Index of titles - International Journal of Forming Processes



Index of titles - International Journal of Forming Processes
Index of titles
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Volume 4/2001
A Comparative Study of Crystallization of iPP and PA6 under Pressure, 511-534
A Meshless Simulation of Injection Processes Involving Short Fibers Molten
Composites, 217-236
Analysis of Material Behaviour at High Strain Rates for Modeling Machining
Processes, 499-510
Analysis of Phase Segregation Effects Arising in Fluid-particle Flows during Metal
Injection Molding, 199-216
Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Simulation of Powder Compaction Processes,
A Simplified Model of Thermal Contact Resistance Adapted to Forging Simulation,
Austenite-to-Ferrite Phase Transformation during Continuous Casting of Steels,
Basic Aspects and Modeling of Friction in Cutting, 73-88
Characterisation and Modeling of Fabric Deformation during Forming of Textile
Composites, 285-302
Comparison of Ductile Damage Models, 303-318
Development in Finite Element Simulations of Aluminum Extrusion, 335-346
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Blanking for Thin Sheet Metal Parts,
Experimental Investigation and Prediction of Frictional Responses in the Orthogonal
Cutting Process, 89-110
Friction and Wear in Hot Forging, 57-72
Friction during Flat Rolling of Metals, 23-42
Friction in Modeling of Metal Forming Processes, 43-55
How to Understand Friction and Wear in Mechanical Working Processes, 9-22
Hydroforming Processes for Tubular Parts, 377-394
International Journal of Forming Processes. Volume 5 – No. 1/2002
Identification of non-linear Kinematic Hardening with Bend-reverse Bend
Experiments in Anisotropic Sheet-metals, 395-412
Industrial Forging Design using an Inverse Technique, 463-480
Investigation of Springback using Two Different Testing Methods, 347-360
Materials Characterization Methods and Material Models for Stamping of Plain
Woven Composites, 269-284
Measurement of Flow Stress and Critical Damage Value in Cold Forging, 167-175
Micro Injection Moulding, 253-268
Modeling of AIMg Sheet Forming at Elevated Temperatures, 361-376
On the Simulation of Microhardness at Large Strains Using a Gradient Theory of
Plasticity, 413-430
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Rheological Behaviour in Multi-Step Hot Forging Conditions, 155-166
Semi-solid Processing of Engineering Alloys by a Twin-screw Rheomoulding
Process, 237-252
Sensing Friction : Methods and Devices, 125-134
Simulation of Face Milling and Turning with the Finite Element Method, 481-498
The Problem of Constitutive Equations for the Modeling of Chip Formation:
Towards Inverse Methods, 135-154
Validation of the Cockcroft and Latham Fracture Criterion for Cold Heading of
Steel Fasteners, 445-462
Variable Tool-Chip Interfacial Friction in 2-D and 3-D Machining Operations,

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