel Examiner/Marine Program Visitor training. We have gained two new Vessel Examiners and
two new Program Visitors. We also now have our own Finger
Print Technician.
At this time, we have six people in the membership application pipeline. Thanks to VFC/FS-HR Tom Butler for his hard
We also have had good attendance at the ABS Program.
The Instructors have done well conducting the classes.
Our 3rd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Dinner is scheduled for
March 14th, 2013 beginning at 6 PM. Our regular meeting will
follow the dinner. Make sure you call for reservations (772978-1626 J. Walsh) donation is $7 per person for dinner.
Special thanks to Walter Nygard for coordinating our February guest speaker, US Navy Seal Captain Ron Yeaw
(Retired.) Captain Yeaw served over 25 years as a SEAL and
was the 1st Commanding Officer of Seal Team 6. We plan on
having other interesting speakers at our future Flotilla meetings. We had a very informative Veteran’s Affairs Program
conducted by Mr. Dennis Latta (Retired USCG CPO.) We
had 34 Veterans attend this program. Thanks to Joe Yurillo,
Joe Lambert and Bill McMahon. We are making slow, steady
Page 2
Check your fire extinguisher. A fire on a vessel is a very
serious emergency!
Is it in good condition?
Is the hose cracked, brittle or crushed?
Is the nozzle in good condition and not clogged?
Is the handle and trigger system in good condition?
Is the locking pin okay?
Is the pressure gauge in the green (full charge)?
Remember, the minimum required number and size extinguisher is just that, THE MINIMUM. It doesn’t hurt to have
extra extinguishers or larger capacity extinguishers available.
You have a limited amount of extinguishing agent in the
extinguisher. You don’t have a lot of time to get the familiarity
of using the extinguisher. Follow the PASS system: PULL the
locking pin, AIM the nozzle at the base of the fire, SQUEEZE
the trigger device, and SWEEP the nozzle back and forth.
Joe Walsh, FC-58
USCG photo from Brad Simpson
Your “The Inlet News” Editor
Joanne Walsh FSO-PB, 772-978-1626
[email protected]
Your involvement will make a difference.
Telephone numbers and addresses of members are protected by the Privacy Act of 1974. As a matter of policy, rosters of names,
addresses and telephone numbers shall not be made available to the general public or any outside organization. Privacy of all rosters shall be safeguarded and the page clearly labeled. The publication of these rosters, addresses and telephone numbers on any
computer online service including the internet is prohibited by the Privacy Act of 1974. Publication of the rosters addresses and
telephone numbers on any computer online service including the internet is prohibited by the Privacy Act of 1974.
V OL U M E 1 3 , I SS U E 2
Gary Barth FSO-IS, PE
When I was the Division Commander the past two
years, I spoke several times about mandatory training that was
coming for all members. Well, it has finally happened. The
good thing is that the training is available ONLINE to all members to do at their leisure. Most of the mandated training only
requires that you complete the different subjects. Only one
requires you have to have a passing score of 70 to pass. If you
don’t do well, you can retake the course to better your score.
Here is the link to the site:
You have to use your email address and your password that
you use for the Auxiliary Directory and/or e-learning.
Each module should about an hour. You can pre-test on
some of the modules and if you obtain a 100%, you’ll not have
to take those portions that you scored the 100%.
Here is the information about this new program:
Fri, 18 Jan 13 Posted by: Dale Fajardo
Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUXLMS) is
now available
The Coast Guard is committed to supporting the Coast Guard
Auxiliary by providing training materials, courses, and tools to
impart the skills and
knowledge needed to
achieve mission excellence. As part of this
commitment, the Coast
Guard has launched an
enterprise-wide Auxiliary Learning Management
(AUXLMS) to automate the delivery and, in turn, improve the efficiency of training processes for Auxiliarists. This rollout of AUXLMS is a
result of an extensive and comprehensive analysis performed
by the Coast Guard Office of Training, Workforce Performance, and Development (CG-132), FORCECOM Training (FCTADL), OSC Martinsburg, Auxiliary national training and
information technology programs, and the Chief Director's
office (CG-BSX-1).
