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Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Palm Desert Greens
News Bulletin
“A Senior Housing Community”
Palm Desert Greens
73-750 Country Club Drive
Palm Desert, Ca 92260
Or Current Resident
US Postage Paid
Palm Desert Ca
Permit NO. 33
May 2014
For information on Mother’s Day Brunch,
please see page 3.
Slurry Coat Notice on Page 10. Please check to
see if your street is affected and remember that
there will be no street parking on the affected
streets on those days.
Page 2
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
Price Reduced
39245 Moronga Canyon
Gorgious Home Dry Walled. New
Paint, 2 patio’s. Must see $189,900.
Mary Tharp
Keller Williams Realty
Bre # 0265052
Great House3 Bd,3Ba W/Private
Guest Suite Great for in-laws etc.
Buying or Selling Call
Please Read
Jerry Michell the seller of 39346 Moronga
Cyn. that I Listed, Sold & Closed in 16 days
wrote me “You are the Most Professional
Realtor I have ever worked with”
Listed and sold by Mary Tharp
$239,000 - Spectacular Silvercrest 3 Bd
73335 Palm Greens Pky Great Buy
Listed and Sold by Mary Tharp
73922 Seven Springs Dr.2 Bd 2 Ba Calif Rm
Leak Detection Repipes Service and Repairs
Sewer and Drain Cleaning
Water Heaters
Garbage Disposals
All Plumbing Fixtures
Kitchen and Bath Faucets
LIC. #650999
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 3
Mother’s Day Brunch
Sunday, May 11, 2014 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
$16.00 + Tax + Tip
Omelet BarDanishEggs Benedict
Breakfast MeatsPotatoesBiscuits and Gravy
Assorted Fruits
And much more….
make reservations at the Clubhouse
760 346 4255
Page 4
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Jackie Wood
Broker Lic # 625843
May 2014
760-469-3636 Palm Desert Greens C. C. [email protected]
Onl y $124,900 & Owner
says “Let’s sell it”
O p e n F l o o r P lan w ith
Bonus Sun Room
Ron Nielsen
Owner Agent Lic # 806812
(760) 668-0461
38-130 Devils Canyon Drive $117,500
• Price reduction enhances this
home for your use or as a
great rental
• Laminate flooring in spacious
kitchen, entry, hall and master
• North facing with nice mountain views from house and
• Lots of storage with walk in
closets in Master & Guest
W.W. White Lic # 01205654 (760) 391-3655
Lonnie Tatum Lic # 821865 (760) 340-0606
Lovely comf y home
perf ect f or year round
use or could be a
great rent al
39-240 Desert Greens Drive
East - $124,900
• Completely remodeled with
loads of storage
• Bright & Sunny with a real
cozy feel
• Lots of privacy, with master
and guest suite at opposite
ends of the home
• Turnkey furnished just bring
your golf clubs & toothbrush
and get ready to enjoy living in
Palm Desert Greens Country
73-125 Adobe Springs Drive
• Recently upgraded with drywall, new kitchen,
windows & flooring
• Terrific private patio to enjoy the scenery and
• Bonus basement room for office, gym, wine
cellar or storage
• Private financing could be available
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens
News Bulletin
Is owned by and is the official publication of the Palm Desert Greens
Homeowners Association.
Desert Greens is a non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation located at 73750 Country Club Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260
Board of Directors
Ken Dobson
Sherman McKinniss Vice President
Liz Dixon
Mal Sinclair Treasurer
Audrey Green
Don Risk
Clarke Sharar
Important Phone Numbers
General Manager 346-8005
Front Guard Gate 346-2679
Emergency Only 346-4895
Golf Pro Shop
Golf Superintendent 346-8005
Clubhouse Bar
This publication is provided to property owners as an informational media. All advertisements are paid for
and do not represent endorsements
by the Association. Palm Desert
Greens has sole discretion in regards
to the content of the News Bulletin.
Questions and comments should be
addressed to the Administration office. (760) 346-8005
Copy Deadlines:
All display and classified ads, all
columns and letters are due by the
10th day of the month preceding the
month of publication. Contact Jimi
Tidd Bulletin Editor.
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Sheila Sinclair
Thank You
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
From Your President
service bus (aka “big” circuit breaker box) have been identified and
will be implemented. Permitting
and construction requests have been
submitted to Southern California
Page 5
2015 fiscal year, as well as the anticipated “carryover” from this current
fiscal year and submitted it to the
Board of Directors in late March.
After review and deliberation, the
Board accepted the Finance Committee’s recommendation and presented it to the Membership at the
March General Membership Meeting (as required in our governing
Several trees, in the parking lot, have
been designated for removal. The
very reason they were placed in the
parking lot to begin with (shade) is
Ken Dobson
the reason they have to be removed
(solar panels do not perform well, if
Unless something drastic occurs, the
The Association Board of Direc- at all, when shaded).
monthly assessment (dues) begintors, which awarded the contract
in March, formally signed the solar While we regret having to remove ning July 1, 2014, through June 30,
net-metering contract with “Driven healthy trees, their current location 2015 will be $256.00. (The Board
makes them a detriment to the over- will not “vote” on the proposed budSolar,” in early April.
all benefit.
get until the April 22 meeting --- remember, this is being written in earJust as a project reminder, “Driven Solar’s” proposal provided the “Shovels in the ground” are sched- ly April, published in May)
most kilowatt hours (266.220 kW uled to begin mid-May. Completion
DC), employed the most DC to AC date for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 The $5 reflects a 1.99% increase in
our “dues.”
inverters (20 to reduce line loss), phases is October 2014.
will off-set the largest percentage
Much more to come!!!
Contributing factors which led to
of electrical use (54% of the Club- the increase include: 2.5% increase
house, Administration Office and
in employee wages, 3% Association
the Maintenance Yard), will pro- 2013-14 BUDGET Update
vide the most shade (covering most As of February (the latest finan- match to the employee’s 401-k plan,
of the Clubhouse parking lot) and cial numbers available), we had anticipated 10% raise in medical
provides an “option” for a third con- $868,285 in our Reserve account, insurance premiums, 5% increase
tract to install a similar system at $539,397 in “new construction,” in Association “liability” insurance
the Recreation/Shuffleboard center and another $112,597 in the “board premiums, 5% anticipated increase
designated” (previously called con- in “workers compensation” insurin July of 2015.
tingency) fund.
ance premiums.
“DRIVEN SOLAR” has already
started the “preconstruction” phase For eight (8) months of the fiscal Mitigating factors, those which
year, income was up $168,579 while helped keep the monthly dues
of our project.
expenses were down $100,280, put- “down,” include: Increases in reveCore soil samples have been taken ting us approximately $268,000 un- nues collected and decreases in exder budget.
penditures during the current fiscal
and submitted for analysis.
year which produced an anticipated
Engineering plans for the “Car-port 2014-5 BUDGET PREPARA- “carry-over of $288,000, holding
2014-15 expenditures to 3% (budstructure” are being drafted and will TION
be submitted for permitting. Elec- The Financial/Budget Committee fitrical plans for upgrades to our main nalized the anticipated expenditures
Continued on page 6
and income for the July 2014- June
Notary Services
Available in the Association Office
Call Roberta or Sonia
Appointments Recommended
Will Travel
Page 6
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
geted) and increasing anticipated speech, he prominently noted
revenues by 1% (estimated actual). the support of PALM DESERT
GREENS Country Club in his
A special “THANKS” to the Fi- ability to receive the award. He
nance/ Budget Committee who voiced “special thanks” to Anne and
worked so diligently to research, Vern Mario, Carol and Mike Venprepare and present a reasonable able and Donna and Jim LoBianco
and balanced budget! (Committee: for organizing his fund-raiser.
Jim Beaver, Jim Lynch, Sherman
McKinniss, Dottie Mills, Bob Nel- His mention of PDG was played on
son, Mal Sinclair, Ray Snitil, Rev. the 11:00 PM news that evening, as
Sheila Weldon, myself and Staff: well as the morning news reports on
Diane Dare and Roberta Reynolds). Saturday!
MR. PATRICK EVANS – 2014 In the business world: There is noth“Walk of Fame” Star Recipient.
ing like good “P.R.!!”
On Friday, April 4, “CBS Local 2”
meteorologist, local celebrity, humanitarian and emcee to numerous
PDG galas, Mr. Patrick Evans was
awarded his “star” on the Palm
Springs “Walk of Fame.”
For all of you who have departed
PDG for your summer respite, have
a safe journey!
For the rest of us remember: it’s a
dry heat!!
The event was attended by scores Until next we meet and communiof supporters and dignitaries. The cate,
event was covered by his local tele- Be well,
vision crew.
Purchasing or Selling.
Listings needed to hold
Open House and Sell It.
Email: [email protected]
Short Sales Certified
Over 40+ years experience
DRE: 01200079
PDG Resident
Evans’ acceptance
ARMONDO (760) 960-4140
Harry Anderson
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
From the General Manager
Roberta Reynolds
As we move into the summer months,
we are taking advantage of the decreasing homeowner and renter presence to complete projects that would
most likely interfere with your ability
to negotiate around them. The challenge today isn’t simply to maintain
all the Association’s amenities, but to
maintain it on a budget. New technology, new processes, opportunities, and
restrictions are thrown our way nearly
daily. The Board and Management are
immersed in the idea to work smarter,
more efficiently and more economically than ever before.
Page 7
monthly dues increase. Good work by all involved.
Our staff had another record month in March. Restaurant and Golf Shop
sales were better than anticipated. Mike’s crew had a record number of setups and take-downs in its various meeting rooms, plus more than ever before they had more requests for delivery of chairs and tables to individuals.
Tournament and regular play kept the Golf Maintenance crew on its toes.
Congratulations to our PDG members who again participated in the Charity Golf Tournament. Twenty six thousand five hundred dollars ($26,500)
went to the Red Hot Ballroom Dancers’ program. We are so proud of you
and the committees that made everything click. You worked so hard; you
are awesome!
The Entertainers provided another three nights of entertainment. We even
noticed some new talent and unique renditions of some of our old favorMy latest update from Driven Solar is that they have received the soils ites. I know this is a big undertaking from planning to execution. We can
report from the drilling that took place on March 21st. It has been sent to hardly wait to see what you will bring to us next year.
M Bar C so they can start their engineering.
Our office staff has been busy bidding adieu to those leaving for the seaOur contractor met with SCE to go over main service and solar connection son. We understand your reluctance to leave as our weather has been specto the utility (for the panel board and transformer upgrade). The solar tacular this winter, and it’s still cold and unsettled in many northerly and
engineering team is working on final design for submittal to the City for easterly directions.
permits. They are shooting for mid-May to start actual construction.
Season endings were brought to my abrupt realization as the Clubhouse
If you attended the March 25th Board Meeting, you were given an in-depth Committee Chair, Beverly McGill, announced they would not be meetreport on the entire project, financing, estimated completion dates as well ing again until September! Many of our clubs and organizations will be
winding down, as well. I will personally miss the hubbub we enjoy while
as production reports.
the high-season’s wheels are busily turning. We wish you a safe return to
Solar installation in the Clubhouse Parking Lot is only one project coming your other abodes and look forward to your return to this wonderful winter
this summer. Slurry seal and crack filling will be limited to only about one haven. Stay well.
third of the planned project because SCE is still working in the other twothirds project area. Work is scheduled for June 2 and June 4 (pending the During SCE’s upgrades, there are times when PAR sweeps the area in
which they are working 2-4 times weekly, sometimes as frequently as sevBoard’s award of the contract).
eral times in one day. I found that this has caused some confusion about
Turf conversion to desertscape continues as the Committees and Board our official street sweeping day. PDG’s Street Sweeping Day remains the
review proposed areas where water meets the street. A portion of the de- first Tuesday of each month, except when it falls on a holiday.
sign has been Board approved, but in expanding the project, additional
designs will be required. Then, we will send “Invitations to Bid” to three AARP Driver Safety recently notified us that a new national award was
Landscape Construction companies. Conversion will involve modification being bestowed annually upon the top 100 organizations that promote safe
of some of the sprinklers (which the Golf Course Crew will do making driving in their communities through AARP Driver Safety. To earn this
the appropriate adaptations to the computerized irrigation system). From award, a Top 100 Host holds more than 10 courses annually and serves 300
there, the contractors will be responsible for installing bubblers to the var- or more participants. We were advised that Nancy Anthony’s AARP Driver
Safety classes earned recognition as being among the top three percent of
ious desert-friendly plants in the improved area.
all hosts nationwide. Congratulations to Nancy for her many years’ comWe are proud of our staff members for being aware of employee safety is- mitment to our senior drivers as you retire from this position. We wish you
sues. Chief Russell conducts monthly Safety Meetings with key personnel a happy retirement.
from each department. They report back to their Department Managers
on topics discussed and/or any matters that require attention. As a result Our PDG employees are looking forward to their annual Employee Play
of this heightened awareness, our XMOD with Workmen’s Compensation Day on June 5th. Our participation has increased over the past few years
has gone down 10 points. (Not to blow out any ideas that we will be seeing as we all meet for a 9-hole fun golf tournament, followed by lunch and
great savings in our premiums, we also learned that the premiums have awarding of prizes. The communion we have between departments and
risen). What we can appreciate is that without staff’s concerted efforts the the laughter that rings out across the course and at lunch remind me how
much they/we all love working at Palm Desert Greens. Please show them
financial impact could have been greater. Good work, team!
your appreciation by giving generously. Our goal is for everyone to leave
The Budget Committee presented its Preliminary Budget to the Board in with a prize.
March, after which the Board highlighted projected income and expenditures at its Open March Meeting. The Association is not required to present
the Budget so early in the fiscal year, but the Committee was responding With warmest regards to you and those you love,
to homeowners’ requests to be able to review and comment on the Preliminary Budget prior to leaving PDG for the season. The Budget Commit- Roberta L. Reynolds,
tee was made up of the following: Chairperson Mal Sinclair, Committee General Manager
Members Dottie Mills, Ray Snitil, Jim Lynch, Bob Nelson, Jim Beaver,
and Sheila Weldon, Board Liaisons Ken Dobson and Sherman McKinniss,
Accounting Supervisor Diane Dare, and I. Additional contributors to the
process were: Security – Chief Russell, Golf Course Superintendent Mario
Lopez, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor Mike Bridges, Food and Beverage Manager Tim Fry, Chef Mark Scher, Golf Professional Bob Breidenbach. Efforts to project income and expenses this far in advance are quite
burdensome as they were pared down line by line to arrive at only $5.00
Page 8
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
• Comprehensive: home management: Personal aid services
tailored to your home & needs
• Cleaning, coordination with home & repair services
• Watch dog service during absence
• Home & pet sitting
For. information & appt. call
Candice at (760) 346-0181
“Personalized services to the desert”
A licensed business since 1988
Cactus Cats
The Annual Cactus Cats League Tournament at PDG was held on March 13,
2014, no rain or wind, just a beautiful PDG day.
PDG Cactus Cats not only do “We” put on a great tournament, but “We”
had Winners: A -Flight Gross- JoAnn Sharar -74, Shirley Ashford, Lena
Lillienberg - 79, Denise Baca - 80.
A•Flight Net - Terry Urrutia - 59, Bonnie Carlson- 61
B -Flight Gross- Marilyn Swenson- 82, Norma Smith, Cathy Miller - 84
C - Flight - Gross - Jan Voiral - 88
Net - Lynn Mullen 57, Barbara Chovance -58, Jane Edgett - 59
Closet to Pin: A-Flight -Joann Sharar- 14’ 5 Yz’
B-Flight-Joyce Strohmaier - 17’ 10 Yz’
C- Flight- Gay Hogan- 28’
Our “D” Flight players had a rough day- no winners-but they will be
back next year!
