Quinoa - Sing for Climate



Quinoa - Sing for Climate
Sing for the Clim
Climate : une initiative de la Coalition Climat et du CNCDCNCD-11.11.11
Texte alternatif
Quinoa avec le soutien de l’Association 21
You need to wake up
We're on a planet
You need to step up
That has good money
You need to open your eyes
You need to stop speculation
And do it now now now
Do it now now now
People and planet, or making money
Let's tax finances, and their transactions
Yes you need to choose right now
To support our eco debt
Your bio fuels, (bio fuels)
Environmental rights
Your carbon trading (carbon trading)
Or corporate profits
Your CDM* make us cry
You must get wise stop compromise
Just stop it now now now
And do it now, now, now
You need to build, better solutions
Yes, we can change, our way of life,
We ask you to start right now
Why don't you just start right now?
Petit instrumental
Grand instrumental
We’re in a system,
Make it bolder (bis)
That has a problem
Make it clever (bis)
You need to reform, regulate
Make it just, yes you must
And do it now now now
And do it now now now
Please relocate the economy
You’ve got to build, a fairer future
And stop financing fossil fuels
And you need to start right now
(Bis) We’ve got to build, a fairer future
And we need to start right now

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