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Dalya Kandil
[email protected] • 757-716-8311 • kandilconsultingllc.com
Several years ago I made the decision to learn how to code my design concepts. Today, I am a highly skilled and
experienced designer and developer with the ability to translate concepts into designs, designs into prototypes,
and prototypes into production ready web apps using modern, open-source web frameworks.
Development & Design Skills
Intermediate experience with Node Js
Bootstrap and Foundation CSS frameworks
MVC with Angular Js and React Js
Sass, LESS and Stylus CSS preprocessors
Reusable component development
Optimizing UI development for mobile
Handlebars, jQuery and UI development
Layout & information design
Node builds using Gulp Js and Grunt Js
HTML5/CSS animation, video and audio
Bash, Zsh and Terminal shell
Logo and brand development
TFS, Git, workspace and repo management
Ghost Js
Prototyping demo applications
Doc writing and developing wikis
Problem analysis, research and testing
Recent Professional Experience
KAndil Consulting LLC • Norfolk, VA
Founder, Designer and Developer • APR 2014 - PRESENT
I produce client deliverables that require expertise with both design and development.
Professional accomplishments include:
• JS module and front end development for the Booz Allen Hamilton Sharepoint site
• Dev ops and Angular JS development for Under Armour e-commerce site
• Building a Node Js dev tools application for UI developers of the DX1 system
• Designing logo, branding and responsive Wordpress store site for Komega6 product line
• Transitioning the front end of a high volume real estate site to a responsive design
Dalya Kandil • [email protected] • 757-716-8311 • kandilconsultingllc.com
Recent Professional Experience, Continued
Mixhub, LLC • College Station, TX
Co-Founder, Designer and Developer • DEC 2012 - JUN 2014
A few years ago, I partnered with another musician to form the entity Mixhub, LLC. which currently hosts
a prototype of an online audio editing and mixing environment based on emerging technologies related to
web audio.
Professional accomplishments include:
• Building the first prototype which is being hosted online at Mixhub.Mu
• Being noted as an emerging web audio site on Chris Lowe’s Web Audio Weekly.
Web and Information Designer • APR 2013 - SEP 2013
I redesigned and developed UX, UI, and visual design of several library applications for both patrons and
library staff. I also developed in-house tools to facilitate processes to ensure responsiveness, consistency and
separation of design and development concerns.
Professional accomplishments include:
• Development of in-house tools using Node JS to facilitate creation of branded and responsive templates
• UX research with library stakeholders to determine common usability issues
inMobi • SAn Francisco, CA
Innovation Designer and JS Developer • MAY 2012 - DEC 2012
Designed and programmed special effects and 3D animated components for the mobile ad builder
using Javascript and Webkit API.
Professional accomplishments include:
• Troubleshooting the ad builder to transition the studio platform from Flash to HTML5
• Building components with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Webkit to replace Flash
Dalya Kandil • [email protected] • 757-716-8311 • kandilconsultingllc.com
Recent Professional Experience, Continued
UX Designer and UI Developer • MAR 2011 - APR 2012
I worked with the engineering department as a designer and template developer to assist development of a
new front end suite for the flagship Ratings and Reviews product using Node JS architecture and Handlebars
templates with the Stylus JS css preprocessor.
Professional accomplishments include:
• Developed concepts and designs for an ongoing rewards program using mobile, location-based UGC
• Completed designs and css for the Urban Decay Ratings and Reviews application
• Completed designs and css for the Alexia Foods Ratings and Reviews application
PREVIOUS CLIENTS & EMPLOYERS INCLUDE: Pennebaker, Houston, TX • Brightline Interactive, Alexandria,
VA • 29th Drive, Phoenix, AZ • Merrick Towle, Rockville, MD • Fleishman Hilliard, Washington, DC • American
Forests, Washington, DC
Formal & Professional Education
George MAson University
IT Engineering, Concentration in Web Development
Pursued degree until Senior year with a 4.0 GPA
Georgetown University, CPD
IT Engineering, Concentration in Web Development
Completed 200 hours of professional web development training
VirginiA CommonweAlth University
Graphic Design, Concentration in Electronic Media
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Summa Cum Laude
Dalya Kandil • [email protected] • 757-716-8311 • kandilconsultingllc.com