The Annual Tournament was a great success because many of the Cats
(many of same year after year) help made it a successful event, so many
to name. However, a special thanks to Shirley Ashford who coordinated
all the committees. A very Special thanks to Buck Davis- for coffee, Larry
Strohmaier and Mike Largent -cart guys, Bob Breidenbach for scoring, and
the “COOL CATS” (Assoc. Members), who decorated the clubhouse and ran
errand’s for the Tournament Director all morning and Jane Edgett for all the
publicity, signs and attempting to keep track of the Tournament Director’s
ever changing list of thing to do (like 50 items). Oh! Yes-Jane is the one
responsible for that great bulletin board at the Golf Center and all the e-mails.
Home Events for 2014-2015: Nov. 5,2014 (Wed) Clubhouse - 9:30 a.m.
Jan. 18, 2015 (Sun) Golf - PDG at PDG 7 a.m.
Mar 4, 2015 (Wed) Palm Room - 10:00 a.m.
Mar 19, 2015 (Thurs) Annual Tournament and Lunch
Mar 29, 2013 (Sun) Golf- PDG at PDG -7 a.m.
Away Events: for 2014-2015: Ivey Ranch-Mon- Dec. 1, 2014
Oasis C.C.- Thurs- Jan. 15 ,2015
Portola C.C. - Mon. Feb 2, 2015
Tri-Palms - Fri. Feb. 28 2015
Date Palm - Fri. April 2, 2015
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 9
Page 10
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
No Vehicle or Parking for 24 hours.
Parker Ridge Way
Adobe Springs from Bee Drive to Parker Ridge Way
Desert Greens Drive South west of Palm Greens Parkway
Black Horse Way
Reche lane
Moronga Canyon Drive from Warm Springs Drive south to end
Kathryn Circle
Warm Springs Drive
Maint Building Parking lot
Moronga Canyon Drive between Palm Greens Parkway and Warm Springs Drive
Milky Street
Ciega Creek Drive
Red Circle
Adobe Springs Drive from Bee Drive to Palm Greens Parkway
Bee Drive
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 11
Office: 760-340-2265
Suzie Napoli (Broker)
BRE# 0967124
Seasonal Rentals Available.
New Listing
Reduced Price
38687 Fuller Dr $349,500
38031 Cabin Circle $169,500
Lynn George (Assoc. Broker)
BRE# 1352762
38188 Blue Circle$149,000
Laura Stephens
BRE# 00694151
New Listing
73305 Haystack $169,000
39228 Warm Springs: $269,000
39071 Cudy Circle: $369,500
Terry O’Connor
BRE# 0914724
New Listing
73739 Sawmill Canyon: $145,000
38591 Desert Greens Dr. W: $120,000
73730 Oak Flats $139,000
Geno Owen
BRE# 0049934
Welcome to Palm Desert Greens Country Club
Jonathon and Carol Rich
Better known as. Mr and.
Mrs. Santa. Clause He
makes you believe!!!
New Owners:
Joe and Maria enjoy
riding around in PDG
from their new home.
Family visiting Bob and
Donna Prous
for their wedding with a
beautiful reception in the
Palm Room
Carol Snyder
receives the keys for
her new home here at
Sharon Snyder
Assoc. Broker
BRE# 00939424
Page 12
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
Paul Bisbee Insurance Agency
Calif. License #0F65213
With Paul Bisbee Insurance Agency you can choose from four companies that
will fit your insurance needs.
1.) New Company- Fantastic Earthquake Rates
2.) Occasional Rental Coverage (Six months maximum during policy year)
3.) Full Time Rental Coverage
4.) Mobile Home Replacement and Extended Replacement Cost Coverage
5.) Equipment Breakdown
One of these Five companies will have something special to offer you to fit
your needs.
Local Agent
For a quote or to make an in-home appointment please call
Phone 760-328-7484
Open 7:30am to 4:30pm Closed Noon to 1:00pm
May 2014
New Dimensions
It sure did look like Spring in the Clubhouse on March 8. It was New Dimensions Appreciation event to thank all of the members, and those who will
become members starting in March. I must say it was a big wow!
As you entered the room it sure did look like spring. Erma Hanks and Beverly McGill greeted everyone and exchanged their tickets with bright yellow
wrist bands. Each table had a bright colored table cloth, and each napkin was
a different spring color. In the center of each table was a round mirror with a
bud vase and yellow mums, thanks to Carol Dobson.
Background music was performed by none other than our own valley Harpist Christian Chalifour. He played a wide variety of music which was not too
loud but a nice background feeling and gave warmth to the room.
Mark, Tim, and their very able staff really did a great job. There was one
long table decorated as well, and food was displayed so that you could walk
on each side of the table to make your choices; mini croissant with a yummy chicken salad, dinner rolls squared made into small sandwiches, shrimp
tempura, fajitas with meat and veggies, garlic bread and a variety of desserts
including fancy cupcakes. It was just a feast and I’m sure that everyone had a
least two servings, I know that our table did. Thanks again to our wonderful
Restaurant staff.
Erma Hanks, New Dimensions President, welcomed the 150 members and
guests, thanked everyone, and mentioned that the new membership year will
start Tuesday, March 11 at the General Meeting. It was a great evening from
the start at 5:00 pm till 7:00 pm; another great event at PDG. If you were not
there you missed a good time.
The General Meeting was opened by President Hanks. She welcomed everyone and asked Art Linnemeyer to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Erma
then asked Patricia Lant to read the minutes from the last meeting, there were
no corrections and Beverly McGill gave a financial update. We have a balance of approximately $11,500.00 with $4, 000.00 in reserve for entertainment, and possible deposits for future projects and events. Erma then asked
the remaining members to give their reports and then announced that the April
General Meeting will be April 15, due to the many people that are going on the
Laughlin Trip. Pat Lant reported that the trip is sold out and that they will be
having a Cocktail Party at the Recreation Center April 2 from 5:00 pm to 7:00
pm. Erma then closed the meeting and introduced the entertainment which
was the Senior Rockets from Sun City Shadow Hills. Wow! Did they ever
put on a show? They had beautiful costumes and did some very good routines.
While they were changing costumes, Elvis entered the room to entertain us.
Then the Rockets came out again and finished their program. Another great
evening, I hope you did not miss it.
Our refreshment host and hostess treated us to some very tempting homemade
goodies that were furnished by our cookie volunteers. All around, it was a
very warm and happy event. There were over 125 in the audience.
New Dimensions is the Social Club of Palm Desert Greens and the dues are
$10.00 for first timers as well and your renewal, which started this night with
Carol Dobson. I believe she collected funds from 123 persons. Now that is
a good start to our new year, which actually begins at the May General Meeting. Please follow us on Channel 98 and the News Bulletin. We are looking
forward to our summer parties.
Submitted by Beverly McGill for Carol McKinniss
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 13
Page 14
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
760.674.3415 OR 800.208.5233
George and Liz Higgins
[email protected]
Lic# 00326315-00462169
39456 Moronga Canyon- $159,000New Listing- Triplewide On Large Corner Lot- Super View- Furnished- Call Liz
and George Higgins @ 760.837-9602
39286 Moronga Canyon- Reduced
$25,000 to NOW $199,900- Overlooks
the 8th and 2nd Fairway- Large Triplewide- Patio, Living Room and Patio
Room overlooks Golf Course- Close
to Clubhouse! Now Vacant- Call Liz &
George Higgins @ 760.837.9602
38460 Devils Canyon- Now $244,900Lovely Triplewide- New Dual Paned
Windows- Remodeled Kitchen- Parking
for 3 Cars- Huge Patios- Terrific View
of the Greenbelt and Mountains! Call
Sally Billups @ 760.895.8380
39403 White Canyon- $164,750Greenbelt View- Spacious Open Floor
Plan- Circle Driveway- A Lovely HomeCall Sandy French @ 760.902.7777
Now $124,900
73226 Cold Springs- New Drywall,
Dual Paned Windows, New Kitchen, Enclosed Lanai, Golf Cart + side
by side parking. Call Carol Cole- @
73424 Haystack Mountain- $125,000Big Price Reduction to Sell Fast- Large
Patio Area Around Pool- Turnkey Furnished- Large Enclosed Patio Room- A
Great Bargain! Call Liz & George Higgins @ 760.837.9602
39323 Ciega Creek Way- $124,900Choice Location Between Clubhouse
and Front Gate- Side by Side ParkingNewer Appliances- Nice Condition- Vacant. Call Liz and George Higgins @
39075 Ciega Creek - Now $139,000Ideal for New Home – Very Rare Find in
PDG – Located on Private Cul-de-Sac
Lot with Circular Driveway – Room for
Pool - Home Could be Updated. Call
Paul Hagmeier @ 760.413.9363
39736 Moronga Canyon- Now
$134,900! Side by Side Parking +
Large Patio- Fresh Paint Inside and
Out- New Countertops- Vacant. Call
Carol Cole @ 760-568-2011
39403 Ciega Creek- $129,900- Fully
Furnished Located between Front Gate
and Clubhouse- Newer AppliancesLots of Tile Floors- Back up to Suncrest
for Privacy. Call Liz & George Higgins
@ 760.837.9602
73661 Sawmill Canyon - Reuced
$30,000- $129,900- Mostly Furnished
+ Golf Cart- A/C + Evap Cooler- Some
Remodeling- New Listing- Very Nice
Home- Side by Side Parking. Call Liz &
George Higgins @ 760.837.9602
Reduced $29,500
73203 Cold Springs Way - NOW
$139,900- Motivated- New Listing
- Lovely Decor & Color Coordinated South Facing Patio for Morning Sunshine - Side by Side Parking with Room
for Garage - Possible Seller Financing.
Call Paul Hagmeier @ 760.413.9363
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 15
Sally Billups
[email protected]
Bre # 00190020
Sandy French
[email protected]
Bre # 1925461
Fixer Upper
38545 Commons Valley- Home could
be Renovated or moved off the oversized lot for a New Home- Hurry Call
CarolCole @ 760.408.3573
Total Remodel
38650 Desert Greens Drive W.- $179,900-
Looks like a Brand New Custom HomeEverything is New- Walls- Doors- KitBath- Windows- Appliances. There is
a Bonus Room that opens to the Patio
with Great Views! Call Carol Cole @
Paul Hagmeier
[email protected]
Bre # 1438430
Diane Kessloff
[email protected]
Bre # 00361439
Lovely Triplewide
Now Vacant
Carol Cole
Cell: 760.408.3573
Hme: 760.568.2011
[email protected]
Bre # 01162624
Harry Anderson
[email protected]
Bre # 01200079
Super Upgraded
3 BR Home
Lynn Lavarini
[email protected]
Bre # 01705546
Joann Vough
[email protected]
Bre # 00800884
Triplewide For
Sale or Lease
38150 Story Creek- Reduced
$14,900! NOW $155,000- Lovely triple
on corner lot with mountain view. Drywall, some dual paned windows, new
roof - semi enclosed parking with garage door. Call Liz and George Higgins
@ 760.837.9602
3 Bedroom +
Double Garage
38130 Desert Greens Drive W. - Now
$177,500- Nicely Furnished and has
been Refurbished and Remodeled
throughout- New Dual Paned Windows,
Doors, and Mostly Drywalled. Call Carol Cole @ 760.568.2011
73741 Desert Greens Drive N. Now
$155,000- Pride of Ownership- Remodeled Kitchen and Bathrooms!
Drywalled- Corian Countertops- New
Paint- Walk In Closet. Call Diane Kesloff @ 760.220.7803
73747 Desert Greens Drive S.$176,000- Beautiful Updated Triplewide- New Drywall - Dual Pane Windows - Newly Painted - Extremely Well
Maintained - New Listing. Call Sally
Billups @ 760.895.8380
REDUCED $55,000
39871 Desert Greens Drive East- Reduced $55,000! NOW $169,900- This
home is right out of Homes and Gardens Magazine- Beautiful Furnished
Triplewide- Gas Fireplace- Plantation
Shutters- Don’t miss this Home! Call Liz
and George Higgins @ 760.837.9602
39584 Ciega Creek Way- Now
$148,500- Remodeled Kitchen- Some
Dual Paned Windows- Beautiful Mountain View- Large Patio Room- Lite
and Brite- Doublewide. Great Location between Front Gate and Clubhouse! Call Liz and George Higgins @
Please do not hesitate to call George, Liz, or anyone of our team members about these homes, or any other listings in Palm Desert Greens.
Page 16
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
Computer Club
a Google search for “white pages”. He swears that all he did was go to a “White
Pages” web site he found using Google search. It was the top suggestion on the
Life-long Learning and Using New Technology
list, just like in the screen above. When the computer started running very slowly,
he shut down the computer. But, when the computer was re-started, he was unable
This month there have been several computer security issues in the news, so I to log back in to his user login, and I had to make a new log-in for him and copy
would like to put in my own two cents worth about computer security.
his files to it. If he had been using the only login on a computer as an administrator
– as many people do – his computer would have been unusable. Getting the
Windows XP
important information he needed recovered would have been expensive and timeWith some sadness we have to finally move on from XP on our computers. Without consuming.
the constant Windows updates downloading automatically every month, XP will
be too tempting a target for us average users in PDG to keep running. So, what to So, you should create a new “standard user” log-in just for web browsing, and do
do? These are the best options:
your word processing and other computer work such as banking, using a separate
Upgrade your system to Windows 7
login. According to our member, it was a “Five star emergency”! He had been
Buy a new computer running Windows 7
working for days on a project he needed for a meeting the next day and would
Buy a new computer running Windows 8.1
have lost that work. It would not have been on the back up scheduled to run once
a week. So, one other security tip: Back up very important work to a flash drive or
If you have a very good XP machine – one with more than 2 GB of RAM and external hard drive as soon as you create it!
over 300GB hard-drive – then go for the upgrade. First run “Up Grade Advisor”
from, which is a free download. If that is Greek to you, then I The Learning Center will be open in May, but Rudy and John will be leaving
think your best bet would be a new computer running Windows 7. They are still in mid-May, so we could use a few more volunteers for Saturdays. I will be in
available on My least preferred option is to buy a new computer the Learning Center on Wednesdays until after July 4th, and Ellen is there on
running Windows 8.1 – I have set up several now, and it is usable. It is the best if Mondays. Drop in to use the nice Laser printer, or bring your iPhone and iPad to
you have a Windows phone. I just prefer Windows 7, I am used to it. But, Rudy download updates over WI-Fi without running up your phone bill.
Wolf has 8.1, and says he is learning to like it. He is the Computer Club’s best
source of help for that operating system!
Our regular meetings are over in May, but will resume in October. In November
and December we only meet on the second Thursday, due to the Holidays. We will
DNS Prefetching
be learning about Finances on your computer, and Android Tablets next fall, so
I recently read an article about this issue, and have had some personal experience bring in your tablets. Have a great Summer, snowbirds!
with a problem which I believe was caused by this.
Chris Towner
In his blog post, What is Your Browser Doing Behind Your Back, (07-29-2013) Webmaster
Kyle Adams of Juniper Networks takes a look at several automated “behind the
scenes” browser processes that attackers could leverage to steal sensitive user
information such as bank account numbers.
Home sellers save money!
Take a second, and count the number of links on any web page. Click one. It loads
fast doesn’t it? That’s because web browsers use DNS prefetching to look up DNS
information for every link on the web page, just in case the user clicks on one of
the links.
Web attackers can leverage DNS prefetching: “If an attacker puts a hidden link on
a page that points to their domain, and sets up his DNS server, he can be notified
when you view the page and get your IP address—even if you never click the link.
This is bad in the case of emails and forums.”
The key piece of information is “even if you never click the link.” What if a
nefarious type managed to get a link placed on a high-traffic website? And that
link pointed to a malicious website devised to download malware automatically?
If the computer is vulnerable, it’s a done deal. Unfortunately, this happens all the
time, particularly when websites use third-party advertising. Next on the list is
page prefetching.
I became aware of page prefetching when I read an article about Google Instant.
