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10 beaches of fine sand, large expanses
or creeks, enabling completely safe bathing.
In the summer, beach clubs for children, volleyball
and a sporting and cultural activities programme
tailor-made for everyone in "Cape Armor".
Plage de Caroual: lifeguards on the beach
in July and August. First aid post, showers
and public toilets.
A "tiralo" (amphibious wheelchair) enables physically
disabled people to access the sand and the sea.
The Maison de la Mer is a modern watersports
centre offering excellent, safe facilities.
Located on the harbour, it houses organisations which
offer a range of watersports: beginners
and improvers courses.
The Sailing School offers courses and hires
of windsurfing boards, catamaran, sailing dinghy,
sand yachting… suiting everyone.
A trip in a sea kayak allows a combination of sport
and discovery of the environment; a sand yachting
session will give you instant thrills…
The diving school will take you, in total safety,
into the world of sub aquatic flora and fauna.
Become a sailor for a day on board
the Sainte-Jeanne, the traditional sailing ship
emblematic of Port Erquy: it’s a unique moment
to share with the whole family!
The tidal phenomenon
The tide comes in and goes out twice a day,
about every six hours. The difference in height
between high tide and low tide is defined
by a coefficient between 20 and 120.
A high coefficient indicates good conditions
for shellfish collection.
Natural landscapes...
A varied tapestry of natural landscapes: pink sandstone cliffs
and rocks, wild heathland, pinewoods, dunes, emerald sea…
Coastal paths run along the spectacular pink sandstone cliffs
of Cap d’Erquy and Cap Fréhel, close by. During your family
or more athletic hikes, you will discover a preserved coast made up
of jagged rocks and multicoloured heath land.
The heathland of the Cap d’Erquy is listed as one of the most
remarkable natural environments in the Department.
Once used as farmland, it is now a nature reserve.
It contains a wide variety of species of heather and gorse
creating a landscape of colours changing with the seasons.
A flock of Shetland sheep graze the Cap d'Erquy.
They are rotated successively between four managed pastures.
A place charged with history: cannonball oven,
guardhouse, old quarries, custom-officers’ path…
Pink sandstone
The quarry ponds, known as the "Lacs Bleus" are the result
of the quarrying of pink sandstone from the cliffs overlooking
the harbour. Workmen dressed the stone on site and the paving
stones were transported by wagon to the dock below.
They were then loaded onto boats (like the Sainte-Jeanne).
Most were destined for the large Northern cities.
A trail with interpretative panels along the Cap d’Erquy allows
visitors to learn about the quarry work.
The guardhouse at Trois Pierres was built in 1744.
This building was part of a vast defensive system instigated
by Louis XVI who formed coast guard companies
and stationed batteries and guardhouses along the whole
of Brittany’s coast.
The cannonball oven was completed in 1794:
the cannonballs were heated until they were red-hot
so they could set enemy ships on fire!
Erquy has about 3,800 permanent residents.
In the 19th Century, historians believed Erquy
to be the site of a Roman city named Reginea.
Although this claim has been disputed,
the inhabitants of Erquy are still called Regineans
(or Réginéens in French).
The many hamlets of the municipality represent
elements of heritage revealing local history.
Guided tours depending on the calendar.
The Château of Bienassis
Pink sandstone fortress. Listed as an Historical Monument.
French-style garden.
Guided visits and events inside the château.
Part of the church was built in the 12th century,
using material recovered from Roman ruins.
Chapelle des Marins [Sailors' Chapel]
Ex-Voto, statue of Our Lady…
Chapelle Saint-Pabu
The villagers are especially fond
of this small country chapel.
Chapelle Saint-Michel is built on an island.
Saint-Michel island is linked to the coast
by a natural pebble causeway covered by the sea
at high tide.
The viaduc de Caroual (Caroual viaduct) enabled
the first train to run from the towns of Côtes d'Armor
to Erquy from 1922 onwards.
The lighthouse, inaugurated in 1900, marked
the completion of the jetty built at the time when Erquy
was an important commercial port (transport of agricultural
produce and pink sandstone paving stones).
The fishing Harbour
Scallop fishing...
Erquy became an important fishing port following the discovery
of clam banks in the early 1950s and of scallop banks in 1962.
Since then it has been rated one of the most important scallop ports
in Europe.
takes place between October and April.
It is highly regulated to protect stocks: 2 days’ fishing a week
for 45 minutes a day. It stops prior to the development
of the coral (reproductive organ): it is the delicate flavour
of the white part you will enjoy with an "Erquy scallop".
At the core of economic activity, Erquy's fishing harbour
lives in rhythm with the tides. The versatility of the skilled
local fishermen, (who run trawlers, spider crab or fish nets,
lobster and cuttlefish pots, scallop and clam dredgers)
ensures the port is busy all year round.
The inshore fleet is still the largest (60 trawlers) and deep sea
fishing is growing, with steadily improving results supporting other
local fishing-related industries: auction, wholesalers, processors.
