Architecture and the history of the new town - Université Paris-Est



Architecture and the history of the new town - Université Paris-Est
Itinerary No. 3:
Architecture and the history of the new town
In charge of the itinerary : Michel Fanni
In 40 years, the public authority has produced remarkable town neighbourhoods and urban spaces
. From the functionalist theories which led to imposed
"paved urban development" to the shared urban development of recent years based on the
utilisations and needs of residents, much has been done to build high quality towns almost from
Having been designed as a pioneering area of experimentation in sustainable development from
the outset, Marne-la-Vallee continues to be an urban reference in France and abroad. Each year, it
hosts visitors who have come to admire the Val Maubuée chain of lakes created at the beginning of
the new town or the diversity of social life near the scenic valleys that run through the Cent
Arpents neighbourhood in Bussy Saint-Georges.
Michel Macary, Frank O. Gehry, Antoine Grumbach, Ricardo Bofill, Bernard Reichen and Philippe
Robert, Francis Soler or Jean-Paul Viguier, etc. Many renowned architects have showcased their
talents in French contemporary architecture, in Marne-la-Vallée. In this regard, mention should also
be given to the "first significant achievements" of the future Pritzker award winners, Christian de
Portzamparc and Jean Nouvel, or those of Dominique Perrault (ESIEE),
Chaix and Morel (École des ponts), Françoise-Hélène Jourda and Gilles Perraudin (Lavoisier and
Rabelais buildings of the University of Marne-la-Vallée), Pierre Riboulet (IFU) or Bernard Tschumi
(École d’architecture), who contributed to the exceptional architectural quality of Cité Descartes.
The theatre (Ricardo Bofill),
The Picasso arenas (Manolo Nunez),
Ministry (P. Chemetov)
Le Palacio d’Abraxas
©Epamarne / Architecte : AtelierRicardo Bofill /photo :
Eric Morency
EURA 2014 itinerary – Architecture and history of the new town
Val Maubuée
The Haute Maison farm (N’ Tempe?)
IFU (Pierre Riboulet)
The Buisson farm (Bernard Huet and Antoine
The Nestlé plant (Stephen Sauvestre, Robert
& Reichen)
30 min
ESIEE (Dominique Perrault),
L’École des Ponts (Chaix and Morel),
University Lavoisier and Rabelais buildings
École d’architecture (Bernard Tschumi)
Coriolis (Atelier Thierry Roche)
Le Cosom (Jean Nouvel) and the water tower
(Portzamparc) in Noisiel
©Epamarne / Architecte : Dominique Perraultl/photo :
Eric Morency
The château de Rentilly
The Ferrières farm (Borderioux/Di Leege),
The Génitoy farm (underway)
Le Copernic II – Centre urbain de Noisy-le-Grand
©Epamarne / Architecte : Michel Macary /photo : confiée
par l’architecte
Val d’Europe
- The Chanteloup passive energy houses
- The I3F housing units in Chanteloup
(Jean and Aline Harari: AMO GrDF award)
- The Tournelles de Chessy farm (Opus 5
- The Val d'Europe multimedia library
(Paul Chemetov)
- The place de Toscane: Pier Carlo
- The "in-Disney" architecture
- The Serris municipality farm (Bigeault,
EURA 2014 itinerary – Architecture and history of the new town
La Place de Toscane à Serris – Centre Urbain du Val
©Epamarne / Architecte : Bontempi, Hertenberger et Vitry
/Paysagiste : Atelier de l’Ile / photo : Eric Morency

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