Google Instant guesses what you are typing into Search. Then, Instant displays
(along with prefetching the associated DNS information) what it thinks you are
looking for, usually before you finish typing. Great idea. The bad guys think so as
well, now that they have figured out how to game the system.
In this article, the writer used the search entry of Antivir Solution Pro as an
example. At that time, Antivir Solution Pro was the name given to some nasty
malware. Notice in the page view shown what Google Instant guessed after he
typed in just “anti,” sure enough, Antivir Solution Pro was Instant’s first choice.
Many people thought they were going to a website offering an official anti-virus
product like “Antivir” or “Antivirus Solution”, but ended up getting a computer
full of malware.
One Computer Club member recently had his log-in destroyed by this process on
Full service listing
Discount commission rates
* Competitive Market Analysis
* Home staging consultation
* High-quality digital photography
* Professional MLS listing
* Local and Internet promotion
* Open houses as needed
* Easy access (I live at PDG), frequent reports
* Expert sales negotiation and transaction handling
Ted Seastrom, REALTOR®
CalBRE# 01932725
Find out how much you can save!
Call today: (760) 898-6286.
Security Report
By Chief Russell
Another “season” has drawn to a close. The weather is
warming up and the Snowbirds are returning to their cooler temperatures. They don’t know what they are missing!
They won’t enjoy the uncrowded streets and restaurants.
They won’t enjoy the ability to get Tee Times and reduced Green Fees at our
Coachella Valley Golf Courses. They won’t enjoy the ability to get reasonable
reservations at our restaurants, or even not to need reservations at all.
For those of us that remain in the Desert all year long, we don’t mind the short periods of heat when we go from our air conditioned homes, to our air conditioned
vehicles, to the air conditioned stores, theaters and restaurants.
We become more aware of shaded areas for our vehicles to park in. We are cautious when grabbing a doorknob that is in the sun, sitting on a hot chair when
wearing shorts, or getting into a vehicle that has been parked in the sun.
We also learn that to survive in this hot weather we must take certain precautions
Some of these precautions are, using sunscreen during prolonged stays in the sun,
using a hat for protection from the sun’s rays, and drinking plenty of water.
Those of us that do get too much sun should be aware of the symptoms of Heat
Exhaustion which are: Profuse Sweating, Weakness, Headaches, Muscle Cramps,
Nausea and Vomiting. In that case, we known to go to a cool place and drink
water or sports drinks. If cramping and/or nausea persist, medical care should be
The Desert Dwellers also experience the days of 80+ degrees as “cooler weather”, as opposed to our Snowbirds who may feel the heat and think about returning
to their Northern Homes.
I know that this type of talk could dissuade our “fair weather friends” from becoming year-round residents. But weighing the good with the bad, I think that living in this beautiful environment all year, outweighs the somewhat controllable
discomforts that the summer months provide.
Stay safe, and take care of yourselves.
You should know that in the event of a power outage in the hot weather,
the Recreation Center will be used as a Cooling Center.
Pets are welcome
Incident Reports
Citations Issued
911 Medical44
Street Sweeper14
Public Service08
Well Being Cks 05
Handicap Pkg-Cart
Suspicious Circ
Clubhouse Parking
Parking A/O Lot03
Property Damage
Wrong Way Parking
Stop Sign02
Open Door
RV Parking
Broken Gate01
Hardscape Pkg01
Water Problem01
Barking Dog01
For Sale Sign01
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 17
Page 18
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
ARC Statistics- March 2014
Mar. 04
Mar. 11
Mar. 18
Mar. 25
Our weekly agenda gives the names and addresses of applicants, members’ attendance and comments regarding pending status, such as approval by the district/area representative, who is to clarify certain figures,
completion date or possible extension. These weekly reports are in the
Administration Office.
ARC Committee
Good Neighbor Policy
The ARC Guidelines state that any tree must be maintained so as not to
constitute a nuisance to adjacent neighbors. Any branches encroaching into
a neighboring property must be pruned and removed at the tree owner’s
expense. The same rule applies to hedges/shrubs. The ARC would like to
add that any tree/hedge/shrub trimmings and/or fruit should not be left in
neighboring yards, as a Good Neighbor Policy.
The ARC Guidelines state that items stored on patios must be in good taste
and in harmony with the Association. Owners shall be responsible for
maintaining these items in good repair. Items displayed in the front yard,
front patio, common areas, or areas visible from the street may be subject
to approval by the ARC. The ARC would like to add that improperly
stored items on patios or in driveways are unsightly and should be properly
stored from view from the street, as a Good Neighbor Policy.
The Rules and Regulations state that pet Owners shall not permit their
pets to urinate, or otherwise “litter” on walls, fences or gates owned by
the Association or another Member. The ARC would like to add that all
Owners must be responsible and pick up their pets’ waste and dispose of it
properly, as a Good Neighbor Policy.
For more information, please call Community Relations Representative
Bill Montgomery at 760-346-8005.
Annual Food Drive
PDG Putting Club’s Annual food drive for the Coachella Valley Rescue
Mission April 21 thru May 16. Drop off barrel at Association Office or
Call Don Risk for pick-up 760-340-3250
Singles Club
It’s time for a Pizza Party!! So mark your calendar for Wednesday, May
28th. We will meet for our monthly meeting at the Recreation Center at 4
Please bring $10 (pizza, salad, tax and tip included). We are going to Papa
Dan’s and dining around 5 p.m. You can get beverages on separate checks.
Cut-off date is Saturday, May24th. Call Ellen to sign-up or if you have
any questions---760-340-9888.
Palm Desert Greens Library
Founded and Funded by: PDG Women’s Club
The Library will be open Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 10 a.m. till
Noon except for Monday, May 26 when we will be closed to observe Memorial Day.
New Books include:
3 Westerns:
Jury of Six by Matt Braun
Train to Durango by Ralph Compton
Utah Blaine by Louis L’Amour
4 Large Print Books:
King & Maxwell by David Baldacci
The Quest by Nelson De Mille
White Fire by Preston Child
Stella Bain by Anita Shreve
Other new novels include:
Be Careful What You Wish For by Jeffrey Archer
The Finisher by David Baldacci
Missing You by Harlan Coben
The Bootlegger by Clive Cussler
Moving Target by J.A. Jance
Killer by Jonathan Kellerman
Bone Deep by Randy Wayne White
See ya at the library, Ellen K.
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 19
Flag Fund Report
Condolences are extended to the family and friends of the
following former Palm Desert Greens Residents:
Harley Dow
Gary Wyland
Verdon (Don) Flattum
Anthony Bernard
Norman Hamill
Duke Gehlert
Claude O’Haver
Kris Syram
Donations were received from the following:
Star Test Only
Must present Ad at time of Inspection
Bob and Joanne Hershman, Julie Jones, Sue McVicker, Sue Otis,
Dee and Elaine Swenson, Madeline Levine,
Tom and Maureen Fitzgerald in memory of
Don Flattum
Rudy and Joan Wolf, Jane Kidd in memory of
Al Kennedy
Dee and Elaine Swenson, Bob Riehl, Herbert and Marion Bolton,
Kay Olson in memory of
Bill Turner
Sue McVicker, Keith and Mary Hale in memory of
Norman Hamill
Mel and Kathy Bowen in memory of
Harley Dow
An Anonymous donation made to The PDG Flag Fund
Jim and Marilyn Hanson in memory of
Kris Syram
Kay Olson, George and Margaret Forsen in memory of
Peggy Wick
Bob Riehl in memory of
Bill Eaton
Thanks to all of you that continually support or Flag Fund. Your donations are generous, heartfelt and very appreciated. As we head
into our warmer months and our friends are heading to cooler climates, please take good care of yourselves, stay cool and connected with friends and neighbors. We look forward to seeing you
in the Fall or here during the Summer, at one of our lovely facilities
in PDG.
If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to call me
at 760-341-9848. If you would like to make a donation, my address
is 38010 Devils Canyon Dr.
Judy Robinson
1775 E. Palm Canyon Drive
Suite # 110-140
P.S. Bus Lic. #5581
Palm Springs, CA 92264 No State License
Page 20
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
May 2014
Shuffleboard Club
THANK YOU ! A very sincere thank you to Club Members and everyone
else that attended our “Salute to the Red, White, and Blue” Party last
February. Thank you, too, to the individuals and businesses that made
donations and contributed gifts for raffle prizes. We met our objective to
raise $1000 for a donation to the local Palm Springs USO. Thank you
again !
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 21
Team Play Captain Carol McKinniss filed this report: “We completed
our largest and longest Team Tournament in March. It was complicated
with byes and some games being played outside of Friday scheduling to
finish before our snowbirds left us. Competition was really close with 14
wins for first place, 13 1/2 wins for second and 13 wins for third. The first
place team was Cindy Moore, Gary Adams, Shirley Townsend and Jim
McClain. Second place was Nancy Anthony, Linda Goodman, Norm
Koster, and Lela Orand. Third place was Helen Weeks, Josie Longoria,
Roger Gould, and Carole Lavoie. A new tournament began on April
25; and there is a sign-up sheet on the board for the following one. Just
a couple more and we will be holding our Welcome Back Breakfast and
starting a new “SEASON” again. Life is fun in PDG! “
At our Annual Meeting and Farewell Luncheon on March 28, Club
President Dean DeLap proudly presented a check to USO’s Ms. Pat
Dunleavy. A true volunteer, she used her own time to join us. A delightful
guest, Pat talked little about herself and more about the USO Program; and
we were all impressed by “the numbers”. One of those “numbers” is her
A final reminder to all readers. Shuffleboard is an all-year sport at PDG own service from January 2007 until now.
and in an air-conditioned building, too. So, Come Play Shuffleboard for
Friends and Fun !
From December 2006 through December 2013 the USO received over
90,000 service personnel and/or family members (wives and children)
Th . . th . . th . . that’s all folks.
through the doors of the Palm Springs location. (It started originally at the
P.S. airport, and through a generous arrangement, now is located in a fine
Roger Gould, Publicity
facility next to the airport.) Most of those utilizing the USO are Marines,
while all service members and families are welcome.
For a final, sobering, “number”, and consistent with our “Salute to the Red,
White, and Blue” theme: the weekend following our Meeting, April 4th
and 5th, 22 combat ready marines heading for Okinawa, and 44 assigned
to Afghanistan, were received prior to their final departure.
Our Final Meeting of the year featured two other significant events - the
Election of Officers for the coming year and the Club Members’ choice for
this past year’s “Shuffler of the Year”. Club Members vote from a list of
four names, three nominated by the past winners, plus a blank for writeins. President Dean, a prior winner himself, introduced another winner,
Sherman McKinniss, to make the presentation. Typically, the last winner
has that honor; but Carol McKinniss had to be out of town; so Sherm read
the following from Carol’s letter: “ I wish I could have been with you today
to present the new Shuffler of the Year award. With so many Members
that work very hard for this Club, it is difficult to determine who should
be a nominee. It is a great honor to be selected, regardless of who wins.
This year we couldn’t decide on three; so we included a fourth, each of
whom we thought had made exceptional contributions of time and effort,
while promoting good will. I offer my sincere congratulations to the new
Shuffler of the Year . . . ! “ Sherm then called on Peggy Clements to come
up to receive her award during a resounding applause from everyone. Your
Reporter notes that she explained she had felt surprised to find that she had
been nominated and even more surprised, and undeserving, to be chosen
the winner. She said she was “ just having fun! “ But, after all Peggy, you
are one of our best examples of our Club Motto: “ Come Play Shuffleboard
for Friends and Fun! “
Equally enthusiastic applause was made for the newly elected Officers,
who were all chosen by acclimation accompanying the applause: Josie
Longoria, President; Gary Adams, 1st Vice President; Sherm McKinniss,
2nd Vice President and Custodian; Cindy Moore, Secretary; and Gloria
Johnson, Treasurer.
We recognize, without apologizing, that this report is a bit lengthy; but
we would be remiss if we did not announce the winners of our last Team
Play contest, the Friday afternoon exciting, entertaining, and sometimes
hilarious shuffleboard playing for Members only.
Sherman McKinniss with “Shuffler of the Year” Peggy Clements.
Dean DeLap with Ms. Pat Dunleavy our local USO Representative.
Page 22
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
May 2014 Advertising Supplement
La Donna Keaton
DRE Lic. 00824010
Martha Mouton
DRE Lic. 01279211
(760) 200-5488
Nancy Horn
DRE Lic. 01427061
(760) 831-3650
Jo Harrington
Dale Vinson
DRE Lic. 00914421
DRE Lic. 01882412
(760) 219-7639
(760) 409-3948
DRE Lic. 01920121
(760) 449-4593
39160 Palm Greens Parkway
Lela Buffington
Managing Broker
DRE Lic. 01383016
(760) 409-6397
39680 Stone Circle
A perfect winter home close to the clubhouse with a gorgeous view from the front room. The
laminate floors glow with wood colors. The parking is double wide and there is a large patio
behind. The home has a good shed and a fairly new air conditioner. What a great price for this
close to the clubhouse location! Furniture is per inventory. Won’t last!
This home was just listed and is a” fixer/flip”. Needs some TLC, but has great potential.
Call agent for personal viewing. Pie shaped lot on cul-de-sac. Good location!
73405 Highland Springs
38910 Desert Greens Drive W
Jerry Wheeler
Quit looking for a rental next year and buy this affordable turnkey home on a quiet street! Close before you
leave! Small private patio, neat and clean. New water heater last summer, many windows, cozy den and
dining room. Guest Bath and Bedroom with Large Master Suite. Newly painted outside, near the first tee!
Cash equals a quick closing!
Remodeled and well taken care of this home is beautiful inside and out! Pristine rock landscaping enters
into a front patio and double entry doors. Dual paned windows, new A/C and Furnace, tile counters,
drywall, walk in shower, tile and laminate flooring new washer and dryer included as well as furnishings per
73087 Desert Greens Drive N
39053 Palm Greens Parkway
A must see one of a kind home with side by side parking allowing for a large covered Patio area,
including a Spa! Great for evening entertainment and relaxation. Cozy living room with a gas or wood
burning fireplace. Bedrooms are located on opposite ends of the house for a quite retreat. Owner is ready
to sell. Close before Summer!
This home is ideally located across from the Club House for you to enjoy all the amenities in Palm Desert
Greens! Home offers circular driveway, nice patio with low maintenance yard. Two bedrooms with a
portion of Living room converted to a third sleeping room for extra guests. Nicely maintained, furnished as
per inventory and golf cart is negotiable.
73870 Desert Greens Drive S
39119 Desert Greens Drive E
000 ice
$14 ed Pr
This home shows pride in ownership. Large master bedroom with plenty of closet space.
Cathedral ceilings in the dining, living and family rooms. Bonus laundry room has a sink and desk
area. Mountain views and a west side patio with a spa for relaxation after a day on the course!
Beautifully maintained home that is being sold furnished! Lovely two bedroom, two bath home has an open
living room and dining combination with windows all around. The adjoining kitchen has nice appliances
and is adjacent to the family are with wet bar and den area. Side by side parking and patio. Sellers are
motivated! Qualifies for financing.
For all your Real Estate Needs Call the Palm Desert Greens Specialists
The La Donna Keaton Team
(760) 346-8605
To See all our Listings visit our web site:
73109 Adobe Springs Drive - $159,000
39600 Desert Greens Drive E - $189,000
This lot and home has great potential! Private backyard and a large patio area. Your own pool
and a fabulous view of the mountains. 1760 square foot home with a great floor plan offering 2
bedrooms and 2 baths, + a separate den and powder room. Large great room with vaulted
ceiling and fireplace. Laundry has entrance into the garage. Some remodeling to finish.
Facing beautiful mountain views, this lovely remodeled, dry-walled and sparkling home is a
treasure. Cathedral ceilings in the living and dining room areas. Kitchen has new cabinets,
granite countertops and newer appliances. Large master bedroom with a remodeled master
bath, walk-in shower and double sinks. Private patio off of master bedroom. Newer roof and A/C.
