Révision pour le quiz sur l`imparfait: leçon 23 Nom: L`imparfait



Révision pour le quiz sur l`imparfait: leçon 23 Nom: L`imparfait
Révision pour le quiz sur l’imparfait: leçon 23
L’imparfait: Please explain how to form the imperfect tense, (what do we start with,
and what do we add on?) give an example:
What are the two translations for the imperfect tense in English?
What is the ONE irregular verb in the imperfect? What does it change to?
What rule do we follow with –GER verbs in the imperfect ? Give an example :
Are there any stem changing (accent changing) verbs in the imparfait ?
What are the irregular present tense NOUS forms that we use to form the imperfect
for the following verbs ?:
Ex. Lire- LIS-
Il y a-
Il pleut-
Se taire-
List as many categories for using the imperfect as you can think of :
Ex. Weather,...
L’Imparfait ou le Passé composé? Marquez “I” ou “P”
1. Un soir_____
2. LE vendredi_____
3. D’habitude_____
4. Chaque soir_____
Finished actions_____
6. Je suis allée_____
7. Cinq fois_____
8. Le 19 juin _____
9. Tous les soirs_____
10. A specific period of time_____
11. Ongoing actions_____
12. J’allais_____
13. Weather, time, feelings_____
14. What happened_____
15. He beat Marco Foyot in pétanque!_____
16. They were always talking_____
17. Parfois______
18. Autrefois______
19. She was wearing_______
20. I used to live near Salishan______
21. Age_____
22. Feelings______
Mettez les verbes suivants à l’imparfait :
1. (Je) Ranger___________________________
2. (Tu) Revenir___________________________
3. (Elle) Lire___________________________
4. (Nous) Parler___________________________
5. (Vous) Partir___________________________
6. (Ils) Prendre____________________________
7. (Je) Réussir____________________________
8. (Tu) Rendre_____________________________
9. (Il) Etre__________________________________
10. (Nous) Se réveiller_____________________________
11. (Je) Sortir_____________________________
12. (On) Dormir_____________________________
13. (Vous) Voir_____________________________
14. (Elles) Boire_____________________________
15. Il y a _____________________________
16. Il pleut_____________________________
17. (Nous) Se taire_____________________________
18. (Je) Vouloir_____________________________
19. (Tu) Pouvoir_____________________________
20. (Vous) Faire _____________________________
21. (Elle) Devoir_____________________________
22. (Ils) S’asseoir_____________________________
23. (M. Boulanger) Avoir_____________________________un r.d.v. avec Reese
Witherspoon à Marseille pour aller jouer à la pétanque! J
24. When I was 12, I used to live in Gleneden Beach.
25. It was cold. It was raining. We were hungry!
26. She was watching a movie WHEN, ALL OF THE SUDDEN, Marco Foyot arrivED!
27. Every summer I would go to Lake Wohink with my brother. We used to swim. We
would do the dishes every night. It was easy! We would put the paper plates in the fire!