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VOL. 27 No 36. October 2013
By Nilse González Jaramillo
Engeneering student
The dictionary tells us that a competition is a contest for some prize, honor, or
advantage, a struggle for victory or superiority. For me, competing goes further
than simply looking to be better than others, it implies seeking to be better than
During a competition you can compare your skills to others’, improve them or
even discover them! Let me tell you my own story. I never pictured myself as a
public speaker, but it was in my first high school semester at a PREPA-R-ARTE
contest that I realized I wasn’t really bad at it. And even though I didn’t enter
the contest willingly (because it was obligatory) it turned out to be a good experience that I repeated the following year (this time because I wanted to). I
didn’t win a prize (well, maybe a third or second place) but I won something
better, the understanding of one single (but very important) thing: It doesn’t
matter if you win or you lose, sometimes you win more as a loser than as a
winner, I mean look at me, I discovered a talent I didn’t know I had.
I would like to say that my mother always told me “winning isn’t everything” (that would give a touching mood to my words) , but I can’t because she never did, that was something I learned by myself. Don’t repudiate a defeat, embrace it!, and take the best of it, sometimes a defeat
is a step for something greater, a warm-up stage if you will. There’s a song I love that says “you got to lose
to know how to win” how true it is! Someone who has always been a winner won’t accept defeat easily, but
someone who has lost will surely know how to be a winner.
And… how to be a good winner? Well, I’m not perfect to tell you how to deal with a victory, I, myself, find it
hard to do, I’d just like to tell you two things: first of all, don’t feel more than the others just because you
won, “au contraire” be humble enough to recognize the effort of those who didn’t and second of all, don’t
take victory as a guarantee that you are the best, but as a motivation to improve your skills even more. One
more thing, if you have the opportunity to compete at something, do it! You’ll never regret it, trust me, I
By Adriana Méndez Ramírez
By Laura Lucio Cruz
Engeneering student
one of the best anecdotes I have, was when I got
Everything was so unexpected, we couldn’t believe
that we passed to the final round, my friends and I
were so nervous about it and when our teacher gave
us the news that we were going to Mexico City, we
got excited!
In Mexico City we participated in a debate competition. Our opponents were really good, that’s why we
sometimes felt insecure, we didn’t think we had a
chance to win. For this reason, I felt so sad and frustrated knowing that we could lose; fortunately my
mates of the male team pushed me to try my best.
The judge took three days to give the decision, during
these days we went shopping and celebrated my best
friend’s birthday at our hotel. We had such a great
time that we forgot our worries and bad thoughts
about the final result. After this time we got the final
results and it was so surprising for all of us, (even for
our teacher!), because our dream came true, we won
the first place. It was an amazing feeling that I can’t
even describe, because we had been working so hard
for it, our main goal was to achieve it.
This anecdote is something extraordinary and I’ll
never forget it because of the great times and beautiful moments that I spent with my friends.
vember were the VIII Prepa-rte Contest in IEST Altamira.
the opportunity to participate in a debate contest that
took place in Mexico City. I’m going to start talking
about how this story changed my life.
last 14th. and 15th.
The high school students presented their projects (on areas such as: Spanish,
English, Maths, Sciences and Business) in order to
get the opportunity to represent our High School
in the PIBA contest next year. Through PIBA,
(International Prize of Anahuac´s High-Schools)
Anahuac’s high schools look to integrate the student’s creativity and vision in original projects,
where they combine their theory knowledge and
skills to develop them. This year, the students
(male and female) had the opportunity to participate in one or more of the different categories
such as: poetry out loud, declamation, literature
works –short story or poem-, all these in English
and/or Spanish language. There were also artistic
categories like: Musical interpretation and composition. I couldn’t omit traditional categories like:
Sciences and Math.
The language department and the language
teachers supported the high school department in
all the English categories. The teachers selected
the best creations and stimulated them to participate and do their best. Being a judge in the contest was a great experience, because you can see
the magnificent work and progress of your students. The winners will be announced in November!
By Cecilia P. Gordoa Romero
By Adriana Méndez Ramírez
High school student
was 5 years
old I decided
our school all our students from college/high-
school have the opportunity to participate in different
sport categories. This time COLLAGE brings you the
play volleyball just for
IEST´s Volleyball male teams, which are playing in
the heck of
ment here at IEST.
different leagues like the Saturdays indoor tourna-
it. The time
passed and
I started to
play in tournaments with the Tamaulipas Team. I participated
in National Olympic Games in Victoria, Tamaulipas.
