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union internationale de pentathlon moderne - uipm
Patron :
His Majesty
King Constantine
Fédération Française de Pentathlon Moderne
Mr. Joël Bouzou
Maison du Sport Français
1, avenue Pierre de Coubertin
75640 Paris, France
Honorary President :
His Serene Highness
Prince Albert II of Monaco
Official Address
UIPM Headquarters
Stade Louis II – Entrance E
13, avenue des Castelans
MC – 98000 Monaco
Monaco, 16 November 2015
Tel :
+ 377 97 77 85 55
Fax : + 377 97 77 85 50
[email protected]
Dear President, Dear Joël, Dear Friend,
From neighbouring Monaco we write to you from the bottom of our hearts to express our sorrow at the
latest terrorist atrocity that has befallen the great nation of France.
The perpetrators of these attacks seek to destroy not only our way of life but also to undo the good work of
the Olympic movement in trying to promote a better and fairer society through the prism of sport.
That the terrorists should target a sports venue does not make their heinous crimes any worse. It has,
however, provided us with a reminder that sport is part of the social fabric that is under threat from these
barbaric extremists.
In our own Modern Pentathlon community we have come a long way in making our sport accessible to
more people around the world. You can be assured that any threat to our global expansion will be resisted
in the strongest possible form, just as we will stand our ground over our right to stage spectacular sporting
events in our great cities, towns and resorts.
We must continue to vigorously promote and endorse the ideas of the IOC, most specifically in the IOC
Agenda 2020, and the World Olympians Association, through its Declaration of Support for the Olympic
Our founder, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, would have been greatly wounded by the events of last Friday
night in Paris. Everybody in the UIPM community shares your pain and distress. After we mourn, let us
come together to take a stand.
With our warmest personal regards,
Dr h.c. Klaus Schormann
Shiny Fang
Secretary General
Union International de Pentathlon Moderne

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