Along with the Coast Guard Auxiliary Online Classroom,
AUXLMS provides the flexibility for Auxiliarists to access
additional training material anywhere and anytime on a personal computer. For example, with AUXLMS, you can fulfill
your Auxiliary Mandated Training requirements (e.g., Ethics,
Sexual Harassment Prevention, et al.) from the comfort of your
home; in addition, ICS-210 is now available online through
AUXLMS. Although the current inventory of Auxiliary training material on AUXLMS is relatively small, it will grow as
more training materials are developed for online availability.
Through AUXLMS, Auxiliarists also have the opportunity to
access active duty "Gold Side" training courses and materials,
such as content on Coast Guard boat and cutter operations.
Page 3
Please Note: Successful course completion is automatically
recorded in AUXDATA without manual intervention of an
Information Services (IS) staff officer. Data uploads from
AUXLMS to AUXDATA will occur on a weekly basis each
For problems and support, please visit the National Help
Desk at, and submit a ticket in the "TTraining" category. When you select that category, subcategories appear; choose "AUXLMS".
For more information, click here or visit http://
After reading the message and if you are ready to access
AUXLMS, please click here, which will take you to https://
Mon, 14 Jan 13 Posted by: Dale Fajardo
FY13 C-School Schedule Now Available!
Access the latest schedule here or under the left menu item
at the Current Schedule link.
Also, here is a message from Mr. Douglas Luper at Coast
Guard Headquarters:
From: Luper, Douglas
Subject: ***Updated FY-13 2nd Qtr Updated Auxiliary CSchool Schedule***
Respectfully to all, ***HAPPY NEW YEAR***
Attached is the updated C-School schedule for FY-13 2nd Qtr,
attached to the schedule is the NON AFC-56 Funded Exportable AUXLAMS sessions being held at Districts that have requested sessions, this was done to maximize our coverage
given the fact that our AUXLAMS quotas were pretty much
If you are a District and interested in holding session, please
contact the C-School Point of Contact (POC) to arrange that
training. If you are a perspective student and would like to attend, please contact the POC listed for that session.
***Please remember that if the font is in "Black", the C-School
session is created in Direct Access (DA) and ready for request,
"RED" indicates tentatively scheduled, "Orange" Orders have
been issued, "Green" the session is complete.
***Courses can ONLY be created in DA when FORCECOM
releases funds to Training Quota Management Center (TQC)!!
***We will be holding two Auxiliary C-schools, AUX-05 &
AUX-14, and AUX-11 for JRDIRAUX Staff at NTRAIN.
***AUX-12 15-17 FEB 2013 at Coast Guard Air Station
(CGAS) Clearwater has been forwarded to TQC for creation in
***Approved for Internet release
Thank you all for your support and patience!
Have a great Day!
Continued on Page 4
V OL U M E 1 3 , I SS U E 2
Page 4
Continued from Page 3
Mr. Douglas C. Luper
Management and Program Analyst
Auxiliary Training Program Manager
CG-BSX-11 / U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters
Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety
All members need to check to ensure that your personal information is current and up to date. This can be accomplished
very easily if you have a computer. To do this online, you
have to access the new online Auxiliary Directory, AUXOFFICER II. Instructions are in the next paragraph. Review your
information online and if any changes need. Also, there is an
area called Skills Bank. Check to make certain that this information is also correct, and if not, follow the instructions to
change the information.
Click on the link
Notice that there is an underscore between the signin and
7028 so it should look like this signin_7028. You need to use
your member number and password to gain access to this site.
Any information needing corrected click on “Correct this information” tab on the top left of the page and follow the instructions.
Check the skills bank to correct and/or enter any personal or
occupation skills you have that would be of benefit to the Auxiliary and/or Coast Guard. This information will be sent and I
will make the corrections in AuxData to update your
Electronic forms are up and working again. One of the best
forms to use to track your monthly hours is the electronic 7029.