My second experience was in Merida, Yucatan,
where we got 4th place.
Currently, I am in IEST’s official team, all because I
was invited by the IEST’s coach, who saw my play-
High school and university volleyball members
ing style and talked to my father about being an
IEST student and having the chance to continue
playing volleyball.
These teams participate in ADIENMSST and Madero
My father decided what was best for me, so I’m a
high school student at IEST. During my first year at
We wish them and their trainer Bernal Lozada Del
IEST’s team, we won the first place in two tournaments: ODEIP and ADIEMSSST. We also won the
tournaments will be a success!
Ángel good luck and we hope their effort in these
The major volleyball male team
By Stephany Flores Izquierdo
High school student
By Edgar Ariel Hernández Torres
Engeneering student
My commitment is to give you the most meritori-
ous gold medal of the world”
There are some exploits that change your
destiny and of those
around you, glorious
never erased. My story
revolves around a Tae
Kwon Do competition
Hi! I would like to share with you some informa-
at the state of Hidalgo.
My family and I went to the competition in Huejutla
by bus with the Tae Kwon Do team. I recognized
tion about my favorite band, its name is Coldplay,
that I was injured and the pain was somewhat
bearable. Previous to this travel, I held a combat
where I received a hard kick in my shin that removed me from the sport three days. I knew my
physical problem, but I had planned to win a medal
to give to my mother for her birthday. So, I bandaged my shin and decided to face the tournament.
My first combat was difficult, because the point difference with my opponent was three points and I
felt a lot of pain.
For my second combat, my shin was swollen and I
and it’s a British band which was formed in 1996.
Coldplay is formed by Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland,
Guy Berryman and Will Champion. I really like this
band because they always talk about good feelings
and positive things. When I listen to their music I
always feel happy... by the way, I can do it all day
through, and I don’t get bored.
Whenever I can, I follow the success of Coldplay in
the newspapers, TV or radio because they have
won a big number of music awards throughout
couldn’t walk. But I was decided to win this medal
their career, including eight Brit Awards—like the
and got courage to face the combat. It started, and
five seconds later, my shin crashed my opponent’s
Best British Group three times, five MTV Video Mu-
knee. I was hurt and started to cry, because I felt
sic Awards, and seven Grammy Awards from
the goal was getting away. I stood up and contin-
twenty five nominations. I know Coldplay is a very
ued the battle. Surprisingly, I connected a pair of
famous rock band around the world. For this rea-
good kicks in my opponent’s head who was getting
desperate to obtain points. The last ten seconds
went dramatically because I was so tired and injured. Finally, I got the gold medal, I sang Mexico’s
National Anthem with pride and joy and I handed
my mom the medal.
son, they have sold millions of records worldwide.
I had the opportunity to watch on TV that in December 2009, Rolling Stone readers voted the
group the fourth-best artist of the 2000s.
By Maria de Jesús López Goquis
High school student
Since I had the chance to see tigers in zoos, I loved
By Valeria Guzmán Aburto
High school student
really love pugs; I think they are so beautiful
because they are interesting due to their
tigers, for me
squashed faces, curled tail and bulging eyes.
they are the
They understand you and they’re always with
prettiest and
you. I think that you’ll always have a best friend
most beauti-
with one of them. Pugs were brought from
ful animals. I
China, they are also popular in Europe, they’re
admire them,
considered like “toys” because they’re small and
because they
fat, that’s why people want to have one. They´re
have a special style to walk, they also have a soft and
perfect puppies for company, they love children.
adorable pelt. My favorite combinations of pelt and eye
They will try to hypnotize you with their big and
color are: white and black pelt with blue or green eyes.
sad eyes, so that you give them more food
Some people think tigers are aggressive. It could be
(that's why there are so many overweight pugs).
true, but just when they want to protect themselves
They are not aggressive at all.
from aggressive humans or situations.
What a pug can give you is unlimited affection
I would like to have a tiger or tiger cub, because I be-
lieve it is possible to share time with them. In a lot of
crave your approval,
documentaries I could get more information about
so pugs will try to do
these animals, like for example, they are the largest
near to anything to
cats in the world, how old they can be, their races -
please you.