Seller may carry!
73748 Oak Flats Drive – $199,000
39496 Moronga Canyon Drive - $399,000
Beautiful corner location with mountain views! 1920 sq. ft. home with three bedrooms. Large
master suite and bath with two other bedrooms and bath on the opposite side. Great room with
wet bar. Updated kitchen with new cabinets and granite countertops. Newer air conditioner and
roof. Ceiling fans and side by side parking with room for golf cart.
2006 Hallmark Home. Spectacular views of the golf course and mountains! Home boasts a
large great room with fireplace, formal dining area and gourmet kitchen. You’ll love the oversized
master suite. There is a separate entrance from the golf course to pull in your cart. This has
everything you want. Don’t miss seeing it!
73428 Palm Greens Parkway
Great curb appeal! Absolutely charming home close to the main
clubhouse. The kitchen has been updated to create an open flow
throughout the main living and dining area. There is a cozy nook off of
the kitchen area which is perfect for breakfast or game area. Don’t miss
this two bedroom, 1 ¾ bath home!
38531 Chaparrosa Way $64,900
38931 Parker Ridge Way $99,900.00
73963 Munn Circle $113,900
For Professional, Personal, and Friendly Service
Call The La Donna Keaton Team
(760) 346-8605
Long Term Rentals AvailableE-mail: [email protected]
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 27
Page 28
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
2013-2014 Golf Calendar
Approved by the Board of Directors
05-06-14 Tues.
Women’s Golf Mini Member/ Guest (Lunch)
05-07-14 Wed.
Men’s Golf Mini Member/Guest (Lunch)
06-05-14 Thurs.
Employee Play Day Golf Tournament
Men’s Golf Club
The March-April transition has come and gone, taking many of our snowbirds away and bringing some high temperatures to remind us that we live
in a desert, with more high temps to come. Be that may and notwithstanding
(where did that expression come from? he asks), our season rolls on into
May with the final Tournament on May 7th, the Men’s Golf Mini Member/
Guest. Similar to last year’s contest, the ladies have been invited to join us
for golf and lunch. The playing format will be made up of MGC Member
Pairs, MGC Member-Guest Pairs, and Lady Pairs.
Let’s remember what a great tournament Season Tournament Chairman Ken
Dobson and Social Chairman Howard Hudson conducted; and let’s remember, too, our generous sponsors. We should look for opportunities to thank
them all: LaDonna Keaton - Realty Services, Dick Partee - Calif. S. Ins.
Services, George and Liz Higgins - Country Club Realtors, Lola Breeze Broker, Wes Clarke - Wes Clarke Plumbing, Desert Mobile Services, Aireze
HVAC, Tony Navarro - Driven Solar, Chet Hildebrandt - All Custom Golf
Carts, Buck Rogers - Golf Cart Services, Suzie Napoli - PDGreens Real
Estate, Dan Heist - A-1 Custom Golf Cars.
Rakes in the Sand Bunkers
This year has seen some significant changes. Self score posting is one;
change of the access to Hole #6 is another; raising Club Dues to meet risSand “traps” (properly called sand bunkers) need to be smoothed with a ing costs is an important one; raising the Sweeps ante to increase the prize
rake after you hit a shot. You need to smooth the sand with the rake as you money pay out, and to provide some additional funding for desirable social
retrace your footprints coming out of the bunker. Leave the sand in the activity is another very important one.
bunker as smooth as possible for the next player.
Self-posting is picking up steadily, with a not surprisingly, but very few
The USGA suggests that rakes be left in the bunker with the head of the mistakes being made. Handicap Chairman Clint Jay is ready to answer
rake at the bottom of the bunker and the handle of the rake facing the edge questions and provide help. Outgoing Golf Liaison Rep Doug Hodson has
of the bunker. Be sure the entire rake is in the bunker. By following this assured us that the access to Hole #6 tee will be re-done to provide a ramp
suggestion, the rakes will not interfere with balls hit into areas surrounding to the back of the teeing area. That will be done before the Course re-opens
in the Fall.
the bunker.
Incidentally, if you are in the bunkers frequently, don’t take a sand lesson; Your Board of Directors spends a great deal of time and effort to make
golfing at PDG a rewarding and affordable sport for as many of us as postake an iron lesson so you don’t get in them.
sible. “Case in Point” (another expression from somewhere): Some of the
additional income from raising our dues will be devoted to re-instate the
Welcome Back Luncheon event, dropped this past year to enable us to stay
on budget.
A final note on Board activity. Returning President John Coyle last year
established a Policy Committee to provide specific guidance for functions
that are outdated or vaguely defined, creating unnecessary confusion and
uncertainty. As we go to press, the Committee consists of John as Chairman
and Doug Hodson, Harry Criswell, Orest Krulak, Dale Erickson, and
Roger Gould as members. John urges anyone interested to join in. Several
policies have already been presented to, and adopted by, the Board - and
presented to the Members at monthly General Meetings. Those affecting all
or most of the Members are posted in the Golf info Center - such as Election
Ballots and Voting, Tournament Eligibility, Sweeps Sign-In, and Hole-InOne eligibility and rewards.
What’s your “thrill” playing golf? (No prizes for coming up with a “fun”
one; but I’m sure our readers would enjoy reading them.) Mine is looking
up after a bunker shot and watching the ball roll friendly-like up close to the
pin . . . and stopping there, instead of waving as it goes by!
Roger Gould, Publicity
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 29
Tennis Club
The Tennis Club met on Tuesday, April 1st, the last meeting of the Season.
Also coming to an end by the time this article is published will be our
Sunday Twilight Tennis and the Wednesday Tennis Clinics with Bob
Brownell. Court scheduling for Tuesdays and Thursdays will end for the
Season in May.
The “Rounders” will continue indefinitely but are now starting at 9:30am
on Court 7. Contact Maxine Alderman if you want to be sure the Rounders
are playing on any particular Tuesday or Thursday.
Good news is by the time next Season is here, our Tennis courts will be
resurfaced and lights repaired.
Winners of our April Tennis tournament are as follows: Courts 1 and 2:
Buzz Kiley and Steve Siegwein; Courts 3 and 4: Ron Sorenson and Donna
Neiderhelm; Courts 5 and 6: John Barrett and Carol Nunes; Court 7: Elly
Jenson and Wendy Wong. Please see photo of winners included in this
article. Also please take a look at the Tennis Club Bulletin Board, located
in the Recreation Center. There are many more photos of tournament
winners, tennis club officers, and other Tennis Club activities. The after
tournament hamburger lunch was great; as always Rex cooked up some
mean burgers which everyone loved.
If you would like to be on a list of subs for the Tuesday and Thursday
scheduled play, please contact Sharon Kiley. It is often that a sub is needed
so please get yourself on that list if you would like to play. Sharon’s contact
information is below.
Drop-in-play is every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Just show up
at 8am or a little before. Please remember that residents have priority on
the courts.
If anyone has information related to Tennis, or the goings on of our Tennis
Club members, that you would like published, please contact Sue Pinto at
[email protected]
Tennis Club President is Sara McCallum; contact email: [email protected] phone is 760 340-9861.
To join Tennis Club contact Betty Ericsson at
[email protected]
Tennis Directory contact Maxine Alderman at
[email protected]
Tennis Scheduling contact Sharon Kiley at
[email protected]
Tennis Clinics contact Bob Brownell at [email protected]
Tennis Monthly Tournaments contact Bob Brownell at [email protected]
Sunday Twilight Tennis contact Bob Ericsson at
[email protected]
“Rounders” gentle tennis contact Maxine Alderman
[email protected]
Tennis news contact Sue Pinto at [email protected]
Equal Housing
760 413 9363 Toll Free: 1-800-579-7551
Diane Kessloff - Broker BRE#00361439
760 220 7803
NEW PRICE $155,000.
73741 Desert Greens Dr. North
A very special 3 bdrm, 2 bath home
reflecting true pride of ownership.
Remodeled kitchen and baths.
Drywall, custom paint and flooring.
Country Club Realtors
Palm Desert, Ca 92260
Visit our website for other properties:
Page 30
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
PDG Entertainers
Women’s Club
On March 12, 2014, members and their guests of PDG Women’s Club
went to a Garden Party. What fun it was. The tables were decorated
with live flowering plants that were the giveaways for the Philanthropic
drawing. Several of the ladies donned springtime chapeaus (hats) with
some namely, Barbara Matzie, Fern Harley and Beverly McGill outdoing
themselves with hats that looked like spring bouquets. After a delicious
lunch of grilled chicken salad with fresh fruit and veggies and cheesecake
with berries for dessert, Ruth Risk gave us a little history of the origins of
the garden party. We then sat back, relaxed and listened to the wonderful
voice of our entertainment for the afternoon, Michael James. Michael was
easy on the ears and easy on the eyes if you know what I mean, if you do
not Dottie Zutz will fill you in. He sang of course, Garden Party made
famous by Ricky Nelson and other toe tapping tunes that were just right
I personally thank our Directors - Bob and Lois Whitney, Ann Mario and for a casual afternoon. All I can say is smiles were everywhere.
Mary Wilson for giving their all to bring something a little different to the
venue this year. Many hours were spent with heads together and I’m sure Ladies remember that your membership dues will be delinquent if not paid
some tears were shed when things weren’t going right. THANK YOU to by the May meeting. They are still only $15.00, what a bargain. The Board
all the cast and crew for working diligently, making this show a success. of Officers slate was announced, President Carol Schaefer, Vice-President
It’s a huge task putting a show together and from what I’ve heard, it was Julie Blackburn, Secretary Pat Lant, Treasurer Carol Dobson, Ways and
Means Laura Boyd, Membership Sheila Weldon. The election will be held
well worth it......THE BEST SHOW YET!
at the April meeting so I will not be publishing the official results until you
To all those who volunteered their time doing ticket sales, ushering, ticket get the newsletter in June.
‘Hollywood Highlites’ truly lived up to its name, and wasn’t it fun going
back to the Coconut Grove lounge and hearing the stars of yesteryear.
We were delighted with three new performers this year: Ron Doiron,
Rose Miles and Lillian Zakariassen -- what talent we have within the
Entertainers group. Who can forget Laurie Gross with her beautiful songs
from Sound of Music - thank you Laurie. All the acts were thoroughly
enjoyed by our audiences. Thank you to all the PDG Dancers for their time
and commitment; all dances were so much fun, but the hit was ‘CanCan’
or the ‘cane’ dance as some like to call it. ‘Singing in the Rain’ was fun to
bring back; ‘Elegance’ and ‘Hello Dolly’ received a standing ovation all
three nights. Our thanks go out to Jeannette Taylor and Wayne Tibbetts for
their choreography and staging.
takers, security, props, lighting, sound, audio and back stage assisting, you
know who you are. Every duty is important, no matter how big or small. Lela Buffington would like to thank Women’s Club for again providing the
We worked together from the beginning from the time the stage came in, wine gifts for the Charity Golf Tournament. Over $26,500 was raised for
the Red Hot Ballroom.
putting up the curtains and backdrop to the teardown. THANK YOU.
My heartfelt thanks to Mike Bridges and his crew for your help and
assistance, Tim Fry for putting up with my questions, making all things
easier for us on opening night and all nights, providing us with the staff to
serve our guests. Chef Mark Scher - Thank you for providing us with your
wonderful mini sandwiches, chips, salsa and delicious cookies for after
our tear down; I’m not sure there was anything left.
Georgiana Oliveri introduced Eloise Ganley at the April Board meeting as
her co –chair for the PDG Library funded by Women’s Club. The ladies
were out shopping and have purchased more large prints books and a few
westerns for our reading pleasure.
Our social year is winding down but we still have two more general
meetings and I hope to see all our members there. The theme for the April
Thank you to the Administrative Staff for your kindness, patience and luncheon is “It’s in the bag”, shopping on El Paseo.
understanding in our requests, never failing to provide the Entertainers,
especially me with the best support. I will miss working with all of you, Until next month,
Carol Dobson, Publicity
but will see you from time to time.
To all PDG Residents, have a wonderful summer.
Joy Wabnitz
Outgoing PDG Entertainers President
Joann Vough
now with
Country Club Realtors
PDG Resident since 1972
30 Years as a Professional Realtor
DRE# 00800884
Thinking of Buying, Selling, or Renting? Let me
help you make that decision. Call me for all your
Real Estate Needs.
Res: (760) 568-4033
Cell: (760) 408-5065
E-Mail: [email protected]
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 31
New Dimensions Travel
Happy Mother’s Day from your Cruise Holidays Team balcony discount.
Travel tip # 1: Please take the proper I.D. Ask us – that’s what we
are here for. You definitely will be turned away without the correct
identification and that is not a covered reason under any insurance
Travel tip # 2: Put contact info inside your luggage in case tags are
torn off.
Travel tip # 3: If you see an ad for a river or ocean cruise or tour
please give us a chance. We can match the rate or beat it since
we are part of a 200 agency consortium. We always give complimentary gratuities on Oceania for example.
JAN 24, 2015 – SEA of CORTEZ CRUISE - 9 nights – Sail with a
Los Angeles, at sea, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Loreto, at sea, Puerto Vallarta, at sea, at sea, Los Angeles aboard the Grand Princess
Incls: BUS to/fr pier, nccf, govt fees. Rates fr $1209 ppdo
APRIL 4, 2015 – WEST COAST CRUISE - 7 days – Sail with a
Princess Ship
Los Angeles, at sea, San Francisco, at sea, Santa Barbara, San
Diego, Ensenada, Los Angeles Incls: BUS to/fr pier, nccf, govt
fees. Rates fr $1084 ppdo
1. Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Panama Canal cruise in November
2. Also Nov – Shades of Ireland escorted tour
3. Sea of Cortez cruise for January
4. Portugal and Its Islands tour - April
5. Exploring Greece and Its Islands tour - October
Join our group on this Collette Tour. Highlights are: Lisbon; Folkloric/
Fado dinner show; Portuguese Riviera; Fatima; Obidos; St Michael
Island Azores; Ponta Delgada; Sete Cidades; Plantation visits; Furnas Valley; Cooking class; Madeira Island; Monte; Botanical garden;
Camara de Lobos; Cabo Girao; Espetada dinner/show
INCLS: Bus to/fr airport, rt air, air between islands, transfers, escortStill space available. Escape the heat for awhile & enjoy the wonder- ed tour, 18 meals, insurance, 3 nts Lisbon, 4 nts St Michael, 3 nts
ful wildlife, scenery & glaciers of Alaska. Call us to find the cruise Madeira, 1 last nt Lisbon. Rate is $ 4659 ppdo.
for your needs .
Either Rita from PDG or Donna from Cruise Holidays will be escortSEPT 27 – WEST COAST CRUISE - 7 nights – Different Princess ing this group as well besides the Collette tour guide.
ship !