This can be obtained either by using the link http:// or go to our Flotilla 58 page and click on
the FORMS link which will take you to the correct page.
Again, you need your member number and password. When
you use this electronic form, make certain you hit “SAVE”
before hitting “QUIT”. All the information is maintained on a
mainframe server and not on your computer. Also check to
ensure that the box on the bottom with my email is checked
and the box for the SO-IS does NOT have a check.
Also you can view this video explaining the electronic 7029.
As always, should you have any questions, please feel free
to contact me to help you resolve any problems.
Tue, 01 Jan 13 Posted by: Dale Fajardo
New training mini courses/videos on various subjects such as
Emailing documents securely using password-protected
zip files
How to change member information using 7028 Webform
How to install and use the Google Drive
Introduction to using Gmail with your email
IS 7028 Dashboard
Taking a tour of the T-Directorate Website (direct link
available here)
are available in the Coast Guard Auxiliary Online Classroom.
If you have any questions regarding accessing this area, please
visit T-Directorate Online Learning/Testing.
Congratulations to Mrs. Debbie Butler, the wife of our own
Tom Butler for her good work as President of the Board of
Directors of the Guardians for New Futures. Mrs .Butler was
pictured in the Vero Beach Journal this week receiving a donation from the Unitarian Universal Fellowship of Vero Beach.
Mrs.Butler’s group, Guardians for New Futures provides support and advocacy to ensure that every
abused, neglected and abandoned child in our district is
represented by a Guardian ad Litem and that financial
assistance and other resources are available to meet the
needs of these children.
Gary P. Barth FSO-IS
I regret to inform you of the passing of Brigadier General
Stanley Scraba, Jr. (Ret) of Stuart, Florida. General Scraba
served 36 years in the US Army and the Connecticut National
Guard. During his long career he held many positions of significant responsibility and command.
CALENDAR – Flotilla 58
March 09, 2013
March 11, 2013
March 14, 2013
March 16, 2013
March 23, 2013
VE Blitz
Staff Meeting
Flotilla Meeting
St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
ABS Program
Flotilla Leadership Workshop
We are faced with many numbers in our day to day travels.
Some are pretty simple and unique to just yourselves like your
phone numbers, address and of course, SSN's.
Other numbers are big group items like the 12th grade in
school or the 7 th Fleet.
Here is a number of concern to all members of Flotilla 58; it
is 10753. Where is this number found and what does it represent?
The member who identifies this # will win a small prize at
the Flotilla 58 Meeting on March 14th, 2013. Put your thinking
caps on•......
V OL U M E 1 3 , I SS U E 2
Page 5
Joe Lambert
Flotilla 58 had the privilege of hosting a briefing by Mr.
Dennis Latta on Monday January 21, 2013.
Mr. Latta is the Veterans Claims Examiner Supervisor at the
Division of Veterans’ Benefits and Assistance, Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs located in Orlando, FL.
Dennis is also retired from the USCG as a Chief Petty Officer.
The two hour meeting began promptly at 1000 with a pledge
of allegiance to the flag, and an introduction of our guest Mr.
Dennis Latta by Joe Yurillo. There were 34 veterans in attendance.
Mr. Latta explained the requirements necessary to be eligible for VA claims benefits. He also gave many examples of
claims that he has personally been involved with. Many of
those ‘real life examples’ were ones that the attendees could
relate to. There were many questions from those in attendance
as to specific issues they themselves have had over the years.
Each attendee was given a copy of the latest Federal Benefits for Veterans book which includes Dependents and Survivors information (2012 edition). Each were also given a Florida Veterans’ Benefits Guide booklet (2012 edition) sponsored
by the Florida Veterans Foundation.
Dennis drove the 270 mile round trip on his day off to give
this briefing because he is an adamant proponent of Veterans
Benefits, and wants to help in any way he can to “get the word
out” to Veterans from all branches of the military.
