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Andreas Bähr
Furcht und Furchtlosigkeit
Göttliche Gewalt und
Selbstkonstitution im 17.
In the seventeenth century, fear and anxiety
served as basic concepts for personal and
social self-constitution. The complex
problematization of these affects is found
not only in scholarly debates and literature
but also in a variety of autobiographical and
self-narrative sources from the Thirty Years’
War and wars against the “Turks”. This
book highlights historical explanations of
fear, anxiety and terror, contextualizing
Berliner Mittelalter- und Frühneuzeitforschung,
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1. Edition 2013
660 pages
them within early modern theories and
notions of affect and imagination. Further, it
explores the functions of these particular
“emotions of the soul” Contemporaries
regularly remembered their fear of human
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and divine retribution, stressing its
specifically violent potential. In doing so,
they also instructed their readers as to the
religious and moral preconditions for
overcoming their fears. The present study
demonstrates that, in the seventeenth
century at least, the concept of “fear” was
often related to the “fear of God”, and as
such fundmentally different from the
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modern “feelings” of fear and anxiety.
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