The fish and shellfish landed at Erquy are known for their freshness
(caught at night, landed immediately, sold and shipped) and diversity
(over 60 species).
The Auction unloads the fish, sorts it, weighs it, sells it through
its computer auction and ensures invoicing and payment.
The fête de la Coquille Saint-Jacques (Scallop Festival)
takes place every April in each of the three main Côtes d’Armor
fishing ports in turn (including Erquy).
A convivial weekend dedicated to getting to know
the famous shellfish: sea excursions, exhibitions
and tasting events… in a festive musical atmosphere!
Leisure amenities open to all
More than 15 km of coast path offers superb views
of the coastline. It is marked in red and white
and you can enjoy delightful walks accessible
to everyone, all along the coast.
Local associations invite you to participate
in their activities: learning watercolour painting,
patchwork, Breton dancing, mountain biking,
natural rock-climbing, volleyball, discovery walks…
A walker’s guide is on sale at the Tourist Office.
Children’s beach clubs, tennis, basketball, mini-golf
courses, bikes to hire, internet access – networked
games, libraries, cinema, theatre…
To call the emergency services and enable them
to find your position on the Cap d'Erquy, dial 112
on your mobile and give the label colour
and the number on the emergency marker nearest
to you on the path.
A cycling path allows safe rides or safe family walks
with a baby carriage.
On the seafront: Children's merry-go-round,
playground, roundabouts, slide…
Cap Armor offers the opportunity to discover
and enjoy more than 30 sporting and cultural activities
every week in July and August. These activities,
staffed by qualified instructors, are available
for beginners, improvers or as taster sessions.
A lively market takes place on Saturday mornings
all year round.
Main events
Erquy sometimes transforms itself into an open-air painting
gallery! Courses, "Brittany Colours" day, artists market
in the port… several events are offerered for amateurs…
and for visitors. Various exhibitions are displayed
in the Art Gallery next to the Tourist Information Office.
Celtic Wednesdays: in a different place every Wednesday
evening in the summer, appreciate the variety of Celtic culture:
music, dance, sailors songs… Free shows for any audience.
Festival Place aux Mômes (Kids Festival): free shows
for young audiences.
Les Artisan’Halles, local food and craft market
Market where you can buy local products, find out
about any tourist activities and listen to a concert,
on Monday evenings from mid-July to mid-August
at the covered market.
Nature run "Cap d’Erquy, Heath and Heather":
May Day weekend, 2 magnificent courses gather together
hundreds of runners on the ‘customs’ path.
Sport and the discovery of local heritage are joined together
during a festive weekend for everyone.
Numerous activities and events are offered each week
in Erquy: sporting fixtures, country rambles, concerts,
traditional Breton ‘fest-noz’, maritime festivals etc…
Ask for more information at the Tourist Information Office.
Sea excursions
Embark on the Sainte-Jeanne, Erquy’s old sailing ship
for a discovery of sailing and the maritime environment.
Sea excursions on board a confortable boat along the shore
of Cap d’Erquy and Cap Fréhel.
"Erquy - Ile de Bréhat" day excursions.
By the Atlantique high speed train:
Paris Montparnasse - Saint-Brieuc in 3 hours.
Alight at Lamballe or St Brieuc station.
Regular bus service or taxis.
Ferries from:
Portsmouth to Saint-Malo, Poole
to Saint-Malo, Plymouth to Roscoff.
Accommodation and Gastronomy
Erquy offers a warm welcome all year round, for a holiday
or just a short break...
A wide choice of accommodation is available:
apartment or holiday home rental, campsites, mobile homes, hotels,
bed & breakfast, etc.
Erquy is one of the principal fishing ports in the Côtes d'Armor.
The many restaurants offer you a wide choice of fresh shellfish,
seafood and other fish. Or try the famous Breton crêpes (traditional
sweet pancakes) and galettes (buckwheat pancakes),
washed down with cider.
Additional information is available on the Tourist Office website
at www.erquy-tourisme.com or in the many brochures
(tourist guide, town plan, events calendar, etc. Free on request)
Tourist Information Office
3, rue du 19 mars 1962 • BP 81 • 22430 ERQUY
Tél. (00 33)2 96 72 30 12 • Fax (00 33)2 96 72 02 88
E-mail [email protected]
02 96 33 10 41 • 06/2012 Saint-Brieuc • Crédit photograhie : OT Erquy, J. Rouxel, F. Hamon, Ph. Fraysseix.
A11 Paris-Rennes, then N12 Rennes-Lamballe
(dual carriageway, no tolls), to the Lamballe exit.
From Belgium, Normandy or Northern France:
A84, N175, then N176...
© Agence de communication
By Road:
Erquy offers both tranquillity and conviviality in a spot which
has kept its authenticity. It is an active fishing port where it’s good
to stroll along the wharf… Erquy bay is ideal for doing various
nautical activities and the resort is endowed with 10 beautiful
beaches to please the whole family. Fine sand, pink sandstone,
pines and heath accompany the walker right along the coast…
Head for Erquy, any time of the year!
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