Mr. Latta is a Veterans’ Advocate to the extent that he offered to meet one on one with any Veteran that would come to
his office in Orlando (appointment recommended). Dennis
also offered to discuss individual Veterans claims over the
phone if that would work better for the Veteran.
Dennis is personable, very accommodating, knowledgeable,
and all in attendance expressed how very grateful they were
that he took the time out of his very busy schedule to travel to
Fort Pierce, especially since he was “on his own time”.
Thanks to Mr. Latta, Joe Walsh, Joe Yurillo, and Joe Lambert
for making this happen.
Mr. Latta can be reached as indicated below:
Dennis E. Latta
Veterans Claims Examiner Supervisor
Division of Veterans’ Benefits and Assistance
Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs
Orlando VAMC - Room 1703A
5201 Raymond Street
Orlando, Florida 32803
Office (407) 646-4525
1-800-922-7521 Extension - 4525
Fax: (407) 599-1505
Photos by Joe Lambert
V OL U M E 1 3 , I SS U E 2
Page 6
From Tony Elvas
Reprinted from the Vero Beach VFW Newsletter
V OL U M E 1 3 , I SS U E 2
Page 7
101 Harbour Street Brighton ON K0K 1H0
613 475 3030
Brighton Auxiliary Rescue Unit #515 (BARU) is the Canadian Coastguard Auxiliary Unit operating out of Brighton on Lake
Ontario, directly across the Lake from Rochester NY. We are one of 470+ CCGA units across Canada and are part of the Canadian Coastguard Central & Arctic Region which is the largest coastguard region in Canada, covering from the US border in the
south, west to the Alberta – Saskatchewan border at Montana, and north to the Canadian Arctic
BARU’s operating area covers part of Eastern Lake Ontario from the west end of the Murray Canal and towards Cobourg then
out the mid-lake border with USA. The Unit works with sister CCGA units in Belleville, Picton & Wellington as well as assisting the Canadian Coast Guard cutter “Cape Mercy” stationed at Cobourg. We are tasked on SAR activities using a donated 29ft
Chris Craft cruiser, “Brighton Rescue” which Unit members have re-extensively re-fitted . Two rigid inflatable boats for training
and near-shore rescue work are also available.
BARU has been involved in over 50 SAR operations since its inception. “Brighton Rescue” is tasked by Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, Central & Arctic Region, (JRCC) at Canadian Forces Base Trenton. We assist 424 Squadron Search & Rescue Unit
in SAR operations using Hercules J-class fixed wing aircraft and Griffon helicopters. Our service delivery standard, to assemble
the crew, perform all pre-departure safety checks and leave the BARU dock within 30 minutes of receiving the tasking from
JRCC, is met in 85% of cases.. All missions are fully logged locally and in the CCGA National Database.
We conduct formal training programs weekly on-water or in classroom sessions. We also undergo special training on use of the
near-shore rescue equipment & refresher training in First Aid and CPR, including Automated External Defibrillator use. The
complement of trained members stands at 22 which allows for a five person, two crew system with Alpha crew on call 24/7 for
one week and Beta crew on call the next week, throughout the boating season –April to October..
BARU receives no government funding and operating costs, averaging $5-6000 per year have to be raised by the members. A
small amount of funding is provided by grateful boaters that have been assisted and some service clubs. Our main source of additional revenue is the Donated Boat Program, where people with boats they no longer need can donate them to BARU in exchange
for an official tax receipt that can be used to reduce personal income tax. Five boats have been donated recently, ranging from a
small sailboat to a 42ft Chris Craft Commander.
For more information contact
Paul Gauthier, Unit Leader 613 475 3030 or
Peter McCann, Deputy Unit Leader 613 475 4752
Article and photos by Peter McCann,
Deputy Unit Leader Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary
V OL U M E 1 3 , I SS U E 2
No matter what the species, remember to protect
your pet when boating. Photo by USCG Auxiliary
Public Affairs Officer Brad Simpson.
