the press release



the press release
For immediate release NA-PAW and EPAW
July 13th 2012
Wind farm victims are not enthused with
Health Canada’s announcement
In response to Health Canada’s announcement that it will undertake a study into
the effects of industrial wind turbines on the health of some 2000 neighbours, the
North American Platform Against Wind Power (NA-PAW) and the European Platform
Against Windfarms (EPAW), regrouping over 600 associations of windfarm victims
worldwide, wish to remind the public that they have not been consulted on the matter.
There is therefore a chance, in their view, that the study will be biased, as so many
have been in the past.
The two federations of victims are encouraged to see Health Canada (HC) recognize
that wind turbines may cause health problems. They have long advocated that
serious, unbiased, independent studies be carried out on the affections being forced
upon windfarm neighbors: sleep deprivation, headaches, nausea, high tension,
palpitations, tinnitus, ear pressure, inability to concentrate, stress, depression, and a
lower resistance to disease. But they remind the authorities that a moratorium
should be imposed on windfarm construction until the results of the studies are
While the study is being conducted, and that may take two to three years, thousands
more turbines will be installed at the expense of the health of Canadians, they note.
“There is enough evidence right now to call a moratorium,” says Sherri Lange,
CEO of NA-PAW. “Independent acousticians and physicians from around the world are
urging the authorities to impose one. Why wait two or three more years? Much more
damage will be done to the health of people in the interval, and this is unacceptable.”
Indeed, the situation may be critical for the more vulnerable members of society who
are forced to live close to wind turbines, and their emissions of low frequency noise
and infrasound: children, the elderly, the disabled, persons with epilepsy, vertigo, or
heart conditions, etc. “We cannot afford to have this highly charged health issue
continue while studies are done,” claims Lange.
NA-PAW is calling for an immediate freeze on approved and/or pending projects, and
for mitigation of turbine noise and infrasound where they are causing havoc in
communities. “Compensation must be made to the countless victims who have been
forced out of their homes, their farms, their workplaces, and to those that were not
able to flee, and are going through a living hell ,” declares Sherri. “Windfarm
developers and their supporters in government have created a terrible social
injustice, and it must be rectified.”
NA-PAW welcomes any truth that may be brought to light by a CH study, but has not
been encouraged to date by previous government-sponsored investigations into wind
turbine noise. Mark Duchamp of EPAW indicates that studies in Europe have been
less than forthright. “They seem to have their conclusions written before the
study begins. The case of Denmark is particularly striking: it has been denounced by
a renowned university professor and acoustician.” The windfarm victims would like
assurances that this study will be conducted with the participation of acousticians
and physicians approved by their federations. They will not recognize the validity of
the usual biased investigations. And they want measurements to be made in their
homes, of the full sound and infrasound spectrum. “It should not be limited to
audible sound”, warns Duchamp. “We now know that low frequency noise and
infrasound are the culprits.”
Health specialists who have recognized the ill health effects of windfarms:
Dr. Michael Nissenbaum, M.D., USA, Dr. Robert Thorne, PhD, Health Sciences and
Acoustics, Australia, Richard James, INCE Acoustician, USA, Dr. Christopher
Hanning, M.D., FRCA, MRCS, LRCP, Sleep Specialist, UK, Dr. Robert McMurtry, M.D.,
F.R.C.S. (C), F.A.C.S., Canada, Dr Arline Bronzaft, PhD, Noise and Health Specialist,
USA, Dr. Jeffery Armmini, PhD, Epidemiologist, Canada, Dr. Carl Phillips, PhD,
M.P.P., Epidemiology and Public Policy, USA, Dr. Daniel Shepherd, PhD, Noise and
Health Specialist, New Zealand, Dr. Sarah Laurie, CEO, Waubra Foundation,
Australia, Dr. Nina Pierpont, Author of “The Wind Turbine Syndrome”, USA, Dr.
Mauri Johansson, Specialist in Community Health and Occupational Medicine,
Denmark, Profesor Henrik Moeller, Acoustic Specialist, Denmark, and more.
Mark Duchamp +34 693 643 736 (Spain) Skype: mark.duchamp
Executive Director, EPAW
[email protected]
Sherri Lange +1 416 567 5115 (Canada)
[email protected]
References as attachments:
(1) Attached file from Health Canada announcement
(2) Letter to Prime Minister Harper, Carmen Krogh
(3) Legal letter to Attorneys General, Canada

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