Los Angeles, at sea, San Francisco, at sea, Santa Barbara, San OCTOBER, 2015 – EXPLORING GREECE & ITS ISLANDS – 13
Diego, Ensenada, Los Angeles aboard the Crown Princess Incls: NIGHT ESCORTED TOUR
Join our group on this Collette Tour. Highlights are: Athens; Taverna
BUS to/fr pier, nccf, govt fees. Rates fr $995 ppdo
dinner show; Acropolis; Meteora; Delphi; Olympia; Cooking class;
Mycenae; Epidauros; Mykonos; Santorini; Ancient Akrotiri
Sail from Quebec City (overnights), Port Saguenay, at sea, Halifax,
Bar Harbor, Boston, Newport, New York, at sea, Charleston, at sea, Please call us to put your name on the list. By the next newsletter,
Fort Lauderdale on the Ruby Princess. If we get enough interest, we’ll have the group rates. It will be all inclusive with a bus to/fr
we will certainly do the bus on this one. Rates fr $1549 ppdo. Air airport, rt air, transfers, escorted tour, 23 meals, insurance, 2 nights
in Athens, 1 night in Kalambaka, 1 night in Arachova, 2 nights in
Olympia, 1 night in Tolo, 2 nights in Mykonos, 3 nights in Santorini,
1 last night in Athens before heading home. On this one we’ll take
Join this fully escorted Collette Tour. Highlights: Dublin; Irish Eve- high speed ferries between the islands rather than flying. Either
ning; Kilkenny; Waterford Crystal; Blarney Castle; Jaunting car ride; Rita from PDG or Donna from Cruise Holidays will be escorting this
Ring of Kerry; Killarney; farm visit; Limerick; Cliffs of Moher; Galway; group as well besides the Collette tour guide.
castle stay. U: Bus to/fr airport, rt air, transfers, escorted tour, 13
meals, insurance, 2 nts Dublin, 1 nt Waterford, 2 nts Killarney, 2 nts Where do you want to go? We value your suggestions so please
Limerick; 1 nt Kingscourt. Rate is $ 3329 ppdo. Deposit is $ 510 pp give us feedback. Thank you ! We also give back to Palm Desert
Greens New Dimensions so support your community.
NOV 19 – HAWAII cruise – 15 days on Princess
Sail the Grand Princess rt San Pedro to the exotic islands of Hawaii. BOOK WITH US & GET THE BUS !
INCLS: BUS to/fr pier, nccf (port), taxes. Rates fr $ 1829 ppdo.
Call your PDG rep, Rita Foell at 760-341-3702 or call Cruise HolNOV 30 – Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Panama Canal idays at 760-320-5788 or email: [email protected]
San Diego to Ft Lauderdale – 15 nights
Our office location: 610 So. Belardo Rd Ste 400, Palm Springs,
San Diego; Cabo San Lucas; Puerto Vallarta; Puerto Quetzal; Pun- CA 92264
tarenas; full transit of Panama Canal; Colon; Cartagena; Ft Lauder- Note: All pricing is subject to change depending on availability cst # 2064146-40
dale. Sail on Royal Caribbean’s recently remodeled Legend of the
Seas Incls: coach bus to San Diego & back from airport, one
way air back, nccf (port), all txs. Rates fr $1899 ppdo. If you’re
a 5 time past passenger with RCI & book a balcony, you receive a
Page 32
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
Emergency Response
The snowbirds are gone. There are several open shifts. COPS, Our COPS Chairman, Ted Berard and Bobby Grassi, ERT Coordinator,
Citizens On Patrol, help security one day a month. Please call Ted and their team members deserve our sincere gratitude for their service to
Berard 760-469-4704 if you can fill a 4 hour shift during the summer the PDGCC community. They donate endless hours of dedicated labor.
COPS patrol our community for four hours every day and direct traffic on
parade days, street slurry days, etc. They start our emergency generators
each month, so they will work when we need them. Brian Gray helps with
that and he cleans and organizes the Sea Container that our emergency
supplies are stored in. These supplies are for communication and first aid
Neighborhood Watch
of injured victims. Residents need to store their own emergency supplies.
Sadly, a PDGCC resident collapsed and died, while walking on Cabazon
Peak Drive. I have been told that he had no I.D. on him. In the past, I of- If you are in bed during an earthquake, cover with a blanket and put the
ten walked or participated in sports in our community without any I.D. on pillow over your head. If you are indoors, get under a table or desk. If you
me. When we leave our home, we should take identification and include are outside, get into the open where a tree or wall can not fall on you. If
an emergency contact. What if 911 paramedics rushed you to the hospital you are in your car, pull over and stay there.
and you were unconscious, with no ID?
Thanks to everyone who donated sale items or cash for the Spring Parking
The Neighborhood Watch officers are making every effort to organize a Lot Sale: $340 was earned; $300 for ERT and $40 for COPS. Stored items
watchful alert system for you. They really need your help to make PDG- expire and more funds are needed to help stock essential emergency items.
CC a safer place! We have concerned residents, who are willing to help
our community, but we need many more. There are areas in our communi- If you have never organized a Parking Lot fundraiser, you can’t imagine
ty that have no volunteers at all. Please call 760-341-1064 and ask Chair- how much work it is. Donated items are collected for weeks and then
persons, Troy and Yvonne Alcorn, “What would I have to do?” This will loaded, hauled and organized for the sale. Ted is in charge of this and
not obligate you and you will be surprised how easy it is!
he doesn’t take a break until the sale ends; the parking lot is cleared; and
large items are delivered to buyers. Bobby mans the Emergency Response
Neighborhood Watch meets bi-monthly on the 4th Monday in the Palm trailer and answers a multitude of questions in hopes that residents will
Room at 2:00 PM. Please attend our meeting on May 19, 2014 and join volunteer to join and help out in an emergency. What motivates them to
Neighborhood Watch to be a good neighbor watching out for neighbors. work that hard? They do it for you!
The meetings are interesting and members will welcome you.
The Security Organizations cooperate in emergency situations. AdditionSheriff Deputy, Stacy Austin and PDG Security Chief Bob Russell, attend al volunteers are needed and especially persons with first aid or medical
our Neighborhood Watch meetings to present the area crime statistics and training. A list of trained medical persons is an important part of emergento advise us on security issues. Coachella Valley is divided into four areas cy preparedness. In case of a major disaster, emergency workers need to
and Palm Desert has more reported scams than the other three areas com- know who is qualified to help injured persons.
bined. Chief Russell requests information on any scams, so he can warn
our residents. Deputy Austin advises that when you see suspicious activi- Thank you COPS and ERT Members for your dedicated service. PDGCC
ty, call both Security and Police without alerting the criminals, so they can is a safer Community because of you. The next ERT meeting will be June
be apprehended.
16 at 2 PM in the Palm Room. Please come.
Stay alert, keep safe, and look out for your neighbors!
Submitted by Carol McKinniss
Submitted by Carol McKinniss
ERT - Bobby Grassi - 818-419-3169
COPS - Ted Berard - 760-469-4704
May 2014
Roadrunners Golf Club
March 11th was a beautiful sunshine day as usual for this winter. We started
with a great Brunch of Mini Muffins, Mini Quiches, fruit and various juices.
Parliamentarian, Sharon Hurd, swore in the Officers for the 2014-2015 Season
and they are:
President, Sally Billups
Vice President, Debbie LeBlanc
Secretary, Oletta Thomas
Treasurer, Diane McGinnis
The Club thanks these ladies for their services. Following the Brunch, Sandy
French selected “One-Handed Putting” for the game of the day! Amazing how
well we can do with one handed putting!
To raise a little money for our Treasury, we had a mini auction with Sharon Hurd
doing the honors. The bidding ended with Sue McVicker buying the priviledge of
golfing with our Golf Pro Bob Breidenbach, and Lola Breeze had the highest bid
to play with Golf Superintendent, Mario Lopez. Roadrunner Treasury is $280.00
richer. The game was played on the 22nd of April. Thanks Ladies! We all hope
you had a great experience golfing with the Pro’s.
Roadrunner championship rounds were played on March 18th and 25th.
Our new champion is: Terry Smith 85
Flight 1 Sandy French
Paulette Hemstock tied with 88
Flight 2 Jeanie Drier with 99
Flight 3 Addy Bonara with 95
Flight 4 Sue McVicker 109
Congratulation Ladies, job well done!
On April 1, following golf play, all Roadrunners were invited to Wendy Craig’s
home to enjoy friendship and farewell to our snowbird members. It was a potluck
hors de oeuvr with a delicious array of delectable delights. It is amazing how fast
this season has sailed by. We will miss our golfing friends and wish every one a
great summer and safe journey home.
If you haven’t paid your dues for 2014-2015 Season, a reminder they are
$20.00, and due by June 1, after that it is $25.00. The membership booklets are
printed during the summer. Please send check to Sue McVicker, Membership
Mark your calenders for the Welcome Back Coffee Scheduled on November 3,
2014 at 9:30 AM. Cost is $5.00 per person and reservation is a must.
Doreen Heffron, Publicity
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 33
Page 34
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
Bocci Ball Club
As you read this the only Bocci left will be Monday Summer Bocci. Come
one come all. Open play starts at 9:30 each Monday for a dollar a week,
or contact Ron at 760-674-8744. The 2013-2014 season culminated in the
April 19th Summer and Flowers Awards Dinner. Once again, we offer
compliments to Marlene Flattum and her crew, for a job well done.
I can tell you the recent 50-50 winners were:
Mike Bennett
Mozelle Ramos
Jino Borek
Wayne Breeze
Sherm McKinniss Julie Blackburn twice
Susan Chiernyk
Mozelle Ramos
Noreen Growen
Lola Breeze
Elly Jenson
Stella Castellejos
Sue Soto
If any of you want to join for next season, which will start in mid November, you can send your $20 check to Gary Downing (73-988 Oak Springs
Dr.). Please indicate in the memo portion if you’d like to be a sub or a regular. To enhance team selection, also indicate the date you may be leaving
next spring. Some players can’t make it every week but still enjoy subbing
and impacting the final standings.
This year’s playoffs pitted:
Desert League Team 3, Stella Castellejos, Dotty Murphy, and Lynn Mogenson Captained by Mike Bennett
Desert League Team 2, Marion Olsen, Gary Downing and Gloria DeLap
Captained by Sandy MacDonald
Cactus League Team 9, Dan Chiernyk, Kay Olson, and Julie Blackburn
Captained by Sandy French
Cactus League Team 10, Barbara Lentz, Mozelle Ramon and Bunny Kimberley Captained by Ron Stumpo
Ocotillo League Team 15, Sue Soto, Paul Carper, and Helen Fielding Captained by Billie Villa
Ocotillo League Team 12, Jino Borak, Gen Hornak, and Norm Costar Captained by Pat Moskowitz
Sagebrush League Team 20, Joanne Hershman, Lyle Mogenson, and Ralph
Pike Captained by Margaret Hooper
Sagebrush League Team 17, Linda Goodman, Elaine Swenson and
Wayne Jenson Captained by Sandee Owen
Ron Stumpo-publicity
Pet Patrol
Traveling in the fast lane when your pet is in the show lane?
Whether or not to take your cat or dog with you on your travels is a dilemma faced
by many pet owners. However, for the owner of a pet of - let’s say - “advanced
years”, the decision is even more complex as are its potential ramifications. The
most important consideration before you take your pet on a trip is the overall
physical and emotional health of the pet. Remember that no matter how much
you want your pet along for the trip, it may not be the best thing for their health.
A vacation may not seem complete if your don’t bring along your pets! Road
trips with a pet adds a little extra work, but it can be an enjoyable experience for
you. But make sure that you make advance preparations:
* Prepare a traveling kit that includes food, bowl, waste scooper and plastic bags,
a leash, any meds the pet takes, grooming supplies, and fresh water. If traveling
across state lines, bring a record of vaccination’s etc. as some states may require
this information. Also, bring your pets favorite toy or blanket so the pet will have
some sense of security.
* For air travel in the summer, choose early morning or evening flights, where in
the winter, avoid frigid temperatures by flying in the daytime...also try to book
nonstop flights.
* Take care to prevent your pet from overeating-never travel on a full stomach!
* Carry your pet’s medications with you at all times.
* Find a vet close to where your are staying and have your pets medical
records with you.
* If traveling by sure to make a reservation for your pet as only a
small number of pets are allowed in passenger cabins of any given trip. Check
reservations and fee policies for individual airlines.
* If traveling by car – put them in a crate to protect them from roaming around
in the car-as this is distracting, and it also protects your pet during sudden stops
or, an accident. Being in a crate may save them from being run over, or run away
(afraid). Restrain large dogs with a seatbelt harness designed for pets.
* Take breaks every four to six hours for your pet to get out, relieve themselves,
and drink some water
* Avoid leaving your pet unattended in the car if all possible, and never on a
very warm or cold day. Temperatures can change quickly inside a parked car,
even with the windows cracked open. In mild weather, you can leave your pet
for very short periods, but be sure that you park in a shady area (being aware that
the shade my move and leave your pet exposed to heat of the sun.) and leave the
windows down part way – a gap that lets in fresh air but not large enough for
them to escape!
* Be considerate of curvy, hilly many pets (especially dogs) can get
motion sickness or carsick. Remember that a full tummy can contribute to motion
* Don’t allow your dog to hang any part of their body out the window when
you’re driving...many owners don’t realize the danger of this!
* Be sure that your pet has a collar or harness with identification at all times; with
the pet’s name and your name, phone number, and home address...or the place
where you are staying.
* And be sure that your destination has pet-friendly accommodations, whether
your will be staying with friends, family, or at a hotel/motel, so that your pet will
be welcome.
It’s your pet’s vacation too! Take care to pack and prep your pet.
Happy traveling!
Lori Dreier
Pet Patrol
Women’s Golf Club
The May flowers are blooming and it happened without April showers! We love
the sun but a little of that wet stuff from the sky would have been great.
The temperatures have started to rise and we have started to experience a slowdown in golf activities.
Time to bring you up-to-date on recent Women’s Club Tournaments:
Club Championship: The three day championship ended on Sunday, March 9
with a very nice luncheon. Our Club Championship, for the second year in a row,
is Stephanie McBee. Congratulations Stephanie!
Runner-up was Grace Brown. Great playing by all the winners in all of the flights.
There are pictures of flight winners in this newsletter. Partner Eclectic: The two
day tournament was played on March 11 and 18. We had a full field and there
were more winners than we have room to name. It was fun a tournament.
The highlight of the month was our Installation Lunch. A wonderful lunch
buffet was planned by Vice Presidents, Lela Buffington and Carol Dobson. The
first order of business was the announcement and distribution of prizes for the
President’s Cup by our Pro, Bob Breidenbach. Our very special guests at the
luncheon were Past Presidents. The installation of new officers for the 2014-2015
year was presided over by last years President, Diana Lundstrum. Diana did a
clever rhyming narrative about the various offices.
Check out the great pictures of this event taken by Sara McCallum.
Tournaments still to be played in April are a Member/ Member tournament on
April 8 and 13. The last big tournament for April is a Couples tournament on
Saturday, April 19.
Many of our Northern friends will be gone when May arrives but we will have
one more fun tournament in May. We have a Mini Member/ Guest Day on May 6.
Finding a guest may be difficult, so we are opening play for two members to play
together. Hope you have signed up for this final finale to our wonderful 20132014 golf season.
Just a reminder that annual dues for the Women’s Golf Club need to be paid by
June 1. Your application and check can be put into our Women’s Club slot in the
information room.
As the weather warms up, remember to keep hydrated and drink that water.
We are like the flowers, water helps to keep us beautiful.
Mary Ann Riley
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 35
Page 36
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
Putting Club
“Well Gus, the season is over. What are you going to do now that you will not
have the Putting Club to harass and fool around with? You did a pretty good job
knocking out our holes-in-one this season.”
“Oh not to fret my human friend,” Gus chuckled, “there’s plenty of things to do
over on the big course. Those serious players hadn’t seen the likes of me yet. By
the time summer is over, I’ll have those humans screaming, pulling out their hair,
stomping the ground and throwing their clubs into the ponds.”
“So you have a good summer little buddy.”
Gus forced a smile, his little buck teeth gleaming in the sunlight. He looked down
and sighed then quietly said, “You too human” and slowly moseyed off.
Then I heard him yell, “Lookout you hackers, here comes your worse nightmare,”
followed by a hardy laugh.
I smiled and thought, yeah lookout boys, you haven’t seen nothing yet.
yet they move through the tables, finding their targets like Seal Team 6; thank
you so much.
By the way, I received a v-mail (varmint-mail) from Gus saying he had hey-fever
and would not make it to the dinner. Imagine that, a gopher with allergies?
This will be the last bulletin for awhile. I want to thank all Board and Chairpersons
as well as the members for providing me with information, laughs, a heck of a
good time and most of all, their friendship. It has been my pleasure writing about
such a first-class bunch of folks and their loyalty to the club. So for now, Gus and
I bid you a fond farewell and a marvelous summer until we meet again.
