Be/he Invitation for the 34th Game Designer Convention in Goet



Be/he Invitation for the 34th Game Designer Convention in Goet
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March 2015
Invitation for the 34 t h Game Designer Convention in Goettingen 2015
Dear Madams and Sirs,
on the 6th and 7th of June, the 34th Game Designer Convention will take place in the Goettingen
Municipal Hall (Albaniplatz), jointly organized by Reinhold Wittig and Hilko Drude (Edition Perlhuhn)
and the Fachdienst Kultur of the City of Goettingen.
This invitation goes out mainly to game designers (newcomers as well as professionals) and to small
scale publishers, but also to game reviewers, editors of game publishing companies or gaming
magazines and, of course, to other interested individuals.
Saturday, June, 6 t h , 2015
Opening of the Municipal Hall, setting up booths, time for talking
11:00 – 12:00
Tutorial (second floor, north side)
Opening ceremony Welcome address by Reinhold Wittig
Opening speech by the Lord Mayor of Goettingen
The „Inno-Spatz“ will be awarded
Laudatory and Words of thanks from the prize winner
Self-introduction of the Game Designer Association
Main Hall
Workshop: Magazine Games (Spielbox).
Moderation: Wieland Herold
Relocation to Bistro of the Deutschen Theaters, Theaterplatz 11, for
dinner. (Cost for Spaghetti, per person: €10,--). Relaxed exchange of
ideas, playing games, making plans and making friends.
Sunday, June, 7 t h , 2015
10:00 – 2.00
The traditional public workshop takes place.
The advancement prize for upcoming game designers is
awarded. You can find information about this on the attached page.
Afterwards, the Hippodice Game Club will announce its decision
about the laureate of the 27th competition for game authors in 2015.
Main Hall
Hiroshimaplatz 1-4
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-2Around the middle of May, we will upload a list of all publishers who have signed up until then from and, together with their web
addresses (mostly in German, although some have English websites as well). This is a good
opportunity to gather information about the publishers and to find out which of them might be suitable
for your own prototypes. Nearly every publishing house has one or more special fields and also some
types of games that they will definitely not publish.
Once you have found the right publisher(s) for your ideas, you can approach them directly during the
gathering. You can also try to make an appointment in advance in Goettingen.
In case someone comes to your table and cannot find you there, you can prepare a leaflet with a brief
introduction of your game, maybe a photo of the prototype and of yourself, and also your contact data,
of course. You can pin one of these leaflets to a board that we will prepare for this purpose. Please do
not exceed a maximum size of A5. Editors can also add their photo, of course, to make it easier to find
Please use the answer sheet to tell us by May 16th 2015 whether you want to come to the convention
and who is accompanying you (if applicable). Please understand that we cannot confirm your
registration. Registration by email (even without a signature) or fax is sufficient. You do not
have to re-send it by post.
For authors who come to the convention for the first time, there is one tutorial on Saturday at
11.00 a.m.
This year, the “entrance fee” is 15,-- €, to be paid upon arrival. This small amount will get you a
unique „entrance ticket“, a necklace with a little rarity from Madagascar. We ask you to wear this
during the gathering.
You will have to take care of your lodging by yourself. If necessary, please contact Goettingen
e-mail: [email protected] Due to another convention taking place in Goettingen
on the same dates, we recommend to book accommodation well in advance.
For preparational press releases, please contact Wieland Herold, Nelkenweg 8c, 26160 Bad
Zwischenahn ([email protected]). There will be a special issue of the magazine „Spiel und
Autor“ ( with game ideas and current information. If you want your game
ideas to be mentioned in the catalogue, please contact Karsten Hoeser, Im Streb 3, 44894 Bochum,
Germany ([email protected]). The „Spiel und Autor” workshop will offer the
opportunity to participate in the creation of the „Spiel im Heft“ („magazine game“) of the magazine
„Spielbox“. Game ideas which can be played with conventional equipment (meeples, dice, checkers
pieces) will be introduced and discussed.
The submission deadline is also on the 11th of May, 2015.
Five rules for our gathering:
1. If you have to cancel at short notice, please still let us know about it so we can update our
participants' list, and, where applicable, assign tables to other participants.
2. Please note that on Saturday, our gathering is not open to the public but only to people who
have signed in beforehand.
3. Please return the name tags after the gathering so we can re-use them next year.
4. Please note the closing times of the Town Hall: Saturday at 7.00 pm, Sunday at 2.15 pm.
5. The parking lot in front of the hall charges has to be payed.
Best regards,
by order of
The dates for the 35 t h Game Designers' Convention will be
the 4 t h and 5 t h of June, 2016.
An d f or t he 36 t h co nve n t ion: 10 t h a nd 11 t h of Ju ne , 2 017