Telephone – Mobile Phone



Telephone – Mobile Phone
Telephone – Mobile Phone
Störe ich Dich mit meinem
“Is this an allright time to call?”
Telefonnummern speichern
You can use this program to save
telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
auf eine SMS antworten
He replied at once to the text (message).
Freisprecheinrichtung (im Auto)
Stylish hands-free (car) kit with Bluetooth
Aufladung des HandyGuthabens
Can I have a five-pound top-up, please?
Zeichen (einer SMS)
You are permitted to send 160 characters
in one text message.
Reception is bad.
I don’t have a landline in my apartment.
Gebühren verlangen
The providers may charge exorbitant fees.
The reader texted the author/sent a text
eine SMS (Mitteilung) schicken message to the author/sent the author a
Please get back to me as soon as possible
eine Nachricht auf dem
It’s quicker to leave a voicemail than type
Anrufbeantworter hinterlassen an email.
Karten-Handy (=prepaid)
With a pre-paid mobile / a mobile on a
prepaid plan you simply pay for the calls.
Empfänger (eines Anrufs)
Modern technology enables the recipient
(of a call) to view the number of the caller.
der Anrufbeantworter war dran
I’ve rung him a couple of times, but it went
straight to voicemail.
Handy(-akku) aufladen
Gefahr, Schulden zu machen
I had to charge my mobile because the
battery was flat.
gebührenfreie Telefonnummer
Toll-free numbers for your business can
be a powerful marketing tool.
Rufnummer unterdrücken
I think the caller has deliberately withheld
the number.
einen Klingelton auswählen
Select a ringtone and click SUBMIT to buy
wählen (Telefon)
For dialling a country from overseas you
need the international dialling code. (“to
We are against the installation of mobile
phone transmission masts.
anerkannt sein für etwas
Alexander Bell is credited with inventing
the telephone.
“I’ve just popped back for my phone
The danger of running into debts is huge.
„Ich kann mit meinem Handy
ins Internet gehen.“
“I can surf the web on my mobile.“
einen Notruf absetzen
The ability to make an emergency call is
vital for personal safety.
I have chosen a mobile on a monthly deal
/ on a monthly plan.
das Handy als MP3 Player
Why not use your mobile as an mp3
There were a lot of messages on the
answerphone / answering machine.

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