USB FlashDrive 16GB EMTEC C410 (Red) USB 2.0



USB FlashDrive 16GB EMTEC C410 (Red) USB 2.0
Computer & Electronic / USB Flash Drive / USB Flash 16GB
Item No.:11057
USB FlashDrive 16GB EMTEC C410 (Red) USB 2.0
EAN: 3126170110619
C410 USB drive combines a very dynamic design with great performances! It is an ideal USB drive for your everyday needs.
Exclusive EMTEC Design and one colour per capacityInnovative packaging concept inspired by food universe.The products
are packed in plastic pouches: Breaking the established codes of storage product packaging and is more durable on store
shelvesTip: Don?t lose the cap; simply clip it on the back of the drive!
Capacity: 16GB
Read speed: Up to 18MB/s
Write speed: Up to 5MB/s
Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, ME, Vista, 7 , 8 sowie
Linux 2.6X und Mac OS X
Universal compatibility USB 2.0

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