Bengali tiger, Siberian, Sumatra, Malayan, Indochinese
and South Chinese among others -, their differences of
there’s a group of
weight and measurement between male and female
900 pugs and the name is “Pug Mania” we meet
cats. I could also know about the quantity and shape
on the first Sunday each month, sometimes pugs
they have. It differs if they are male or female, if they
get dressed up with shoes, bows, pants, dresses
are predators they are very fierce. They eat prey both
etc. I have a pug, and it’s the loveliest dog in the
as small and easy as monkeys, rabbits, fish and others.
If you want to see a real tiger, you can visit zoos like
“Tamatan” in Victoria, Mexico, “Africam Safari” in Puebla, Mexico and other Zoos in the USA.
By Rosa Elena López Gutiérrez
Foreign Language student
Salvador Dali is a renowned surrealist artist. He’s my favourite artist. I assume it has something
to do with his controversial works of art and lifestyle. How many Italian and French artists have
we read about in school? Most of them came from a middle-class family and became talented artists’ protégées; in a way I feel they share the same background. Why haven’t we studied someone more interesting… different?
Well, as much as I’d like for Dalí to be totally unique and different, he can’t be so in every possible
aspect. He is Spanish like Pablo Picasso. He’s multitalented and incredibly curious and religious
like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.
There was a TV show in the fifties called “What’s my line?” which ran from 1950 to 1967. In this
show a famous person would be invited and the panellists had to guess who he was by asking yes
-no questions. Some of the most famous guests to appear on the show were Walt Disney, Elizabeth Taylor, Sean Connery, Colonel Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and Ronald Reagan.
The episode featuring Salvador Dalí shows us what an ample field of activity he took part in. During the episode Dali agreed he was an eminent character of sports, music, literature, photography, painting, sculpture, and even the film industry causing the panellists great confusion in order to guess who he was.
He is such a unique being that most people can recognize him by simple sight, because he used to fashion a long and ever-changing moustache. He might as well have one of the most iconic moustaches ever
to exist. There’s a great photo of him showing off a moustache
adorned with little flowers at the ends. You can also read about his
blue armpits and him wearing red geraniums on his head. We often
don’t stop to think about this very much, but do you wonder why he
did these things?
My beloved eccentric artist was deeply in love with his wife Gala. She was not only his muse, but
also of her former husband Paul Éluard. They all met when Dalí was commissioned to paint for
Paul Éluard in 1929, legend says he immediately straightened up his elaborately planned look to
better appeal Gala. He was 10 years younger than her, and forever in love with her. Since 1930
he started to sign his paintings with both of their names. He once said: “It is mostly with your
blood, Gala, that I paint my pictures” Did you know Dalí designed the Chupa-Chups logo?, Did you
know he worked for Disney?, Did you know The Simpsons made a tribute to him?, Did you know
he appeared in an Alka-seltzer and a Lanvin chocolate commercial?
By Almicar Daniel Plaza Méndez
Engeneering student
Many people think that Guatemala isn’t a nice place but that’s
not right, Guatemala is a beautiful place. There are many things
people don’t know about Guatemala, this is a very touristic city
with lots of nice places, near the city of Guatemala we can find
a town called “Antigua”, this town makes honor to its name,
and it’s a very old and very calm place. In this town you will find
very few cars, that’s because almost all of the streets are closed
for people to walk and enjoy the town.
There is also a community called “Rio Dulce.” In this place you can only
move in boats. It’s a big river where you will find all the houses at riverside. It’s a gorgeous place where you can relax, go fishing or skiing and
enjoy a good time with your family or friends. There is also a place
By Omar Alejandro González Aguilar
Engeneering student
Mexico I was so excited
because I had never been
When I was 12 years old, I played soccer with a
on an airplane, but in that
instant there was a problem with my father and
team called “Chivas Altamira”. My favorite Mexican
mother´s tickets. At the
team is Cruz Azul but that soccer school was near my
point that I had to fly
away alone, I was crying
house and since I like soccer, I was training with this
because I didn’t know what to do alone in another
After two years of hard training one day, our coach country. I had no other option than to enjoy the flight
gave us wonderful news: a soccer league called and eat a lot on the plane, the food was delicious.