“Hey Gus, don’t be eating the Clubhouse flowers.”
Ted Pannell
It is the people behind the scenes that really make this club pop. For example, Dick
Ellis, our official starter (nicknamed the Whistler) and Putting Club representative
to the Golf Committee, has sold his home here and will be moving close to his
children. Don Risk presented him with a commemorative Key Chain, thanking
him for his long-time service to the Putting Club.
Country Club Realtors
38460 Devils Canyon on Greenbelt w/ lots of Updates
Our outgoing Board members were recognized and given a hardy “Thank You”
for doing a superb job the past two seasons; Don Risk, President – Fran Burgess,
VP – Antoinette Johnson, Secretary - Doreen Heffron and Belva Meanor CoTreasurers. The 2013/14 season committee chairpersons were also recognized
and applauded for the magnificent job they did this term.
We have a complete New Board taking office in November at our Welcome
Back dinner; Don Senter, the incoming President got up and announced his New
Board; Ron Hagadorn, VP – Sherry Hagadorn, Secretary – Antoinette Johnson
and Sue Lucin Co-Treasurers as well as his incoming Committee Chairpersons.
Welcome aboard.
April was a whirlwind of activity with elections of new officers, payouts for holesin-one, and our fabulous Awards Dinner. There was a record 107 reservations
for the event. “Hop Into Spring” was the theme, with the dress of bright, spring,
colors. Dinner was pretty bright too offering White fish or Brazen Ribs and
beautifully decorated tables by Social Chairs Al and Mary Eiffert.
Al and Mary also handled the Door Prize and Pick-A-Prize, and Antoinette
Johnson donated a Lithograph for the Silent Auction. Don Senter provided one of
his special sketches/drawing (with Gus in it) for the pick-a-prize drawing.
Dinner and dance music was provided by Jim Miller along with guitarist/singer
Gary Evanoff. Both were a nice touch to a grand evening. But the highlight of
the evening was the awards for our outstanding players; the most Holes-in-one
awards went to Art Linnemeyer with 47 and Jeane Rawson Linnemeyer with 46.
Next was Arch Buffington with 39, Neil Dardis with 36 and Dick Ellis with 35.
Low net awards for the men went to Don Risk for a 28 and for the women, Jeane
Rawson Linnemeyer with 30.
Doreen Herffon presented President Don Risk with a special gift for his hard
work and dedication throughout his two season term. VP Fran Burgess was also
recognized for her back-up support during busy times.
Mary Eiffert wants to remind everyone to be sure and fill out and return the
address/email forms for next season, especially those arriving late October.
This will make it much easier for her to provide you with information about the
Welcome Back Dinner November 5th.
And finally; what better way to end the season than to have our Awards Dinner
prepared by our Chef Mark Scher and served by Tim Fry our Food and Breverage
Manager along with his fantastic staff. They never fail to provide the best food,
the best service and the friendliest servers. These large functions are never easy,
DRE#: 01906200
To view all Homes w/photos go to:
Phone: 760.895.8380
Email: [email protected]
May 2014
F & B Committee
Greetings from PDGville!
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 37
remember to call in your reservations for this event. It is heavily attended
and Chef Mark must be prepared to serve your needs. Also, the Ballroom
and Lounge are only capable to holding a prescribed number of people
according to fire laws, so get your reservations in early.
Last months figures were very good indeed. Our Restaurant brought in
$120,033 in sales with 10,769 covers. This is exceptional performance. I look forward to seeing you at the Clubhouse for any one of these events.
We are very pleased.
For those of our snowbird friends who have headed to places north, have
a safe, sane, healthy and enjoyable summer. We’ll look for you upon your
Our Restaurant caters to a regular group of patrons, people who have no return. For our stalwart year round residents I offer the same sentiments.
reservations about bringing guests to dine. And why not? The atmosphere
is country club charming, well appointed and well served. If you haven’t Come out to the Restaurant. Watch for summer limited hours of operations
been to the Clubhouse for a meal I heartily suggest you get yourself down and yearly maintenance clean up closings. Until next month I wish you
there. You’ll find the lunch menu extensive and our kitchen is readily all well.
available to take on any of your requests as long as the ingredients exist in
the pantry. They’re ready to bend over backward to serve it up your way. Greg Goodheart---chairperson
We have a lovely bar, too. Throughout the week you’ll find a dinner offering and Friday nights are always special. I love being seated at a table
well dressed in fine linen.
Watch Channel 98 for any special event offerings. Join New Dimensions
for howling good social events functions. They put on great parties. We’re
looking forward to what they have planned during our summer months.
Let me reiterate how we look forward to your comments. If you have a
challenge with the Restaurant or their services, please sit down and write
a letter to this committee, the HOA and Board, the Restaurant OR come
and sit in at our monthly meetings. What you have to say is important to
us, but how are we to be well informed unless you take the time to tell us?
It’s not enough to speak either unkindly or well about the Restaurant to
neighbors, associates, etc. Without positive input we cannot grow. Your
suggestions and requests are valid and will be given every consideration.
The last Wednesday of each month is Prime Rib Dinner night. Please,
May Food and Beverage Calendar
Page 38
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
6:30 pm on Tuesday, February 25, 2014
In the Clubhouse
in the New Construction Fund for the next three (3) months for the Solar
The project will begin around mid-April 2014 with estimated completion
mid-November 2014.
CALL TO ORDER: President Ken Dobson called the Regular Board
Meeting to order at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, February 25, 2014. The meeting The Board of Directors held Executive Meetings on January 28, February
was held in the Clubhouse.
11, and February 18, 2014 to discuss legal matters, contracts, personnel
and homeowner hearings.
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Parliamentarian Dottie Mills led in
reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
ROLL CALL: Vice President McKinniss noted the following were present: Unit 4 Lot 191 – Ted Berard – Requested funding for the Emergency
President Ken Dobson, Vice President Sherman McKinniss, Secretary Liz Response Team to be included in the 2014-15 Budget.
Dixon, Treasurer Mal Sinclair, Director Audrey Green, Director Don Risk,
Director Clarke Sharar, Parliamentarian Dottie Mills, General Manager SECRETARY’S REPORT:
Roberta Reynolds, and Assistant General Manager Sara Fenimore.
Secretary Dixon moved to approve the Minutes of the Regular Board
Meeting of January 28, 2014, as written. The motion was seconded by
Director Sharar and carried (7 For: President Dobson, Vice President
Jerry Thomas, Chair of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) McKinniss, Secretary Dixon, Treasurer Sinclair, Director Green,
resigned his position as he is moving out of the area. He will be greatly Director Risk, and Director Sharar; 0 Nay).
missed. During their Executive meeting on February 25, 2014, the Board
of Directors appointed Don Shegich as Chair of the ARC. Don has been a Secretary Dixon moved to approve the Minutes of the Regular Board
member of that Committee for approximately two (2) years and is familiar Meeting of February 18, 2014, as written. The motion was seconded
with the responsibilities involved. We welcome him.
by Director Sharar and carried (6 For: President Dobson, Vice President
McKinniss, Secretary Dixon, Treasurer Sinclair, Director Risk, and
The Long Range Strategic Planning Committee and the Board of Directors Director Sharar; 0 Nay; 1 Absent: Director Green was absent from that
have been discussing the installation of solar panels at Palm Desert Greens Meeting).
for approximately seven (7) years.
Secretary Dixon noted receipt of the following correspondence:
Conceptual drawings of the Solar Project are on display in the Clubhouse •
The President of the PDG Entertainers forwarded a letter depicting shade structures with solar panels on top of them. Shade complimenting the Administration Staff for their kindness structures are preferred over roof mounted panels for a couple of reasons: and courtesy
1) Roof mounted panels are much more labor intensive to clean; 2) If an air •
A homeowner sent in a suggestion regarding opening conditioner or roof needs replaced, the panels would need to be removed a guardhouse at the Portola gate during season to alleviate and placed back on the roof; 3) Shade structures provide protection for the congestion at the Front gate
the asphalt; 4) Contain more parking lot lighting; and 5) Provide shade for •
A letter was received from a couple who belong to five vehicles.
different homeowner’s associations, stating that the friendliness of our office staff is the best of all five. They The Association invited eight (8) solar companies to bid on the Clubhouse also gave kudos to Chef Mark’s shrimp and avocado parking lot solar project. Seven (7) responded to the invitation and five sandwich
(5) submitted proposals. The Board of Directors vetted two (2) of the •
A homeowner and Jazz lover sent in a letter stating how companies and will be voting on awarding the bid to Driven Solar, with great the Jazz at the Greens concert was
sub-contractor of MBarC, to construct the structures.
A member of the Tennis Club forwarded a letter stating the Valentine’s dinner received many compliments on the The structures will contain 1,044 solar panels, supplying 266.2 kw hours meal and service from those who attended that event
of electricity, and will have a five (5) year Performance Based Initiative •
Several letters were received requesting the Board and (PBI) of $197,500 ($39,500 per year).
Budget Committee consider setting aside money in the Budget for Emergency Response
This solar project will cost $820,000 over two (2) fiscal years. Fiscal year •
A note was received from a homeowner requesting 2013-14 will expend $365,000 out of the New Construction Fund; fiscal information from the Association
year 2014-15 will expend $365,000 out of the New Construction Fund;
and $90,000 will be funded out of Reserves to upgrade the electrical panel TREASURER’S REPORT:
at the Clubhouse.
Treasurer Sinclair reported the following (Unaudited Financials):
January 31, 2014
You may notice that no contribution was made to the Reserve Fund in the Operating Cost:
January Financial hand-out. Instead, these contributions will be placed Month to Date Actual
$ 403,046
May 2014
Month to Date Budget
Year to Date Actual 3,009,964
Year to Date Budget
Capital Expenditures & Reserve Funding:
Year to Date Actual
Year to Date Budget
Other Revenue:
Month to Date Actual
Month to Date Budget
Year to Date Actual
Year to Date Budget
$ 614,908
Treasurer Sinclair moved to accept the unaudited Financial Reports
for January 31, 2014. The motion was seconded by Vice President
McKinniss and carried (7 For: President Dobson, Vice President
McKinniss, Secretary Dixon, Treasurer Sinclair, Director Green,
Director Risk, and Director Sharar; 0 Nay).
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 39
categories into the new Jonas software system, to better accommodate the
front gate. She has been busy working with various spreadsheets breaking
out numerous homeowners, renters, and visitors. Special recognition must
be given to Sara for overseeing the homeowner input and to Diane Dare
for the accounting portion.
It seems Budgeting and Solar are consuming much of my time lately. I will
yield to the Committees to report on their projects since our last meeting.
ARC: No report.
The Committee meets at 8:30 am each Tuesday in the Administration
Office Conference Room. Minutes are on file.
Clubhouse/Recreation Committee: Committee Member Pat Lant reported
in Chair Beverly McGill’s absence. The Committee met on February 5,
Commemorative Blocks are still available to purchase for the Charity Golf
A year ago, the Association audited its homeowner files, checking for Tournament on March 16, 2014. Deadline to purchase the Blocks is March
three major items: Recorded Grant Deeds, copies of driver’s licenses, 1, 2014.
and emergency contact lists. There are still some properties that have not
responded. But for those of you who complied, we thank you.
The Library purchased seven (7) new books.
When you transfer your property to a Trust, the Association requires copies
of an executed Trust Agreement, naming the Trustee, and/or Successor
Trustees. Recorded Deeds indicating the name change to a Trust is not
enough. We need proof of who has authority to be on your property in case
of your demise. So please complete the cycle by letting the Administration
Office include this in our file. This is to protect you and your heirs.
Spring Break is coming up soon. Many of you will have guests, including
small children and young adults. Please do not let youngsters sit on your lap
while driving the golf cart; remember those operating golf carts must have
current drivers’ licenses. And please, please remind them of the dress code
while on the golf course and practice areas and at the Clubhouse/Lounge.
The golf course is not a playground, nor the bunkers and sand boxes. Do
not embarrass your guests by not reminding them of these simple golf club
The ARC Committee is not often recognized for the tremendous work they
perform within our community. Fifteen volunteers meet weekly reporting
on properties in need of maintenance, to review construction applications,
to counsel homeowners on improvements, and to review move-on /
move-off plans. As testament to their value to the Association, just take
a look around. Many older homes have been replaced with lovely new
manufactured homes; landscaping has been upgraded; and other homes
have received fresh coats of paint. The ARC has done a marvelous job.
Tonight we pay special tribute to Jerry Thomas who has chaired the ARC
for the last 4 years. He will be moving to the coast. We wish him many
years of good health and happiness. Come visit us anytime.
Bingo is doing great and has four (4) Bingo callers.
PDG Singles has 36 members.
The PDG Entertainer’s annual performance will be held March 22, 23, and
24, 2014 at 7:00 pm in the Clubhouse, with cabaret seating. This year’s
theme is “Hollywood Highlights”, and tickets are $15 per person.
Pickleball has 65 members.
Shuffleboard District 5 will be holding their picnic at the Recreation Center
on March 15, 2014.
New Dimensions will be holding their member Appreciation Dinner on
March 8, 2014.
The Committee will meet again on March 5, 2014. Minutes are on file.
Finance Committee: Treasurer Mal Sinclair reported that the Budget/
Finance Committee has been meeting every Thursday in preparation of the
2014-15 Budget.
Food & Beverage: Chair Greg Goodheart reported the Committee met on
February 10, 2014.
The Restaurant is performing very well with $97,135 in sales and 9,591
meals served in the month of January 2014.
Many of you may have noticed a new face in the Administration Office. As you may have heard, the Jazz at the Greens dinner concert was a huge
Please welcome Sheri Kelley in the front office, a fresh addition to the success. If you weren’t able to purchase tickets for this performance, I
strongly suggest you get to the office early when another is planned. The
dinner is outstanding, the service superb, and the camaraderie warm and
Kudos to Rebeca McKeown for all of her hard work building new friendly. It’s an event that should not be missed.
Page 40
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
Golf Course Superintendent Mario Lopez reported to the Committee that
Speaking of events that should not be missed, the Wine Pairing Dinner he has ordered replacement material for the plants and trees that have
sold out long ago. It, too, is a remarkable dining experience.
died on the Country Club perimeter. We look forward to having that area
restored to its original palette of plantings.
Chef Mark, along with Food and Beverage Manager Tim Fry are looking
into exciting and entertaining events for this summer’s schedule. Those The Committee will meet again on March 19, 2014. Minutes are on file.
of us who stay on through the summer will have some fun times to look
forward to. Also, they are investigating whether to close the Restaurant Long Range Strategic Planning Committee: Chair Carol Dobson reported
for a couple of days during the slower summer season.
the Committee met on February 6, 2014.
Committee and Board Liaison input about Restaurant performance are
generally very good. We discuss ways and means to constantly improve
menu selections and service. We also opened the idea of how to perhaps
assuage upset or disappointed diners. We really do want to attempt to
make every patron happy.
The Committee will meet again on March 10, 2014. Minutes are on file.
As mentioned last month, our #1 Priority is the Maintenance Yard. The
Committee will visit the site during their next meeting.
The Committee requested Facilities Maintenance Supervisor Mike Bridges
and Golf Course Superintendent Mario Lopez to be our guides during the
site visit so they may answer any questions about future needs.
In the next few months, Members of the Committee will be contacting
Golf Committee: Chair Lynda Raible reported the Committee met on different PDG Clubs that use the Recreation Center to gather information
February 3, 2014.
on their usage of that room. Please be candid if contacted so we, the
Committee, can make informed decisions for future projects. We appreciate
Golf Superintendent Mario Lopez reported to the Committee that your cooperation.
everything was going very well. Lots of positive comments are received
from the homeowners. Mario and his crew are in the process of replacing The Committee will meet again on March 6, 2014. Minutes are on file.
several unhealthy trees on the course, and getting the course ready for the
upcoming golf tournaments.
