Hussars, Captain Frederic D. Barry resigns
lieu par arrete du Ministre de 1'agriculture, de
his Commission. Dated 7th February, 1894.
1'industrie et des travaux publics.
•ART. 13. Le present article n'est pas applic- Lieutenant Alfred Jennings-Bramly to be Adjutant, vice Captain H. G. De Pledge, who has
able aux provenances des pays qui seront designe's
resigned that appointment. Dated 1st Janpar des arreteii ministeriels, pris conformement a
la disposition finale de 1'article 12.
uary, 189-1.
ART. 2. Notre Ministre de 1'agriculture, de
1'industrie et des travaux publics est charge de The Su/olk Re,-imenr, Sergeant - Major John
Thomas Potter .to be Quartermaster, with the
1'execution du present arrAte.
honorary r-vnk of Lieutenant, vice Honorary
Donne a Laeken, le 31 juillct 1893.
"Lieutenant W. E- Swirson, rcmove-l from the
Army. Dated 7th February, 18:)4.
Par le Roi:
Le Ministre de 1'agriculture,
The Lcicpntershire Regiment, Lieu tenant-Colonel
de 1'industrie et dea travaux public.*,
William M. Rolph, on completion of four years'
service in command of a Battalion, 'is placed on
half-pay. Dated 5th February, 1894.
Le Ministre de 1'agriculture, de 1'industrie et
des travaux publics,
The Royal Scots Fusiliers, Captain Oswald F.
Vu 1'arrete royal en date du 31 juillet 1893
Tatham retires on retired pay. Dated 7th
modifiant les articles 12 et 33 de 1'ariotc royal du
February, 1894.
17 aout 1834 sur la police sanitairc ;
Lieutenant Hugh A. Travers to be Captain, vice
Vu 1'avis de la commission sanitairedel'Esciut,
O. F. Tatham. Dated 7ih February, 1894.
Arrese :
King's Own Scottish Borderers, Captain A
La production d'une patente de sante n'est pas
B. Hamilton is seconded for service on the Staff.
cxige"e des navires arrivant clirectcment dcs ports
Dated 10th December, 1893,
de 1'Angleterre, des Pays-Bas, du Danemark, de
' The Duke of Wellington's ( West Hiding Regiment),
la Norwoge et de la ISuele.
Colour-Sergeant Vincent John Tighe, from the
Bruxelles, lo 25 Janvier 1894.
Northumberland Fusiliers, to be Second LieuLEON DE BRUYN.
tenant, in succession to Lieutenant H. W.
Bechcr, appointed Adjutant. Dated 7th February, 1894.
Admiralty, 2nd February, 1894.
IN accordance with the provisions of Her The Border Regiment^ Captain Bartle Grant is.
seconded for service as Adjutant of the RanMajesty's Order, in Council of 15th September,
goon Volunteer Rifle Corps.
Dated 25th
1887, the undermentioned Chief Gunners have
.November, 1893.
been allowed to assume the* honorary rank of
The Royal Sussex Regiment, Captain John G.
Lieutenant on retirement:—
Pantou id seconded for service as an Adjuta'ut
Mr. George J. August.
of Volunteers. Dated 15th December, 1893.
Mr. John Grant.
Dated 2nd February, 1894.
The Dorsetslvre Regiment* Captain Frederick
Ford Mellows retires from the Service receivThe undermentioned Gunners have this day
ing a gratuity. Dated 7th February, 1891.
been ^promoted to the rank of Chief Gunner in
Captain Richard P. J. Codrington, from 8th
Her Majesty's Fleet:—
Hussars, to be Captain, vice Frederick Ford
Mr. Henry Spreadbury.
Mellows, i\tired. Dated 7th February, 1804.
Mr. Joseph Hooper.
Dated 2nd Bebruary, 18:4.
The Prince of Wulen's Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment), Captain E. H.- M. Elliot
is seconded for service on the Staff. Dated
War Office, Pall Mall,
12th January, 1S'J4.
6th February, 1894.
The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), The King's O -n (Yorkshire Light Infantry),
Lieutenant Frederick W. Jones resigns his
General Sir William Gordon Cameron, K.C.B.,
Commission. Dated 7th February, 1894.
.. Commanding the Troops in South Africa, to be
Colonel, vice Major-General and Honorary The York and Lancaster Regiment, Second
Lieutenant-General "W. Wilby, C.B., deceased.
^Lieutenant Lewis H. W. Nott resigns his ComDated 16th January, 1894.
mission. Dated 7th February, 189 J.
The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, LieuRoyal Horse Guards, Gentleman Cadet Sir Samuel
tenant Frederic A. MacFarlan to be Adjutant,
Edward Scott, Bart., from the Royal Military
vice Captain G. 11. Cavaye, appointed an AdjuCollege, to be Second Lieutenant, in succession
of Volunteers. Dated 1st February, 189 4
to Lieutenant W. Anstruther-Thomsonj proThe Rifle Brigade (the Prince Consort's Own},
moted. Dated 7th February, 1894.
Major the Honourable Montagu Curzon to be
5th Dragoon Guards, Sergeant William Pevr.rell
Lieutenant-Colonel, vice H. S. Brovvnrigg,
Marley, from 6th Dragoon Guards, to be Second
placed on half-pay. Dated loth October, 18^3.
Lieutenant, on augmentation.
Dated 7th
Staff, General J. H. Dunne to be LieuFebruary, 189'4.
tenant of the Tower of London, vice Lieutena-ntBth Dragoons, Lieutenant E. A. Herbert is
General H. Rowlands, "V.C., C.B., appointed
seconded for service on the Staff. Dated 5th
to command the Troops in the Scottish District.
January, 1894.
Dated 5th January, v-1894.
1th Hussars, Second Lieutenant Richard T. Army Chaplains' Department, The Reverend
Vyvyan is. superseded for absence without
Francis BickerstaH'o-Drew, B.D., to be ChapJe.av§, Dated 7th February, 1894,
lain to the Forces Fourth Class. Dated 27th
Hussars, Second Lieutenant C, G, M, Ada,tUi
January, 189-', such antedate not to reckon
from the Bedfordshire Regiment, to bo Second
towards promotion', precedence, or increase of
Lieutenant, in succession to Lieutenant J. McM,
puy prior to 1st February, 1§93, and not to
Roberts, resigned, Dated 7th February, 1894,
carry back allowances,