“EFIPAN” in Alegrete, Brazil had invited us to partici- After hours and hours of flight, we arrived to Porto
pate in an international league. It was exciting be- Alegre, we saw the international stadium of Brazil
cause this meant we could play with other countries and the Gremio stadium, and then we traveled to Aleand the wonderful experience of knowing Brazil. We grete for 8 hours by bus. We arrived to Alegrete, a
trained harshly through September, October, Novem- beautiful and calm city, where the people were so
ber and December in order to win that league, then amazing. They treated us like professional soccer
the day came, I was with my family in the airport of players and all the girls were crazy to meet us, that
was wonderful. Three days later, my dad came but my mom didn’t, I was so
We gave it all on each match and we finished the league tournament with
great results, I only played a few minutes because I was 12 years old and the
league was for 15 year olds, that was an achievement for me. Then, we
came back to Porto Alegre for one week but this time it was as tourists to
enjoy this amazing and beautiful country, then the week went by and we
were in Sao Paulo’s airport, I remember that I was playing on the automatic
escalators and I got a big injury when I fell down .After this, we arrived
healthy and safe to Mexico.
November 6th, 2013 at 1pm or 4pm.
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November 8th, 2013
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Coordinación de idiomas—IEST
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October 7th. - 25th., 2013
By Emmanuel Figón Jímenez
Engeneering student
Everything started six months ago, when I received the email
inviting me to go to Canada for the summer and I made the
decision to go and started doing the paperwork in order to get
my visa, contact my host family and school. Then I flew to Toronto,
to be honest I didn’t know anything about this country I
was traveling to the unknown and it was amazing! I went
to the KGIC, there are great teachers, I learned a lot
there but the best wee the afternoons and weekends with my new
friends. We had a daily activity, since we could go to the CN Tower, go to nightclubs (you
know so we can practice the skills learned at school), ride rollercoasters, visit Toronto Island
where you can relax or rent a bike. It’s worth it.
I also went to Ottawa it’s a beautiful place and it has a replica of the Big Ben. Montreal has a
beautiful view and a replica of Notre-Dame. The Niagara Falls where I enjoyed every second
in the mist of the Niagara. Nearby, in New York City you’ve got Times Square, Central Park,
Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. Quebec is a place I will go back to. I fell in
love with terrace of Dufferin. Toronto is safe city and you can move by the TTC, it’s working
24/7, you have to be prepared for the weather, though. In the morning it’s rainy, in the afternoon it’s warm but in the night it’s cold. My host family was nice to me. It was a memorable trip and I have great memories and new friends, even though they are from different
places we are planning to see each other in Mexico because our country is a wonderful place, but
At the end of this trip I learned that everything comes to an end and it’s up to you,
how you embrace every moment because it
will never come back and you will regret the things
you didn’t do more than the ones you did.
By Diana Domínguez Rodríguez
Foreign Language student
This summer I went to Italy to study Italian, and I took a course in Rome. Well,
I also went to London and to Barcelona before this, but the place I want to talk
about is Rome. We have all Heard about the “clichés” about Italy; the pizza and pasta, the hot Italian guys,
the Coliseum, the Vatican, etc. But I didn’t really know what to expect (as sometimes things are said different
to the reality or depending on the perception of each person).
I traveled alone and without knowing the language and just with the address of the house I was going to
stay at. Somehow, I managed to get to the house with Elena (my Italian mom now), and I met two girls from
Brazil that were going to stay in the same house for the same month too.
Fortunately one of this girls, Nara, knew a little bit of English and asked her everything around there (as she
arrived with Marina some days earlier).
Well, every morning I took the metro to school with them and came back in the afternoon after the
“passeggiata” or for lunch (most of the times in a Trattoria which is cheaper than a restaurant and has really
good and traditional food). They are really nice girls, and I’m so happy I had the luck to meet them.
The school is really good. Its name is Dilit and belongs to the International House’s chain. If you want, you
can ask the person in charge of the exchange programs here at IEST (the school gets a discount). So, I did
my cultural and non-cultural job. In the evenings or after lunch, I went to every museum or cultural spot I
found: Piazza Spagnia, Piazza Venezia, Colosseo, Musei Vaticani, Fontana de Trevi, etc.