Maintenance Advisory: Chair Doug Hodson reported the Committee met
on February 14, 2014.
Golf Professional Bob Breidenbach reported to the Committee that red
ants are a problem on the course.
The Committee discussed several issues, including: Track lighting for the
main stage and piano areas in the Clubhouse to enhance the entertainers;
Charity Golf Tournament Chair Lela Buffington reported to the Committee and a new water and ice machine to be located at the Recreation Center
that all is going well. Commemorative Blocks are still available for pool area in the future.
purchase, and so far, over 800 raffle tickets have been sold for the Golf Cart
which will be given to the lucky ticket holder at the end of the tournament. Facilities Maintenance Supervisor Mike Bridges is investigating the
Lela also announced her retirement from the Charity Golf Tournament. functional problems with the Handicap button at the outside entrance of
Applications for next year’s Charity Golf Tournament are available in the the Clubhouse doors.
Administration Office.
A new shade structure at the Southwest pool area has been requested in the
The Committee will meet again on March 3, 2014. Minutes are on file.
2014-15 Budget.
Landscape Committee: Chair Richard LeBlanc reported the Committee The Committee recommended approval for a driveway ramp installation at
met on February 19, 2014.
Unit 2 Lot 536. The Board will be voting on this recommendation during
the February 25, 2014 Regular Board Meeting.
Waterwise Landscaping is developing a plan to convert grass to desert
scape where water is over-spraying onto asphalt in seven (7) areas.
The Committee will meet again on March 14, 2014. Minutes are on file.
The Landscape Committee is taking on the large project of cleaning out Security Committee: Chair Bob Grassi reported the Committee met on
dead and dying trees surrounding the pumping station on #9 between the February 11, 2014.
lake and cart path, and replacing them with new plant material. We will be
asking for donations from Clubs within PDG.
Chief Bob Russell reported to the Committee that although no burglaries
were reported in the month of January, the Baldwin Park Police arrested
The plants that were lost due to frost damage early in December around the an individual who possessed a passport from a deceased resident of Palm
sump pump area on the same #9 fairway are to be removed and replaced Desert Greens. The deceased resident’s home did not appear to have been
with material that is more frost and drought resistant.
broken into.
We continue to deal with the issue of irresponsible pet owners that do not People parking golf carts in front of the Palm Room and Hole #1 will
pick up after their pets and leave it for our employees and/or our neighbors continue to receive citations, as that area is marked as “No Parking”.
to deal with. We continue to seek solutions to assist us with abating this
An Ad-Hoc Committee was formed to research and recommend Stop
Signs and Bottsdots (cat’s-eyes, reflectors on streets, etc.) to slow traffic.
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 41
Location placement and costs will be forwarded to the Security Committee.
Solar Project: Vice President McKinniss moved to award Driven Solar
COPS is accepting donations of items to sell at the Parking Lot Sale on the contract for installation of solar shade parking structures in the
Saturday, March 8, 2014.
Clubhouse parking lot. Funds to be expended in the 2013-14 and
2014-15 fiscal years for a total of $730,000. The motion was seconded
Neighborhood Watch will begin their meetings at 2:00 pm rather than 2:30 by Director Risk and carried (7 For: President Dobson, Vice President
pm on the fourth Monday of every-other-month. They also contributed McKinniss, Secretary Dixon, Treasurer Sinclair, Director Green,
$100 to the Emergency Response Team for the purchase of new radios.
Director Risk, and Director Sharar; 0 Nay).
The Committee will meet again on March 11, 2014. Minutes are on file.
Comments and Questions from the floor:
Unit 2 Lot 153 – Brian Gray – Agreed with the Board’s decision to install
solar panels in the Clubhouse parking lot. He questioned who would do
repairs, and could the Association tap into the solar panels during a power
failure? President Dobson stated if a solar panel breaks (i.e. rock hits it,
etc.) the Association would pay for its replacement; if a panel fails, it is
under warranty. The Association would be unable to tap into the solar
panels during a power failure, as we do not have battery back-up which
would be a very large, additional expense.
Maintenance Advisory Committee: Secretary Dixon moved to approve
a driveway ramp at Unit 2 Lot 536 under the terms and conditions
set forth in the application, and at the homeowner’s expense. The
motion was seconded by Director Green and carried (7 For: President
Dobson, Vice President McKinniss, Secretary Dixon, Treasurer
Sinclair, Director Green, Director Risk, and Director Sharar; 0 Nay).
Unit 2 Lot 510 – Marlys Botz – Questioned why this is the first time the
residents have been made aware of the Solar Project, and questioned the
Architectural Review Committee: Director Sharar moved to appoint spending limit. President Dobson stated that the Solar Project has been
Michael Hogan as a Member of the Architectural Review Committee. mentioned in previous Board Meetings, and monies were budgeted from
The motion was seconded by Secretary Dixon and carried (7 For: the New Construction Fund in the 2013-14 Budget book.
President Dobson, Vice President McKinniss, Secretary Dixon,
Treasurer Sinclair, Director Green, Director Risk, and Director Unit 5 Lot 342 – Mike Roberts - Questioned if solar panels could be
Sharar; 0 Nay).
placed over the driving range tee area. Unfortunately, not a large enough
Unit 4 Lot 131 – Wayne Bednersh – Questioned the percentage of
Maintenance Department: Vice President McKinniss moved to approve monies spent on the Solar Project versus what is allowed in the Governing
a Reserve expenditure not to exceed $7,200 for the replacement of Documents. The Board is expending funds they are allowed to spend,
chain link fencing at the Recreation Center pool area with wrought according to the Governing Documents.
iron fencing, as a planned continuation of last year’s project. Contract
awarded to and work to be performed by George’s Ornamental ADDITIONAL BRIEF HOMEOWNER COMMENTS: President
Iron. The motion was seconded by Director Risk and carried (7 Dobson asked if there were any homeowners who wished to offer brief
For: President Dobson, Vice President McKinniss, Secretary Dixon, comments to the good of the order.
Treasurer Sinclair, Director Green, Director Risk, and Director
Sharar; 0 Nay).
Unit 6 Lot 31 – Derrick Muggeridge – Suggested the Budget Committee
and Board of Directors obtain a list of items needed from the Emergency
Golf Course Maintenance: Vice President McKinniss moved to approve Response Team before funding them. Once that list is obtained, Mr.
an unanticipated Reserve expenditure not to exceed $13,935 to install Muggeridge urges funding.
an Automatic Control Valve in the main lake. Contract awarded to
and work to be performed by Aquatic Pump Service. The motion was Unit 2 Lot 153 – Brian Gray – Thanked Bobby Grassi for all of his hard
seconded by Director Sharar and carried (7 For: President Dobson, work manning the soundboard during the Pickleball Big Star Night on
Vice President McKinniss, Secretary Dixon, Treasurer Sinclair, February 16, and Jazz at the Greens on February 15, 2014. He thanked
Director Green, Director Risk, and Director Sharar; 0 Nay).
Tim Fry for being so accommodating during Valentine’s dinner. Mr. Gray
is distressed over the loss of Food and Beverage staff and questioned if exit
Authorization to Lien: Director Green moved to authorize Guralnick interviews were conducted.
& Gilliland, LLP, as our attorney and agent to execute and record
assessment liens against the following Parcel #s:
Unit 2 Lot 86 – Roger Gould – Stated he was accepting donations to the
APN 620-132-013-2 Tract 4182 Lot 257
Annual Walk for the Alzheimer’s Association to fund research for slowing
APN 620-312-010-5 Tract 4115 Lot 333
down and eventually curing Alzheimer’s. The Walk will take place on
APN 620-082-030-3 Tract 4181 Lot 117
March 1, 2014 at the Palm Desert Civic Center Park. He thanked everyone
who has donated thus far.
The motion was seconded by Treasurer Sinclair and carried (7 For:
President Dobson, Vice President McKinniss, Secretary Dixon, BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS TO MEMBERSHIP:
Treasurer Sinclair, Director Green, Director Risk, and Director
Sharar; 0 Nay).
Parliamentarian Mills stated it was nice to see so many residents in
Page 42
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
Director Green reminded the audience to fix their divots and ball marks,
and to clean up after their pets. She thanked the audience for attending
the meeting.
6:30 pm on Tuesday, March 25, 2014
In the Clubhouse
Director Risk stated that Palm Desert Greens is ahead of the curve with
the recent drought by using non-potable water, installing a new irrigation CALL TO ORDER: President Ken Dobson called the Regular Board
system, and removing turf in the Palm Greens Parkway and planting desert Meeting to order at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, March 25, 2014. The meeting
was held in the Clubhouse.
Secretary Dixon reminded the audience that Karaoke is scheduled on PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Parliamentarian Dottie Mills led in
March 1, as well as the last day to purchase commemorative blocks for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
the Charity Golf Tournament. New Dimensions Member Appreciation
Dinner is scheduled on March 8, 2014.
ROLL CALL: Secretary Dixon noted the following were present:
President Ken Dobson, Vice President Sherman McKinniss, Secretary Liz
Vice President McKinniss thanked the audience for attending the meeting, Dixon, Treasurer Mal Sinclair, Director Audrey Green, Director Don Risk,
and stated he has solar panels on his home. Solar will serve the community Director Clarke Sharar, Parliamentarian Dottie Mills, General Manager
Roberta Reynolds, and Assistant General Manager Sara Fenimore.
Director Sharar stated the Association is moving in the right direction by PRESIDENT’S COMMENTS:
installing solar.
The Board received the contract between Palm Desert Greens and Driven
General Manager Reynolds stated exit interviews of the Food and Beverage Solar back from our legal counsel and it is ready to be executed. Core
samples were taken from the Clubhouse Parking Lot for engineering
Staff were being conducted.
purposes. Driven Solar will be upgrading the electrical panel in the
Clubhouse, and trenching for electrical lines. The three (3) large Eucalyptus
Treasurer Sinclair stated he is enjoying watching Cricket highlights.
trees in the parking lot will be removed so as not to shade the solar panels.
President Dobson thanked the audience for attending the meeting. The
Board is trying to do the best they can by keeping the members informed Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) announced that the California
Department of Water Resources recently forecasted for the first time that
on how/why/when/cost of projects.
the State Water Project may not deliver any water to California’s water
ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business, the Regular Meeting agencies in 2014.
of the Board of Directors adjourned at 7:43 pm.
CVWD applauds Coachella Valley residents for already reducing water
Date approved: March 25, 2014
Ken Dobson, President
consumption by 20% in the past ten (10) years, and to help further reduction,
they are offering another turf conversion program for qualifying HOAs,
rebates of $1 per square foot up to a maximum of $10,000 per project, as
long as those funds are available.
The Landscape Committee forwarded a recommendation to allow grassy
********************************************************** areas (in select locations) go dormant, and then dye those areas. Unfamiliar
with this process, the Board would like to visit other Associations in the
********************************************************** Coachella Valley that have already done this, before making a decision.
Another recommendation submitted by the Landscape Committee
involved removing dead/dying trees and plants at the #9 pump station and
replanting that area. The Board is forwarding this recommendation to the
Golf Committee for their review.
As of February 28, 2014, the financial review revealed the Reserve Fund
has a balance of $868,286; New Construction Fund $539,397; Board
Designated Fund $112,598; and Operating Funds $635,528 for a total of
The Board of Directors held Executive Meetings on February 25, March
6, and March 18, 2014 to discuss legal matters, contracts, personnel and
homeowner hearings.
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 43
McKinniss, Secretary Dixon, Treasurer Sinclair, Director Green,
Director Risk, and Director Sharar; 0 Nay).
Unit 1 Lot 54 – Marilyn Hanson – Suggested water saving devices be Presentation of the 2014-2015 Preliminary Budget:
installed on shower heads in the Men’s and Ladies locker room showers.
Treasurer and Chairman of the Budget/Finance Committee Sinclair thanked
Committee Members: Jim Beaver, Jim Lynch, Dottie Mills, Bob Nelson,
Ray Snitil, Sheila Weldon; President Ken Dobson, Vice President Sherman
Secretary Dixon moved to approve the Minutes of the Regular Board McKinniss, General Manager Roberta Reynolds, Accounting Supervisor
Meetings of February 25 and March 18, 2014, as written. The motion was Diane Dare, all Department Managers and staff for their hard work on the
seconded by Director Sharar and carried (7 For: President Dobson, Vice 2014-2015 Budget.
President McKinniss, Secretary Dixon, Treasurer Sinclair, Director Green,
President Dobson stated the Budget/Finance Committee presented the
Director Risk, and Director Sharar; 0 Nay).
Preliminary 2014-2015 Budget to the Board of Directors on March 18,
2014. The monthly assessments are slated to be $256, an increase of $5.00
Secretary Dixon noted receipt of the following correspondence:
A letter was received from patrons at a Can-Am dinner held on February 22, 2014. The patron commented that Contributing factors leading to the increase include:
the food and service were incredible. All of this while •
2.5% pay increase to employees
there was another function in the Clubhouse.
3% employer match to employee’s 401-k
Women’s Golf Club thanked Chief Russell and Security •
10% increase in medical costs
for watching over their golf carts and clubs while the •
5 % increase in Association insurance
ladies were attending their Luncheon in the Clubhouse.
5% increase in Worker’s Compensation
A homeowner complimented the Front Gate Guards for their patience and professionalism handling guests at the Contributing factors offsetting a higher increase include:
Front Gate.
$38,000 rebate received from Coachella Valley Water •
A homeowner praised the Maintenance Department for District for the turf conversion on Palm Greens Parkway
setting up the Recreation Center for a family reunion •
$30,000 in property transfers
on March 1, 2014. The homeowner appreciates the •
$50,000 increase in Food and Beverage income
Association having a policy in place in which residents •
$20,000 in golf transfer fees
may use the Recreation Center.
$20,000 in Golf Shop sales
A letter was received from a frequent patron of the Main pool, objecting to people that continue to smoke in non-
designated areas, principally between the Palm Room and Summary:
3% in net expenses from 2013-2014 Budget
Golf Shop. The Board would appreciate a written note •
1% increase in Revenues over 2013-2014 Budget
with the Violator’s name, if possible, so this matter may •
1.99% net increase in 2014-2015 monthly assessments
be addressed with the Violator(s).
Treasurer Sinclair reported the following (Unaudited Financials):
February 28, 2014
Operating Cost:
Month to Date Actual
$ 359,243
Month to Date Budget
Year to Date Actual 3,369,132
Year to Date Budget
Capital Expenditures & Reserve Funding:
Year to Date Actual
Year to Date Budget
Other Revenue:
Month to Date Actual
Month to Date Budget
Year to Date Actual
Year to Date Budget
$ 699,979
In addition to the myriad of “normal” repairs, replacement and restoration
of Association assets (i.e. slurry seal streets, cart path replacement, mowers,
vertical reels, etc.), and in addition to the Solar project, the Association
will continue turf to desertscape transformation, replace stairs/ramp to #6
tee box, replace misting system at the Recreation Center, replace the shade
structure at the Southwest Pool, and replace carpet in the Administration
Copies of the Preliminary 2014-2015 Budget will be available in the
Administration Office on March 26 and the Board will be voting on
accepting the Budget on April 22, 2014. Please submit any comments
regarding the Budget, in writing, to the Administration Office.
Spring Break: We want your time with visiting family and guests to
promote great memories. So, please remind your guests and families of
Golf Course, Restaurant/Lounge dress codes ahead of time to prevent
embarrassing moments. If they bring their pets, recap our leash laws and
send them out the door with a bag for picking up their pets’ refuse.
Treasurer Sinclair moved to accept the unaudited Financial Reports
for February 28, 2014. The motion was seconded by Vice President For the safety of your guests and others, remember only licensed drivers
McKinniss and carried (7 For: President Dobson, Vice President are allowed to drive golf carts within PDG.