Page 8
BLASIE – This is a
small tug boat pusher
vessel. It is used to
There is a major marine
underway just south of
the Ft. Pierce South
Bridge near the Ft.
Pierce Municipal Marina. At the time of this photo, the Blasie and several barges
were moored along the Taylor Creek. Give these barge rigs a
wide berth!
I wonder if the MV Blasie was named after the legendary
Freddie Blasie?
Photo by Agnes Mical FL-56
Joseph O. Walsh FSO-MT
Every boater knows the crucial importance of proper safety
gear on deck. But do they realize that their boating companion
also needs proper safety protection? Just like humans, boating
pets need the added protection of life jackets. These can be
found at your local outdoor sporting center. Sizes are available
to fit most pets, even unusual ones.
Article by Brad Simpson, USCG
Auxiliary Public Affairs Officer
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", says
Brad Simpson, Public Affairs Officer with the U.S. Coast
Guard Auxiliary.
Even though dogs are swimmers by nature, a life jacket is
still necessary. The life jacket keeps the pet atloat at all times
and enables the animal to swim longer. You pet cannot tell
you they are getting tired or fatigued. Canine life jackets features can also include a reflective handle that makes it visible
day and night and allows you to pull your pet out of the water
with ease and comfort.
On February 18th, 2013, Flotilla 58 conducted annual refresher training. We put on a one hour TCT Workshop and a
one hour Operations Workshop. There were a total of 21 students in attendance from Flotilla 58, Flotilla 57, Flotilla 56 and
Flotilla 59. It was nice to help our neighbors.
An AUXSC&E Class shall be conducted by Tom Butler at
the Stuart Flotilla 59 Hall during the month of April, 2013.
This is a very challenging course, but also a course that will
really help Coxswain candidates understand search patterns
and policies. If you are interested in attending, contact Tom
Butler @ 772-359-5613 or e-mail [email protected]
Joe Walsh FC / FSO-MT
(A little high school Math…..)
60D = ST
This is the Speed/Time/Distance formula. With the use of
math mechanics you can isolate any of the values, S, Tor D
and solve the math problem. This would allow you to calculate the time of arrival, speed needed to arrive on time or your
travel distance per hour.
This can also help you calculate your position when underway. Here it is:
Suppose you are heading north on course 360 degrees.
You spot an object to port, when it is 45 degrees off your
port bow (315 degrees). You start your time leg at a given
When that object is 90 degrees off your port side (270
degrees) you stop your time run.
Plug your speed and time run into the formula.
EXAMPLE: You are making 6 knots and run a 10 minute leg
Captain Ron Yeaw 3rd from left standing on a US Navy
Submarine in the Caribbean Sea practicing for the middle
east offshore oil derricks.
Photo from Capt. Ron Yeaw USN (Ret)
V OL U M E 1 3 , I SS U E 2
Page 9
Photos continued from page 1
Our guest speaker at the February meeting was USN Captain Ron Yeaw (RET). His remarks were very dynamic as he
described his training and duties as a Navy Seal. He also
shared a short video with us of his life and background.
Captain Yeaw grew up in Pennsylvania and was a member
of the high school and college swim teams. He graduated from
Grove City College in 1965 and joined the US Navy. After
Officer Candidate School, he began Navy Seal training in
1966. He has completed several Special Forces training
schools, including UDT/Seal training, Navy Underwater
Swimmer School, US Army Airborne School, Army Ranger
School and the Army Jungle Warfare School.
Captain Yeaw spent five years attached to UDT 21 and Seal
Team 2. He completed three tours in Viet Nam. He has served
as Commanding Officer of UDT 21 and Commander of Seal
Team 6. He has been decorated with many personal awards
including four Bronze Star Medals, the Purple Heart Medal and
the Legion of Merit. He was the first Commanding Officer of
the US Navy Seal Team 6.
After his Navy service. Captain Yeaw worked in corporate
management. He now lives in Port St. Lucie, Florida.
Photo from Captain Ron Yeaw, USN (Ret)
Photos from USCG

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