During the nights, you can do a lot of things also; from going out for dinner up to clubbing. I made some
friends (especially Spanish speakers), which liked to go out every single night; and although some places
were closed for the summer, we always found something to do or somewhere to go.
During summer, the prices are high in food, drinks and entertainment,
but I think that everything is worth it. Besides, you can find a lot of
stores on sale, so that kind of balances the expenses.
I had a great time and made a lot of new friends there. I think I was
lucky to be there that month and with that people. However, everything
gets to its end and I’m back home, back to school, missing a lot my
friends and “il accento italiano”.
By Adriana Méndez Ramírez
Like every year since 2011 the Foreign Affairs Department at IEST organized in September the well-know
event called “Vive Internacional”. This event promotes international and globalized perspectives, such as
study possibilities at foreign universities and language schools around the world where IEST has exchange
agreements. On the third edition of “Vive Internacional”, the program had a large variety of conferences of
exchange students from different countries like: Colombia, Brazil, Turkey and France; there were also interesting competitions like a “Marathon”, where students from different careers had the chance to participate
answering 10 questions about general and regional culture. The judges Mr. Daniel Bustos, Ms. Aura Londoño
and Ms. Adriana Méndez participated representing the different departments and supporting the organization
of Vive internacional 2013.
Marathon´s participants and “DDR” Team.
In the first edition of this contest, the team “DDR” placed first, and in second place the team “Amigos por
siempre”. All the participants had fun and were proud to demonstrate
their general knowledge. During the entire week, the Language Department in charge of Mr. Alfredo Castillo participated alongside the
Foreign Affairs Department supporting events like: “Talk about the
China experiences” by the exchange students: Iris Marroquín Le-
dezma, Andrea Vega Cienfuegos and Ricardo Villalobos Guerrero. It
was a very interesting talk about their one-month residence in China.
The audience showed enthusiasm in the talk through interesting
questions and comments.
On the final day of this amazing event, the Idiomas Anáhuac I class, the German Language I students together with the Language Course and the foreign languages students, presented the “German exhibition”.
This exhibition consisted in the student´s participation divided in 7 teams, where they designed their own
stand according to their perspective and influence of the German on the actual student life and future professional life. The stands were attractively decorated and each team organized their vision in a fantastic way.
It was very interesting to observe the creativity in every particular idea, through decoration, costumes, souvenirs, videos, colors, food and information.
Some of the teams made theirs presentation in
German, English and Spanish; the judge evaluated them using a chart with specific guidelines,
which the team had to cover before and during
the exhibition. With a final score of 187 points,
the team number 3 integrated by:
Franco, Ana Maria Ramírez Loiza, Ruth Pulido,
Carlos García and Antonio Galván was awarded
first place. Congratulations!
Germany Exhibition´s Winners
with Mr. Alfredo Castillo and Mr. Daniel Bustos
Every semester grows the interest for the German language and culture, for this reason, the Language Department organized a conference “Talking about Germany”, where students and teachers had the opportunity
to know specific information about: Germany and their politicians, work and study possibilities, legal procedures to apply as student in Germany, benefits as student and in the public transportation. The students expressed to be happy with our university´s exchange agreements and happier to be able to apply.
“Talking about Germany” by Adriana Méndez Ramírez
Par: Gabriela Alejandra Vázquez Hernández
C’est très difficile de définir exactement
Le sens de <<ami>> avec mots
Donc, j’ai créé mon propre définition
Avec une comparaison
Les amis sont comme les étoiles
Et il en a trois:
Étoiles du soleil: sont les amis qui sont avec toi
Lorsqu’il y a du soleil, aux bons temps;
Mais ils disparaissent pendant la nuit, aux mauvais moments.
Je n’aime pas ce type d’étoiles.
Étoiles filantes : sont amis pour un moment.
Comme les étoiles filantes t’aident.
Ils accomplissent souhaits,
Et après un certain temps ils s´en vont.
Étoiles pures : sont les meilleurs amis
Ils sont avec toi pendant la journée et la nuit,
Ils s’allument dans les mauvais temps.
Ils te soutient dans ces moments d’obscurité
Ils t’accompagnent fidèlement.
Ils te disent la vérité.
Une étoile pure est unique.
Une étoile pure est une véritable amie.