Page 44
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
Don Senter is the Art Club’s Artist of the Month. His acrylic paintings
Projects: We are in the process of obtaining bids for replacing up lights may be viewed in the Clubhouse.
outside the front entry (on Country Club Drive) with Rock-lights (similar
to those by the Fitness Center) to alleviate mower damage.
PDG Women’s Club has had great success with their “Flocking”, and they
hope to continue it throughout the year.
Turf conversion designs of Association’s common areas where turf meets
the streets are expected this week. RFP’s will be sent out thereafter.
The PDG Entertainers “Hollywood Highlights” will be held March 22, 23,
and 24.
Slurry Seal Project: This year’s Phases of street crack fill and slurry coating
involve some of the streets currently included in SCE’s upgrades. So our New Dimensions donated $1,000 to the Landscape Committee for new
work will be reduced to the scheduled area where SCE has completed its trees and plants at the pump station on the #9 fairway.
work. RFP’s are being sent out this week, with anticipation of work to
commence on June 2 and 4, 2014.
The Committee will meet again on April 2, 2014. Minutes are on file.
During Solar construction, Driven Solar will utilize the Golf Cart Parking Finance Committee: Treasurer Mal Sinclair reported the Budget/Finance
Lot for its construction site. Please be cognizant of the reserved, or Committee has been meeting weekly since the end of January. Minutes
cordoned off areas.
are on file.
Sara sent out Facilities Reservation Confirmation letters this week. Please Food & Beverage: Chair Greg Goodheart reported the Committee met on
review them and if you have questions, contact her immediately.
March 10, 2014.
Have a wonderful Easter.
Property owners are welcome to attend the Food and Beverage Committee
meetings, as one did on March 10, 2014. The Committee welcomes
STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS: (Called by Vice President their comments or suggestions and is grateful for input and interest in the
operations of the Lounge/Restaurant.
ARC: Chair Don Shegich reported the Committee reviewed 54
applications in the month of February. Of those: 49 were approved, 3 were
denied, and 2 are pending. Some of the items on the applications include:
landscaping, landscaping for water conservation, retaining walls, fences,
carport awnings, painting, re-roofing, replacing windows/doors, and solar
panels on roof tops.
February 2014 financial bottom line figures were $119,278 in sales,
with 10,505 meals served. This is exceptional for a 28 day period. The
Committee is pleased with the overall operation of the Lounge/Restaurant.
For those of you who frequent this facility, you may have noticed our new
servers and bussers. Please make them feel welcomed, and treat them with
love and respect.
Palm Desert Greens’ fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Year to
date (in this fiscal year), there have been 94 re-sales; 26 of which were in Feedback from the Wine Pairing Dinner was stellar. New Dimensions was
February 2014. That is the highest amount of re-sales since 1994.
very pleased with their Appreciation Cocktail Party, and the St. Patrick’s
Day dinner was very special with Chef Mark presenting diners with four
The Committee meets at 8:30 am each Tuesday in the Administration (4) spectacular choices. Deciding on which entrée to pick was a difficult
Office Conference Room. Minutes are on file.
Clubhouse/Recreation Committee: Chair Beverly McGill reported the Please come out for a visit to the Restaurant for one of the meals they
Committee met on March 5, 2014.
prepare. The Lunch menu is quite extensive and Dinner options vary from
comfort food to gourmet.
Shuffleboard had a successful “Salute to the Red, White and Blue” dinner
dance on February 22, 2014, and donated the proceeds from a raffle that Kudos to Food and Beverage Manager Tim Fry, Chef Mark Scher and
evening to the USO located in Palm Springs.
the incredible Food and Beverage Staff for doing such a fine job. The
Committee is very pleased with the operations of this department.
The Flag Fund received $557 in donations in the month of February and
donated $1,000 to the Emergency Response Team for new radios; and The Committee will meet again on April 14, 2014. Minutes are on file.
$1,000 to the Landscape Committee for new trees and plants at the pump
station on the #9 fairway.
Golf Committee: Chair Lynda Raible reported the Committee met on
March 3, 2014.
Crafty Ladies currently has 30 members who are all busy working on items
to sell during their Boutique on November 22, 2014.
Golf Superintendent Mario Lopez reported to the Committee that the
course is doing well. Some of the Pine trees are infected with a beetle.
Pickleball conducts an introduction to Pickleball on Wednesday mornings Mario was informed there is a new insecticide which is injected into the
tree to kill the beetles. Mario is getting an injection gun and materials to
for anyone interested in learning how to play.
begin treating the trees.
PDG Singles currently has 40 members.
The greens were aerated with small tines, which does not affect play.
May 2014
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 45
Supervisor Mike Bridges walked us through the area and answered
Golf Professional Bob Breidenbach reported the Golf Shop has been very question from the Committee. It was very enlightening.
busy. He was happy with the sales following the Women’s Golf Member/
Guest Tournament.
The committee will meet again on April 3, 2014. Minutes are on file.
General Manager Roberta Reynolds reported to the Committee that she Maintenance Advisory: Chair Doug Hodson reported the Committee met
had a visit from the Department of Agriculture. There is an insect that on March 14, 2014.
seems to be infecting Palm trees. It is evident in Sky Valley, and Palm
trees will be carefully monitored in PDG.
Several issues were discussed, including plans for lighting in the Clubhouse
to enhance the stage, dance floor and piano areas. The Committee will be
Muzz Merrick is the new Men’s Golf Club’s Champion.
moving forward on that project in the upcoming months.
Women’s Golf will conduct installation of new officers on March 25, 2014. Maintenance Supervisor Mike Bridges reported projects his crew has been
working on to keep the facilities in tiptop shape. The Maintenance crew
consists of eight (8) men who do repairs, daily cleaning of all facilities, and
Putting Club will hold their closing banquet on April 9, 2014.
arrange setups for various events. For example, this past week the crew
Ladies Golf Teams A, B, and C donated $2,000 toward any items needed setup for 36 events. The Committee would like to give them a round of
to enhance the Golf Course.
applause to show we really appreciate their hard work.
The Charity Golf Tournament raised $26,500 for the Red Hot Ballroom The Committee will meet again on April 11, 2014. Minutes are on file.
Dancers. Anyone interested in Chairing the Golf Tournament in 2015,
please submit paperwork to the Golf Committee by May 30, 2014 for Security Committee: Chair Bob Grassi reported the Committee met on
March 11, 2014.
The Committee will meet again on April 7, 2014. Minutes are on file.
Chief Bob Russell reported to the Committee that no burglaries were
reported in February, and new summer uniforms were ordered for the
Landscape Committee: Chair Richard LeBlanc reported the Committee Guards.
met on March 19, 2014.
The Emergency Response Team has raised enough funds to purchase new
Waterwise Landscaping is continuing to develop a plan to convert grass radios and will now begin the process of filing necessary paperwork for
to desert scape where water is over-spraying onto the asphalt in seven (7) FCC licensing. This may take up to six (6) months to finalize.
areas. As soon as that plan is received, it will be placed out for bids so
we can conclude this project. The owner of Waterwise has promised the COPS raised $340 during the Spring Parking Lot Sale. Thank you to all
who donated and purchased items.
completed plans by March 26, 2014.
Donations to the Landscape Committee for cleaning out the dead and dying The Committee will meet again on April 8, 2014. Minutes are on file.
trees surrounding the pumping station on #9 fairway have been admirable.
We are two-thirds of the way there, and have submitted a plan to the COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS:
Board showing the revisions for their proposal. As soon as we have their
acceptance, we will begin removing the dead/dying plants, and replacing None.
them with new plant material.
The Clubs making donations for that effort are: New Dimensions, the Flag
Fund, Tennis Club, Putting Club, Computer Club and the PDG Entertainers. Architectural Review Committee: The Board of Directors appointed Don
Shegich as Chairman of the Architectural Review Committee.
This entire community has our sincerest Thank You for your generosity.
The Landscape Committee has donated funds to replace dead plant material Golf Cart Repair Service: The Board of Directors extended Buck Rogers’
at the Recreation Center with three (3) Coral Fountain plants. These funds golf cart repair service lease for one (1) year.
have NOT come out of the money donated for the project on the #9 fairway.
Mario’s crew is working to ensure the new plants have sufficient water to NEW BUSINESS:
survive, and will finish the ground cover with decomposed granite.
The Committee will tour the common areas on April 15, and will meet
again on April 16, 2014. Minutes are on file.
Dobson asked if there were any homeowners who wished to offer brief
Long Range Strategic Planning Committee: Chair Carol Dobson reported comments to the good of the order.
the Committee met on March 6, 2014.
Unit 4 Lot 309 – Carol Venable – thanked General Manager Roberta
The Committee toured the Maintenance Yard and Buildings at our last Reynolds for ensuring the commemorative blocks by the #1 tee were
Meeting. Guides, Golf Superintendent Mario Lopez and Maintenance cleaned before the Charity Golf Tournament. She thanked Media Specialist
Page 46
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
Jimi Tidd for all of the posters he made for the Tournament, as well as the
Board of Directors and the entire staff for their hard work. She feels very
fortunate to live in Palm Desert Greens.
Association Board Meetings
Executive Meeting*Executive Meeting*
Unit 2 Lot 498 – Celia Halford – questioned if a traffic signal could
be installed at the Frank Sinatra gate for easier access in/out of PDG.
President Dobson stated traffic signals are very expensive and PDG would
have to pay for it. She should contact the City of Palm Desert with her
Tuesday, May 20
Tuesday, May 27
4:30 pm4:30 pm
Conference RoomConference Room
*Closed Meeting*Closed Meeting
Unit 4 Lot 539 – Vern Mario – Invited PDG residents to observe local
newscaster and Chief Meteorologist Patrick Evans receive his “star” on
the Walk of Stars in Palm Springs on April 4, 2014.
Agenda Setting Meeting Regular Meeting of the
Board of Directors
Tuesday, May 20
Tuesday, May 27
4:30 pm6:30 pm
Conference RoomClubhouse
Director Sharar reported complaints received from residents regarding the
height of new homes being moved into Palm Desert Greens. The height
limitation remains at twenty feet (20’) and homes are measured by the
ARC’s Move Off / Move On Committee.
Treasurer Sinclair observed a resident walking with several dogs and none
of the dogs were on a leash. Palm Desert Greens falls under the jurisdiction
of the Riverside County leash laws and citations will be issued to those not
observing the rules.
Vice President McKinniss thanked the audience for attending the Meeting and encouraged all residents to be aware of water waste.
Parliamentarian Dottie Mills stated it was nice to see so many residents in
Director Green thanked the Budget/Finance Committee, General Manager
Reynolds, and Accounting Supervisor Diane Dare for all of their work in
preparing the 2014-2015 Budget. She reminded people to clean up after
their pets.
Director Risk thanked the Budget/Finance Committee for a great job on
the 2014-2015 Budget, and thanked the Association for doing their part in
cutting back on water consumption. He urged all homeowners to be water
wise by fixing leaking faucets and broken sprinklers. Happy Easter.
Secretary Dixon thanked the Budget/Finance Committee and Staff for all
of their work on the 2014-2015 Budget. She reminded the audience of
Karaoke on April 5, and wished all of the snowbirds a safe trip to their
summer homes.
Through March 25, 2014
Approved Executive Minutes
Discussed legal matters
Discussed personnel matters
Held homeowner Hearings for Architectural violations
Held homeowner Hearings for Security violations
Approved 4 Variances to encroach into set back areas
Just a friendly reminder for all
our pet owners:
Please remember to clean up
after your pet.
Thank You.
President Dobson thanked the audience for attending the Meeting and
wished them a Happy Easter.
ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business, the Regular Meeting
of the Board of Directors adjourned at 7:25 pm.
Date approved: ___________
Ken Dobson, President
All bulletin articles, display ads,
Classified ads,
plus ad payments for the
must be received no later than
May 10th
May 2014
Classified Ads
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
Page 47
2 Sisters and the Irish guy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
Joanne’s Guardian Angel Pet Sitting- PDG Resident- 805- Affordable House Cleaning. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
796-9249- Low Fees- 20 years exp All Breeds of dogs/ cats. Agapita Vega House Cleaning. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Aireze of the Desert. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48
Will stay overnight. [email protected]
Golf Grips- $3.00 and up installed. All styles reg and oversize,
men’s and women’s. Also club repairs and new clubs made. Jim
The Gripper 760-636-5081.
I Buy Palm Desert Greens Houses- No agent fees, quickly,
without open houses or lawn signs. Don’t fix anything. Poor or
pristine condition.
Need Help with Your Computer? For any of your Karaoke
needs Call Suzi for reasonable rates 760-341-9068 PDG resident.
Treat Yourself- to a soothing pedicure by a professional. Also
does manicures and waxing. Please call Rita at 760-834-5542.
Julie on the Go- Need Help? Going to the Dr? Airport? Need
Groceries? Petsitter? Watch Your Home? PDG Resident you
can trust! Call 760-834-1447.
Call for Actors and Others Interested in Theatre- Contact
Steve Thorson or Billie Teal Thorson 760-565-7461, Lets Discuss the possibilities. All Welcome.
Antique and Unique Furniture For Sale- Liq. Cab/Bar Several Cloths Armoires Corner Cabs. Bedroom Set Cool 5 Pieces,
Some Finished Some Projects. 760-485-6639
Pet Sitter- Have your pet loved and cared for while you are
away. Call Debbie Tuttle 760-600-6745 Your Pets will LOVE
Masonry by Charlie- Specialties-stucco, glaas block, block
walls, stone veneer, tile, painting, carpentry, concrete, and all
types of repairs and waste removal. 760-799-8979
Palm Desert Greens Association has not verified nor does it endorse the Advertisers in this
publication. It is the Reader’s responsibility to
seek competitive bids, check references and
verify the validity of license numbers.
Arturo Vega Gardening . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06
Battery Doctor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Cal Star Mobile Home Construction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 02
California South Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Cartier Construction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Country Club Realtors Liz and George Higgins. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-15
Daniels Landscaping. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 08
Desert Handymen Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Desert Mobile Home Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48
Dov Israeli Irrigation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Fernando Avila. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Golf Car Service “Buck Rogers”. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Greens Real Estate. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Gus The Gardener . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
Handyman (Armondo). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06
Harry Anderson Realtor (Country Club Realtors). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06
Howells Electric. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 08
I-10 Collision Center. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
Ila Freelance Skills and Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 08
James Kless - Swamp Cooler Service / Roofcoat. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Joann Vough (Country Club Realtors). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Kathie Browne. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
Keaton/Realty Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23-26
Kelly A. Impey (Mary Kay). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Kim’s Automotive. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Lola Breeze, Broker. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 09
Mario Vega Gardening. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Mary Tharp (Keller Williams Realty). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 02
Mohr Electric. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 02
Mountain View Carpet Cleaning. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
New Horizon Mortgage Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Notary Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 05
Pacific Manufactured Homes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 03
Palm Desert Greens Real Estate.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Palm Desert Roofing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Papa Dans Pizza. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Paul Bisbee Insurance Agency. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Paul Hagmeier Realtor (Country Club Realtors). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Reliable Roofing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Sally Billups Realtor (Country Club Realtors) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
Santa Rosa Golf Course. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06
Sergio’s Automotive. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Smog Stop. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Somatherapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06
Spencer Auto Body and Paint . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
Stor-N-Lock. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
Summit Heating and Cooling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 08
Ted Seastrom. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Visiting Angels. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
Wes Clarke Plumbing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 02
West Coast Mobile Home Improvement. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 04
Your Affordable Computer Guy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
Page 48
Palm Desert Greens News Bulletin
May 2014
The Valley’s Mobile Home A/C Experts
Desert Mobile Home Service
Air Conditioning
We Service All Makes and Models
(760) 568-3333
(760) 343-2228
(760) 328-4614
For Quality Service or Call for a FREE Estimate Today
2096 Dunham Way Thousand Palms
Contractor’s License #329255