Par: Selene Vanesa Luna Juárez
Je me rappelle très bien de ces années de ma vie desquelles le football était une des meilleures
choses pour moi. J’avais à peine 12 ans quand j’ai entré au secondaire et j’ai accepté faire partie de
l’équipe féminin de ma classe. Sincèrement, le football n’avais jamais attiré mon attention jusqu’à
j’étais là. Nous avons commencé l’entraînement et quelques semaines après le tournoi scolaire a
commencé. D’ailleurs, j’étais la gardienne de but de l’équipe et j’étais plus petite qu’actuellement.
Tout allait bien, nous gagnions quelques matchs, nous égalisions d’autres et nous perdions rarement. En fait, nous avons gagné le match de nôtre division (matinée), alors il manquait seulement
jouer contre l’équipe du soir. Nôtre équipe était très unie, les filles jouaient très bien et j’ai essayé
d’arrêter la majorité des buts. Tout allait parfaitement bien jusqu'à ce que le match final est arrivé et
cela a changé tout. Le match a commencé et la vérité est qu’il était très disputé ; les autres filles
étaient plus hautes que nous et ça nous a fait grande peur.
Soudainement, une fille avait le ballon et elle se dirigeait vers moi pour marquer le but, donc j’ai fermé les yeux et quand je les ai rouverts j’ai vu que j’avais arrêté le ballon mais ma main s’avait cassé. Sans le vouloir, la fille a donné un coup de pied très fort qu’elle a cassé mon poignet totalement.
Ensuite, mes copains et le professeur de sport m’ont assistés et m’ont transporté à l’hôpital. À la fin,
nous avons gagné le 2º place par défaut mais bon, je peux dire que je m’ai cassé la main en sauvant un match de football.
Par Elisa Reséndiz
Bonjour! Je m'appelle Elisa et j'étude des langues étrangers. Je vais les raconter la meilleure expérience de ma vie: le premier concert du rock que j'ai vu. Oui,
je suis une femme qu'aime la musique heavy métal, et aussi
des voyages. Le 2e et 3e novembre de l'année dernière, mon
petit ami et moi avons décidé d'aller à la ville de Mexico pour
voir le groupe Slayer et en tour on pourrait visiter quelques
J’ai oublié que mon petit ami m’a payé le voyage comme un cadeau pour mon anniversaire, et nous
aviez tout prévu mais… Je n’avais pas demandé la permission à ma mère ! De Toute façon elle a dit
oui ! (j’ai été chanceuse). Nous sommes allés le 31 octobre à 22h00 en bus avec d'autres personnes
qui sont allées au concert aussi, mais on ne pouvait pas dormir car on était très excités !
Quand nous sommes arrivés, nous étions autorisés de manger où on
voulions dans le centre de la ville. On a choisi un petit lieu qu’était près
du Palais des Beaux-Arts. Roger a mangé une quesadilla large, et c’est
moi qui ai mangé une gordita.
Après, on est allé au nouvelle Arena
México et j’ai acheté beaucoup de souvenirs du concert : un affiche, un
chemisier et une tasse. Puis, le concert a commencé avec une groupe du
Mexique qui s’appelle Resorte ; on a vu aussi Cavalera Conspiracy, et
Mastodon. C’est vrai que le meilleur groupe c’est à la fin mais tous ont
été très fantastique ! Tout le monde criait et chantait ; j’ai pleuré de l’excitation quand Slayer a chanté ma chanson préférée.
Quand le concert a fini, on a dormi dans un hôtel près du socle pour se recharger. Le jour suivant
était le jour d morts, et une tante de Roger qui habite ça, elle nous a donné un tour par la ville, et
aussi par Coyoacán, c’est une zone de style colonial traditionnelle très célèbre pour l’exposition des
autels et des choses qui concernent à cette journée. On mangé dans un restaurant ça et dans le
nuit nous sommes revenus à Tampico.
C’est un petit voyage, je sais, mais je suis très heureuse d’avoir
connu un de mes groupes préférés et des nouveau lieus, d’avoir
voyagé à une ville cosmopolite et d’avoir partagé tous ces expériences et souvenirs avec l’amour de ma vie.
Avenida Dr. Burton E. Grossman
501 PTE. Col. Tampico-Altamira
C.P. 89609
Altamira Tamaulipas, México
Tel. ( 833 ) 230-2566
Coordinació[email protected]